On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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The story continues as Yzavela returns to Ravenstone with new skills and powers; discovering things have escalated in grand proportions; leading up to drastic changes and occurrences for everyone. Return to Ravenstone in this 2 part sequel, where the story continues as Yzavela returns from her venture in Ireland; only to find things have escalated in grand proportions. Tension between the vampires and lycanthropes has grown more hostile, creating an unbalanced environment. Boar-wolves; monstrous creatures, are bolder than before, wreaking havoc on Ravenstone’s people. After kidnapping a child, a small militia is gathered in hopes of a successful rescue, leading to the creatures’ defeat. Months later, the chaos from the Great City spread to Ravenstone’s vicinity, resulting in a vicious war between creatures and men. Coming to an end with the Necromancer’s death, a difficult decision was made to save Yzavela after suffering a life threatening injury. Her husband Erik, keeping his promise, turned her into the first and last vampire of his bloodline. Read On the Evil Scale now, to discover how everything fell into place, leading to a tragic end.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Evil comes in all forms; both man and creatures alike.

The Boar-wolves had arrived on the Isle of Castillion in the early 1800’s, by unknown circumstances. For centuries, they had caused havoc and terror on the islands’ residents. They’ve grown bolder over time; evolving as their leader has learned the ways of man and are becoming more fierce and daring. Especially most recently as they have kidnapped an innocent child, finally forcing their enemy’s hand for retaliation with good cause.

The Great City’s new Lord, Drakuul Lexus, is another threat to those who cross his path. A Necromancer; he seeks the ultimate power from a book that’s within his grasp, yet so far from it. He will stop at nothing until he discovers its location; spreading his darkness and destruction beyond his limits.

Both tip the scale off balance, leading to difficult decisions and unforeseen outcomes.

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