On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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๐’ž๐’ฝ๐’ถ๐“…๐“‰๐‘’๐“‡ ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿค

๐’ชnce arriving at our destination near the hospital, there stood Beth greeting us with a smile that faded once seeing the uneasiness on our faces. Beth was an elderly woman; almost 70 years in age. She wore a white medical coat over her green velvet dress that hung on her thin frame. Her features revealed she was once very beautiful and her graying hair was neatly pulled back into a braided bun. She leaned against an elaborate cane that rested between her feet; hands displaying silver rings with multicolored stone settings, along with silver wiccan necklaces. Staring into her pale green eyes, I sensed her Immortal status.

โ€œBy the heavensโ€ฆโ€ she muttered in a Scottish accent, โ€œitโ€™s madness out here.โ€

โ€œNo kidding. Barely made it through.โ€ my mom answered.

Turning to Nick and the other Wraiths I inquired curiously,

โ€œWhat the hell is going on?โ€

โ€œThis happens every year. Last minute shopping before Christmas morning and even after Lucyโ€™s kidnapping, people still manage to think about material things.โ€ Nick revealed solemnly, โ€œBut theyโ€™re also following your request to continue on with their normal routines, soโ€ฆโ€

โ€œYeahโ€ฆdonโ€™t remind me of that.โ€ I argued, scanning the sea of scampering residents.

โ€œNick!โ€ a voice called out his name from the massive scattering crowd, โ€œNick!โ€ and turning his head, he caught glimpses of Caleb and Justin needing his assistance.

โ€œGo.โ€ I urged, โ€œWeโ€™re now here. Thank you.โ€ I nodded with a smile.

He returned the nod and smile then disappeared as I turned, focusing my attention on Beth who waited to introduce herself.

โ€œHello there, little lass.โ€ Beth smiled taking my hands, โ€œItโ€™s a pleasure to finally meet you. Your mother speaks highly of you and so good to see the Keeper herself isnโ€™t afraid to lend a hand!โ€

โ€œGood things I hope.โ€ I teased. โ€œAnd I donโ€™t mind at all but I must say, Beth...itโ€™s amazing knowing thereโ€™s another Immortal on the Isle. Marxus didnโ€™t care to divulge that information.โ€

โ€œAh, well...our Immortal race is a rarity so we donโ€™t like going around making that declaration.โ€ Beth smiled, โ€œAs Iโ€™m sure you donโ€™t go around declaring your half-breed status, yes?โ€

โ€œI apologizeโ€ฆโ€ I heard a snappy tone in her voice, โ€œI meant no offense.โ€

โ€œNone taken, child. Now, come...itโ€™s cold out here.โ€ she gestured inside feeling a shiver running through her frail bones, โ€œAnd Lady D, did you bring theโ€ฆโ€ she glanced at my mom.

โ€œRight here.โ€ my mom softly interrupted holding a bag containing herbs she willingly shared and freshly gathered from the greenhouse.

โ€œExcellent. Letโ€™s get started!โ€ Beth turned, entering the hospital lavished with mild Christmas decorations.

The lobby was large and semi-circular in shape with a desk straight ahead and two long hallways on either side of the desk leading to rooms for various purposes and two closets at the end of each hallway. The three floors upstairs were all the patient rooms and surgery centers.

We followed her through a set of doors past the front desk, entering her clinic just down the hall to the left. Entering the small lobby, patients sat waiting for refreshments that were offered by three of Bethโ€™s granddaughters who worked alongside her. Beth greeted those who called out her name and taking in my surroundings, most of her patients were among the elderly demographic.

Time passed; hours at least and we had helped Beth mix new tinctures and teas for her cabinets and patients. I helped her granddaughters hand out herbal teas her patients preferred to drink in-clinic. Residents were surprised to see their young Keeper performing such duties for Marxus had never participated in Bethโ€™s kind gestures. The hours were relaxing and once her clinic had cleared out and closed for the day, we gathered around engaging in conversation in her lounge area behind the counter. Her granddaughters; in their late twenties and early thirties, asked about Erik and commented on how gorgeous he was. I didnโ€™t brag about our relationship; not enough as I should have, but did reveal he was very much a gentleman. The women giggled, when Beth instructed them to run along and get home to their families or rooms before the curfew began. Before leaving the clinic, they offered their apologies hoping they didnโ€™t offend my relationship; their apologies werenโ€™t needed. I smiled watching as they left; doors closing behind them. Beth shook her head then began offering advice of her own on how to handle the difficult work load.

โ€œI was born here, little lass and Iโ€™ve seen many changes come and go. Since my family owned this clinic for two generations, I more than some, know how to balance work and personal time. Sort out your priorities first and the rest will follow-in-tow. Donโ€™t let this relationship between you and this...young man Erik, consume your thoughts and focus. No man is worth the downfall of a womanโ€™s life and work. No matter how much you feel for him. Trust me. Iโ€™ve been there.โ€ she advised, โ€œAlright?โ€ she watched as I nodded with a smile, โ€œGood. Now, tell me about your dragon. Fascinating little beast.โ€ she admired Abraxas lying on the arm of the lounge chair I occupied.

โ€œHeโ€™s, uh...well, itโ€™s a long story which Iโ€™m sure my momโ€™s told you already.โ€ I glanced at her receiving a nod in response, โ€œBut he is fascinating and donโ€™t call him a beast, please. Heโ€™s sensitive toward that word.โ€

โ€œYou make it sound as if he understands us.โ€ Beth questioned, leaning forward.

โ€œI do, Immortal-witch.โ€ a boyโ€™s voice answered; a voice that confused Beth for there were no children or residents left in her clinic outside, โ€œI understand perfectly.โ€

โ€œWho said that?โ€ she glanced at my mom and I; I pointed down at Abraxas.

โ€œMy goddessโ€ฆit canโ€™t be!? He speaks!?โ€ Beth exclaimed in excitement, โ€œAbsolutely fascinating. Apologies, little one. I meant no disrespect.โ€

Abraxas glanced at me then focused his gaze upon Beth.

โ€œI accept your apology, Immortal woman.โ€ he nodded in acceptance of her apology.

I released a low chuckle, loving this dragon more and more. Beth said nothing more except released a long chain of laughter that grew contagious for my mom and I engaged in it as well. Once our laughter ceased I glanced toward the large wall clock displaying the late time. I took the last sip of tea from my cup before informing softly,

โ€œItโ€™s getting late and I think we should head back before the curfew bell.โ€ I glanced toward Beth, โ€œThank you for allowing me to come tonight. It was nice and I needed it.โ€

โ€œThis is your Isle, little lass...no need to thank me child, but youโ€™re most welcome here anytime youโ€™d like.โ€ Beth stood as did my mom who gathered her belongings.

Beth gave us friendly farewells, walking with us outside; village square was now empty due to the curfew call that had now begun. My mom and I scampered toward the Jeep; the only vehicle parked outside the villagesโ€™ gates. I drove at a faster pace returning to the manor just before the gates closed for the night. The guards watched as the Jeep entered the tunnel then immediately shut the outer gates; inner doors swung closed soon after we exited the tunnel. Arriving at our dwelling leaving the Jeep parked outside, we spoke about Bethโ€™s work in high admiration, as well as her approval of Bethโ€™s advice on men. Also, I offered my congratulations for my mom having been offered a role in Bethโ€™s homeopathic work. Beth admired my momโ€™s knowledge of the craft and wanted her to collaborate in her expertise. Walking through the lounge; not a person in sight, I made sure my mom settled in her room safely. Giving Freya loads of kisses, I ventured upstairs to my room where Zanz anxiously greeted me; chew bone down to nothing laying by the door.

Erik returned to his room, taking a long hot shower. Afterwards, he sat on his bed, playing soft notes on his black acoustic guitar. Hearing knocks on the door, he looked up at the sounds. Laying the guitar next to him, he sped toward the door.

โ€œWho is it?โ€ he asked.

โ€œItโ€™s me.โ€ a womanโ€™s voice answered.

Nervously, he looked down at himself knowing the half-breed came to his room personally and without invitation, combing his wet hair back then breathed deeply before opening his door.

โ€œHi.โ€ he rushed the words.

โ€œHey.โ€ I replied, studying his presence standing in his doorway dressed in a black tank and pj bottoms; one hand on the door and the other on the doorframe, โ€œCan we talk?โ€

โ€œOh, um...sure.โ€ he stepped aside, allowing the young woman access and entry.

I hesitated then stepped through the doorway. Examining the decor beautifully styled with a Chinese flair, pictures of his father and friends sat on the fireplace mantle. Marxusโ€™ dagger hung on the wall next to a Chinese sword, alongside four parchments with Chinese symbols drawn in black ink. On a table set before the balcony doors, sat a small terrarium where two baby turtles swam around. I couldnโ€™t help but comment on his taste of decor.

โ€œThank you. So...what did you want to talk about?โ€ he asked.

โ€œA lot of things.โ€ I replied bluntly as I knelt down in front of his terrarium admiring his small turtles swimming around on their tank decorations.


โ€œFor starters, Iโ€™m not here to argue so please, just listen to what I have to say.โ€ I stood, turning to him as he sat on the ledge of his made bed.

โ€œWhatโ€™s this about, Keeps?โ€ he folded his arms, โ€œReally?โ€

I turned, sitting in one of his chairs beginning to explain my reserved feelings about Lucyโ€™s rescue, worrying if weโ€™ll find her safely and what could be waiting for us in the tunnels. None of us expect the outcome of the upcoming days and it freaked me out. Erik walked over sitting across from me and reaching out holding my hands, he offered his support in a soft whisper,

โ€œNo matter the decisions or the circumstances, Iโ€™m with you.โ€

โ€œI know, and thank you.โ€ I gave his hands a gentle squeeze then slowly pulled mine away.

โ€œBut Lucy wasnโ€™t the only reason you came here to talk is it?โ€ Erik wondered.

I stood talking toward the parchments hanging on his walls. Running my hands over each one feeling the roughness of the parchment I asked what they meant. I didnโ€™t get an immediate answer but felt a quick breeze behind me and glancing over my shoulder slightly, there stood Erik. Taking my right hand in his own running it along the surface of the parchment he revealed,

โ€œThe first, second and third parchments represent hope, faith and friendship while this oneโ€ฆโ€ he took my left in his place reaching it toward the parchment, โ€œmeans love.โ€

I care about Erik, more than just friends, but with his most recent attitude and actions heโ€™s displayed, I wanted to be careful. I had to make sure Erik wouldnโ€™t break my heart or trust. I closed my eyes, remembering the words of both my mom and Beth, about sorting out my priorities and not letting a man run my life. I knew Erik cared but there are times since I returned, moments like this, where he pretends nothing was said. Itโ€™s as if yesterdayโ€™s events and behavior during training never took place. I pulled my hands away as I slowly turned, staring into his intense gray eyes. Catching the scent of his soap and cologne, it was moments like this I cherished.

โ€œKeeps?โ€ he whispered.

โ€œI should go.โ€ I broke my gaze as I stepped around him toward the door.

โ€œRight.โ€ he nodded placing his hands on his hips then turning his head to the left watching as the woman approached the door, he scampered toward her placing his left hand on the door keeping her from opening it. Frowning he questioned, โ€œWhat are you doing here, really? Because it certainly wasnโ€™t to talk about Lucyโ€™s bloody rescue.โ€

โ€œI thought I could be here alone with you, but since everything between has happenedโ€ฆโ€ the words rushed from my lips, โ€œnever mind.โ€ I attempted to open the door but he was persistent in not allowing me to leave, โ€œErik, open the door.โ€ my voice grew blunt, โ€œPlease.โ€ I looked into his eyes once more.

โ€œNo.โ€ he lowered his hand then gently pulled me in, kissing me passionately, which I eagerly returned then pushed him away, โ€œWhat?โ€ he continued, โ€œWhatโ€™s wrong?โ€

โ€œErik, I care about you...you know thatโ€ฆโ€ I breathed heavily, โ€œbut we are going to take things slow, very slow before any commitments are made. Can you do that?โ€

He backed away in slight disbelief that I didnโ€™t just give into his desires. Biting his lower lip, he nodded.

โ€œYeah. Sure.โ€ he answered bluntly.

โ€œGoodnight, Erik.โ€ I muttered as I opened the door.

โ€œGoodnight.โ€ he offered his farewell watching as the door closed softly. He huffed, then turned, kicking his bed, โ€œBloody hellโ€ฆโ€ he complained, feeling a sharp throbbing in his foot.

Standing out in the hall, I combed my hair back off my face then cursed under my breath before strolling down the hall. That wasnโ€™t how I expected the moment to play out but when it comes to Erik, when plans are made, they always go out the window and turn out either better than planned, or worse. I better decide whatโ€™s more important before it gets the best of me and I give in.

Leonus sat outside his home (once again) smoking his pipe, thinking it over in his mind about how he desperately wanted Erik to suffer by either throwing him in prison or better yet, having him banished, but even that wasnโ€™t enough.

โ€œLeonus!โ€ Heatherโ€™s voice called from inside, โ€œDinnerโ€™s ready! Come inside or Iโ€™m throwing it out! LEONUS...โ€

โ€œIโ€™m coming, woman!โ€ he argued roughly, โ€œJust hold your horses!โ€ he stood, extinguishing his pipe before entering inside.

Heather glanced up at the sound of Leonus coming in from outside, watching as he wiped snow from his boots. He removed them, placing them near the door with the others. She firmly laid a plate with a slab of semi-raw steak, steamed carrots and potatoes, and a whole loaf of baked bread down on the table along with a large beer stein mug filled with his favorite wine which he drank every night. She walked away leaving him there to eat alone, as she retired for the night. Although before closing the door of their bedroom, she said over her shoulder firmly,

โ€œYouโ€™ll not be sleeping in the bedroom. The couch is made for you.โ€ then she closed the door, locking it from the inside. She walked over sitting on the bed, placing a silver dagger under her pillow. She closed her eyes, holding back tears that stung them; heart breaking a bit more each passing day.

Leonus scoffed as he sat at the table, chowing down his raw meat and guzzling down his wine. He wasnโ€™t worried about table manners; his family wasnโ€™t at the table, so he was going to act just as his Viking ancestors did. Using their hands instead of silverware, getting food all over the place; stuck in their beards, wine dripping down from the corners of their mouth, in sheer gluttony. But what no one saw were tears welling in his blue eyes. He knew he was losing his family day-by-day but he wanted something more than what he had. He wanted power and that was going to be his downfall. Aftwards, he wiped his tears away with the back of his hand then stood, cleaning the table out of respect for their clean home. After dinner, he made his bed on the couch which was far too small; his feet hanging over the edge of the arm, so he figured the floor would be more suitable. He grabbed the pillow and blankets from the couch, laying them near the fireplace. Tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, he thought of his wife and how he hasnโ€™t been intimate with her lately. Heather has been refusing intimacy, due to all the chaos heโ€™s caused, plus his aggressiveness. She and their sons have grown embarrassed, noticing stares from neighbors and those in the square. Other kids backed off playing with Seth and Daniel per their parents instructions due to Leonusโ€™ most recent temperamental behavior, making them feel isolated and alone.

Suddenly he sat up, thinking of just going in, forcing himself on her, figuring itโ€™s the way of a Viking man to get what he needs from his wife, but he thought better of it, knowing their sons were in the other rooms, and just laid back down, falling asleep. Besides, Heather was a woman who could fight back with her Irish temper!

Morning arrived and Leonus woke to the sound of Liam and Seth laughing at the kitchen table. Rolling over and sitting up; his hair a mess, there they were enjoying a bowl of cereal with fresh milk and juice. He stood, rolling the blankets, laying them on the couch then walked toward his sons. He said as he kissed their heads except for Liam who left when he saw his father walking towards them,

โ€œGood morning, sons.โ€

โ€œMorning father.โ€ Seth replied.

Little Daniel tried saying words but all he could do was make infant-like sounds, banging his hands on the edge of the table. He never spoke for he was born with a more severe underlying problem. When Heather became pregnant with him, the pregnancy carried more difficulty for he was the largest. Secondly, he was born with mixed DNA of both human and Lycynian that didnโ€™t fully separate into one or the other. Poor child was a half-ling because his appearance revealed a deformed left hand curled up chest-high in a half-Lycynian form; little claws and fur up his forearm. He had one yellow eye and the other blue, and small puppy-like fangs that never retracted. He was slightly hunched with one ear pointed at the tip with fur, and his right foot was also deformed in the shape of a Lycynianโ€™s hind foot, causing him to have a severe limp as he walked. He needed to wear a special boot specifically made for him. During the full moon phase, she had no choice but to keep him in their cellar at night, for he couldnโ€™t be free in the compound. The other beasts would tear him apart, sensing his deformity, giving off a diseased scent. He wouldnโ€™t fully transition because he needed to be at least 18 years of age. Heather kept his hair shoulder length, combed over both ears, as well as a glove worn on his disfigured hand. But oh, was this little boy the sweetest most precious little soul. When he smiled, the innocence truly became visible shining through to the surface. And oh, how he loved and looked up to his father, and wanted to be like him. Strong, handsome, and a warrior. Seth, the middle child, carried the human gene which Heather grew pleased about and Liam of course, is their oldest.

โ€œWhereโ€™s your mother?โ€ Leonus asked pouring himself a cup of black coffee, after fixing his messy red hair.

โ€œSheโ€™s out back, hanging the laundry.โ€ Seth replied before taking a bite of cereal.

โ€œAlright. I want you to go to your rooms.โ€

โ€œYes, father.โ€ Seth sighed, โ€œBut when can we go hunting, like you promised?โ€

โ€œNot now!โ€ Leonus ignored Sethโ€™s childish plea, โ€œGo to your rooms, now!โ€

Seth stood, helping Daniel from the table, escorting him to his room and there, they remained, playing with cars and military action figures Derek had bought for them.

Leonus quietly stepped outside, watching as Heather hung sheets and clothing on the line, studying her beauty and body. He groaned as he quietly strolled forward, coming up from behind, placing his hands around her waist. He began kissing her neck, catching her off guard. She was crazily in love with her Lycynian and all these years loved feeling his arms around her but most recently, sheโ€™s been turned off.

โ€œThe kids are inside, my love.โ€ Leonus whispered in her ear, โ€œYou smell so sweet. I need youโ€ฆI want you. Youโ€™re my wife and itโ€™s your duty to love your husband.โ€ his grip tightened before running his hands up her skirt attempting to lift the fabric.

Heather had a moment of weakness but came to her senses when the scent of stale wine blew off his breath, with pipe tobacco in his beard. Plus, the stronger musty-wet dog scent she never noticed before repulsed her. She pulled away, turning to him.

โ€œNo!โ€ she yelled, โ€œI will not lay with a man I donโ€™t know!โ€

โ€œWhat are you talking about!?โ€ Leonus stepped toward her.

โ€œThis...this man standing before me isnโ€™t my husband! Who are you and whatโ€™s happened to him?โ€

โ€œIโ€™m right here, woman.โ€ he replied stepping close, โ€œWanting my beautiful sexy wife.โ€ his hands gently reached upward, attempting to caress her breasts. โ€œAnd I showered last night!โ€

โ€œNo!โ€ she roughly pushed his hands away.

โ€œNo!? Youโ€™re denying a husband the pleasure of having his own wife?โ€

โ€œYes, I am. Youโ€™re not the man I fell in love with. Go take another shower and rinse your mouth! You reek of wine and foul breath!โ€ Heather ordered then turned, continuing to hang the clothes and bedding.

โ€œI could take you by force. Right hereโ€ฆright now.โ€ Leonus threatened in a low tone.

โ€œTry it and by all the gods...itโ€™ll be the end of everything you hold dear!โ€ Heather replied over her shoulder, โ€œYou have five seconds to get out of my sight.โ€ she inconspicuously held her right hand to her waist where she carried the blade.

He stood leering at her then stormed away, huffing as he pulled sheets already hanging from the line.

Heather watched as he rushed out. Grabbing one of his shirts off the line, she held it to her face and even though it was clean, it still had his scent of cologne. Her heart sunk to the floor, as she fell to her knees, crying.

โ€œI donโ€™t know how much more of this I can take.โ€ she mumbled grabbing handfuls of snow, feeling the freezing sting against her bare palms, โ€œI just donโ€™t. By the Gods, Leonusโ€ฆI love you, but the kids and I canโ€™t do this anymore!โ€

The day had ended rather quickly for everyone on the Isle.

The next morning, I thought Iโ€™d spend the day in the library of which I havenโ€™t yet visited. Although things between Erik and I were tense, that didnโ€™t mean we were enemies or kept our distance completely, so he joined me along with Jon, Sarah and Wyatt, of whom was already in the study upon our entry. Opening the door and standing in the doorway, I was surprised because I thought the library wouldโ€™ve been smaller but it was adequate and spacious; fitting the manorโ€™s structure. Lining the wood paneled walls, were floor-to-ceiling bookshelves with a ladder allowing access to the higher shelves; highlighted from a window to the right. Two leather couches sat in the center, creating a comfortable environment. Elaborate Tiffany lamps sat on tables around the room and in front of the windows, stood another podium where a large book presented itself; open pages revealing shelf numbers for books on English History and Mythology, and everything else in between. Every book was color coordinated, creating an eye catching appearance. I walked around admiring softly,

โ€œWow...this is beautiful.โ€

โ€œHey...youโ€™re already here!โ€ Jonโ€™s voice interrupted my admiration, โ€œFinally.โ€

โ€œIsnโ€™t it crazy?โ€ Sarah added, taking a seat on the couch.

โ€œCrazy isnโ€™t the word Iโ€™d use but, sure.โ€ I smiled.

โ€œOther than the wall, itโ€™s the one place we can find peace.โ€ Wyatt spoke up as he sat on the other couch skimming through arcane books learning new spells, โ€œErik told me you were looking for books about dragons and shape-shifting, right?โ€

โ€œAs a matter of fact, I am.โ€ I answered.

โ€œOr even something about your bloody hound.โ€ Erik muttered as Wyatt handed him a book.

I frowned, putting his comment aside. I turned away approaching the podium. Flipping through the book near the window, I noticed a pad and pen lying alongside the book, used to write down bookshelf and section numbers. Closing the book, I carefully climbed the ladder, examining the dragon selection located on an upper shelf. I turned glancing down at my friends who bounced around little sparks of magic between them, once learning the spells and chants from the books that lay spewed on the table before them or on the couch alongside Wyatt.

Sarah chuckled but felt a little left out considering she wasnโ€™t of the magical kind.

It was rather loud in the Lycynian dwelling for you could hear loud music playing from rooms down the hall but for the residents residing in the rooms, none cared for the disturbance.

โ€œSo, tonightโ€™s Wraith and Demon night up at the pub. Thatโ€™s perfect, absolutely perfect! Donโ€™t you see, lads!? This is when itโ€™s going to happen.โ€ Leonus bragged then went on explaining his plans, drawing quick diagrams on a napkin, revealing he and Derek would navigate through tunnels that ran beneath the island, connecting from dwelling-to-dwelling, the village square then ends at the greenhouse, โ€œMarxus had me reconstruct them many years ago. He and I are the only ones that know of their existence. Well, now all of you know.โ€

โ€œWonderful, but why am I here?โ€ Derek inquired in a rough raspy voice, leaning against the wall.

Leonus turned to him.

Derek is a 6โ€™4 muscular man of Samoan heritage, in his late 30s. His shoulder length black hair with a faint natural wave is always worn in a clean, neat low ponytail. Rugged yet handsome features and scruff complimented his brown eyes, as did a scar above his left eyebrow. Tribal tattoo sleeves covered his muscular arms. Imagine 2018โ€ฒs AQUAMAN. His stature gave the impression he was a soldier in which he is; ex Special Ops and Navy Seal background. No one really knew his story but heโ€™s yet to reveal it.

โ€œSo youโ€™re really going to do this?โ€ Derek asked.

โ€œYes, I am. You have a problem with it?โ€ Leonus stood in objection.

โ€œNo. But where are you going to get the gun because Iโ€™m not providing you with one.โ€

Leonus grinned as he turned away, gloating,

โ€œOh...donโ€™t worry about that, Derek. I have friends too. But...tonightโ€™s the night. That abomination is going to get his due. His last night on Earth. Poor little rich boy. God, how I hate him!โ€ he laughed, growing pleased knowing heโ€™ll cause Erik agonizing pain. Maybe even death for all he cared.

Derek remained silent, observing everything being said and planned. He chewed on a toothpick he removed from his pocket, then excused himself without causing disruption to Leonusโ€™ gathering. He stood outside in the hallway of the second floor in the Lycynian dwelling, jotting down notes in a small notebook then quickly tucked it away when Leonusโ€™ head peeked from the doorway. Leering at Derekโ€™s tall frame Leonus muttered,

โ€œYouโ€™re quiet.โ€

โ€œWhat do you want me to say, Lancaster!?โ€ Derek barked in agitation leaning his back against the wall, โ€œThis is all on you.โ€

โ€œLookโ€ฆI donโ€™t know youโ€ฆnot really, but just know that youโ€™re part of this now, so if any of us...โ€ Leonus menacingly stood before Derek making direct eye contact, โ€œget caught or blamed...youโ€™ll fall too.โ€

โ€œBelieve me, Leonusโ€ฆweโ€™re all going to fall and when you doโ€ฆIโ€™ll be there to see it.โ€ Derek warned, โ€œNow, if weโ€™re done here!? I have things to do before tonightโ€™s events, got it!? And after this...NEVER call on me again. Got it?โ€ he stepped forward, pushing past Leonusโ€™ bulk, strolling down the hall.

Leonus growled, throwing a punch at the wall, before returning to his plans.

I found six books pertaining to dragon species, three books about hell hounds and four books on shape-shifting, giving me insight into understanding Abraxas and Zanz. We spent a few hours when Wyatt excused himself, as did Jon and Sarah. Once the door closed behind them and their books returned to their places on the shelves, it was then Erik commented about leaving Ravenstone, but I convinced him that heโ€™d be leaving everyone and everything behind. He joked, claiming it was just an idea and a passing one. He revealed that he could never really go through with it, because heโ€™d miss his father too much. Hiromi really loved Ravenstone and didnโ€™t want to uproot again. I nodded then returned to the book search. However as I glanced toward him, it disturbed me that he would even mention leaving.

โ€œErik...promise me youโ€™ll never really leave.โ€ I pleaded.

โ€œI promise, Keeps.โ€ he answered softly, as he leaned forward.

โ€œGood, because that would be a real jackass thing to do.โ€ I nodded in affirmation then began flipping through the books; information jumped off the pages but unfortunately, despite the history and knowledge on the pages, none of it could really explain Abraxas or Zanz but the content was intriguing nonetheless. I frowned because their descriptions of having three heads and being hideously deformed, was far from the truth. I bit my lower lip shaking my head in disbelief because of manโ€™s interpretation of things they donโ€™t understand.

The time quickly approached; much sooner than anyone realized. 7:50pm. All the Wraiths and Demons including Wyatt, Jon, Nick and Caleb (except for a few guards on the wall) teleported, gathering outside the pub, preparing for pub night. With the village square empty due to the Boar-wolves roaming the island, the pub continued with its activities, that drove them crazy. The village had their crystals in place around the perimeter and even over the sound of the loud music playing over the speakers inside (that didnโ€™t bother the guests at the Inn), during the breaks between songs, the eerie thud of the creatures banging against the invisible barrier were heard; more enraged than ever.

Nick, Jon and Caleb sat with other Wraiths and Demons at one of the tables, feeling less active because Erik wasnโ€™t there. They missed his company, even though he hardly danced or participated in the activities. Their friend Justin, had joined them after finishing his shift on the wall.

โ€œYou think we should leave and visit Erik?โ€ Caleb asked, โ€œJust to make sure heโ€™s alright?โ€

โ€œNah.โ€ Jon sadly replied, โ€œHeโ€™d want us to enjoy ourselves. Weโ€™ll visit him later. Besides, if he gets too lonely, Iโ€™m sure heโ€™ll visit his father. Or even Yza.โ€

Nick remained silent, sipping from his cup. Justin chimed in reassuring them that all was good. They enjoyed the rest of their night dancing with female Wraiths and Demons and singing karaoke; some terrible while others proved their talent. They all felt so free, being able to flash their Wraiths fangs, eyes and nails, while the Demons were able to release blast waves of built-up magic without judgement from humans or Lycynians.

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