Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 3

Hailey and I talked all night about everything we could think of. In the short time I’ve known her I can already tell she’s a good person and one I enjoy being around.

The way she holds herself confident but not arrogant. Something her cousin obviously couldn’t master. For being around her cousin a lot, they aren’t very similar. She opened up to me right away and couldn’t help but do the same.

As we were talking Victoria came in and basically dragged Hailey back to their room. I shot Victoria a glare for entering my room with out permission and sent Hailey a sympathetic look.

I wasn’t really tired yet so I decided to take a shower. After burning just about all feeling from my body, I exited the shower and blow-dried my hair before cuddling up in my soft bed.

The next morning I am violently shaken awake by some unknown force. I shoot up only to knock heads with the unknown force and the giggle gives the identity away instantly. I open my eyes to see Hailey looking down at me with a big smile. “Wake up sleepy head time, to go!”

I turn away from her and groan at the thought of moving out of my warm bed. I groan at the thought of moving at all really. It should be a sin to get out of bed before the sun is up. I try to pull the covers over my head but my blond assailant has other plans.

She rips the covers off of me and pushes me off the bed. The sound I make hitting the ground sounds a lot worse than it really is. I hear her gasp and immediately ask if I’m alright. I let out a playful growl and throw a pillow that came off the bed with my at her head. I catch her off guard as she stands there stunned. She stares at me as her look of shock slowly turns to one of mischief.

She picks up the pillow and swings it at my head. I do the same and we are instantly in not just a pillow fight, but a pillow war. After a few minutes, we hear an unimpressed snort come from my door way.

In the doorway stands Victoria with a look of disgust on her face. “I don’t know why I’m surprised to see you messing around Hailey.” She then turns her gaze to me, “I guess I expected more from an Alphas daughter, but if you two would hurry up everyone is waiting.” She turns flicking her hair over her shoulder and continues down the hall.

Hailey and I both roll our eyes and erupt in a fit of giggles. Not bothering with the mess we made, we make our way downstairs and see the girls waiting for us.

We wait until there is a knock on the door signaling it’s time to go. I open the door to see my father’s best warriors. I look at them with pleading eyes begging them to let me go. They give me a sympathetic look before turning expressionless. We are all ushered into vehicles and brought to a bunker below the field we will be set loose in.

I’m surprised that even I did not know about this field or bunker before now. I run these forests every day and know them like the back of my hand. I’m sure I would have noted a bunker. I guess it makes sense that I wouldn’t, it would be seen as an unfair advantage to me if I had time to memorize the ‘playing field’.

We are held underground for a few hours and girls are getting restless. I want to take a nap but the walls down here echo way too much. When the warriors come back we are informed that no males were sent home. I mentally note this includes Westwood. I roll my eyes as I hear Victoria shriek in excitement. She really wants that awful male to be her mate.

We are also told that there are more females to males at this year’s gathering and a list of names is posted at the door of those who will be sent home. While it is uncommon, it’s not impossible for the female to be older than the male. When that is the case, it’s generally only by a year at most.

I sprint my way to the list silently praying my name is there. I scan it for what seems like hours and Cordelia Adams is nowhere to be found. I huff in annoyance and feel Hailey by my side. She pulls me away and we take a seat near the entrance to the bunker.

We watch as girls make their way out the door. Many are crying but it’s hard to tell if they are tears of relief or disappointment. I want to shout that they are lucky and can have my mate but one hard look from Hailey tells me to keep quiet.

I scan the remaining girls and see that Victoria is indeed still present. To my surprise, she is talking to lower ranking girls. She didn’t really strike me as one to mingle with anyone but Alphas and Betas, maybe a select warrior.

I try and tune in to hear what she’s saying but it’s simply too noisy. I turn my attention to Hailey who is biting her nails.

“Hey, whats wrong?”

She shakes her head to signal nothing but not liking the way she is acting, I press on, “I’m going to keep annoying you till you tell me so just spit out.”

She looks back to me with worried eyes. “What if my mate is a bad man? What if he thinks I’m too weak? What if he rejects m-”

I cut her off before she can continue her final question. “First off, the Moon Goddess would never pair someone like you with a bad man. You are too kind, and if she did I know you would have the power to change him for the better. Secondly, for anyone to assume you to be weak is an idiot. You may not have the biggest frame or a scary face but anyone can see you are strong both mentally and physically. Your mate will not reject you, I promise you that. The second he sees you, the second he smells you, you will be the most important thing in his life. Keep these thoughts out of your head because they won’t do you any good. Understand?” She nods slowly and I give her a hug.

“Also if he does reject you, I’ll kill him.”

I add the last part to make her laugh and succeed. We may be the same age but something about this girl makes me want to protect her.

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