Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 5

I stand there with my mouth open gaping at him. I could feel he was powerful, but a Westwood? Never in my life would I have expected this.

I look to Hailey to see her face paled and her eyes looking at me with worry. I look from her to her mate back to her again.

I don’t get the chance to speak because before I do, I hear a shrill shriek come from the side of me. Just as I’m about to turn I am knocked over by another person.

I dodge most punches and get some in myself before being ripped away. I look at my assailant and see Victoria being held back by who I assume is her mate.

“You whore. How dare you be mated with him, you knew he was mine!” she struggles against her capture and that’s when I realize I’m also being held back.

I feel the tingles and know it’s Tyler but I do my best to ignore them.

“How am I a whore? You think this was my choice? You act like this was my plan all along. Wake up Victoria, I haven’t even known you long enough to plot some evil plan against you!”

As I’m yelling back I feel Tyler’s thumb rubbing my arm where he was holding me. Whether it was his wolf or him I don’t know. I feel myself leaning into him but focus myself back to Victoria.

“Reject him then.”

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, reject him. You obviously don’t seem thrilled to be matched with him. Reject him and you can be happy again.” I feel the body behind me go stiff. His chest vibrates violently with the growl he is trying to keep down and for a moment I fear he will shift.

I am at a complete loss for words. On one hand, I probably would be happier with a different male by my side. From the interactions we’ve had today, I won’t doubt that. On the other hand, even if I did reject him and moved on, I would always have a hole in my soul from where he is supposed to be.

It’s one thing to have never met your mate and move on, but it’s another when you’ve met them and try to move on with out them.

Just as I was about to speak up again, I feel Hailey take a place next to me. The look she gives her cousin makes me want to curl into Tyler’s chest to hide from the icy glare.

“It’s not that simple Victoria and you know it. Even if she is not happy in this very moment she will be in the future. How can you really expect her to give up the chance of a happy future for some twisted fantasy you have? You think he would want you after you made his mate reject him? You truly are sick in the head, cousin.”

For a moment everything was still. I tore my gaze off Hailey to Victoria to see her storm off, her mate only a step behind. I step out of Tyler’s grasp and see the acceptance in his eyes as he looks at Hailey.

The second it’s there, however, it’s gone. In a flash I am over his shoulder being carried off to what I assume is our cabin. I mouth a quick thank you to Hailey, who nods in return.

I zone out most of the walk and move only to get more comfortable on Tyler’s shoulder. When I am put down I expected to be in the male cabins, but look around in shock when I see we are standing in the middle of my bedroom.

My face goes red when I see a dirty bra laying out on the floor. Tyler’s gaze is on me and me only. I open my mouth to speak but he beats me to it.

“Were you going to reject me?” He almost looks fragile at this moment but the anger in his eyes throws me off.


“Are you truly so unhappy with the fact that I am your mate, that you were going to reject me back in that field?”


Before I could explain myself, I was up against the wall nose to nose with him. “Don’t lie to me, pup. If you plan on rejecting me do it now because this is the only time I will accept it. If you try later on I will not accept it. No matter how much you beg or run from me, if you do not reject me at this very moment you will be mine. Indefinitely.”

I could tell he was serious and I mulled over his words. No matter how much it displeases me to be this male’s mate, I don’t think I could reject him. Apparently, my prolonged silence is all he needs for confirmation that I am not rejecting him.

He nods his head and leaves my room before telling me to get ready for the bonfire. I stare at my bedroom door in shock before begrudgingly doing as I’m told.

I take a quick shower to rid my hair of leaves and twigs and wash the dirt off the rest of me as well. I slip on maroon leggings and a white t-shirt before brushing out my hair. I throw on some mascara and make my way out of my bathroom.

I jump in surprise to see Tyler standing at my dresser looking at old photos of me. He turns and looks me over and his face turns into a frown. “Put something else on.”

I look at him with a confused face. He sighs, already getting annoyed, and continues, “The clothes you are wearing are too bright. I don’t need other males looking at you when you move around. Change into something darker. And baggier.”

My mouth makes an ‘o’ shape as he makes his case. I somewhat understand his reasoning, and not wanting to argue make my way back into my closet.

I throw on a black zip-up and black leggings. This is as baggy as it will get. I come back out and he seems to be less than thrilled about my new outfit. With a huff, he rips off the gray hoodie he is wearing and tosses it at me.

I go put it on and before I exit my closet for the third time, I take a whiff of his scent. The woodsy smell instantly calms my nerves and I exit my safe place.

The hoodie comes down to my mid thigh and looks way too big on me. I make a move to adjust it up a little bit but Tyler’s growl makes me freeze. “Don’t you dare raise that shirt up anymore. It is fine the way it is.”

“But it’s too big on me. I was adjusting it so it looks better.” In a flash, we are nose to nose again and he is seething.

“Are you trying to flaunt yourself to other males, mate.” I shake my head as he continues, “I would hope not because you are mine. Your body is mine. Everything about you is mine. You wear tight clothing only for me and cover up when I tell you to.” He grips my waist with one hand and the other grips my butt. My shocked face must give him pleasure because he smiles that same sadistic smile and pulls me flush against his body.

He breaks eye contact and leans so close to my ear I can feel his lips. “You are mine, Cordelia. Mine.”

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