Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 10

Hailey looked at me confused and I shrugged my shoulders. How was she to expect me to know anything? For crying out loud, this is the most contact I’ve had with Tyler since we’ve met!

I was brought out of my thoughts by Tyler’s hand sliding to my waist. I looked up at him gaping like a fish. What was he doing? He leaned down to my ear while gently closing my mouth, “Wouldn’t want to catch flies now, would we?”

I shook my head and we made our way into the venue. Our great hall had been redone specifically for this event and it looked nice. Everything was very white and clean. The flashy dresses added some much needed color.

I felt Tyler squeeze my waist and I looked up at him. I spoke softly’ “What is it? Also what is this?” I asked the second question while gesturing to his arm wrapped around me.

“We need to look like a... happy couple. Even with out a mate I was strong and so was my pack. With a... loving mate in the picture, we will be seen as unstoppable. That is where you come in, pup.” I pinched his hand at the rude comment but allowed him to continue, “I need you to play the part for at least tonight while Jackson and I secure treaties. Do this for me and we can discuss lessening your punishment.”

My eyes went wide at the last part, “Punishment? I was only at strike two! I haven’t done anything else.”

He gave me that sinister look, which I’m starting to find attractive, and leaned closer to my ear as if this information was top secret, “This dress you’re wearing provides me with enough to punish you. I promise you’d like it though.” He gave my flustered face a quick peck on the cheek, which made me more red.

“Remember, act the part.”

Act the part. I can do that.

We made our way to our table to see Hailey and Jackson already there. Hailey gave me a wink, which I assumed meant she saw us in the door way. Tyler pulled out my chair and I sat down. The tables sat four packs each and ours included, the Westwood pack, my former pack, and two smaller packs that I hadn’t heard of. It appears I didn’t pay much attention in lessons after all.

Once we were sat, we began eating. When dinner was finished, we all remained at our tables until the ballroom was cleared. My brother was sat across from me and looked between me and Tyler suspiciously.

“So, you’re my sister’s mate then.” Anyone else would call his tone polite, but I knew better.

“Christian, not the time.” I gave him a look but to my surprise, Tyler placed his hand on my exposed leg and rubbed it. He’s acting, Cordelia. Acting.

“It’s fine, let him ask away. After all, I am sleeping with his sister.” To say I was mortified was an understatement. Everyone who was listening in went silent. Tyler blatantly disrespected the hosting Alpha’s successor. Christian gave him a look before cracking a toothy grin.

“You know Westwood, I really thought you’d be more up tight. You’re not so bad. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship.” I looked at my brother in shock. What the hell was that about? Tyler smirked at me while taking a drink of his whisky.

I sat there quietly, while the males talked about treaties and such. By the time the ballroom was ready, I was on my fifth glass of champagne. What can I say, I’m a nervous drinker.

We made our way in and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like the feeling of Tyler holding me to him. He says he’s acting but I can tell his wolf needs this. I lean into him, and earn a questioning look from him. I mouth the words ‘playing the part’ and he nods and pulls me closer. I might as well get as much affection from him as I can right?

We sit down at the tables on either side of the dance floor while some go straight for the bar. The dancing will start with all the Alpha’s and their mates having the first dance. Then the floor is open to anyone.

The classical music starts to play and Tyler leads us to the floor. I’m not a very good dancer but this dance was engraved in my head every lesson Christian and I took. We would be in the middle of a math test and told to dance this dance.

This was a lot different then being with my brother. The moves seemed a lot more intimate and the song seemed longer. My gaze didn’t leave his chest and the second it was over I rushed back to the tables.

“You two looked great out there!” As always, Hailey was right by my side. She had less to drink than I did, but you could tell she had been drinking. “Just playing the part.” I mumbled it out and I could tell she didn’t register what I said.

She nodded before being dragged to the dance floor by Jackson. It was another classical piece and would continue to be classical for the next hour. After that all the reigning Alphas and other higher ups would leave and the lights would dim. The ballroom would become more of a night club as the hours passed, a last hurrah for the young couples before pack duties got in the way.

I sat at the table alone for most of the first hour. Only getting up when Tyler needed me to be a loving mate. I felt more comfortable once the lights dimmed because the prying eyes of others weren’t on me.

Tyler came to the table with two glasses of whisky. He handed me one and I downed in seconds. He gave me a questioning look and downed his as well. He lifted me by the hips and brought me to the dance floor.

The music was loud, but I was okay with that. It just meant we didn’t have to talk. I noticed he had taken his coat off and something about his tie became alluring. I pulled him further into the mob of people by his tie and pulled it down so his ear was to my lips.

“Let’s play the part shall we?”

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