Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 15

I would be lying if I said that the thought of Tyler’s father hadn’t crossed my mind. I’ve met his brother, and with his mother being dead, the only one I know of to meet next was this man in front of me.

Part of me expected him to be a cold man like his son could be. But looking at him in the doorway, he seemed quite pleasant.

Another part of me felt skeptical of the former Alpha. I hadn’t forgotten about Tyler’s scars and it wouldn’t be an unfair assumption to expect his father to have had something to do with it. The way an Alpha treats his son is not the same way a regular wolf would. They are stricter and the ‘love bond’ is often not developed until the child is older.

Even looking back at my own childhood, my father was very strict with Christian. He wasn’t too liberal with me but with Christian, it was a whole different battle. He only resorted to physical punishment once and that was enough to keep us both in line. There was no doubt he loved us though, he made that clear from the beginning.

Coming out of my thoughts, I tuned in on what the former Alpha before me was saying.

“I hadn’t realized your mate was here. Nice to meet you, Cordelia. I would say I’ve heard much about you, but my son hasn’t really told me anything.”

Tyler looked exactly like his father. They shared the same face, height, everything.

Feeling a little awkward in the position we had been caught in, I smiled and tried to move off the desk. Seeing my discomfort, Tyler decided to make it worse.

“My mate and I were just having a little fun is all. No need to apologize.”

Fun? My face went red at what he was implying and I finally slipped off of his desk and stood up straight.

“Mr. Westwood, it’s a pleasure to meet you. He hasn’t told me much about you either. Looks like we’ll need to get together sometime.” After I said that I could feel Tyler’s body shaking next to mine. Oh my goddess, he thought... “My Goddess. Not like that, he’s your father!”

Trying to calm his wolf, I grabbed his hand and held it tight. It seemed to work a little bit and he soon continued to speak with his father. They talked for a while about upcoming events and I spoke up when the coronation was brought up.

Otherwise, I just listened to the two men speak. They seemed to have a good relationship and that made me happy. Many male’s relationships with their fathers are strained and I don’t want my kids to not have a relationship with their grandfather.

It was late by the time we went to bed. I slipped in and waited for Tyler to join me. When he did I was asleep almost immediately. Sleeping by his side never got old.

At some point during the night, Tyler got up and left. He had said something about doing a border check. He does these often so I simply watched him leave. He had been gone for an hour or two and the time read 3:47 am.

Bored, I got out of bed and got dressed. Tyler never brought me with him and I wanted to see more of this land. I was going to be the Luna soon, so I should know it better than I do now.

I made my way outside and into the woods. Something about this woodland was so beautiful and serene. Tonight was no different.

I roamed around for a few minutes but could not find him. The dense trees where no help but I wouldn’t change it for the world. Looking at this place made me think of my wolf. We hadn’t spoken since the night of the bonfire and I’m not sure if that’s normal or not. I could only imagine the way the air felt flowing through my fur. Still daydreaming about my wolf, I began to go back to the house.

When I was making my way back, I noticed a small pond. Walking over to it, I sat down looking into the water. There were a few fish swimming about and I wished for a moment I had a life as simple as theirs.

Being here has been getting easier for sure, but something inside of me tells me to keep fighting him. Life would be simpler if I stopped but I just can’t give my self up to him. Not yet anyway.

As I rose to my feet, I felt the air shift. What once felt like a calm peaceful night quickly turned into something else. I turned, looking into the woods, and saw figures coming towards me.

“Well, what is this? A pretty lil lady out in the woods all by herself? We can’t have that.” He was tall, taller than me at least and had a shaved head. The man had an accent but I wasn’t focused on that. I was focused on the obvious silver knives strapped to his waist.

He caught me staring and gave me a dark smile. “Don’t you worry now missy. We won’t need to use these if you just cooperate. What do you say?”

It’s obvious these men were hunters and they knew I was a wolf.

I wanted to yell at them, run for my life even, but I knew that wouldn’t help. They got on this land seemingly unnoticed and would leave the same. They knew where this pack was and if they left, could come back with reinforcements. Only one of us was leaving this pond alive, we both knew that.

I looked at them not speaking.

“No answer is the wrong answer, sweetie.” With that, I felt someone grab me from behind. I hadn’t even realized someone was there.

The lead man and some other guy walked to me. This other man was sorter and looked thin like he hadn’t eaten for some time. His eyes bore into mine and I would call them beautiful if we were in any other situation.

I had been forced to my knees and knew what was to come next wouldn’t be pleasant.

The first man grabbed my chin and forced my head up to look at him. My neck was at a very uncomfortable angle and I glared at him.

“We know who you are, little girl. Your mate has done some bad things. I could kill you, but that would be too easy for everyone involved.”

He scanned my body and his eyes fell on my neck. “I see he hasn’t marked you yet. Why don’t we help you with that?” The man gestured to the other standing with him. The eyes that I once thought were beautiful quickly turned dark and demonizing.

My breath hitched at the realization. The second man was not a hunter, he was a wolf himself.

He was going to make this male mark me. It wouldn’t cut off the ties I had with Tyler instead, it would drive him mad.

I started to struggle against the one holding me. I was kicked in the stomach and my movements halted. “I don’t know what I did to deserve this. Kill him for all I care, you would be doing me a favor. But you made a mistake, human. Why wouldn’t you make the smart move and bring more than 6 men here? If you had brought an army maybe you would have a chance.”

I didn’t mean it. Not all of it at least. It wouldn’t do me any good for Tyler to be dead, I was in too deep. The truth was around the men. Why wouldn’t you scope the pack out first and bring more men in an ambush?

I didn’t have time to ask him because before I knew it he was back in my face.

“Being his mate is all you needed to do.” With that, the other male was on me and kissing my neck. It burned having another male touch me in this way and I just wanted it to be over.

Struggling, I closed my eyes and waited for the pain to come.

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