Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 16

The pain came, but not from the bite of this male before me. It was like I had been set on fire and every part of me sizzled.

Opening my eyes, I looked down to the ground and stared. There was no fire thank goddess. Instead, below me were two big sand-colored paws. The men started to talk amongst themselves before I felt a sharp tug at my ear.

Reacting to the pain, I lashed out and bit the arm of my assailant. The man in charge cursed and brought his bloodied arm back to his side.

“What the hell. He said she hadn’t been marked yet! She’s no use to us, get rid of her.” As soon as he was done talking, his men came towards me.

Running was not an option. I’ve never trained in this form, but I had to try something. I went to jump at the man closest to me, but before I could get there a black mass came out of nowhere.

More wolves came and just like that it was an even fight. I looked to my left to see 3 men on the black wolf. There must have been more men than I thought because this was quickly becoming a blood bath.

I leaped to take out some of the men but still new to this body, I flopped to the forest ground like a fish out of water. I would feel embarrassed if my life weren’t on the line.

Standing again, I saw that the men had all been flung of the black wolf and lay there dead. They were all dead.

The black wolf started towards me and not thinking twice, I bolted. To say I didn’t make it very far would be an understatement.

The black wolf leaped on me and wrestled me to the ground. I weaseled out and took a defensive stance against this wolf. The male was easily 3 times larger than I was but I wasn’t backing down.

I looked into the wolf’s eyes and growled. He snarled back at me fiercely. Looking for a way out, I realized I was surrounded.

Warriors of all sizes were everywhere watching the stand off. If I didn’t submit there was no way out.

With another defiant growl I lowered myself back to the ground with my ears flat on my head. The black wolf seemed satisfied and relaxed his stance a bit.

Giving me a look that said stay where I am, he went off into the brush. Wait until Tyler hears about this. I’ll never live it down. Even worse, I’ll never be able to leave his side again.

Whoever this wolf was sure didn’t know how to hurry the hell up because I had to get back to the room. Maybe if I was there when he got back he wouldn’t get so mad.

I waited for the man to emerge and when he did I wanted to die right then and there.

Out walked the man himself, shirtless too. He looked like he wanted to enjoy my submission but was too annoyed to at me to do so.

“Everyone leave. Now.” He bit the words out and in a flash we were alone.

“Shift.” I looked at him. I didn’t even shift into this on purpose how the hell did he expect me to change back.

Sensing my hesitation he spoke again, “Will yourself to do it. It’s going to hurt like a bitch, but oh well.”

Great, its that loving and caring Tyler I love so much! I did as he told me to and soon I was human again. He wasn’t a liar though. It did hurt, and it was something I never wanted to experience again.

Fully back to my human state, I rushed to speak knowing I wouldn’t get a chance to later.

“The only reason I came out here is because I was curious! You get up at the buttcrack of dawn to do whatever it is that you do and never take me with you! How was I supposed to know that there were hunters here? You never tell me anything. If you had told me I never would have come out here!”

Finished with my rant, I waited for the lecture I was going to receive.


“Excuse me?”

“You are a liar. You can’t and won’t blame this on me. You would have never stayed put if I told you what was going on. That’s just who you are. You would have done exactly what you so stupidly did tonight.”

He didn’t shout at me or grab me like he usually would have. He just looked at me. His voice was unsympathetic and cold. He wasn’t mad, he was disappointed. He was right though. I wouldn’t have stayed put. I would have insisted he take me with him.

“Sorry.” It wasn’t much but it was all I had. Tears started to roll down my cheeks as it all hit me. It wasn’t because of his disappointment. I could have been marked tonight. By a wolf I didn’t who I didn’t even know. I could have been ripped away from the man I was destined to be with. It could have been over for us just like that.

He came towards me and wrapped his arms around me. I accepted it because I needed it. After we separated, I assessed his shirtless body. There didn’t seem to be any open wounds that I could see. “Are you okay?”

He looked at me with raised brows , “I should be asking you that question, but yes I am fine.”

I nodded my head and watched as leaves fell out of my hair. I must look like a mess right now. He walked me back to the room and started the shower for me.

To my surprise, he left without a fuss and told me to take my time. The water wasn’t scolding but it was hot enough to make my skin tingle at contact.

I had been in the shower for a while and when I exited, I expected Tyler to be asleep or in the office. However, he was waiting for me on the bed.

I turned to the closet to get dressed but his hands stopped me. He took the towel from my body and before I could protest slid one of his shirts on my body. He sat me on the bed and walked back into the bathroom.

He returned with a brush in hand and climbed behind me on the bed. I knew this would only friz out my hair once it was dry but I let him brush it.

Once he was done we laid down on the bed together. “Are you alright Cordelia?”

“Yes I am alright.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Tyler, I’m sure.”

“Do you need anything before you rest?”

I thought about it for a moment. Did I need anything right now besides my mate at my side. Thinking harder I realized I did.

“I need one thing and I should be good for a while.”

“What is it?”

He went to stand up but my hand on his arm stopped him.

“Your mark. That is all I want.”

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