This Little Boy

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On December 25th, a woman gives birth to a little boy who grows up to work miracles for so many people.

Fantasy / Children
Laraine Smith
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Chapter 1

A lady gave birth to a son. That night, a point of light from the heavens was shining brightly ahead of the clouds. Everybody saw it.

They also stopped to see the little boy the lady had just given birth to. Then they took another look at this glowing point of light from the heavens. After that, they started having amazing visions of the future.

They saw Him bringing a smile to the face of a lonely woman. They also saw him bring a disabled man back to his feet. In another vision, He brought a deceased person back to life, and he rewarded Him with a hug. Another vision held Him comforting two crying women. Who would have thought that this little boy would grow up to help so many people?

Down on Planet Earth, it was a was a wonderful sight for everyone to see, too. They all had grins on their faces. In churches, people started playing harps for this baby.

Tears were rolling down the faces of people in the churches who sang praises to Him. They had to catch their breath. They also could not stop grinning through their tears.

They all lit their candles. And these candles floated skyward toward this little boy. These candles were like points of light from the heavens.

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