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Secrets of Ravenstone: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book One

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𝕀n the year 2025 of a futuristic steampunk era, a darkness loomed over the Great City, or what used to be London, like a thick blanket; dark and dismal. Within five years of our residency, my mom and I witnessed drastic changes.

The City’s residents; Demons and Shayds, witches and warlocks (magic practicing humans) or Immortals, feared for their lives as the new Lord of Parliament and London; an Immortal that delved into the dark arts of Necromancy, abolished all magical practices. He was an evil man; declaring martial law that all must adhere to and if any were found going against his new laws set into motion, regardless of their nature, they were never to be seen again disappearing behind the doors of the Tower of London.

This Immortal, Drakuul Lexus was his name, destroyed most, if not all, the Great City’s Victorian architecture transforming them into grotesque structures that slowly became unrecognizable over the years. Pipes and cogwheels were melded and crafted into clusters, appearing to devour Big Ben’s tall clock tower. Even its loud harmonic bells sounded sick when hitting every hour. Even England’s cloudy sky darkened; a blackness covered the sky with an eerie portal of some sort that released Harpies, Shadowed Ones and another creature that slowly slithered within the clouds’ concealment. A creature that terrorized cities and towns.

Making sure Drakuul made his presence and laws clear, tanks and military personnel roamed the streets, establishing the Necromancer’s new rule. The residents stood on the streets, glanced out their windows or doors, watching as hordes of men, Demons and Shayds, creatures of great deformity and crazed Wraiths passed; instilling fear carrying weapons that possessed great threats to the City residents. With martial laws in effect, home invasions took place all over the City, resulting in mass captures. My mom (a practicing witch of elemental and herbal skills) and I (a half-breed of demon/human blood) were among many that managed to escape with little to nothing in hand; hiding in alleys and maneuvering down side streets. Some clusters or crowds were fortunate enough to avoid detection by the Lord’s ominous militia while others were thwarted in their trek; they were careless or too erratic to remain quiet. They were killed on sight or captured. There was nothing we could do to fight back, for if anyone tried, there’d be war on the streets of the Great City but that didn’t stop some from sacrificing themselves for the rest; staying behind and fighting back.

Loud shouts, explosions and blasts of supernatural magic were exchanged and heard behind the fleeing large crowds that continued their swift advance toward the Great City’s main train station hoping to flee.

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