Secrets of Ravenstone: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book One

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Chapter 20

Guards walked through the prisons every thirty minutes giving us the perfect opportunity. The younger guards coming to check on us were David of 20 and Henry of 22, and weren’t particularly the brightest. They carried firearm pistols with safety locks, which they didn’t know to release when shooting.

I walked over to the cell door holding onto the bars, glancing up and down the hallways veering left and right. I waited until I heard the guards unlocking the doors leading down into the prisons from the left. I could hear their footsteps approaching, then turned to my friends. When the guards voices’ grew closer I said quickly,


Everyone nodded as we got into position.

Part of my plan was, to have Anthony offer up his lycanthrope growls, while in the process, we’d all yell at each other as if being attacked, then spill blood all over ourselves and the floor. After that, everyone would lay still, giving the appearance of being murdered. Then, I would get into position and pretend as if I were the one who had done it. The only thing left that was needed to pull of this crazy ass plan…my anger, which I needed Sarah to help me with. Unaware of the reaction, she did just that, by giving a fierce slap across my face.

Immediately after and feeling the anger build, she quickly laid among the others. However, she wouldn’t remain quiet as she kept lifting her head, trying to talk and fuss. I turned to her and snapped in a deep tone I didn’t think was possible,

“Lay your head down, and just shut the f*** up…bitch!”

She stared at me; stunned, then laid her head down in silence.

As I turned away, Erik, Jonathan and Anthony glanced up at me then at each other, not knowing if that was part of the plan.

Opening the other thermos, I quickly smeared the blood around my mouth and poured the rest on my hands which dripped from my finger tips. I messed my shorter hair, giving it the look of being in a frenzy, just to add to my appearance. “UGH.” I thought, “AFTER ALL THIS, MY IDEA BETTER WORK. UGH...I JUST COVERED MYSELF IN PEOPLE...EWW!”

The guards approached cautiously, as they heard the screams come to an immediate halt. Removing their guns from their holsters, they stopped dead in their tracks seeing me standing there with my back towards them, hands dripping in blood…bodies laying around with what the guards thought was their blood spilled everywhere…and my figure standing there, engulfed in steam. With the dim lighting, that’s what it appeared to look like. I turned my head slightly, looking over my shoulder without letting my face be seen. David yelled out as he cautiously approached the cell door,

“You! What did!? You killed them! The elders wanted them alive! And how did you get out of your shackles!?”

“Easy, David. I wouldn’t get too close to her.” Henry replied, “What the f*** are you!? Vampire? Lycan? Or she-demon!?”

“Who cares what she is! We have to get her out of here and make sure the others aren’t dead, or we’ll be on tonight’s menu!” David remarked.

Henry nodded his head and handed David his gun while he prudently unlocked the cell gate. As he did, he ordered me to turn around with my hands in the air.


Slowly and reluctantly raising my hands, I turned with my head held down, backing up slightly, as ordered.

David cautiously and foolishly stepped inside the cell, reaching his right hand toward Henry for his gun.Which he shouldn’t have given up to begin with.He took his left foot nudging the others who were laying on the ground. Once he noticed their limp and so-called lifeless bodies, he backed away in fear calling Henry inside. Being ignorant and uneducated as they were, both stood inside leaving the cell door wide open, with the keys still in the lock. I lowered my hands taking a few steps forward, holding my head up slightly. David shouted as he pointed his gun at me,

“Stand back...stand back!” he attempted discharging their weapons, but no bullets dislodged. They did this several times until they frantically looked at me. Fortunately, that was in my favor.

Henry asked in a fearful tone,

“What did you do to our guns!? What are you!?”

“I’m not a vampire.I’m not a lycan. I’m something more dangerous. Something you couldn’t even imagine, you pea-brained idiots.” I replied in a low voice, “I kill vampires and lycans, not to mention scum like you! Haven’t you ever seen or heard of a demon before? And now…we’re all spoiled meat, which doesn’t look good for you. Everyone here irritated me so...I did away with them, like I will to you.”

Erik and the others grew smiles on their faces because they could tell these two young boys believed every word I said, not knowing and realizing that the vampires weren’t a pile of ash.

“No...we haven’t. We...” Henry said in broken words.

“Well, then...I can change that.” I gave them an eerie smile followed by a slight laugh then whispered,“Boo. You’re next!”

I took a few more steps towards them causing them to drop their guns.

Before they could turn for the hall behind them, Jonathan and Erik utilized their supernatural speed with what energy they had. They created a breeze as they zipped from their place on the ground. Appearing behind the boys, these two powerful vampires snapped their necks, and being what they were, they fed. Afterwards, they threw the bodies forward as they stood there; hissing aggressively with satisfaction.

I was mesmerized; Sarah stood traumatized.

Anthony remained silent, gazing upon Erik and Jonathan in complete vulnerability. One lycan among two vampires that had just fed, replenishing their strength. Not good odds. Erik and Jonathan leered in Anthony’s direction, sensing the tension he emanated causing Anthony to freeze in place.

“Easy, you two.” I warned, “Not now! Not here. Not him and don’t even look at me.”

“Me either!” Sarah foolishly added.

After gaining their composure, Erik and Jonathan stepped aside as I rushed out of the cell, glancing both ways once more, making sure there weren’t anymore guards coming down. I turned to Erik and Jonathan seeing their True Selves hadn’t changed and asked,

“Are you…guys…okay?”

They said nothing as they nodded, wiping the blood from their mouths as their fangs slowly retracted.

“Bloody peachy.” Erik answered in a sinister tone with a sexy smile, “Haven’t fed fresh in quite a long time.”

“Like wise.” Jonathan added, “Forgot the taste.” he licked his lips. “Delicious!”

“Alright…can you two vampires please stop relishing in your kills!?” Anthony objected as he swiftly swept the guns from the ground, “Let’s get out of here, Si!? Now, here.” he continued as he handed the guns to Jonathan and myself, “We could use these. Fortunately, those idiots didn’t think to unlock the safety lever.”

Sarah asked quickly,

“Can you use those?”

“I practiced at a gun range back when I lived in the Great City, but I never actually used one. I do know that some guns have safety levers, like these.” I replied, “And thank god they were locked or I wouldn’t be standing here right now.”

“Well if something happens to you...I could always turn you.” Erik jokingly added even though it wasn’t the right time to be joking, “And by the way...good look.”

“Very funny! And be sired to you? I don’t think so.” I replied jokingly. “Now, let′s get out of here and thank God we didn’t have to go to plan B.”

“And what was plan B?” Jonathan asked as he walked alongside me.

“No idea.” I replied as I walked ahead, “Except maybe...killing each other. For real.”

“That’s comforting. And you’re kidding right!?” but I said nothing more, “Yza…tell me you’re kidding!? Yza…”

I smiled as we walked on ahead.

We ran down the hallways getting lost at first, taking wrong turns up and down the corridors, but Jonathan remembered the route coming in as they dragged us down here. Exiting the prisons and running out into the streets, the pouring rain began snuffing out the flames from large torch sconces and braziers scattered around.

The men who had carried us down to the cell among many others, were on their way to retrieve us from the cell when they paused, seeing we had escaped. Ordering some to warn the elders, others came running from the surrounding buildings. Carrying guns, pistols, large kitchen and butcher knives or axes, they raised their flashlights and lanterns, illuminating the area well enough to see.Spotting our presence, the men spread out surrounding us, trapping us inside a circle. They began poking us with their weapons; taunting us with comments when Jonathan and I held our guns in the air above our heads. Firing a warning shot it echoed, creating a loud popping sound. The men surrounding us backed up slightly then parted, giving way to the elders.

“What do we have here, hmm!? Causing trouble for us again, are we!?” Elder A asked, “No matter. There’s nowhere to go. You five are resilient, brave and strong. Perfect.” he took a step forward. Aiming the gun at him, he paused momentarily, asking with a smug grin, “What are you going to do with that, little girl? Shoot me? You don’t even know how to use it.”

“Never be sure if someone can’t do something.” I replied as I lowered the gun’s aim at his knees and fired. It had one hell of a kick to it but I managed to keep my balance.

Elder A screamed in agonizing pain as he fell to the ground holding his knee that was shattered to pieces, bleeding effusively; blood turning the rain puddles red.

“Anyone else want a bullet!?” I threatened, aiming at anyone who dared to step closer as well as Jonathan.

The group of men surrounding us didn’t seem to care we held guns because they marched forward, weapons in hand.

“Kill them! Just kill them! We’ll eat what’s left!” Elder A screamed in a quivering voice.

“Did he just say…eat what’s left!?” Sarah blurted in fear.

“Yup.” I answered as Jonathan and I aimed the guns, firing them until their cartridges emptied; a few townsmen injured or killed.

The five of us stood back to back in a small circle, bracing ourselves for whatever was to come. In this moment, I remembered the little training I’ve received and was about to put it to the test.

Some lunged at Erik and Jonathan who used their vampire speed and strength, killing anyone who came near them. They kept their word when they said if we got out, they’d kill those who locked us away. Jonathan handed Anthony the gun and he and I used them as weapons. They were empty so we swung them, bashing in quite a few skulls before they were quickly knocked from our hands. Then all each of us had, were our hands and legs to kick and punch with. Of course Jonathan and Erik held their own, tearing out throats and hearts while Anthony slashed with his claws.

Momentarily, Anthony grabbed one of the knives from the ground. He shouted my name and turning to him, he tossed it to me and I began my own butchery. At this point I didn’t care if I killed because in any survival situation, it’s either kill…or be killed. And I wasn’t about to be a victim. Or meal. I utilized my aura, burning a few on their faces and eyes, but my ability wasn’t completely harnessed yet and wore off after awhile.

Sarah; not skilled in combat per say, did her best in her own way. She jumped on men from behind, wrapping her arms around their necks and legs around their torso. In the process, she bit down on their shoulders, necks or even ears, while using her nails to scratch at their eyes or pull on their hair. Distracting them from their attack on us, left them vulnerable for their defeat. But that didn’t last long as she was pulled off by another, thrown to the ground with such force, it left her stunned.

Unfortunately due to the downpour, the dirt street turned into nothing but mud under our feet, making it difficult to keep our footing, and visibility became poor.But we managed, until I slipped and fell to the ground getting covered not only in the blood from the cell beginning to wash away, but the blood from the elder laying on the ground mixed with mud. When I knelt on my knees bracing myself to stand, a man standing around the outside of the crowd began swinging a long chain above his head with a massive meat hook attached to one end. Aiming his sight in Anthony’s direction, he was about to release the chain when he suddenly yelled out in pain as he felt something jump up on him from behind, knocking him to the ground.

Zanz; wet fur and muddy paws, aggressively bit in a firm Wolf’s grip on the back of the mans neck, drawing blood as he tore the cervical vertebra from the back of his neck; throwing it aside.

“Zanzabarr!” I shouted.

He lunged at another man; fifteen feet away taking hold of his throat as blood gushed from the wound onto his fur, flowing into the muddy water. The wolf breed had just unleashed itself full strength.

At that exact moment, the sound of powerful engines drove toward us. Everyone turned, watching as two hovercrafts arrived, and in perfect timing too. The force from the boosters, splashed mud and water up against their sides as they hovered. Marxus jumped from the craft, landing in puddles of mud. He didn’t seem to care that his feet sunk into its thickness. He yelled out in a powerful voice, sounding as if he spoke through a megaphone, echoing, allowing everyone to hear. They weren’t words he yelled but sounds of rage.

“Marxus!” we all cried at different times, wiping mud and water from our faces.

All the townsmen ceased their attack, turning to face Marxus with weapons still in hand. When they saw him standing there, he began taking on a ghost-like glow. He seemed to dematerialize; rain going through him, without getting wet. None of us took notice at this point thinking perhaps it was just the rain.

Zanz ran toward me after his attacks, jumping up on me, covering the front of me in more mud from his paws, ecstatic to see I was safe. I quickly knelt down petting him, then immediately ran through the crowd toward Marxus along with the others.

As we approached he leered, giving us all a once over.

“I don’t even want to know, right now.” he muttered bluntly, “But good to see you’re all safe.”

“Bullshit.” I quickly replied as I stood with the others directly behind him.

Shaking in place, shivering from the cold temperatures, we all witnessed Marxus’ transparency, thinking it was just one of his magical endeavors or the rain clouding our vision.

“I want all of you to get your asses in those crafts and get the hell out of here, without a question! Do you understand!?” Marxus commanded, “What’s about to happen here, isn’t for your eyes to see. And those of you riding in the second craft, be careful for Zanzabarr broke the door.”

Without hesitation, we ran toward the crafts; greeted by Thomas and Nathan who peeked their heads out of the driver’s side window, asking if we were alright. We all jumped inside, with Thomas and Erik at the wheels, driving straight through the town. Exiting out of another hideous piped archway, we were at a safe distance and waited for Marxus.

“How dare you come into our town and interrupt our way of living here!? Who are you stranger!?” Elder C asked as he stepped forward.

“Who am I!?” Marxus replied as he held his hands to his chest then sarcastically gestured them to the elder, “Who are you!?”

“I’m head elder of this town. My name is...”

“I don’t give a horses ass what your name is! What were you doing to my kids!?” Marxus interrupted.

“We made a deal, you and I.” the barkeeper spoke up as he stepped forward from the back of the crowd, “That when they came into my tavern, they were to sit there quietly and we would have left them alone but all they did was make rude comments about the water I served them and the food I offered them. They caused trouble by mouthing off and breaking my furniture. When they got out of hands, they boke our agreement so we took necessary steps to put them in their place. Especially that waven haired girl.”

“From the looks of them, they were mistreated in some way. What did you do to them!?” Marxus replied in a loud voice, “You could’ve let them wait outside, so I’m going to ask you again.” he held his hands out palms up, creating a blue wizard’s flame in each palm, “What did you do to them?”

“We took them and threw them in our prison. How they escaped and got covered in blood,we don’t know, but we had no choice.” Elder B casually replied. “And look...they have killed almost all of our men.”

“No choice!?” Marxus repeated; eyes squinted toward the crowd.

“We know they’re lycanthropes and vampires in that group but what the girl is with the raven hair, is beyond me!” a man yelled from the crowds’ rear, “She’s a demon!”

Elder B turned looking back at the man, barking in a disgusted tone,

“You fool! Because of your stupidity, you’re tonight’s main course! Cousin or not!”

Marxus stood straight; eyes growing wide at the mention of those last words MAIN COURSE.Filled with anger and disgust he shouted out,

“No one’s going to be anyone’s meal, after I’m done with the lot of you! You’re the worse bunch of human animals that has ever existed! As of today I guarantee there won’t be anymore of you left to continue this. All of you are abominations! You disgust me, you filth! And you were going to eat my kids!? I’ve destroyed far worse than you in my past!”

Elder A laying on the ground had bled to death. When the other elders noticed him they turned to the crowd, ordering them to attack Marxus. And they did, or at least tried to.

All the women stood inside their rundown homes, watching as their men attempted to attack this stranger who dared interfering with their ways. From windows and doorways, they screamed obscenities while others cheered for their kin.

Seeing the men coming towards him, he released powerful fireballs of blue flame, disintegrating some, causing the others to back up in fear, giving Marxus the time he needed to do what he was about to do...calling upon the power of dragon’s fire. He stood there moving his hands in circular motions over, around and under as if he were turning a ball in his hands. Once he felt he had gained enough energy he quickly knelt down, slamming his hands on the ground in front of him, palms down. The ground beneath their feet began to rumble violently, causing panic.

A few of the men actually got stupidly brave enough to try shooting their firearms and throwing their knives but the projectiles just went right through Marxus. Once they realized they couldn’t harm him they stood there confused. As Marxus stood upright, one of the men asked in confusion holding his axetightly,

“What’s he doing? Is he playing games?”

“I don’t know but he’s very strange indeed.” Elder D replied.

“Well get on with it then, ghost man!” Elder B ordered, “Stop showing off!”

Marxus scanned everyone with eyes filled with anger and as he stared at each of their faces; his piercing Hazel-Brown eyes turned white.He raised his arms up, palms facing upward, then replied in his Spanish tongue,


He repeated the motion as before, but this time on a grander scale turning all the buildings, houses, shacks or whatever else stood into rubble, leaving nothing for anyone to retreat to. Not even basements. All the women felt the vibrations, watching as their town collapsed into nothing. None of them survived. All that stood, were the men.

“Where’s Marxus?” Sarah worried, “What was that loud rumbling noise? Sounds like an Earthquake.”

“I don’t know but it didn’t sound good.” I replied as I tried wiping mud off my face and clothes, “And knowing Marxus, I’m sure it wasn’t.”

“Do you think we should go after him?” Jonathan added.

“No.” Erik commented, “We were told to stay here and wait for him and we’ll do just that. Besides, what he put us through...leaving us there…I’m not helping him.”

We waited, looking in the direction of the town hoping to see Marxus any moment, but due to the heavy rain, our visibility was blurred. Anthony got out and approached the other craft with his brother Thomas and Nathan, and gave each other a quick hug. Sarah followed soon after, greeted by Nathan.

Axeon…” I asked telepathically, “can you see Marxus?

Yes.” he replied, “He is safe but the town is not. He called upon me. I must leave. Great power is about to be released so please, stay away.

Marxus gazed upward, examining the sky; arms held out, palms facing upward. Seeing Axeon’s invisible form, he called out for him, to incinerate, disintegrate and destroy everything in his Spanish tongue,

“Axeon...incinerar y desintegrarse! Deja nadie de pie!”

Axeon uncloaked himself revealing his beautiful blue form; strong and majestic. He flew over the town inhaling one strong breath igniting the fire within. In a massive bellow, he exhaled one continuous flame of pure dragon’s fire that immediately turned one into ash. The crumbled buildings caught fire and no matter where the people ran, Axeon swerved his head side-to-side as his fire caught everyone and everything. He passed over making a second swoop, noticing there was nothing left. A few remaining people ran as they were lit on fire, causing excruciating pain and screams of agony until, one by one, they too, disintegrated into piles of ash then blew away in a gust of breeze caused by Axeon’s wings. Marxus stood there, observing as everything and everyone was destroyed. He took a quick walk through, coming to a small building that was halfway collapsed exposing a more horrific sight that he never expected to see. As he stepped closer he couldn’t believe his eyes. Axeon landed in the streets behind Marxus and followed him as he approached the building. The scene before Marxus was something you might expect to see from a HILLS HAVE EYES movie.

Hanging from large meat hooks or laying on butcher’s tables, were human torsos and limbs with blood everywhere. Obviously, more recent victims. The sight of the blood and the horrid smell, made Marxus sick to his stomach.He turned, upheaving. This was enough to get to anyone even someone like Marxus, who yields such strength and power. He rushed outside immediately and when he turned, he ordered Axeon to burn the remains of the building down to ash. He walked away covering his mouth with his hands, strolling down the street looking at the destruction around him, making sure he left nothing or no one standing.Some might call it murder while others would call it justice. Sometimes we all do things we have to do. All Marxus knew was that this society of vermin has been destroyed; no longer reeking their havoc among others. Women and children too were killed, for they were born and raised into this horrific life and would only continue it. Surely, he wasn’t about to offer any of these people sanctuary into Ravenstone.

Axeon pushed himself from the ground, flying toward our direction, watching Marxus walk through the streets, approaching the other end of the town.

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