Secrets of Ravenstone: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book One

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"It all begins at 666 West Alchemy Road...A young woman of demonic origins discovers she's chosen by an ancient power, once arriving in Ravenstone where her training begins to become a warrior."

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𝕀n a world of magic and mystery, there lived Demons, Shayds (a darker race of Demon) Wraiths, Lycynians and Immortals.

Demons and Shayds were bred long before Christ walked the Earth. They began with the first; twin brothers Drayven and Alexander Barathous. Reproducing with humans birthing new bloodlines, they swiftly expanded themselves across all parts of the world. Growing in numbers and ranked by their abilities, Drayven however was the most powerful. He and his brother left death and fear in their wake, becoming legends among the human and supernatural world. Each Demon or Shayd vary from the next that’s true, possessing arcane-Demonic skills but all utilize the original supernatural gene and that of immortality.

Wraiths were created approximately during the era of 105 CE although this history is still unclear but it’s supposedly known they were Romanians (a clan of Albino men, women and children) fleeing into the Carpathian Mountains after being attacked by early Roman legions only to become victims to that of a Wraith-creature that had escaped Hell. Over time, they became the Strigoi, although their most common label would be Vampyre but that is not their title. They possess supernatural strength, speed, teleportation and thrive on the blood of the living but have a weakness to daylight due to their sensitive skin.

Immortals are a rare race, with their origins unknown. Some practice magics of various classifications and possess unnatural long lives, but are not immune to death and look like you or I.

Lycynians were humans in a village that occupied ancient Egypt but wanting more, they worshipped Anubis; the Egyptian god of the Afterlife offering sacrifices of animals and even fellow man. Growing pleased, he granted their wish for immortality and unnatural paranormal strength but there would be a price. Each full moon cycle, they’d transition into skinny-hairless I 3 Jackals; a way to represent his presence on Earth, but the villagers considered it a curse and not what they expected. However, over the centuries, they evolved into large muscular beasts that were able to transition at will but grew more aggressive during the full moon but more so on a red moon. An Alpha and first bitten, were black in color looking like Anubis himself.

And Halfbreeds are frowned upon, for they’re neither pure bloods of these races but possess mild-to-moderate abilities, depending on their classifications and race or species. For centuries, they co-existed distantly but on an island in the year 2025, that all changed. This is the story of Demons and Shayds, Immortals, Lycynians, Wraiths and how a young woman; a half-breed of both human and Demon would become what these supernatural and paranormal races feared most. that half-breed!

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