Secrets of Ravenstone: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book One

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Lexa; a beautiful petite woman with long dark hair was born and raised in Paris, around the black arts, wanting power like any corrupt soul. Dabbling in potions and toxic tinctures, she delved into Necromancy; conjuring evil spirits and demonic forces. Practicing from her mother’s spells of dark rituals, she came across an incantation she desperately wanted to attempt; conjuring a powerful demon of bidding. Writing down the ingredients with anticipation, she became un-amused as the last ingredient was difficult to come by.

3 bat wings

8 frog legs

6 eel eyes

1 pure unblemished heart

Thinking maybe a pure unblemished heart meant a healthy one; she sought after her wealthy husband; a lycanthrope of whom she hated. Luring him to her separate chambers with the promise of pleasure and intimacy, she stalled, offering cups of Parisian wine, of which she poisoned. After the fifth cup and falling to the ground grabbing at his throat, she grew pleased knowing she gathered all the ingredients required. Afterwards, she prepared for the ritual.

Attempting to drag his heavy muscular bulk, she cursed in frustration. Growing impatient, she waved her hand behind her, opening a portal leading from her chambers, to her ritual room she prepared hours before. Once dragging him through and closing the portal behind her, she stood before a large stone slab. Lexa searched through her mother’s book, for a levitation spell. Waving her hands above her husband’s body reciting the spell, she lifted him from the ground, hovering his bulk above the stone slab, then released her hold. He fell dead weight, creating a hard thump.

Tearing his shirt down the center, she began following the ritual’s instructions. She placed the ingredients, one by one, into a copper bowl, stirring them around. Leaving them to boil, she turned to her husband’s body. Removing a ritual dagger from its sheath, she pierced his flesh drawing blood. Growing a pleased expression, she sunk the blade’s tip deep into his skin, cutting a slit down his chest. Once cut, she laid the dagger down on the altar next to her husband. Reaching her left hand deep into his chest, he grasped his heart, roughly yanking from his chest cavity. Hand dripping in blood, she turned to the bowl throwing the heart into the thick mixture, and stirred it around. After reciting the spell in an ancient Latin dialect, the thick contents bubbled to the surface, floating in the air in a blackened mist;then vanished. Growing disappointed by the results after hours of waiting not remembering that some spells take their time, she burned her husband’s body on the stone slab, then returned to her chambers.

After a hot bath, she laid in her bed, falling into a deep slumber, in which a shadowed figure revealed itself in her dreams; viciously violating her. Screaming as she woke; sweating profusely, she shook her head thinking it was all a nightmare. Suddenly, she felt powerful burning sensations all over her body. Pulling back the sheets, she examined her body where there were scratches on her arms, chest and inner thighs, among a torn gown. Shaking her head in disbelief that this couldn’t have happened, she breathed heavily as she mumbled. Looking around her chambers, it was then she noticed a shadowed figure standing in the corner. Pulling her sheet over her body up to her chin, she blurted out in a firm tone,

“Who are you!?Get the hell out of my chambers at once!”

In a voice that sounded familiar to her, the shadow stepped forward answering her,

“Get out? You order me to leave my own chambers!? You conjured me, remember sorceress!? Though, I am not what you intended to conjure in that ritual.”

“What are you talking about!? I followed all the instructions! You know nothing! I’ve been doing this for years, creature!”

“Yes, I know you have woman! But you did not follow them as intended.”

“What are you talking about!?I command you to tell me at once!” Lexa ordered.

“Command!? I obey no one, witch!” the figure threatened, pointing a long clawed finger in her direction, “The spell called for a pure heart; not of fool! A pure heart is a person full of love, compassion and purity. Something you do not have! You butchered me for that ritual which did not evil, heartless bitch!”

“What...what did you say!? Answer me!”

“Do you not recognize your own husband!? It is I, Lexa...Edmond, but not entirely as there is someone; or something with me. My spirit and the demon you conjured, merged into one form, resulting in what stands before you now. My Masters Master…is furious with you, Lexa and oh…I’d be very fearful, woman. My Master is coming for you and there’s a special place in Hell, that he’s created just for you. Torture and defilement never ending, Lexa! Perfection! Just what you deserve!”

She watched in sheer terror, as the figure materialized before her eyes, turning into a demonic creature.

The demon’s head was bulbous; much like the monster from the PUMPKINHEAD movies; with large red eyes bulging from their sockets. A distorted face revealed a long lycanthrope snout with a boars nose and large tusks, protruding from its lower lip, overlapping the upper. Rows of two inch wolf teeth and fangs, lined its monstrous mouth. Strands of acidic drool dripped onto its chest and stone floor, leaving scorch marks. As it lowered its head, running down the length of its head, back and body, were large disfigured bone-like-spinous protrusions. A thick neck and shoulders blended into a human torso with skeletal ribs piercing through its black charred skin. Muscular human-like upper arms off set its longer thin lycan forearms. Massive hands flickered long fingers with black demonic claws.

Walking around toward the left side of her bed, Lexa crawled backwards away from the ledge, examining the rest of its form.

From the waist down, were long hairy distorted muscular legs; bent at the knees. Its footsteps echoed, creating a loud click-clock sound from its cloven hoofed feet. Discreetly concealing its male organs, were tufts of black fur. Flicking behind it and coursing up the edge of the bed, was a long boar’s tail with the continuous spinous disfigurement running down its length.

Growing tears, she screamed as it leaned in inches from her face, staring at her with its red eyes; filled with hate. With everything she has conjured in the past, this creature really frightened her.

“What is the matter, woman!?” the demon whispered in its deep guttural voice, breathing its putrid, rotten breath in her face, ”Have you not ever seen anything as hideous as I, in any of your previous conjurings?” and she shook her head in fear, unable to speak growing sick to her stomach at the smell of its breath, “Well, then. For your mistake, I am the consequence when you delve into things that you do not understand. You should know this if you are so experienced.” it released a guttural laugh.

“Con...consequence?” she stuttered, “What consequence? Tell me what you speak of, demon!?”

“I have impregnated you with my SPAWN; neither human or animal. It will take on my appearance, butbe cold and unloving as yourself. And as I will it, it will know of your name; the one who brought it into this world. Your punishment, since you never wanted to be a mother.” then it turned, walking around her room.

Turning back to its original shadowed form, it flew directly at her, disappearing as it made contact. She jumped from her bed, screaming as she felt the sensation of insects crawling beneath her skin.

Months later after a painful, regretful and rapid pregnancy, Lexa finally gave birth to the thing within her; alone, with no aid. Tearing itself from its uterine sack, was a disfigured and hideous monster. Lexa watched as it began squirming toward her. Crawling backwards on the stone floor, she managed to pull herself up, scampering out of the chamber, leaving a blood trail behind. Returning hours later hoping it didn’t survive, she grew surprised as it sat there eating its own uterine sack. Born the size of an adult cat, it grew twice that size. The demon was right when it revealed this thing would take on its appearance, except for short black bristly hair and horn protruding from its forehead. She grew fearful as it stared at her, with its evil red eyes.

Days later, she managed to lock it away in one of her husband’s large clothing trunks; after drugging a slab of meat she had thrown it. Sealing the trunk and its lock with magic, she had sold it among other items belonging to her late husband.

As the trunk made its way across the seas, it arrived at the port of the Isle of Castillion in the year 1818. Being released from its containment by curious fishermen, it scampered away shielding its eyes from the afternoon sun. Making its way across the open landscaping of the island, the creature discovered old abandoned ruins hidden within an Oak forest, making that its den. Over the centuries, it reproduced with boars, rare encounters with wolves and human females, creating its own bloodline of a breed known to wreak havoc against a nearby estate. Everything has its origin; even creatures with a name derived from their appearance of half boar, half wolf.

Years later, Lexa encountered two street orphans; step brothers Drake and Matt. Taking them in and changing their names to Drakuul and Matrx, she taught them the art of Necromancy; in which Matrx took no interest in and many years after that, Drakuul became a most powerful necromancer and the new Lord of London in the Great City.

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