Secrets of Ravenstone: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book One

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Chapter 9

Nathan and his three friends, Adam, Kyle and Logan heard sounds of laughter and music erupting from the manor’s lounge as they exited the dining hall. Making their way in that direction, Nathan peeked his head around the corner, observing our joyful and carefree game of pool. He glanced over his shoulder toward his friends with a smile, deciding they’d join in on the fun; or at least his version of it.

Nathan; born a lycanthrope and experiencing the transition for seven years now, still hasn’t grasped it yet, unable to fight his urges. He’s a man who treats women like crap; abusing them in both verbal and physical behaviors. And being a temperamental lycan only added to his list of issues. He had to be in control of everything!

A lycans’ senses and urges are heightened once they experience their first change. With the help of an elder, they can learn to control it but in Nathan’s case, he had no one to help and didn’t want the aid either. He was content with himself and his ways and that was that.

Sarah had just hit a score on the pool table when she glanced up, watching as her brother entered the lounge, strutting like a male in heat. She smiled but he didn’t return it for all his focus was turned to me, as soon as his eyes laid themselves upon me. He observed as I stood in front of the pool table; back facing him and he thought he’d try the game he plays with all women. Either they were easy first timers or he’d keep trying until he conquered them.

Adam, Kyle and Logan sat on the couch playing a game of cards, giving Nathan room to do his dance. He quietly made his way around the table, until he stood directly behind me; unaware of Zanzs’ presence.

Jonathan observed; ready to step in if necessary. He held the cue stick in a firm grip, as it laid on the tables’ ledge.

Not knowing he stood there, I was in the most awkward position, at the worst time. Bent forward lining up my cue stick for a shot, Zanz released guttural growls, as he slathered his jaws, alerting me something was wrong.

Nathan was too focused at this particular moment, that he didn’t hear Zanzs’ growls.

It was then I felt someone roughly press up against me from behind which was very uncomfortable but the intentions were clear. I straightened quickly as I turned, seeing Nathan standing in my face. I felt extremely uneasy because he gave off all the signals of being in a sexual mood.

“Hello again, little bird. Looking pretty good and wow…you smell terrific. You’ll fulfill my craving just fine.” he whispered in a low voice; sniffing the air around me.

I knew he didn’t mean my perfume.

I backed around the table looking into his blue eyes that suddenly turned yellow. Staring into them, I warned as his breathing grew heavier and anxious,

“I told you once before, that I’m not interested! What part of that didn’t you understand, you bastard! And let me see. Yellow eyes? Bad temper? Uncontrollable sexual moods? You’re a werewolf or should I call you by your actual species!? Lycanthrope! And how dare you approach me in such a manner! You wonder why I won’t look at you, much less touch you!?” and I then held onto the cue stick in a firm grasp, prepared to defend myself if needed.

“Oh…you’re a feisty one, aren’t you? I like feisty! Makes sex all the more exciting!” he leaned in closer adding in a sleezy tone, “And yes, I’m a lycan. None of the others resisted me.” he watched as I veered around the other side of the table alongside Jonathan and Sarah. Zanz rushed over as well, standing before me, continuing his threatening and protective growls, waiting for my order to attack. Nathan glanced down at him then up at Jonathan as he continued smugly, “Come on, now love…I just want to get to know you, that’s all. You have fire and I like a girl with fire. Is that such a bad thing? I’m a hot male who’s attracted to you and isn’t that normal? So, why don’t we get past this and let’s go somewhere. We’ll f*** first then talk later. It’s a win-win. I’ll be something you won’t forget!” as he disgustingly grabbed his groin and emitted a little howl. ” I’m on fire!”

Pushing Jonathan aside gently I stepped forward, answering in an angered tone,

“Is that supposed to mean something to me!? Just because you’re a lycan, you think that’s supposed to make it alright for you to rub yourself against me and expect what!? Me to just lose myself and run off with you like some bitch in heat!? You have to be kidding me! You Nathan, are beyond delusional!” I paused, catching my breath for I began feeling my demonic rage coming to the surface and sure enough, it presented itself for my aura began to take on its steaming persona, causing Jonathan and Sarah to back away, “Now, I’m not going to say this again, so listen very…very carefully. You stay the hell away from me or two things will happen. One, I’ll burn off your precious jewels and show you what heat feels like, and two…I’ll have my wolf kill what’s left of you laying on the ground.” then I threateningly pointed the cue sticks tip at Nathan’s chest.

“Is that right!?” he yelled in anger; practically foaming at the mouth, “And what’s that steam!? Getting hot, are we!? I always have that reaction with women and you’re so turning me on right now, I love it!” he groaned in pleasure, taking one step forward. “Perhaps I’ll take you right here. Right now!”

I whistled and without hesitation, Zanz lunged forward pushing Nathan to the ground. He growled in his face, leaving strands of drool hanging from his powerful jaws. Nathan attempted to push him off but Zanz snapped at his hands. This was the first time since training him, I’ve actually ordered Zanz to attack in defense and my god, what a magnificent creature! I walked over, standing beside Nathan, glancing down at him, listening to his pleas. Petting the scruff of Zanzs’ neck I knelt down threatening in a low tone,

“If you ever…EVER, approach me like that again…next time, I’ll order him to tear your throat out, understand…lycanthrope!? If so, here’s a little something to remind you of our little…” I glanced at the ceiling the back down at him, “encounter.” I then pulled Zanz back ordering him to heel and before Nathan could stand to his feet, I firmly placed my right foot on his groin, giving a slight twist that caused Nathan to moan in discomfort as he felt the pressure.

I leaned over slightly staring into his yellow wolf eyes, and it was then he caught the faint spark of flame in mine. He remained silent as I straightened my posture, feeling an energy rush from my head to my toes. Giving one more little twist, his groin caught fire. I removed my foot as I stepped back, watching as he yelped, patting out the flames.

“Consider that a warning, teen-wolf!” I warned firmly.

Nathan’s friends rushed to their feet to run toward Nathan but Jonathan stood in their path. Raising his cue stick, he pointed it toward them. He revealed his True Self of pale blue eyes and upper canine fangs, as he gave a warning of his own,

“I wouldn’t if I were you, but if you’d like…you can be next by my hand this time. Hmm? And I guarantee there won’t be anything left. Who wants to go first, yeah?” he lowered the cue stick, holding out his arms.

“Stop it…everyone just stop it, please!?” Sarah pleaded, “All this paranormal and supernatural shit is driving me bonkers! Please, Jonathan…” she held onto him then turned to me, “Yza, please…that’s my brother.” as she rushed toward him, kneeling alongside him.

She tried helping him to his feet after the flames were patted out, but he pushed her away in anger. He sprang to his feet, removing his black hoodie. He tied it around his waist, covering the scorched jeans that left a whole behind, exposing his manhood.

“I don’t know what you are, but one day…one day, I’m going to catch you alone, pretty bird. Just you wait. And you, Jonathan…” he threatened, pointing his finger toward him, “I better not ever catch you alone or you’ll be dust in the wind. Got it?”

“Is that right!? Because one bite from me or any other vampire, is like poison to your kind and I hear it’s excruciating. And right now, my teeth are craving to tear your throat out! There are more vampires here than lycans, just you remember that! Now, I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, Brye…but she…” he pointed toward me, “is going to be our new Keeper when Marxus retires. How do you like them apples, huh Nathan!? Now, get the f*** out of here before your throats are laying on the ground in pools of your own blood that’ll ruin these nice rugs!” he glared.

“Oh, yeah!?” Adam shouted, “And who would do it eh, vampire!?”

“Myself or her wolf.” Jonathan smiled in contentment, imagining the scene.

“Nathan, please…just leave and go away. Do it for me, please?” Sarah pleaded once more.

Nathan gazed at his sister, replying as he bit his lower lip,

“Sure…anything for you, sis.” he kicked the pool table, huffing in discomfort and a deflated ego.

“Catch you later, teen-wolf!” I hollered in mockery.

“You can’t do that!” Kyle argued, “This place and this room is for everyone…at the same time!”

“Well, right now…dogs aren’t allowed!” I snapped, “Except for him.” I looked down at Zanz, “He’s far more intelligent. Now…run along.” I waved my hands in a shoo-away gesture.

His friends huffed as they followed Nathan, disappearing out of view.

I shook my head; disgruntled as I tied Zanzs’ leash around one the iron table legs. I managed to soothe his behavior after my own, but unfortunately, due to the ninety percent wolf gene, it took him time to calm his rage. Just as any predator. And I’m the only one that can do it. Once he laid down, I gave him his toy which he ignored then reached into my pocket, giving him a treat. Watching as he chewed it to nothing, I stood then turned to Jonathan. I approached him, staring into his face.

I could see the true vampire come to surface. He’s a vicious, incredibly strong and blood thirsty creature, but I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the beauty of his persona.

Sarah on the other hand was frightened; backing away as she took a seat in one of the chairs, bending her knees to her chin.

I watched his fangs retract and eyes return to their normal blue pigment. Reading about it is one thing but seeing it, is another. I was amazed as I muttered softly,

“Wow, Jonathan…you’re beautiful.”

“Um, thanks.” he answered shyly, “No one seems to think so around here.”

“Well, I’m not no one. And I mean it. But thank you…for taking a stand and speaking up for me. I really appreciated it.”

“Yeah, well…it was nothing. Just doing what a man…or vampire, would do.” he smiled, “But really though, I wanted to tear them apart so bad. Perhaps I’ll get a chance someday. Hell, maybe even your wolf over there will have one too. Um, Yza…” he leaned in, “he scares me.”

Catching a whiff of his cologne, I smiled as I replied,

“He scares everybody.” then I changed the mood of the conversation, asking if changing his appearance caused any discomfort.

We walked over and sat near Sarah. He revealed that the fangs did ache at first but after a while, it felt normal. The changing of the eye color had no sensation. He remained silent after talking about being a vampire and how he was turned, fiddling with a ring he wore on his middle finger of his right hand. I watched as he twirled it around, then realized it must have been one of the daylight rings I read about in the vampire book. As the daylight shining through the windows glistened off the dark Ruby stone, I knew for sure. I smiled because everything I read, was becoming a reality and I liked it!

Sarah however, grew jealous, mistaking my fascination for flirtation. She bit her lower lip as she rested her feet on the ground. Receiving a call on his phone, she watched as Jonathan momentarily excused himself, standing in the doorway, talking into a radio-phone that he removed from his pocket. She then leaned in asking in a moody tone,

“Bloody hell…you’re flirting with the man I like! Why!?”

“Excuse me!?” I stared into her wide blue eyes.

“You heard me, you harlet.”

“Harlet!?” I argued I turned in my seat, “I know what that means, Sarah and I can’t believe you’d call me that. It’s not my fault Jonathan’s mistaking my fascination for flirtation. I mean, he doesn’t get either from you, so don’t blame me because of his reactions! Men have big egos and they like being appreciated for who and what they are!”

“Well, I do. Ever since you came here it’s been all about you-you-you! Yza this-Yza that! It’s driving me bloody crazy.” she complained.

“Well, I’m not going to apologize for coming here so if I were you…I’d get your head out of your ass and focus your attention on Jonathan, who, even though likes the attention I’m innocently showing him, likes you. Unfortunately.” I replied, “And if I were to flirt with Jonathan, you can’t blame me. He’s perfect. He’s gorgeous with his big blue eyes and fiery red hair. He’s a gentleman and well mannered. Sounds perfect to me but you’re too stupid to see it. All you see, is Jonathan the Vampire and it’s sad. It really is. Anyway, I think I’m just going to go back to my room. You…your brother and Jonathan’s friend are enough for one day so, have a good one. Tell Jonathan I had to go, if you’ll have the consideration to do that…at least.”

I stood, leaving her sitting there perplexed and frustrated as I untied Zanz, leaving the lounge through the side entrance. She moaned as she stared at her feet then looked toward Jonathan, thinking about what I had said. She watched as he ended a call then turned, seeing only she remained. He overheard the entire argument between Sarah and I but let it slide, hoping Sarah would realize that I was right.

“Everything alright?” Sarah asked.

“With what?” Jonathan answered.

“The call?”

“Oh, yeah…it’s a vampire thing, but then again, you’re not interested in vampires.” Jonathan bluntly scoffed, “Anyway, I have to go. Vampire business, you understand.” and before she could reply, he disappeared in his black mist, leaving her sitting there alone.

She threw one of the chair pillows to the ground then cursed silently to herself.

Nathan and his friends had entered the atrium after their encounter in the lounge. They sat around playing a game of poker, scoffing as they shared their hatred for the vampires. Nathan grew agitated, shouting as he threw his cards to the ground,

“Why didn’t you blokes come to my defense in there when I was being attacked by that monster of a wolf and not to mention that she-bitch!? You’re f***ing useless!”

“What were we supposed to do, Nate!?” Adam argued, “Start a war with a vampire, and have the whole nest of them come down on our heads!? We’re not stupid, mate! We know their strength and it’s true what he said about their bite being like poison. I had a friend that was…”

“Oh, shut up!” Nathan barked, pushing Adam, “I don’t need your lectures! I’ve had enough loud mouths for one day! Two bloody vampires and now all of this!” he gestured down toward his scorched jeans.

“If you don’t want that happening again, then maybe you should think about wearing fire retardant jeans or better yet, start wearing knickers.” Logan mocked.

“Didn’t I just say, shut the f*** up!?” he flashed his yellow eyes.

“Look, mate…don’t take it out on us. We didn’t get involved because it had nothing to do with us, alright!?” Adam argued, “You asked us to hang out with you. We didn’t volunteer.”

Before Nathan could continue his rant, entering the atrium was a young Irish woman in her twenties named Amy, with green eyes and blue dyed hair. Her original red roots were beginning to show through. Walking behind her were black twins Patricia and Alisha. Amy was Nathan’s play thing so to speak, sleeping with her whenever he wanted sex. She wasn’t even considered his girlfriend. He didn’t love her and it troubled her greatly. She was a female lycan; always in heat but wanted something from Nathan that he’d never give her. Love. She’s been seeking it from him but has never heard him say the words.

Nathan raised his head, observing as she strolled in. Frustrated and angry over not having his way earlier, he left his friends sitting there, as he approached Amy. He grabbed hold of her right arm in a tight grip, ordering her in a condescending way as he turned her toward the door,

“Amy…let’s go.”

“Excuse me…” she pulled her arm from his grip, “I’m with my friends, Nathan. Not now and what the hell happened to your jeans!?” she examined the scorched fabric beneath his wrapped hoodie.

“I just…need to talk to you, that’s all. Please.” he beckoned, “And I uh, stepped too close to a hot fire.”

She melted like butter, as always, gazing into his handsome face and blue eyes. She just couldn’t say no, as he smiled. He was convincing and intimidating, but sexy. He gently rubbed his fingers along her arm, turning on all her switches.

Rolling her eyes giving in, she muttered as she turned to her friends,

“It’s important. Catch you later? I’m sorry.”

“Sure, Amy. Whatever.” Patricia replied shaking her head, “You deserve better.”

“We warn you all the time.” Alisha added as they watched Amy walk away (more like pulled away) through the back doors exiting the atrium, “Shame too.”

He tried his charms on them, but they knew better.

Amy unfortunately, was in love with Nathan, telling him numerous times about her feelings, but he never reciprocated them. He was her first. He kept pursuing her, until she gave in to his so-called charms. The only time she ever felt loved was when she was intimate with him, but always felt cheap afterwards. But, he was great in bed. Nathan pulled Amy outside, toward the lycan dwelling located near the garage; up to his room, knowing no one wasaround to hear Amy’s cries. And if they did, no one would care or interfere for lycans are rough in their intimacy anyway.

“Nathan, let go of me!” she repeated as they climbed the stairs.

“But this is what you always want, right?” he replied pushing open the door to his room and pulling her in, he slammed the door shut behind him, locking it.

Amy leered at Nathan flashing her yellow eyes and teeth, letting out a low snarl in rage and disappointment.

Nathan returned the threatening action, as his eyes too, turned yellow with rage but more intense.

“Oh, you think you can go against me, Amy? Really? An omega? I don’t think so. We’ve done this dance before, Amy so just stop. You love it!” he threatened as he lunged, grabbing her throat; throwing her with such force onto his bed that for a moment, the air was knocked from her lungs.

Theyalways had rough sex, but never like this.

He pulled up her dress then unbuckled his belt.

She knew this time was going to be different as heviciously violated her in a way she had never experienced.

Down the empty halls, you could hear her screams and cries.

Two hours transpired; Amy laid there curled up in a fetal position crying, with her kneesto her chin, mumbling to herself.

Nathan left her there as heshowered and was surprised to see she still laid there. He unlocked his door, swinging it open.

“Get out! We’re done for now, until next time.” he ordered firmly, as he shuffled a shirt in his hands, changing into a new pair of jeans.

Amybreathed deeply as she sat up, feeling nothing but hatred for him.

She was completely done. This was literally the straw that broke the camels back. She straightened her torn upper sleeve, lowered her dress walking past him,answering with tears running down her face, flinching in discomfort as she walked,

“You’re right, Nathan. We are done. And there won’t be a next time…I promise that!”

“You’ll come back. You always do. You can’t resist me and you know it.” he hollered.

“No, I won’t. Three years of this is enough!” she replied as she stood; back facing him, “Goodbye, Nathan. One day, you’re going to be torn apart for the things you’ve done and I won’t shed a tear.”

She scampered down the hallway to the stairs,running up to her room with tears and a broken heart; bruises and scratches on her body.

Nathan slammed his door loudly, then plopped on his bed, sitting on the edge in anger.He had just been dumped by the only one who ever gave him what he wanted, other than another lover. He sat forward leaning his elbows on his knees,yanking hold of his hairas if trying to pull it out.

“F***!” he shouted.

Hours later my mom and I sat in the kitchen downstairs, as she prepared some spells and ingredients to cook up oils and incense, as well as two sandwiches. We discussed our daily activities and nothing really new. I told her what happened between Nathan and I and being a protective mother, she grew appalled. She wanted to seek him out and kill him. Although I was tempted to let her do that, I knew Marxus wouldn’t have allowed it.

“Not even a little ball crushing?” my mom teased.

“Not even that. But…I managed to, um…burn him.” I answered casually.

“You didn’t!?” she smiled proudly.

“Yes, I did. Right where it hurt the most. His precious jewels.”

We laughed, then continued our mother-daughter time, mixing her ingredients.

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