Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 12

I was frozen. Deep down I always knew I wanted a mate. I wanted what every female wanted, a loving male by her side. I wanted him to love me unconditionally. I wanted us to sport each other’s marks proudly. But that sad, naive fantasy was crashing down before my very eyes.

“Why?” my voice was soft, I was in shock and didn’t want to set him off.

“We are mates. I hav-” I cut him off before he could continue.

“That’s not what I meant. Why would you want to mark me when it’s clear you have a strong distaste for me? Why would you put us both through that?” He turned to me and opened his mouth to speak. I turned to him and put my hand up, “Just let me speak. Please.”

He nodded and let me continue.

“I’m willing to play the part for you, I am. But I need something in return, give me time. I don’t know if I can fulfill that role knowing you marked me without my opinion, my consent. I know it’s what we need to do as mates, as leaders of a pack, but how can you expect me to lead by your side whilst you forced me to fall in love with you?”

By the end of my speech, the tears were sliding down my face. He reached to me and wiped them away, all while maintaining eye contact. He took a deep breath and I know he was battling with his wolf,

“I do not have a strong distaste for you. I understand what you need, but I do not know how long I can hold off. Our wolves need each other, they need to be connected again.”

“So you would force me into that? You take away something so sacred because our wolves need each other? Because I disrespected you unknowingly? That’s not fair.”

He was quiet for a long while. I had my eyes closed but I was not tired. If I looked at him I would cave, and I can’t cave anymore. “Fine.”

My eyes shot open at his sudden outburst. “What do you mean?”

“I mean fine, I-I will not mark you as your punishment. If it causes you this much distress than we can wait. I will do my best but I can’t always control my wolf, he wants what he wants and that is you.”

I nodded and I couldn’t help but let the small smile slip onto my face. I flipped so my back was facing him and I was immediately pulled back into his chest.

There was no point in fighting it, I had already won this battle. Even being victorious, there was one question lingering in my mind. Would he really mark me by force, as a punishment?

I fell asleep to that thought swirling in my mind. The next morning was a blur. Hailey and Jackson had left early in to return to the pack.

I was left with an unusually quiet Tyler. Even when saying goodbye to my parents he did not speak much. I’m assuming he is upset about what happened last night.

We got in the car, Tyler driving and me sitting shotgun. There was another car of Tyler’s men behind us, in case he got sick of driving.

The car ride would be 3 days. There would be many stops for the males to let their wolves out and for me to stretch my legs. I was informed we would not be able to stay the night anywhere as it would double our journey and the pack needed an Alpha present soon.

It only took 8 hours for Tyler to get sick of driving. When he did, we both moved to the back seats. A divider was put up to give us privacy, not like we needed it.

A few more hours had past and it was starting to get dark. Tyler’s mood hadn’t changed and I was beginning to think it was about more than last night.

“What is wrong?” The sound of my voice startled me a little bit, but he just turned to look at me. He shook his head before turning back to the window. Feeling it was futile to keep pressing, I closed my eyes.

I slept for most of the second day, only waking to eat and stretch. Tyler was still in his mood and I was beginning to get worried. I hadn’t been marked yet but the bond had started to form. I couldn’t help but care about his well being.

We were in the car after another stretch break and he finally spoke. I had forgotten how much his voice meant to me in the time he was silent.

“I didn’t mean it you know.” I nodded as he spoke knowing immediately what he was referring to. “There are many things I am, Cordelia. Most of them are not good. I have lived this life since childhood and I do not intend to change it, but I do not want you to fear me. That night... you were speaking in your sleep. Almost screaming in pain. You kept yelling for me to stop... I don’t want that to be your reality. For me to be strong, for me to exist, I need you with me, willingly.”

I could tell opening up was not something he did well. He did seem genuinely pained at my sleep talking which, other than being embarrassing, gave me hope for us.

I didn’t miss the fact he finally said my name in a way I had longed to hear it said. Softly, untouched by the harshness his voice usually holds.

“Okay.” That one word sealed me to him forever. I had agreed to stand by him willingly and in doing so agreed to be his Luna.

He gazed at me again and seemed to be searching my eyes for any indication that I was lying. I gave him a fleeting smile before turning back to my window. The rest of the car ride was quiet, but I didn’t mind the silence.

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