Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 13

The last hours of the ride were by far the worst. My butt hurt from sitting and the short breaks were not enough for me. I couldn’t even imagine how Tyler was feeling.

When we finally arrived at what looked to be the pack house, I shot out of the car. It was late at night when we arrived, so there wasn’t anyone milling about. I looked to the large house in front of me and studied where I would be living.

We walked up the stairs onto the a porch that wrapped around the left side and had a swinging bench on the right. The porch had a roof which would provide some much needed cover in the summer heat.

The house itself was brick and simple. It was the typical 4 stories and had a balcony that appeared to be on the second floor. There wasn’t anything special about it, which made sense. Tyler didn’t seem to be one to spend money lightly.

I was looking at the house when I felt Tyler’s hand on the small of my back. He led me into the house and gave me a quick tour. The house was much more inviting than I thought it would be and I relaxed a little bit. The first floor had the usual things any pack house had: game rooms for the young adults, a nursery for those who needed someone to watch their children, a kitchen, and a dining area.

I was ushered past the second floor, knowing it was just spare bedrooms and offices. The top two floors were reserved for the leaders of the pack. This would be my home. The first level was the same as the ground floor. The game rooms and nursery were both replaced with bed rooms. This is where the head warrior, who Tyler refers to as his ‘Gamma’, would be living. The Gamma would stay there unless their family outgrew the space.

The top floor is where the Alpha’s and Beta’s families would sleep. Sleep is something I wanted more than anything at the moment.

Tyler led me to the kitchen instead and sat me on one of the island stools. I watched his muscles move as he reached for all sorts of foods. He appeared to be making a soup but I was not hungry. In my tired state, I didn’t have the energy to voice my thoughts so instead I watch my mate cook.

He set a bowl in front of me and I murmured a soft thank you. I only took a few bites before pushing the bowl away and waiting for him to finish. When he was done, we both put our dishes in the sink and made our way to Tyler’s bedroom.

His room was nice, dark but still cozy. His walls were dark grey and there was a large bed against the wall with a grey duvet on it. The sheets underneath looked to be emerald and I could feel the softness from where I stood. There were 2 doors on the wall across from the bed and one door on the wall to the left of the bed.

The doors across from the bed were closets, one for each of us. The door to the side of the bed led to a bathroom.

The bathroom was large but not overly spacious. There was a big, beautiful clawfoot tub that sat on the far side of the room. Next to it, in the corner, there was a shower head coming from the ceiling. The shower was encased in a foggy glass and was easily big enough to fit 4 people in it. There was a double sink under a large mirror. It was obvious this space was made for two.

Every thing was shades of grey. It didn’t look overwhelming though, it actually made me feel calm.

I walked to the bed and laid down. Just from how powerful the sent was, I could tell I was on his side. I rolled over to the other side and turned my head towards him. He was shirtless and he changed into sweatpants that hung low on his hips. He looked divine as always.

He slipped into bed with me and my eyes immediately went to his chest. I studied the scars and before I had time to stop myself, I reached out to them. I traced a faint one and got lost in the tingles.

I looked at him to find his face twisted in discomfort.

“What happened?” I was met with silence and felt like a fool for asking, “I mean it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me now, but I hope that one day you feel like you could.” I scooted over to him and traced a longer scar that wasn't as faded. He grabbed my hand a looked at me for a long time before releasing me.

He laid down and I followed suit making sure to keep plenty of distance between us.

I woke up to an empty bed. The sheets were still warm so he could not have left that long ago. I got up and got dressed. I threw my frizzy hair into a bun and called it good. I walked down the stairs to see Hailey sitting at the island reading a book.

She looked at me and smiled a big smile before patting the stool next to her. Unsure of why she was so giddy, I complied.

“Why are you so happy this morning?” My voice was laced with skepticism and I raised an eyebrow at her.

“Why aren’t you happy? I finally get to plan the ceremony of my dreams! For one of my best friends!” Her voice went up too many octaves and I was already starting to get a headache.

“Really? Who, and for what?”

“You, dummy! It’s your Luna coronation isn’t it? I’m so excited. It’s going to be great. I was shocked when Tyler asked me to plan it but how could I say no!”

I sat there putting together what she had said. Tyler never mentioned the coronation to me, so I assumed it wouldn’t take place for a while. If Hailey was already planning then it must be sooner than I anticipated.

“Do you know where he is? I need to ask him something.”

“For sure, he said he’d be in his office all day and that he wanted to talk to you anyway.”

“Thanks.” I hopped off the stool and dragged myself to his office. When I walked in I was smacked in the face by two things: his scent and the way he looked in that suit. My mouth went dry for a moment when he looked up at me. He ran a hand through his hair and gestured for me to sit. I did so and waited for him to speak.

“I wanted to talk to you about your coronation.”

I nodded and allowed him to continue. “The coronation for the Luna of the Westwood pack is set heavily in tradition. Most things will be taken care of by Hailey, as I have asked her to plan it, but there is one thing you should know. Chances are you won’t like it.”

From the way he was acting I assumed it had to do with the marking. Every pack had their rituals and this one was no different.

“I assume it has to do with you marking me.” My voice was strong, unwavering.

“It does.”

“Alright then. How long do I have.” Might as well be blunt about it. There was no point in fighting it. I was born to be a Luna and if I didn’t have his mark by or on the day of the coronation, not only would my position be at stake but I would bring dishonor to both mine and Tyler’s packs.

“Two weeks.”

“Alright. Am I free to go then?” He nodded, confused. Probably at how well I was taking this. I got up and started walking toward the door. I stopped and turned, “Actually, there is one thing.”

Looking up from his paper work, he raised a brow.

“I would like to be apart of this. The business side of it I mean. My mother always seemed so bored with planning events and Hailey’s much better at that anyways. If I’m going to do this, I’d like some responsibility.”

He simply nodded and when I was almost out the door, he spoke.

“I’ll see that another desk is moved in here then.”

He knows I heard him so there was no point in responding. I closed the doors and walked down the hall with a smile on my face.

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