On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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The story continues as Yzavela returns to Ravenstone with new skills and powers; discovering things have escalated in grand proportions; leading up to drastic changes and occurrences for everyone. Return to Ravenstone in this 2 part sequel, where the story continues as Yzavela returns from her venture in Ireland; only to find things have escalated in grand proportions. Tension between the vampires and lycanthropes has grown more hostile, creating an unbalanced environment. Boar-wolves; monstrous creatures, are bolder than before, wreaking havoc on Ravenstone’s people. After kidnapping a child, a small militia is gathered in hopes of a successful rescue, leading to the creatures’ defeat. Months later, the chaos from the Great City spread to Ravenstone’s vicinity, resulting in a vicious war between creatures and men. Coming to an end with the Necromancer’s death, a difficult decision was made to save Yzavela after suffering a life threatening injury. Her husband Erik, keeping his promise, turned her into the first and last vampire of his bloodline. Read On the Evil Scale now, to discover how everything fell into place, leading to a tragic end.

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𝐸vil comes in all forms being that of man and beasts alike and power can be destructive or productive depending on the point-of-view.

The creature of boar and wolf genetics arrived on the Isle of Castillion during its early construction in the 1800’s. Where it had come from, that’s unknown and for centuries it alone, had bred with the island’s boars and wolves, eventually killing them off but created its own race of disfigured beasts. The islands’ residents defined them as the Boar-wolves and over time, they grew in numbers, evolving as their leader had grown to full maturity while learning the ways of man and became more fierce and aggressive. The Isle’s owner, a powerful Immortal of great magic became aware of their presence but allowed their existence on the island for they had never posed a threat but over the years, they began kidnapping women and for what purpose, was unknown but surely they weren’t pure intentions.

But in the year 2027 they forced the islands’ residents hand upon kidnapping an innocent child which begins tipping the scale.

The Great City’s new Lord, Drakuul Lexus had always been a troubled individual in the ways of wanting more than he had, presenting issues for his adoptive mother, so to speak or guardian. She had taught him the arts of Necromancy and other dark magics and once reaching the age of 21 years, he had come to realize he was an Immortal. Where that gene had derived from, he didn’t know but liking the power it gave him only added to his thirst for more. Posing a threat and competition, he had killed his guardian gaining her estate and all magical knowledge and items. He was unhappy by living a life of struggling for this and that so traveling the world with his street-brother Matrx at his side providing physical protection, he had gained much more than he bargained for. Over the years he had learned all the magical practices known within this world but discovering the existence of the Book of Solomon that could grant him ultimate power, his search was endless. He had never found the ancient text but once selling his soul for unlimited power and magical capabilities, he took what he thought was owed to him even if that meant taking over the once glorious Great City.

He tips the other side of the scale but which will lead to the ultimate balance? All choices and decisions have unforeseen outcomes.

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