Hunted (On Hold)

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Chapter 9

After what felt like felt like hours, Hailey was finally done. She left her hair straight and went for a natural look but damn did it take forever.

I opted to put my curly hair up in a pony tail. I also went for a natural look but mine took considerably less time. We put our dresses on and made our way down stairs. The boys had left and we needed to get to the field soon or we would be late.

The field was cleared of any sign that a fire had taken place the night before and looked beautiful. There was a stage in front where the current leaders sat and there were benches for the rest of us to sit.

Because Tyler and Jackson were already leading their pack, Hailey and I would have to sit by ourselves on the benches. When it was the Westwood pack’s turn they would state who we were and acknowledge the warriors who found their mates.

Looking at all the girls here, not one of them didn’t look great. Madeline was wearing a white dress that made her look like an angle. Victoria was wearing a dark brown dress that only she could pull off.

Hailey and I made our way to our seats and waited for the ceremony to begin. One by one packs stood as the mates were announced. All looked happy and it surprised me to find out that Victoria’s mate was a warrior not an Alpha. He would take the title as Alpha but it did not happen often.

When it was the Westwood pack’s turn, I started getting nervous. Tyler hadn’t looked my way once and I feared he wouldn’t acknowledge me as his mate.

He looked good up on that stage though. His black suit was tailored perfectly to his frame and his face was beautiful as always.

When he spoke, the whole place listened. He had a command to his voice that made you want to her him speak.

“As Alpha of the Westwood pack, I would like to congratulate my warriors here for finding their mates and my pack members who were sent back already as well. As all of you know, this was my fifth year not having a mate by my side. As many of you have figured out, this was the year I found her. My brother has found his mate as well and as it is my duty, I will present them to you all now. My Beta’s mate is Hailey Marks and my mate is Cordelia Adams.”

His eyes met mine as I stood upon my name being called and the crowd clapped. I sat down, still making eyes contact and waited for the ceremony to conclude. Hailey and I waited for our males to exit the stage and walk us back to our cabin.

Tyler offered his arm, as all the males did, and I took it. We made our way to the cabin in silence and once we got there, I went straight to the room.

He followed me and once we were in the room, I made my way to the bed. I sat down and watched him watch me. It was a comfortable silence, but it was still silent.

He walked to me and grabbed my hands to guide me up. I stood, looking at him in confusion. He walked me to the center of the room and let go of me.

Standing there like an idiot, I watched as he circled me. It was like he was assessing me for damage. Other than the bruises, which had started to fade by now, I was fine.

He stopped in front of me and stepped close. Something about this interaction was so peaceful, neither of us spoke. We knew if we did, it would be ruined. I kept my eyes forward not daring to look up. He was watching me now but I couldn’t make contact with those eyes.

Instead I studied the pack crest that was over his heart. I was beautiful. There were two wolves, one black and one a dove grey. They were on either side of the badge that had a beautiful Celtic looking tree in the middle. The tree was emerald and the rest of the badge was dark grey. It was simple yet beautiful.

I raised my hand to trace it, and upon making contact, he tensed. I continued to trace it and when I went to pull my hand away, he grabbed my wrist and held it in place.

I looked up at him to see him looking at me, as expected. He put my hand flat against his chest and spoke to me in such a soft voice, I almost didn’t hear him.

“This crest is as much you as it is me now. The path fate has put you down isn’t an easy one but you can survive it. I did.”

With that he spell was broken and he walked out of the room. I stood there, in the middle if the room, dazed. The interaction was so intimate yet innocent I didn’t know whether or not to follow him.

I did leave the room, but not to follow him. I decided that the interaction should be left alone. I made my way to Hailey’s room again and this time she took over my makeup and hair.

I still did not know what my dress looked like, but Hailey assured me that I would love it.

After Hailey had done my makeup and hair she refused to let me look at myself. She wanted me to get ‘the full effect all at once’ as she told me a million times.

“Get naked.”

I was startled out of my trance by those two words.

“Excuse me?”

“You heard me, get naked. Leave your underwear on, but take off the rest of your clothes and close your eyes. You can’t see the dress until its on.”

Doing as I was told, I undressed and closed my eyes. I think she underestimated the work it would take to get someone into a full length dress with much help, but she did it.

She put a robe on me so I couldn’t see the dress but was allowed to open my eyes. I sat in a chair while Hailey put her dress on and when she came out I was in awe.

Her blonde hair was curled and was in a half pin up style. Her face makeup was simple and but her eyes popped out against the glittery eyeshadow.

Her dress was the same emerald green that adorned Tyler’s crest. The bottom looked to be satin and the top was lace with off the shoulder straps. The dress had a high side split but it was still elegant.

“What do you think? Is it too much?”

At a loss for words I simply shook my head. Jackson was going to have a hard time keeping his hands to himself tonight. “Good. Alright, time for the big reveal!”

And what a reveal it was. Looking at myself, it was crazy to think I was me. Hailey had straightened my hair and re-curled it so it sat in waves down my back. My makeup was similar to hers only my eyeshadow was much darker.

The dress itself was gorgeous. It was fitted, which isn’t something I would pick out for myself, and had the same lace on the top. My dress had a high neckline and long sleeves which made me almost look taller. There was the same split up the side and the back was open. It really was a sight.

“Do you like it? Who am I kidding of course you like it! Lets go the boys are waiting.” She dragged me down the hall and to the door to meet the boys. For someone in heels she sure does move fast. When we made it to the door the boys were both on their phones, no doubt taking care of pack issues.

I took the time to look Tyler over. He was in a charcoal grey suit, once again with the pack crest on it, and he had on a tie that matched perfectly with my dress.

Upon hearing us come down the hall, both boys looked up and immediately Jackson stole Hailey from me and started whispering things in her ear which made her face go red. Inappropriate things I presume.

The two made their way out the door and Tyler walked toward me slowly, as he loves to do.

“This dress i-” I cut him off before he could go any further.

“I know its tight but Hailey wouldn't let me see it before it was too late. I can try and go find another one but I don’t know if I’ll find one in time.”

Tyler waited for me to finish rambling before he let a smirk take form on his lips. It was hot to say the least. “I was going to say this dress is nice on you. If Hailey picked it out then maybe she’ll have to pick your outfits more often.”

My face heated up a little because I surely made a fool of myself. “Thank you.” I took his arm and he ushered me out of the cabin. We got in the car and made our way to the dinner, there was no way I was walking there in heels.

The whole way there he spoke to Jackson and it seemed like the moment in the cabin did not happen. When we arrived, Hailey and I took our respective mate's arms. Tyler and Jackson gave each other a look and Jackson spoke up. “Well ladies, let’s give them a show.”

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