Secrets of Ravenstone: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book One

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Chapter 21

Leaning forward I asked,

“Jonathan?Can we switch places?”

He nodded and switching places, he sat in the back seat with Zanz; I in the passenger seat next to Erik.

“Erik?” I asked, “Don’t you think we should at least see if he’s coming?”

“Yes but I’m not about to drive back.” he replied as he looked at me, “Don’t you see the flames burning back there?”

“We told Marxus we would meet him here, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do. It’s exactly what you’re going to do.” Nathan ordered arrogantly,as if he were in charge.

Anthony removed Nathan’s finger off the speaker button commenting he should watch his tone.

I reached over pushing the speaker button and replied firmly as I looked over at the other craft through the wet windshield,

“Nathan...I’m going to forget that you just said that because we’re all upset over what happened back there, but I swear the next time you speak to me in such a disrespectful tone, I’ll knock your wolf teeth right out of your mouth. Got it? I’m not in the mood for this. You have no idea what we went through back there.”

“ it.” he replied bluntly as he shook his head, then mumbled, “Stupid bitch.”

“Better watch yourself, Nathan. She’ll do it too.” Anthony commented, “You don’t know what she’s capable of, so don’t underestimate her. But she’s right. We all went through hell back there. And bitch? You don’t know what sort of bitch she can be. I wouldn’t push it.”

Thomas sat there not saying a word, then looking over at Anthony they began a quick conversation exchanging words in Italian, as Thomas examined his brother’s head wound. Sarah sat behind Nathan, placing her hands on his shoulders giving a firm squeeze. He reached for her hands, pushing them from his body in a disgruntled tone. He glanced her a raging frown in the rear-view mirror.

Just then Jonathan glanced back, pointing toward the cloud of smoke behind us. Erik and I looked out through the rear view mirror.We saw a figure coming towards us and momentarily it was glowing...but it turned out to be Marxus’ white parka, reflecting the moonlight from above. We were in awe of this man as we watched him walking towards us in strong fast strides.He had that way about him.

I looked up, seeing Axeon circling protectively above, then cloak himself from sight.

The rain pouring down didn’t stop us from jumping from the crafts meeting with Marxus. Noticing the look on his face, none of us dared to speak. He walked over leaning his hands on the side of one of the shuttles, holding his head down for a moment, taking in deep breaths; rain dripping from his head.He turned, looking up at us as he leaned against the side, facing us with his arms folded across his chest. Before speaking to any of us, he exchanged a few words with Anthony, asking if he were alright. Receiving a blunt answer and menacing stares from Thomas, he turned away speaking loudly as he studied each one of us,

“Alright. Who in the hell...started all this f***ing mess!?”

Nathan and Thomas remained silent in the crafts with the doors open for they had no part in what happened, leaving the rest of us standing in the rain. We all looked at each other, waiting for one to speak when everyone looked at me. I turned examining their faces then argued, shrugging my shoulders,

“Why is everyone looking at me!? I’m not the only one who said something in there, in case you’ve forgotten.” I looked directly at Sarah, “If anyone started this whole thing it was her!”

“Gee, thanks. Some friend you are, snitch.” she replied, placing her hands on her hips.

“Enough!” Marxus said loudly, “This childish display isn’t going to get us anywhere. I want to know now what happened that started all this!? What caused you to be thrown into prison of all places, covered in blood for whatever reason.The mud I understand, and how the hell you managed to escape. Now someone, better start talking. Erik?”

“Alright!” Erik replied, “It went just like this…” he explained a bit of what happened; pretty accurate on the details, but left out a lot of important facts.

Marxus went down the line; next to tell his version was Jonathan, who relayed the same story. Anthony was next but he explained that he was knocked unconscious during a lot of what happened. Things are just big blurs and blanks but relayed what happened in the tavern, just before we were taken. He was very descriptive. Marxus turned to Sarah who put most of the blame on me not taking any responsibility for herself.

“Gee...throw me under the bus much!?” I asked as I looked at her, “You wouldn’t shut up, complaining about everything!”

Before Sarah could retaliate, Marxus interrupted her as he looked at me with his arms still folded,

“Very well then, Little One. You finish the story, as I’m sure you will.”

“Alright, but first things first.” I said as I bravely approached him, placing my hands on his upper chest pushing him back with everything I had left, “You son of a bitch!” I pushed him again, “Because of you...because of you, this happened to us! Because of you...Anthony was almost killed. Because of you...we were almost killed and eaten and violated in every way possible! And where were you, huh!? Oh, that’s right…you just drove off, leaving us there without a word! Now if I’m mistaken, I specifically remember you telling us not to wear dark clothing, but look at yourself! You’re wearing dark jeans! Oh...and under that white parka, you’re wearing a navy blue sweater! So don’t you dare blame this f***ed up mess on our dark clothing because we could’ve been dressed all in white, and they still would have done this to us! Now, I had to…access a certain part of myself I never thought I’d need to because of you! Erik knows! Now, dark clothing my f***ing ass! Everyone back there was wearing dark clothing so it didn’t really matter! And we’re all standing here in this damn rain all wet and freezing!”

Everyone grew silent as they watched me tear into Marxus but all knew I was one hundred percent right and would defend me if asked.

Marxus, caught off guard gained his momentum, replying as he stood straight, pulling at his parka,

“You dare to lay your hands on me!? Who do you think you are, little girl!? I can wipe you out in just the blink of an eye!”

“Oh, really!? Then do it! Go ahead! Spend the rest of your f***ing existence finding another so called CHOSEN ONE! Because if it means that you’re going to put me and my friends in danger like you did back there...then I’m done! And you’ll have my mother to answer to and you’re not ready for that, I promise! A mother’s rage is unspeakable! But I’m sure you don’t want to take a chance and find out what I can fully unleash on you! And as far as everything that happened back there...” I continued to explain, starting from the beginning, relating everything that was said and done. I began with the breaking of the chair which was about to break anyway, admitted to not being able to understand the barkeeper′s speech which wasn′t our fault or his, Sarah′s comment about the stew which really did smell awful and the fact that the guys and Sarah couldn’t stop laughing. I continued, explaining how all the other details fell into place causing a chain reaction that ended with us being thrown into prison. I went into detail about how I came up with the idea for our escape using the thermoses Jonathan and Erik had in their bags which I really didn’t think would work, but fortunately for us, it did, “And the rest is history. Does that answer your God damn question, Marxus!? You…you didn’t have to leave us back there in that God damn town! Was this a set up, Marxus and did we pass…your test!?” I pushed him once more against the craft, but this time, he felt a burning sensation on his chest among the fact that I had left small hand prints on the front of his parka.

Stepping backwards, I stood among the others as they stared at me.

Marxus looked at me with anger then at everyone else. He glanced down at his parka seeing the hand prints that singed through the fabric. He quickly removed it throwing it to the ground. He revealed his Spanish temper; igniting the parka with a single burst of wizards flame. He, at that moment, controlled his anger for it wouldn’t look good if he harmed me in front of the others. Closing his eyes breathing deeply, he then asked as he ignored the burning sensation which had now passed,

“Is this true? Everything she just said, in those particular details and order?” Everyone nodded in affirmation.

Anthony stepped forward, adding his tale to the mix,

“Exactly what she said is what happened. And I think if she hadn’t come up with that brilliant idea, I don’t think any of us would be standing here right now talking with you. And even in the worse times, she thought about someone else. As you can see.” as he gestured at his bandaged head, “She didn’t have to but she did and put herself aside for those few minutes. You underestimate her, Marxus. I think we all did.”

Marxus paced leaving footprints in the mud, when Thomas blurted out approaching Marxus with anger in his eyes, unable to contain his Italian temper,

“You promised me my brother wouldn’t get hurt and now look at him, Marxus! He has an injured head and I don’t know if he could have a concussion or not! It left a nasty wound…almost had his skull bashed in! What the hell were you thinking!? Or were you at all!? Or did you even care!?”

Ignoring Thomas’ words at the moment Marxus bluntly commented,

“Before we drive on ahead, you five clean up and change into clean dry clothes.” he said, “Take some flashlights with you. It’s getting darker. As for me, I too have to change.” he leered in my direction, “Thank you.”

“You’re most certainly welcome, and you tell me where we’re supposed to go!? Hmm!? It’s raining, in case you haven’t noticed!?” I shouted out as I stepped forward, “So no! Those of us here, are going to change inside the crafts! If you don’t like that idea, then too damn bad! Use your magic to cloak us if you want!”

Marxus leered with his Hazel-Brown eyes, with a coldness we never noticed before. Especially from those who knew him the longest. Suddenly, Marxus’ words popped into my mind...and they weren′t pleasant. We took turns changing into dry clothes and boots while Marxus paced outside.Thankfully, the rain had subsided for a bit. When he looked seeing us open the doors of one of the crafts, he said in a powerful voice that made us cringe momentarily in our seats,

“Hurry up and move your lazy asses! It’s dark and we must get moving! All this bullshit you caused and made me do is enough for one day! Besides, we’re behind on schedule!”

“What!?” I replied, “ wasn’t bullshit! How dare you...” and when I tried speaking another word, I couldn’t because Marxus waved his hand, muting my voice to where I couldn’t even scream. Just like that, he did it, “How dare you use your magic against me?”I continued telepathically,“You may silence my voice, but you can’t mute my thoughts. You God damn Templar!

Zanz at this point, stood before Marxus snarling at him in a threatening manner. Marxus attempted to communicate with him magically, but to no avail. Zanz approached closer, then paused as I whistled, calling him back. He growled once more before turning away.

Marxus leered at me as I stood there, glaring at him, then he turned away.

Erik turned to me and said as he gently placed his arm around my shoulders,

“Come on, Keeps. Let’s get going and worry about your voice later. Now’s not the time for this. You don’t want to mess with Marxus any further...especially when he’s angry. Believe me. You’re lucky enough to have pushed him that many times. No one has ever laid hands on him.”

I glanced toward Marxus. He climbed into the shuttle ahead of us, turned on the engine and waited. I looked up at Erik nodding in agreement then ordered Zanz to get inside.

Watching the shuttle behind him, Marxus waited until we were all situated before driving ahead. However, as he continued watching in the rear view mirror, it was then he heard a voice over run his thought. Thinking maybe it could’ve been Axeon, he reached out telepathically, but Axeon didn’t answer. So, he listened, to the voice speak in a demonic male’s voice,

You stupid, old fool. You don’t know who you’re dealing with when it comes to that young lady. Her demonic origins are extremely powerful and come from an ancient demon who’s older than Earth itself. Do not, underestimate her. And if you dare threaten her again, I promise that I’ll make my presence known and believe me when I say this…that is something you’re not ready for. Heed my words, Marxus Alejandro Castillion. She left her mark on you and that’s just a little taste of what she can do, if fully provoked, although, she doesn’t know it yet. Remember these words, Marxus…remember them well, Templar.

“Marxus?” Thomas’s voice echoed in his ear, “Marxus…are you alright?”

Marxus blinked, as he turned his head, looking at Thomas.

“Yes. Yes, I’m fine.” he answered, “I thought I just heard…never mind.”

Although Marxus tried dismissing his behavior, Thomas knew something was deeply burdening him.

All packed away in the crafts we drove ahead; Marxus and Erik in the driver seats.

Let me tell you, that it’s not fun being magically muted. Don’t ever get a wizard mad….believe me.

As Erik drove, he looked over at me in the passenger seat listening to my music and thought it truly unfair what Marxus did. I nodded my head to the sound of my favorite song then looked at Erik who gave me a friendly smile which I returned. He focused ahead, missing the sound of my sassy voice.

“And there she goes...well...nothing!” he joked as he looked at me once more.

I smiled…as I jokingly flicked him off.

We laughed.

We drove for forty minutes until coming across a large Scottish two story cottage, surrounded by a stone wall needing repairs in some places. An iron gate hung off its hinges. Clusters of trees and clumps of wild Heather, sat on the property near the cottage while scattered sheep roamed the fields. Once parking around out back we climbed out, admiring the architectural design as well as the green fields.

Marxus walked toward the front door feeling around the frame for something in the upper right corner, cleverly hidden in a crevice.A key. He retrieved it and unlocked the door telling us to wait a moment while he went inside, lighting lanterns. As he did, we could see the faint glow coming through the windows, then heard his voice call out for us to come inside and lay our belongings by the door. He was surprised to see the cottage was undisturbed.

The inside decor was beautiful and clean; a large living-room area to the right that included two large couches and four large sofa chairs all covered in sheets. A table sat in the middle, and a large stone fireplace covered half the far wall before the furniture. To the left was the kitchen-dining area with a large dining table and eight chairs. Off to the right of the kitchen, was a set of stairs leading up to the second floor, to three bedrooms and bathrooms.

Marxus and Thomas walked out back to power the generator. As they returned heading inside, Marxus turned hearing a vehicle driving across the green landscaping approaching the cottage. He smiled realizing it must have been the caretaker Leonus mentioned. They stood around speaking outside for several minutes, and once confirming Marxus had permission, the caretaker drove off.

Everyone showered upstairs changing into cleaner clothing. Sarah and I came downstairs a bit later after trimming each others’ hair to fix the damage done by our unexpected haircuts. When we came downstairs joining the others, we received compliments on our new hairstyles. Sarah and I fluffed our hair growing smiles on our faces.

“Hey, Yza...that bob looks good on you.” Jonathan complimented.

“Technically it’s a medium bob, Jonathan.” Sarah added.

“Whatever.” he answered, “Looks good regardless. Geesh!”

“A bob, huh? How about an Erik that looks good on you?” Erik teased with a flirtatious smile, as he stood there leaning in.

In your” I answered on paper as my voice was still muted. I leaned forward glancing up at him and mouthed the words, “In your dreams.”

“Of course. But really, it’s flattering. And dreams do come true, love.”

I smiled.

“Never mind a vampire on top. What about a hot lycan on top of you, instead?” Nathan added, interrupting the conversation.

I turned, walking up to him. I stared into his cold blue eyes, watching as he grew a smug smile. On a new piece of paper, I wrote something that Nathan tried peeking at. I roughly pushed him backwards, shaking my head, letting out a few TSK sounds. Looking up at him in a flirtatious, yet…intimidating manner, I handed him the note I had written:

Oh, Nathan…you have no idea how hot you just made me, by making that remark. I’m so hot for you right now. Can you see the steam, Nathan?

Glancing up from the note he jumped back, seeing I indeed, was steaming. He rubbed his eyes as did Thomas, and continued staring, remembering the first time I had singed him.

“What the…f***!?” Nathan muttered, then watched as a flicker of flame appeared in my eyes, “You…you…you’re a…a…”

I nodded then wrote down another few words:

A demon? You got it, Teen-wolf.

“That’s quite enough!” Marxus affirmed powerfully, as he exited the kitchen, “Erik…Jonathan…make some dinner, will you please? Just heat up the cans that are laid out on the counter. Nathan…walk away. Now! And you, Yzavela…do the same.”

I turned, leering at him. Walking toward him, I hissed through my teeth as I approached Zanz who laid near the fireplace. Two hot Latin tempers in one room together...not good.

Marxus watched as I plopped in one of the large chairs then focused on Nathan who grabbed his bags, running up the stairs. Before disappearing up the stairs completely, Nathan glanced toward me, eyeing me in the chair, giving me a wink. Catching his gaze, I stared for a moment then gave the notion of getting sick.

Jonathan and Erik ventured into the kitchen. Viewing the cans of beef stew on the counter, they decided to make homemade biscuits.How hard could biscuits from a can be? Well, actually they turned out to be burnt pieces of dough, and brewed tea. Erik poured the hot water in eight tea cups. Jonathan asked as he ladled beef stew into bowls of different sizes,

“Dude...back there in the cell...”

“What about it?” Erik replied as he turned to Jonathan.

“It looked like you and Yza were sharing a moment. What’s up with that?”

“It was nothing. I was there for her when she needed a friend.”

“Uh-huh.” he chuckled shaking his head, “Friend. Right. So…you know then?”

“Know…what, Jonathan?” Erik inquired.

“That she’s a…” Jonathan replied, peeking his head out into the living room, “demon?”

“Yeah. She told me. I think it’s cool. At least she’s not just a plain human.” then he changed the subject, “So, you think this is it?” he glanced down at the trays of food and tea.

“I guess.” Jonathan mumbled, “But, Erik? Didn’t you use to cook?”

“Just the occasional rice and egg rolls for my father. Why?”

“Just asking because those biscuits just don’t look right mate.”

“Jonathan…Erik…” Marxus’ voice echoed from the living room.

Everyone sat in the living-room waiting for Erik and Jonathan to bring out the trays. We all left our boots standing by the fireplace to dry, as well as our coats and clothing we had washed. What couldn’t be washed, were thrown into the fireplace and burned.

“Here we go.” Jonathan said as he and Erik placed the trays on the table, then everyone grabbed a bowl and cup of tea for themselves. We were all starving, and gobbled down our meal. one touched the biscuits!

Jonathan and Erik sat there looking down at the plate then at each other beginning to pout slightly in disappointment

“Um, Jonathan…” Erik whispered in a low vampire’s tone as he leaned over, “how long did it say to put the biscuits in for?”

“Ten minutes.” Jonathan answered, “Why?”

“How long did you have them in there? Because those don’t look like ten minute biscuits.”

They sat there, just staring at the plate as I caught the moment of such guy-cuteness, lightening my mood momentarily.

Thomas reached for one, hoping to dip it into the stew. However, eating rocks wasn’t part of his ideal camp meal. He removed a pocket knife, attempting to scrape off the burnt surface. Afterwards when that got him nowhere, he began dipping the biscuit repeatedly into the hot stew hoping to soften it…but to no avail. He smiled in Jonathan and Erik’s direction before taking a bite then elegantly spat into his napkin, throwing it into the fireplace. Although the moment was humor to some, Marxus interrupted the light hearted moment as he approached.

I sat in the chair with my arms folded, angry Marxus had taken my voice away and still hadn’t returned it. Marxus sat across from me, casually waving his hand in front of me, releasing the magic that caused the muted state. I coughed a few times feeling the release, then drank some water from my bag. I looked up at him and said nothing as I stood, walking toward the kitchen. Marxus turned to everyone who glanced away minding their own business, then followed me.

“That wasn’t fair, Marxus...what you did to me?” I said leaning against the counter; back facing him, “You realize that right?”

“Little One, I’ve learned over the centuries that sometimes it’s best to keep your mouth shut. Even though you’re tempted to speak or yell out, it isn’t always the smartest thing to do, even though the person or situation might deserve it. Many wars and major disputes have escalated from just simple words spoken in anger. True power comes from just staying quiet and learning when to just walk away. Sometimes.”

I turned to him with a grimace.

“But shouldn’t...have left us there.” I whispered with tears, “You have no idea what we went though or what it was like, not knowing if you were coming back or what would have happened to us.”

“I know and I deeply apologize. Please, Little One...try and understand.”

“I’ll try, try and understand me. And my ways. Maybe I do overuse my sarcasm, but it’s just so frustrating not being able to tell someone that they’re a...jackass, creep or a demented...well, you get the idea.”

Marxus let out a slight laugh then replied,

“You still have the ability to make those around you feel good, Little One. I’m sorry if I’ve been harsh, but that’s my way of doing things. I do them with discipline not harmful intentions. I hope you know that. Those are things you must learn as Keeper.”

“I know.”

“But I must say...that was a clever escape.” he smiled then changed the subject, “Now, there’s something I need to tell you if you don’t mind coming with me outside.”

“Okay. But first, Marxus...isn’t there something you want to say to everyone?”

Marxus stood there hesitantly, knowing what I meant. He entered the living-room apologizing and I could tell it was sincere. He told us he had no knowledge whatsoever of the kind of situation he left us in or the extreme dangers involved. All he did was make a deal with the barkeeper for us to sit there and safely wait and even though the barkeeper hadn’t liked it much, he agreed after Marxus paid him handsomely in silver coins. The rest of what happened was partly our fault, but he commended me highly for the quick thinking on my part which freed us, plus the complete support that the others gave me in the situation. He regretted horribly, the feeling of abandonment that we had felt. He would never do that deliberately.

Everyone understood and seemed calmer, as Marxus and I excused ourselves, stepping outside with Zanz walking alongside.

As we spoke I could see our breath fogging in the air, showing how cold it really was. The heavy rain had left it’s dampness everywhere.

“I’ll try to make this quick for it’s a cold night. And I can’t very well talk to you in your bedroom, now can I?” he said as he looked down at me.

“No.” I replied, “No you can’t. Imagine the gossip on that one.” I crossed my arms to keep myself slightly warm but even though I wore a heavy sweater, that didn′t seem to help, “Zanz…get back here!” I called out, seeing he wandered too far.

“Please listen attentively to what I tell you now because it’s for your learning as well as understanding the history of the events that have occurred. I fought a great war one hundred years ago, with a man who practiced necromancy using the magic he gained only for evil purposes. This man was a great adversary and defeating him was difficult at first but as I delved deeper into my magical skills, I developed powers unimaginable to me and didn’t think could actually exist.”

“Who is he and why are you telling me now? Of all times?” I asked.

“His name Little One, is Drakuul Lexus. Let’s just say I delved into a very powerful book I’m sure you’ve heard of. You’ve heard of Solomon, yes?” he replied as he again looked down at me.

“Oh, yes of course. I’ve heard of him. How did you...where is...”

“Hidden. Very well hidden. As you can imagine, the book is very well sought after. Who the author was, is unknown but it contains very ancient magic. Both good and bad.”

“Oh, I can imagine. So, is it hidden in the secret room?” I whispered.

“I will not say because that’s for me to know.”

“Okay then. What did the spell do?”

“My, it’s getting cold out here isn’t it. Can we continue this conversation tomorrow when the weather’s warmer?”

“No…no…you brought me out here so why don’t you just tell me quickly.”

“Because I don’t want prying ears to listen.” he looked over his shoulder, “Can we help you with something, Nathan?”

I turned, seeing him standing in the doorway smoking another cigarette.

“I see the bird’s chirping again.”he muttered, blowing the smoke in our direction.

Waving it from my face, I barked,

“Yes…yes I am. Don’t you understand the concept of privacy, Nathan?”

He nodded, growing a smug smile on his face as he threw the cigarette at my feet.

“Whatever. Your conversation was boring anyway.” he said turning his back to walk inside but Marxus muttered something telepathically that made him stop, turning to look at Marxus.

I glanced up at Marxus then over at Nathan knowing Marxus must have said something to him that wasn’t meant for my ears. Nathan gave Marxus a look of pure hate sending chills not only down my spine, but Marxus’s as well.

“God...what’s with that guy?” I said.

“I don′t know, but just be careful by yourself and make sure you have Zanzabarr with you at all times, Little One. And when we return to Ravenstone, tell your mother as well to be cautious of him. There’s something very wrong with that boy. He’s had deep issues for awhile now.” Marxus replied.

“You said it. Anyway, tomorrow then. I’m going back inside. It’s freezing and I’m tired.”

“Alright.Thank you for understanding.”

“No problem.” then we retreated back inside sitting with everyone near the warm fire.

Enjoying our meals and hot tea, we talked and laughed, getting our minds off what had happened to us earlier.

Nathan of course got bored, walking toward the stairs, when Marxus placed his hands on his shoulders.

“You’ll not be sleeping upstairs tonight, Nathan.” he said in a low voice from behind.

“Oh, really!?” Nathan replied as he turned, “Why not!?”

“Because I don’t trust you. I’ve noticed since day one of Yzavela’s arrival, the looks…the sexual comments…and the harassment. I won’t tolerate it. And neither will she. I won’t interfere if she decides to defend herself. Understand? Besides, there are no beds available for you upstairs.”

“Right. Sure. Then where am I supposed to sleep!?”

“Downstairs.” Marxus muttered then turned, ”The couch should be comfortable enough for you, I’m sure.”

“What!?” Nathan said raising his voice which we all looked up to, “Why should I be the one to sleep on a couch, when you sleep on a couch all the time in your office, huh!? Besides, what I do with my time is my damn business! And another thing, Marxus? At least I’m always with a woman. How come none of us see you with one, hmm!?”

Marxus grabbed Nathan by the back of his shirt dragging him to the kitchen; getting into a loud argument which we couldn’t help but overhear. Marxus tore into Nathan fiercely and words were exchanged (words that I won’t repeat) and Nathan returned further harsh and unkind comments that were meant from the heart. Infuriated, Marxus shouted out; voice echoing through the cottage,

“Enough!” then we heard a loud crash, followed by silence. Coming from the kitchen, we watched as Marxus strolled away, giving the I WASH MY HANDS OF ALL THIS gesture with his hands. He scanned all our faces and continued firmly, “Don’t ask. It’s been handled. Now, get your things and go upstairs, and choose your rooms. Anthony and Nathan will remain down here on the couches, if you’re up to it.” he looked at Anthony, who nodded in agreement, “Anthony can handle Nathan.”

Marxus snapped his fingers and appearing on the couch; fluffy pillows and warm blankets for Anthony.

Everyone quickly grabbed their bags, making their way through the kitchen. As we did, Nathan laid on the floor near the stove unconscious. None of us said a word as we walked up the stairs, to the rooms.


Each bedroom was the same; two twin beds with bedspreads of different colors, a table set between them, lamp and thick fur rugs laying on the wood floors.A large window with a window seat shone in the moonlight. Plus as an added bonus, each bedroom had its own private bathroom. Everything was covered with sheets, so we pulled them off, coughing in the process. Quickly rolling them up, they were placed in the wardrobe closets.

Sarah couldn’t believe the things Nathan said about the mentor-student relationship between Marxus and I, making it sound perverted, not to mention the language Nathan used, disrespecting him. I agreed then after awhile, we went to sleep. However as I attempted to, Sarah continuously ranted about how Jonathan didn’t compliment her hair; only mine. I rolled my eyes and blurted softly yet jokingly,

“Sarah...please shut up, or I’ll ask Marxus to mute your voice too…bitch.”

“You wouldn’t!” she answered, “And you’re the bitch.”

I turned, glaring at her with tired eyes and muttered,

“Sarah…you’re lucky I’m tired right now. Go…to…sleep!” then I laid my head down, falling asleep with Zanz spread out across my feet, who kept his gaze fixed on her bed, “Boy, if she talks…bite her.”

Zanz released a low growl as he laid his head down.

Seeing golden eyes watching her, Sarah quickly turned over and fell asleep. Without a word spoken.

Erik Erik and Jonathan briefly shared their thoughts on what occurred between Nathan and Marxus then after taking their showers, they too, fell asleep.

Thomas was to share the other room with Marxus and remained completely silent. He didn’t question about Nathan, except did ask if he was still alive. Marxus reassured him he was, but would have a terrible headache the next morning.

Excusing himself, Marxus locked himself away in the bathroom. Staring into the mirror, he opened the first few buttons of his dress shirt, revealing two hand prints burnt on his chest.

“Impossible.” he muttered, “How can she do this? I mean…I’m…I’m…”

Didn’t I tell you!?” a voice echoed in his mind, “You’re not completely unearthly, Marxus…in your state of corporeal being.

Unlocking the bathroom door, he peeked his head out, seeing Thomas had fallen asleep. Closing the door once more, he answered as he stared into the mirror,

Who are you!? Why do you torment me!? Get out of my mind and if you are Lucifer himself…I know how to banish you.

The voice laughed.

No, Templar. I am not Lucifer though I do serve him. I’m someone who has great power and don’t think that…that BOOK, can stop me. After all…who do you think really wrote it and gave it to Solomon to begin with? So, don’t threaten with things you don’t understand! Rest well, Marxus…for you may not be here tomorrow and I may be…in your place as I have been lately, from time-to-time. It’s so…much…fun.

Marxus attempted reaching out to the invader of his thoughts, but there was nothing. He sighed heavily with a worried frown. Buttoning his shirt, he returned to his bed, laying down; eyes staring at the ceiling.

Downstairs, Anthony brought Nathan a blanket, covering him with it roughly, and placed a pillow beneath his head. But it wasn’t on the couch. He left him where he laid; the kitchen floor, like a bad dog. And Nathan was very bad indeed.

The next morning, Nathan awoke to steam spitting from a kettle on the stove, along with cookware clanking. He sat up, with the headache Marxus revealed he would have, rubbing his neck. He glanced around, seeing there was a pillow and a blanket, and the fact he spent all night on the hard floor. Attempting to retaliate, he realized HIS voice was now taken away. He stammered to his feet, trying to scream but everyone ignored his presence. He stumbled upstairs with no ones help, to take a shower. With hot water pouring down over his aching head, he thought, “BASTARDS…THE WHOLE LOT OF THEM. I HATE THEM! IF I COULD, I’D KILL THEM ALL STARTING WITH THE DEMON BITCH AND HER HOUND.

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