Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 8

I woke up the next morning with a uncomfortable pressure on my hips. I opened my eyes to see a naked chest and let out a breath of annoyance. For being an Alpha's kid, I sure am weak minded. How could I let him hold me after last night?

I pushed his arms off me and attempted to remove myself form the bed. I did not make it very far, as the second my feet hit the floor, he spoke.

"And where do you think you're going?"

I froze for a moment, is it worth getting in a fight over? Probably not. Am I going to walk on eggshells for the rest of my life around him? Definitely not. I'm going to me the strong Luna I was raised to be, and that includes not cowering down to my mate.

With out responding to him I made my way to the bathroom. He let out a deep growl no doubt at my blatant disrespect. I shut the bath room door and did my business. I walked out expecting him to have stormed out of the room but instead he was sitting on the bed looking at me.

His eyes dragged up and down my body before he walked over to me. His steps were slow and deliberate. His eyes never once left mine and the look he gave me was one of lust and something a little more sinister.

Once he was in front of me, he leaned down and put his face in my neck. This whole time I watched him, not moving. I felt his mouth open and for a moment I feared he would mark me.

"We have a lot to discuss, little girl. If my tally is correct, you're on strike two." Face still in my neck, his hands made their way to my hips. I tensed, hoping he wouldn't squeeze. Instead he lifted the sweatshirt just enough to expose the bruises to the cold air.

He looked at them for a moment before his eyes came back to mine. "I meant what I said last night. You haven't felt pain. Don't strike out with me, girl. I've been generous enough, strike three leads to one thing and one thing only."

Finding my voice I spoke as strongly as I could, "And what is that?"

"Dominance. There are many ways I can think to do so, and with you looking like you do in my clothes I can only imagine what you'll look like with my mark."

It took me only a split second to realize what he was inferring. To mark me by force would be the ultimate way to dominate me and there would be no way for my to fend him off.

"I'll let you think through your next actions for a moment. I'm going to go get us some food from the kitchen. When I come back, we'll see if this new attitude of yours persists." With that he was out the door and making his way down the hall.

When he got back I was sitting on the bed looking out the window. Silently, he placed a bowl of fruit down on the bed side table and walked to the bathroom. I heard the shower start and I decided to leave.

I took the fruit with me and made my way to the kitchen to see Hailey and Jackson wrapped up in each other.

"Will you two make babies somewhere other than the kitchen please?"

Hailey's face went red and Jackson merely rolled his eyes at me. They did separate and the moment they did, Hailey pulled me into a hug.

"How are you feeling? I see you like the gifts I brought you!" My face warmed up at the mention of the clothing I was in but I tried to brush it off.

"Yeah, my other clothes were dirty so this was it."

Rolling her eyes Hailey walked back over to Jackson and gave him a kiss before pulling me out of the room and to the living room.

In the living room was racks and racks of dress for today's events. It was customary for the women to wear their new packs colors and the men to wear a suit with the packs crest on the chest.

The Westwood pack's colors were emerald and dark grey, and as expected so were all the dresses. There were sorter dresses for the ceremony and long evening gowns for the dinner.

Hailey pulled me to the rack of short dresses and threw many grey ones at me.

"I've decide we are going to wear a grey one for the ceremony and a green one at the dinner. Don't fight me on this because it's been settled. Here are the ones you can pick from for today. Don't worry about the evening gown because I've already picked yours out! Now go try them on."

I was sent to the bathroom to try on the dresses I was allowed to. Most were immediate no's but some others weren't so bad. I decided on a mid-thigh length piece that had a halter top. There were some cut outs on the rib cage but nothing to revealing. The dress had emeralds along the neckline that sparkled in the light.

I put it on and walked out see Hailey sigh in relief. "Thank goddess you chose that one! Some of those were terrible. Go take it off and meet me in my room. We can get ready up there."

I did as I was told and made my way to her room. When I got up stairs, Tyler was coming out of the bedroom and he did not look pleased.

"Why did you leave the room? I brought you food so you would stay put."

Not putting up with this today, I rolled my eyes. "One, a bowl of fruit is not breakfast. Two, I went to find Hailey so we could get ready for today."

Okay, so maybe the last part was a lie, but we did need to get ready so he can't get mad at me for that.

He huffed in annoyance and pushed passed me, down the stairs. I rolled my eyes again and walked into Hailey's room and set the dress on the bed. Hailey came in soon after and we started on getting ready.

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