Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 11

He looked at me with those deep eyes and gave me a small grin. “Let’s.”

I pulled him close to me and our bodies were flush. My body vibrated with him so close, and I knew I was too far in. All it took was one night, and lots of drinks, for him to unravel me. I traced his face with my fingers, ending on his lips. The music changed to a more club-like song and he spun me around.

My backside was against his front and I couldn’t help but feel the need to tease him. I moved on his front and he let out a soft growl in my ear. Little did he know, that was only going to egg me on. I moved more, pushing harder against him. He brought his mouth to my lace covered neck and bit down ever so lightly. I let out a gasp and stopped my movements.

“Don’t play with fire little girl. You’re sure to get burned.” I knew his words were meant to be threatening but I took it as a challenge. I turned around and ran my fingers through his hair. I pulled on it a little bit and pulled him down to my eye level. Our faces were so close I could feel his breath on my lips.

“You can’t get burned when you’re the flame.” It was for sure the alcohol talking and I wish I was intoxicated all the time because that was badass. He looked at me for a moment before smiling. Actually smiling, not a smirk. I was mesmerized by him. He looked more attractive with that smile than I thought any male could look.

We didn’t talk much after that and I stayed as close to him as possible. It was nice being in his arms and I knew it would all be over tomorrow. Someone one had mentioned something about a photo booth and I knew I needed to capture this night.

I dragged him to the booth and we waited in line. I caught Hailey and Jackson walking by and forced them to come in the booth with us. Once we were in, there was little room to sit. It left me no choice but to sit on Tyler’s lap and Hailey to do the same with Jackson.

Hailey and I shouted out faces for us all to make and by end of it I was in a fit of laughter. Hailey and I pushed the males out so we could take some just of us. We must have taken too long because right before the last picture Tyler popped his in telling us to hurry up. Hailey was so frightened she ended up falling out the other end.

Since he was here, I forced him to take some more pictures with me. He sat emotionless for the first two and I was not about to let the last three turn out that way. I scooted onto his lap and he grabbed my waist before I could fall off backwards. I forced his lips into a smile in time for the third picture, which he was not to happy about. He grabbed my hands off his face and we stared at each other.

“Come on, we have to pose for the next one.” I rushed out my words so we had enough time to pose. He had other plans and instead smashed his lips to mine. The kiss was heated and he dominated me for sure. We separated out of breath and I leaned my forehead against his.

I heard the click of the last picture and opened my eyes. He was already looking at me and pulled me out of the booth. I retrieved the pictures before he could rip them up and held onto them tight. I would give him his copies back at the cabin.

On the way out the cool breeze hit my skin and I shivered at the drop in temperature. He took off his coat and put it around my shoulders. I thanked him and we walked toward the car. Before we got in we were instructed to take one more picture, this time with all of the high ranking wolves of the Westwood pack.

I gave him back his coat and brushed out the wrinkles. I posed as the photographer instructed, with my outside hand on his chest and my other behind him. His hand was around my waist and to the untrained eye, we looked in love. Jackson and Hailey were on Tyler’s right and the highest ranking warrior was on my left.

We posed for the photo and we were told that the picture would sent to the pack house framed. Tyler sat with me on the way to the cabin. The Westwood pack was far away and we would leave in the morning.

The drive back to the cabin was not a long one, but the second the car door shut, I dozed off. I faintly remember being pick up and walked to the cabin. I tiredly opened my eyes, trying my best not to let Tyler know I was awake.

He carried me to his room this time and set me down on the bed. I sat up and studied him for a moment. He was tense, as he always was, and for a moment I thought he might be nervous. I watched as he undid his tie and started to unbutton his shirt.

He caught me watching him and made eye contact as he undid another button. He was challenging me again and I wasn’t going to lose, not anymore. I stood up and made my way to him. He must have taken off my heels at some point because I was definitely shorter than when we got in the car.

I stood in front of him and kept eye contact as I moved his hands away from his shirt. I proceeded to unbutton the shirt myself and slide it off of his torso. I threw it to the side and gazed into his now heated eyes.

I looked to his chest and noticed the spattering of tiny scars that littered it. A surge of anger hit me with out warning. How dare someone hurt my male. I made a move to trace one with my finger and his whole body tensed.

I looked back at him and saw his eyes closed and his teeth clenched together. Instead of tracing them, I kissed the one closest to his heart and laid my head there. He had been through something terrible, I could feel it. If only this night could last forever, I would have the courage to ask him what had happened.

This night wouldn’t last forever though and in the morning he would return the cold male he was when we met.

I sighed as I took a step back. His eyes were open, watching me as he always did. I moved to make a step toward the bathroom and once again the trance was broken.

“Where are you going?” His voice was demanding and I almost flinched from the sudden noise.

“To the bathroom to take a shower and wipe this makeup off.” I made a move again and this time he let me.

“I will join you.” I nearly choked on my spit. Turning, I looked to see if he was serious and oh boy was he ever.

“No you will not.”

Obviously he did not get told no a lot because the moment it came out of my mouth, he let out a deep growl. He stalked towards me and I backed up into the wall.

“You need to remember something, little girl. I am not just your mate, I am now your Alpha as well. You don’t get to tell me ‘no’. You are mine.” Dumfounded I looked up at him.

“Yet you are not mine.” He nodded at my statement. “How is that fair? We are mates, we are equals. You forget that I am just as much Alpha as you, Westwood. I refuse to be yours if you are not mine.”

I slipped from between him and the wall and made my way to the bathroom. I turned to see him still staring at the wall before slamming the door closed and locking it. I removed the makeup and took a quick shower, praying that he wouldn’t break the door down. When I got out I realized I had no clothes here, they were all in the other bedroom. I grabbed the first thing I saw, a towel that didn’t quiet cover enough for my liking, and wrapped it around my body.

I made a mental note of where I threw Tyler’s shirt, hoping he hadn’t moved it. I peaked my head out of the door to see the male pacing around the room, mumbling to himself. The shirt was close enough to where if I got my arm out without him noticing, I could grab it. I reached out slowly, like the claw in a claw-machine game, and secured my prize.

I didn’t have any undergarments that were clean, so this would have to do. I put it on, thankful that it was a thick material and long enough to cover my butt. I quietly made my way out of the bathroom. He stopped pacing and looked at me with hungry eyes.

Taking his time, he walked to me and pulled me to him by the hips. The shirt rose up, exposing the bottom of my butt. “Why must you be this way?” His question caught me off guard for a moment.

“I’m not being any sort of way.”

“You are. You’ve teased me all night, pup. Don’t think I forgot about the dancing, or your punishment. You need to learn to respect me as your Alpha, not just your mate.”

I couldn’t help but let out a very un-lady like snort, “I have done what you asked of me all night and you can’t give me the respect of calling me by my name without it being a threat. So, Alpha, don’t come to me demanding respect.”

He growled fiercely and I moved to get out of his grip making the shirt come up more. Half of my bottom was out and I suddenly became hyper-aware of mirror I forgot was behind me. His grip on me didn’t waver and instead he brought his mouth to my now bare neck.

“Keep moving, I’m enjoying the show.” My cheeks when red and I froze. He deliberately smoothed the shirt back down, his warm hands gliding over my butt. His hands lingered on my exposed thighs before he picked me up. On instinct, my legs wrapped around his naked chest.

The shirt was the only thing separating my privates from his stomach and he seemed to realize this at the same time I did. He walked me to the bed and laid me down before climbing over me. He didn’t make a move on me, instead just stared.

He seemed to be thinking about his next move, weighing all the outcomes in his head one by one. He appeared to have settled on it and opened his mouth to speak. “I have decided on your punishment.”

Not expecting that I just looked at him for a second before lamely responding, “Okay, and what might that be.”

He rolled off of me and laid beside me. We looked up to the ceiling, it was peaceful, until he spoke.

The words that came out were ones I had hoped I wouldn’t here for a long time.

“I need to mark you.”

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