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Indebted: A Sin from Ashes

By Khai All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Mystery


Theodore calls the last person in the world he knew would willingly help him, Artisyn. The beautiful seductress from his past. Because of their not so amicable parting he has to force her hand by calling in his claim on the vow she made to repay him. After two years of self-imposed exile, Ex-Special Operative Artisyn Daniels receives a phone call from the last person in the world that she wants to hear from. Theodore Mezzanetti and he is summoning her to return. She is thrust in with a team of Theodore's men, who are to help her assimilate back into the world of espionage, sex, and BDSM, to find the person responsible for killing women in an abusive and sadistic manner. Her goal... Repay her debt, then cut all ties to her past life, once and for all. Will she be able to trust Theodore to keep his word? Will they be able to complete the mission before the killer strikes again? Emotions run high, as feelings develop, truths are revealed, and a dark secret comes to light.


The heavy thud of my boots accompanies the soft click of the lock as the door shuts. I’m sure her drug-addled mind can barely focus. Her head shifts slightly as my shadow grows on the wall.

“How’s my beautiful little pet doing today?” I lightly caress the sweat soaked, matted tendrils of her hair, peeling them away from the dried blood and open wounds on her back.

“W-why are you doing this?” she croaks, her throat is so raw and ravaged she can barely manage to swallow.

“Why?” I whisper, licking the shell of her ear after tilting her head back. “Because, this is what you wanted, what you needed. This is what you were ultimately looking for when you went in search of a night of submission.” I whisper. “You love the domination, but deep down, you crave the submission.”

My laughter bounces off the cinder block walls, filling the whole room, “You are always so eager to control someone, but deep down what you really want, is for someone to have control over you.” I kiss her temple, running my hands down the length of her body to her gloriously marked thighs, gently pulling her back towards me, rubbing the evidence of my arousal against her. “I feel your craving, and it is so appealing to me.”

My body is buzzing with excitement, and I want her and her reactions, from terror to fear. She will give it to me. I slowly encircle her neck with my hand, constricting her ability to breathe. Her breath becomes panicked, as goose bumps break out across her beautiful skin. She has to know, I have the power to make her submit, but she is the only one with the power to give me what I want, what I need. The tension in her body loosen as she allows herself to give in. She can’t though, I’m not ready to let this beautifully marked body go. Her fear is intoxicating, and her blood is exquisite, my mouth waters as I think about how delectable she will look impaled on my cock.

“Oh no, not so fast little bird, I’m not ready to let you fly away,” I huskily whisper as I kiss down her neck, feeling her rapid heartbeat beneath my lips. “We haven’t even gotten to the fun parts yet,” I chuckle while brushing my impatient cock on her naked thigh. She tries to protest, voice her fears, but it comes out as a breathless gasp. My cock throbs at the sound. “Hush my beautiful girl, let me give you what your heart desires.”

I turn her head and kiss her dry, cracked lips tenderly. I move away from her, retreating to the corner of the room. I have to remind myself of my goal, while I remove objects from the wall.

Regaining some control over my desires, I return to her, along with a portable table full of toys I use during our ‘scenes’. “I have something special for you,” I laugh and she immediately tenses up in anticipation, no doubt excited about what I have in store for her. She shudders, her lips trembles uncontrollably, and I can’t help my moan of approval.

“So responsive. You know it pleases me when I see your body react to my words and actions.” I lovingly rub my hands over her raw back down to the tender blistered skin on her ass. “You are gorgeous.” I tell her as I stare reverently. I raise my hand, swiftly connecting to her beautifully marked and bloody flesh. I want her to scream for me, express how much she enjoys my touch. She struggles, biting her lip.

“I’m such a good Master to you, pet, giving your body what it wants...” I kiss the nape of her neck then reach for the next item. I hear the swish as the cane cuts through the air and connects with the red, bloody skin of her back. Her body bows forward trying to escape the onslaught of lashes. “Yes, let me see your body react to me! Give me what I want,” I command, as I unleash a flurry of lashes in rapid succession. She is so strong; such a wonderful submissive, able to take the gift of pain from her Master’s hand. Her strength is such a turn on for me, knowing in the end she’ll finally reward me with what I want. The cane clatters as it hits the floor; the sound echoes loudly throughout the room. I stand in silence, watching and listening to her heavy rapid breathing. Her blood, from both old and new marks, dances in rivulets down her body. I can’t control my desire for her sweet, sweet flesh any more.

“If you want this to end, all you have to do is give me what I desire from you.” I bend down, kissing and licking the new marks all the way up her spine. I move her hair out the way and continue to and nip softly at the nape of her neck. I rest my forehead on the back of her head, inhaling; the smell of blood and sweat cause my cock to swell even thicker. I kiss her one more time at her nape, then step back, picking up the next item off the table. I step across the room, admiring the beauty in front of me, battered, bloody, but not yet broken. She is perfection. A shaky breath escapes my lungs, the anticipation of what is next is running full speed through my veins. I warm up my arms, making long sweeping motions, preparing myself. I wind up and extend my arms, flicking my wrist at the last second. The thunderous crack sounds in the air as the whip connects to her haunches. I pull back again, repeating the motion. Her body bows again, yet she doesn’t make a sound. So strong, so stubborn. She knows what I want, yet she teases me, a hoarse moan reverberates off the cement walls, another delightful tease.

“Do… Not…Fight…It.” I punctuate my words with a blow of the whip. “You know what I want my beautiful girl. Give it to me. Show me how beautiful your submission is.” After a few more minutes, I stop and make my way back to her, running my hands lovingly over her beautiful skin, groping, kneading, and massaging her heavenly thighs and ass. The whimpers escaping her nose is how I know she is thoroughly enjoying my touch, relishing my soothing caress on her heated skin. “You look absolutely stunning like this.”

I kneel behind her, grabbing handfuls of flesh, pulling them apart, watching the blood run through the valley of her ass, and pass over her anal cavity. “Breathtaking,” I tell her, my voice is barely above a reverent whisper. She has no idea how beautiful she is to me in this moment. I lean forward to nuzzle her cheeks. I am unable to help myself, as my tongue snakes out, and laps at the blood that has collected in a shallow pool over her anal opening. Exquisite. I place soft kisses and licks over her gorgeous ass.

“I want nothing more than to bury my cock in this sweet, sweet space between spaces,” my breath ghosts against the valley of her ass. I adjust my grip, so that I can gain further access, while leaning further into her. My tongue lightly traces the slit of her outer labia. I slowly press through her lips, tracing the tip around her opening. I stick my finger in and rub against her g-spot, until she coats my finger, then pulling out slowly licking them.

The mixture of her inner juices and blood create a delicacy unable to be described. She whimpers when I reach her clit, swirling my tongue, savoring her unique flavor. I suck her into my mouth and am rewarded by her moan. I can no longer wait, my lust is burning through me.

“My dearest pet, I believe it is time... I’m sure this is what you’ve been holding out for,” my voice is muffled. I reluctantly cease my indulgence on her beautiful pussy and stand. Deft movements allow me to flick the button of my pants open, and release my zipper, letting my pants sag below my hips.

My hand travels down her side, past her hip to her ankle; releasing them from the floor, but still bound to one another. Pulling her ankles backwards, the rest of her body bows forward and her knees bend out, giving me enough space to step through them. She is now completely open to me. I grab my cock and rub it from the top of her ass, to her clit, coating myself in her blood and the undeniable evidence of her arousal, repeating my course once more until I’m just outside her puckered hole.

“I am going to take my pleasure in your tight little ass now, beautiful.” I rub one hand down her arm gently while I thrust in, pushing past her initial resistance. She gives a strangled cry, while I push in deeper. She has no idea how divine her tightness is to me. “So good,” I moan and pull all the way out before slamming my cock back in, my balls slapping her pussy lips. I grab her neck, pull her back to me, and lick the sweat running from her hair line at the base of her neck, whispering my enjoyment and praise..

My balls constrict and begin their ascent closer to my body, preparing for my release. I grit my teeth, fighting off the feeling. I want this to last. I pull completely out, without a pause in the momentum of my stroke, I thrust into her pussy, and nearly cum. She is positively gushing. I look down, the traces of blood and arousal coating my cock have me quickening my pace.

“I knew you’d be wonderful my little slut, I can feel you tightening around me. Your body is already telling me how much you enjoy what I am doing to you. Now surrender your mind beauty.” I voice through gritted teeth, grabbing her hips and making her meet me thrust for thrust. I keep up my strenuous rhythm, hitting her g spot repeatedly. I pull her completely back to me, still buried deep, slowly rotating my hips. Wave after wave of tingles pulse through me.

I reach into my pants pocket, pulling out the mini vibrator I brought for her pleasure. I click the button, setting it to the highest speed, then reach around her body and place the tip on her clit; alternating the vibrations with pinching, squeezing, and a few slaps, until she is shuttering with the need for release.

“I know you are close, I can feel you pulsating around me, your greedy little pussy is trying to milk me for my release, but you will not come yet, beautiful girl.” I grab her by her head and pull it back so that her neck is fully exposed. I bend her head to the left to lick and nuzzle the right side of her neck. My breathing is labored as I fight my own climax. “Mmmm, you want me to cum inside you, don’t you, beautiful? You want me to coat the inside of your pretty pussy with my seed?” I pull my lower body away from her, pull all the way out and slam into her repeatedly, then give an open hand slap to her clit. I want her to come with me; I know that’s what she has been waiting for all this time. This is when she will fully submit, this is when she will scream out her submission.

She inhales sharply as her mouth opens. Her climax explodes around my cock, yet no sound escapes her mouth.

My climax dies, anger rages through me. A growl rumbles through my chest. “You stupid bitch!” I roar. My mouth opens then snaps shut delivering a crushing bite to the juncture of her neck and shoulder, my fangs piercing through her skin and ripping into her cartilage. I pick up the large spike from the table, slam it through her back and watch as it explodes through her chest. She looks down, staring at the blood soaked spike impaling her body in mixture of relief, fear, and something else. Triumph. That bitch thinks she won, denying me what’s rightfully mine.

I drive the spike in further and watch in satisfaction as her blood spurts out around the tool in a river of blood splattering on the floor. I am disgusted by the sight now; thoroughly repulsed. I release her arms, letting her plummet to the floor. I step out from between her legs, righting my clothing.

“You disappoint me, beautiful. You seemed so eager to please, but you’re just another worthless cock tease. I wanted one thing from you,” I tell her, my foot connecting with her ribs. I take satisfaction in hearing multiple bones crunch. “One simple thing, and you refused to give it to me!” I take a deep breath, calming myself. “You’re quite useless now though. It’s a shame really, you would have really made an excellent submissive. Your body pleased me quite thoroughly, but I need someone who will submit to me completely, who can be molded to my will, to serve my every desire and whim. Someone who, when I give them what they want, will in return give me what I want, and you just proved that would not ever be you.” I lean down and flip her onto her back, watching the spike push its way through her skin. “Unfortunately, my beautiful girl, your time with me has just expired. There is one thing that will help me forever remember you as your life slips from your worthless body.” I pull her pliant body by the legs splaying her open. I bury my face in between her thighs, unable to stop myself from experiencing one last indulgence of her heavenly flavor. I pull my hardened cock from my pants and continue to feast on her delicious pussy. The mixture of blood and arousal will be burned into my mind forever. I continue to feast and stroke myself while I listen to her rapid breaths, watching the light dim from her eyes. With one last ragged breath, my climax rushes through my body while she fades into oblivion. I put my cock back in my pants, and stand, looking down at her still form in disgust, before turning to leave, preparing to gather supplies so I can take out the trash.

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