On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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๐’ž๐’ฝ๐’ถ๐“…๐“‰๐‘’๐“‡ ๐Ÿฃ๐Ÿซ

๐’œs the beasts lunged we defended; stabbing and cutting at their tough hides, that were difficult to pierce. The light from our glow sticks and flashlights affected their eyes as they were kicked and scattered about. Being in close proximity, some of the Boar-wolvesโ€™ appearance had a boarโ€™s head with tusks; others with deformed wolf-like heads, tusks and disfigured fangs. Either way, they were f*cking hideous, beyond anything we could encounter.

Although those of our party were excellent warriors (excluding myself), everyone struggled with their attempts to defend themselves. Even for the Wraiths. Efforts at piercing their tough hides required several repeated strikes but after continuous strong and powerful blows, that proved successful.

Gunmen Derek and Caleb provided extra firepower between swings of their machetes or swords. Shoving the barrels of their shotgun and pistols quickly into the mouths or wounds, they blasted brains and clots of flesh across the area. Once the creatures fell, they shook their guns toward the ground, dislodging residual pieces or chunks.

The Wraiths utilized their speed and teleportation abilities, confusing the creatures as their eyes could only focus on one figure at a time. Knowing the Boar-wolveโ€™s lost momentary focus, that allowed the Wraiths to complete their attack; Caleb and Nick stabbing at their sides, necks and under bellies with their daggers or axes, spewing their intestines onto the stone floor. Nick used his large metal shield as well, deflecting the weight as Boar-wolves lunged forward and if their weapons were lost, the Wraiths used their powerful hands to grab and decapitate the massive creatures.

Jon and Erik, used their magics to hold back creatures that advanced on them or pushed them back with such force, some slammed against the wall or fell into the pit creating an unsettling splash. Jon, having the ability to communicate with animals attempted to control a few of the beasts and while it only lasted a few minutes before their rage broke the bond, it gave us an advantage for those under the Demonโ€™s control, attacked or killed their own. Thankfully though, they were in our party for their magics proved useful as their hands swept through the air releasing blasts of colored energy that held their own individual purpose and the flashes in between each attack, made the environment feel as if we were in a rave with the flashing party lights of various colors. This distraction made it difficult for the creatures to focus their poor eyesight upon the figures that jumped around them, proving it difficult for them.

Leonus of course, filled with rage, swung his large double bladed axe with all of his strength through the air, practically throwing the Boar-wolves across the cavern. You could hear their bones breaking and shattering from impact as they hit hard against the jagged slate walls. Even Derek, Anthony and Nathan released their rage as they swiped their clawed hands toward the creatures faces and throats. They growled viciously as they stood snarling, revealing their canine fangs but controlled their rage and prevented themselves from transitioning.

I, on the other hand, had a more difficult time because Iโ€™ve never fought anything like these creatures before or yielded the experience as my fellow warriors for I knew my limits. I used my sword as taught, stabbing at their sides and necks. I managed to catch glimpses of how the others were successful at their killings, (skull crushing and decapitation) but was unable to achieve those techniques, due to my strength limits. This would definitely have to be worse than the Town with No Name and Hunters who captured Axeon the year before. I did however, manage to throw large enough boulders from their place, that crushed Boar-wolveโ€™s skulls as they rushed toward me; their bodies sliding along the ground toward me before coming to an abrupt halt. Even my Aura didnโ€™t seem to affect their thick hides but I burned their eyes or aimed toward their gaping mouths; the squeals on top of others echoing throughout the cavern was horrific. Those with fire in their eyes banged against the walls releasing debris from their place along the roof that was already weak from the batsโ€™ disturbance. I even created a momentary shield but that didnโ€™t last long because the constant friction and advances from the creatures shattered the magic that needed some time to renew.

Boar-wolves kept pouring from the tunnel; one after another, like ants running from their hill. Luke and Jeremy unfortunately were killed; stabbed and skewered in their lower abdomen from the Boar-wolvesโ€™ tusks. Poor brave guys.

Jon in a moment of having no bladed weapons left in hand, had two beasts slowly approaching him and squeezing his hands into tight fists, the Boar-wolvesโ€™ began twitching and their bones began breaking from inside; their squeals attracted the aid from their kin as another beast swept Jon within its tusks throwing him against the wall. The hard stone pressed hard in his back before he fell and having the three hovering above him with their gaping drooling mouths, he once again squeezed his hands then pulling them in, the creatures were drawn forward before being thrown across the cavern as the pureblood threw his hands outward as if throwing something away. He laid there breathing heavily as he groaned, trying to get to his feet.

Dear friends tried protecting the young half-breed but had their own battle to fight.

We all worked together as a team, keeping me in center to attack any Boar-wolf that gets past them. I focused on a Boar-wolf heading right toward Erik from the left and I quickly jumped in front of him blocking the creatureโ€™s path. As it leapt, I moved my hands as if gathering energy from my feet-up-to my head releasing a blast of fiery Aura that blew a hole through the rib-cage. The creature fell with the pieces that were blown out, splattering against the wall opposite the cavern. I breathed heavily as I turned to Erik who stared down at the carcass.We exchanged a nod then continued the fight; I had lost my sword somewhere so the only defense I had until I could improvise with something else, were the teachings Shung-Lee had provided using my Aura and releasing that part of myself. As I continued doing so, it became intoxicating as I enjoyed the feeling of the Demonic powers.

Leonus caught the occurrence in the corner of his eye, remembering the day the young woman had utilized it upon him but turned his head away, focusing on the fight.

Everyone continued stabbing and lunging at the Boar-wolves in their vulnerable areas. This time the situation was reversed. A Boar-wolf came charging toward me and Erikโ€™s reflexes kicked in, using his Demonic speed to jump in front of me. As the Boar-wolf lunged forward with its mouth agape, ready for attack, Erik grabbed hold of its upper and lower jaw with an invisible force that didnโ€™t require the actual physical contact. Pulling his hands apart, he began ripping the jaw apart and as he did, the Boar-wolf squealed in agonizing pain as he continued ripping its jaw from the socket. With one strong pull outward to his side, he tore the upper jaw portion with the head attached, severing it from the lower jaw. Blood splattered onto his clothing and face as he threw the head away; its body fell to the ground with the lower jaw still attached to the neck. Wow. To be a pureblood with unlimited power.

Jon had scampered toward us breathing heavy with blood soaked in his red hair when another Boar-wolf lunged from the right. Jon quickly turned, using his Demonic speed and kneeling down, he held his daggers upward as the Boar-wolf jumped. Landing right on his blade, it impaled itself with its dark colored blood spilling from the wound down on Jonโ€™s hands and upper arms. Using his strength, he threw the lifeless corpse to the side, creating a hard thump; sickening to hear, as it fell to the stone ground. Having a momentary break, Erik and I ran over.

โ€œAre you alright?โ€ I worried.

โ€œIโ€™m fine.โ€ he replied then glanced over my shoulder, โ€œBehind you!โ€

I turned before they could react, decapitating the head of another Boar-wolf with a sword that I found lying nearby. Holding the blade down at my side, blood dripped from the tip.

โ€œI donโ€™t know how much more we can take.โ€ I complained, feeling tired and drained.

โ€™Same here.โ€ Eik groaned.

Suddenly, everyone heard a voice shoutout and turning our heads toward the ruckus, Anthony had become tangled in the tusks of one Boar-wolf as it ran around down the left tunnel. He heard worried voices shouting out his name over the squeals and grunts but they became too distant as they ventured deeper down the tunnel. Taking a hunting knife from his boot, he pierced the creature between its eyes. He listened to its painful squealing as it stumbled forward and as it fell, he was thrown from its tusks. He rolled a few feet from the dead creature getting a cramp in his right leg once he thumped against the wall. He laid breathing heavily despite the foul air but his breathing ceased when to his left, there it was; a loud guttural squeal coming from the tunnel. Turning his head and using his Lycynian vision, he could see the faint outline of something beginning to crawl its way toward the tunnelโ€™s entrance; its silhouette creeped along the wall. He shuffled to his feet limping from the faint cramp then turned, roughly removing his knife, then hobbled back toward the pit.

We must have been fighting for an hour straight or longer but it was hard to estimate. Everyone except the Wraiths were beginning to feel strained and after a while, the amount of Boar-wolves pouring from the tunnel dwindled. Boar-wolf carcasses were piled everywhere, making it difficult to stand our ground and keep our footing. For higher ground and better advantage, some of us stood upon the carcasses of the dead. Taking a moment to catch our breath, Thomas and I hid behind a cluster of corpses pierced with holes from bladed weapons, bullet wounds or even from unnatural wounds of magical inflictions. Breathing heavily we exchanged tired expressions while examining each otherโ€™s appearances; filth and blood covered every inch looking as if we bathed in it. All we could see, were the white part of our weary eyes. Before we could speak, I heard the roars of a dragon and howls of a hound. Turning around peeking over the mound of dead flesh, there they were, entering the cavern.

Zanz revealed his true Hellhound nature as he leapt across the pit without struggle, toward a Boar-wolf with his jaw stretched in a wider gape. Grabbing onto the creatureโ€™s neck, his fangs sunk deep through the tough hide, piercing through; thick blood spilling from the wound. His fur was aflame down his spine from head-to-tail while the rest of the fur on his body spat embers into the air that diminished immediately. His massive paws sizzled against the slate rock leaving hidden and obscure footprints. Breathing heavily after killing the creature ten times larger than himself, he released a hot breath that bellowed from within; similar to that of a dragon. His rib-cage appeared to protrude but not in a skeletal way. Perhaps it gave him the leaner frame and agility needed, who knows?

And that of dragons, Abraxas too utilized his abilities to shape-shift, turning into one of the creatures with features different from them. He had larger tusks and massive claws that sunk deep into the hides as he latched on tightly. There was even a moment where he turned into a massive snake and wrapping around one of the creatures, he released spikes that stabbed every inch of the thick hides as he squeezed around the beasts. He even exhaled his dragonโ€™s flame deep into mouths as Boar-wolves attempted vicious bites.

Thomas and I watched in amazement, for the power within them both, was undeniable, then exchanged expressions of wonderment.

โ€œDid you know they could do that?โ€ Thomasโ€™ raspy voice questioned.

โ€œNo.โ€ I gulped, โ€œNot like that...especially Zanz.โ€

Among the chaos, Nick lost his shield as it was thrown from his grasp; shattering beneath the hooves of the creatures that continued scampering around. However, he maintained his grip on his axe then removed another from his belt, slashing out, hissing in the process. The adorable and fun-loving Wraith was vicious indeed. As was Caleb in his own right, who had lost his guns in the chaos.

Unexpectedly, Erik got swept up in the tusks of an injured Boar-wolf; thrown across the cavern, landing hard on the stone ground. The Boar-wolf turned, beginning to charge toward him. Without thinking, I ran, jumping off one of the large boulders, landing on its back, positioned in between the spikes running down its back (that were surprisingly soft) or I wouldโ€™ve been impaled. It tried jumping and shaking me off its back (as if I were bull riding) but I managed to hold onto the spikes. Removing a machete from its sheath attached to my belt, I stabbed the creature in its neck, moving the blade back and forth in slicing motions. Feeling the constant cuts and pain, it released deafening squeals that pierced my ears. It slowed its pace as it stumbled, trying to keep its balance fighting for its life. Finally, it gave in to death; falling forward, throwing me from its back. I landed roughly on the stone ground near where Erik laid unconscious. I moaned as I rolled over, feeling sharp aches from scrapes and bruises.

If it werenโ€™t for the heavy leather armor, I wouldโ€™ve had a broken back. I lifted my head looking at the machete I still held in my hand, noticing it broke in half; blade deep in the Boar-wolfโ€™s neck and the hilt in my hand. I threw the hilt to the side then sat up, seeing Erik laying there with his head laying to the side. I quickly crawled over to him on my hands and knees then began shaking him as I pleaded, glancing down at his unconscious handsome face,

โ€œErik, wake up...wake up!โ€ but he wouldnโ€™t wake, โ€œErik...โ€ I shouted, โ€œoh, Erik...wake up! Wake up, you jacka**!โ€ and as the attempts to wake him continued, I suddenly witnessed a shadow on the wall in front of me, reflecting from the glow sticks and flashlights.

A deep growl vibrated in my ears, before a strand of drool landed on my shoulder. The shadow was now in a standing position about to strike. I glanced down, reaching out grabbing Erikโ€™s sword, then laid on my back stabbing the Boar-wolf in the rib-cage, slicing up to its heart, as it jumped from behind. After releasing agonizing squeals, its body slid down the blade, landing on all fours inches above me. Black blood (more like slime) poured from the wound, onto my face and upper body. I turned my head, avoiding the blood from entering my mouth and eyes. My adrenaline pumped full force through my body along with my telekinesis, and with one push sideways, the Boar-wolf fell leaving me laying there on my back. I turned, looking at the lifeless creature that definitely appeared larger than the others. I closed my eyes, breathing heavily. I sat up watching as Erik began waking from his unconscious state. As I stood on my feet, I suddenly felt a sharp pain run through my right leg and glancing down, a large cut on my upper thigh was visible. I shook the thought of pain from my mind as I limped, helping Erik from the ground.

Zanz, in between his defense, ran toward me in great concern with Abraxas not too far behind. He roared, landing on the corpse of the Boar-wolf I had slain moments ago.

โ€œMotherโ€ฆare you injured?โ€ Abraxas inquired with concern.

Zanz approached, sniffing my leg releasing low whines.

Erik grew fearful of Zanzsโ€™ Hell-hound persona.

โ€œIโ€™m fineโ€ฆIโ€™m fine.โ€ I answered quickly then turned to Erik, โ€œAre you alright?โ€

โ€œIโ€™m fine.โ€ he snapped, โ€œBut what the bloody hell are they doing here!?โ€ he gestured toward Zanz and Abraxas.

โ€œDoes it matter!?โ€ my voice shouted over background squeals and shouts.

โ€œAre you done over there!?โ€ Leonus shouted in a heavy huff, removing his large axe from the last Boar-wolf that spewed from the tunnel.

Suddenly, Anthonyโ€™s voice screamed as he backed away,

โ€œItโ€™s not finished yet! Thereโ€™s another oneโ€ฆand itโ€™s bigger!โ€

Erik and I turned, seeing Anthony pointing toward the left tunnel, where we could hear grinding and thumping against stone as if a T-Rex approached.


In a private hospital room, Sarah sat holding Lucy in her arms. Warming her with three blankets wrapped around her shoulders, in after math of the nurses giving her a bath, Doctor Matthews, a Wraith, provided a well deserved exam, as well as glasses of water.

โ€œThank you, Doctor.โ€ Sarah said softly.

โ€œNo problem.โ€ Matthews replied then leaned in whispering as he looked into Lucyโ€™s big blue eyes, โ€œNo more running off now, alright? You had everyone on edge.โ€

Lucy sniffled as she looked into Matthewsโ€™ red Wraith eyes.

โ€œEdge of what?โ€ Lucy answered innocently.

Matthews and Sarah chuckled when a nurse stepped into the room, carrying a tray of hot chocolate and donuts, immediately catching Lucyโ€™s eye because she loved donuts. Before Lucy could indulge in the sweet treats, Lucyโ€™s mother and father rushed into the room; dressed in lounge wear and winter boots. When Susan saw her precious baby girl, she ran over, squeezing her tightly. Jonathan Sr. stood behind Susan, hugging them both, shedding tears of joy. Looking around for Jonathan, Susan frantically asked about their son, whom Sarah explained was still absent due to obvious reasons. Jonathan Sr. glanced over at Matthews who stood by the door, watching the tender moment, glad to see a family reunited.

โ€œThank you, Doctor.โ€ Jonathan Sr. appreciated, โ€œFor everything. How is she though?โ€

โ€œConsidering what she went through, physically sheโ€™s fine. Just minor cuts and scrapes, of which we administered antibiotics, but psychologically? Thatโ€™s yet to be determined, but she;s home now.โ€ Doctor Matthews answered solemnly in a rough English accent, as he turned to gaze at the small child and her mother, โ€œKeep her close.โ€ then he raised his gaze looking deep into the manโ€™s eyes, โ€œSir, you must also care for yourself if youโ€™re to be there for your family.โ€ he referred to Jonathan Srโ€™s cancer, โ€œHave you decided on what treatment youโ€™d like to pursue?โ€

โ€œNo...no, I havenโ€™t.โ€ Jonathan Sr. answered, โ€œIโ€™m looking into them.โ€

โ€œAlright.โ€ Matthews nodded then heard a beep on his beeper, โ€œExcuse me.โ€ he exited the room.

Jonathan Sr. stood there, watching as his precious child was safe but prayed for his son, hoping heโ€™d return too. He smiled, walking toward his partial family. He held onto Lucy in a tight embrace looking into her big blue eyes. He chuckled, wiping away jelly smeared in the corner of her mouth from the donut she devoured.

Sarah too, chuckled then turned, hearing her uncle Leonardโ€™s rough English voice calling out her name from outside in the hallway. She excused herself, entering the hall where she embraced her uncle that loved her dearly. He inquired about Nathan; Sarah sitting him down to retell her encounter, revealing Nathan remained behind. He held onto her, relieved nonetheless.

The tired and fatigue-stricken warriors listened as the loud vibrating thumps continued, waiting in anticipation; weapons and glow sticks in hand. Abraxas landed on a corpse nearby while Zanz stood heeled alongside me. Aiming all available illumination toward the tunnel, we watched as IT (whatever IT was) emerged. Massive hands with sharp claws protruding from its long fingers grabbed hold of the side walls, supporting its unknown weight. Shards of slate chipped from the surface as the claws dug deep into the stone, screeching like nails on a chalkboard. We covered our ears and closed our eyes; even Leonus felt unsettled. Emerging from the blackness of the tunnel, was a horn attached to a massive head held low. Pushing itself from the opening, ginormous, if thatโ€™s even a word, cloven hooved hind feet thumped against the stone ground. With its head remaining held low, it fully exited; all our gaze veering upward at least fifteen feet high; possibly more as it stood from a hunch position. It huffed; steam escaping from its nostrils and mouth.

Raising its head and standing completely straight, we took in its full horrifying appearance. This creature stood on its cloven feet; head presenting the horn situated on its bulbous forehead. Red squinting eyes leered down its long tapered boar snout, snarling its large boar tusks and deformed wolf teeth. Its herculean-Lycynian build presented long arms and the massive clawed hands and long muscular legs supported by its cloven feet. Short black bristly hair covered its body with a large skeletal rib-cage protruding beneath its muscular chest. A boarโ€™s tail with a tuft of fur at the tip flicked in agitation. A bone-like-spinous-protrusion ran down the length of its back, disappearing as it followed the length of its tail.

โ€œMy, Godโ€ฆโ€ I stuttered, as everyone kept our gaze fixed upon the creature in utter fear, โ€œstraight from Hell!โ€

โ€œIโ€™m guessing...thatโ€™s their leader?โ€ Caleb feared.

โ€œThatโ€™s what weโ€™ve all seen from up on the wall.โ€ Nick added, โ€œBut never this closeโ€ฆโ€

โ€œItโ€™s the Devil...thatโ€™s what it is.โ€ Leonus groaned.

It stood there in all its ugliness staring at everyone shifting its feet. The sound of its hooves clacking against the stone ground beneath it, just added to the horror. It then veered its eyes down at the ground sniffing its dead off-springs. It focused its attention directly at the petite half-breed seeing she was the only female among men. It released a loud ear piercing squeal-like-growl causing the figures before it to cover their ears once more, followed by grunting noises as if it were trying to speak words. Its red eyes examined the Hellhoundโ€™s persona and that of the small flying creature as well, unable to comprehend their species but that didnโ€™t matter, for lowering its horned head and flicking its tail, it charged. And boy did it ever!

The Boar leader charged; head held low as it barged through the warriors. Grunting, it swept its dead offspring out of the way with its deformed tusks and horn, giving itself ample room for its large bulk. Their bodies thumped against the walls or were thrown into the large pit, creating a very unsettling splash. Swiping at us with his massive clawed hands, the sounds emanating from our shouts and those of the leader, echoed throughout the cave and its caverns. Weapons tight in hand once again, the beast leader lashed out, scratching Nathan on his left arm resulting in a deep wound as he was pushed against the wall, leaving him to fight with only his right hand. Several times, it threw the bodies of the dead in our direction but the bodies bounced off shields that both the purebloods and half-breed put in place. The Boar leader grew cautious of the magic as if it was familiar with the energy. It pounded its massive hands against the barriers endlessly until they shattered; sigils lingered in the air before they vanished.

Jon and Erik released blasts of magic but this beast just seemed to absorb the energy.

โ€œStop-stop!โ€ I shouted out, โ€œYouโ€™re feeding it! Youโ€™re making it stronger!โ€

โ€œWhat!?โ€ Anthony answered.

โ€œLook!โ€ I gestured toward it and veering his head upward, the creature flexed its clawed hands as its muscular body bulged in places for my assumption was correct.

โ€œThen how are we going to destroy it, if the Demons canโ€™t kill it!?โ€ Derek barked.

โ€œBloody hell...โ€ Nathan complained, โ€œI didnโ€™t sign up for this!โ€ he lowered his weapon and in an attempt to flee, a large hand grabbed his wounded arm. Turning around, there stood Leonus with anger and disappointment in his squinting blue eyes. Pulling away Nathan grunted in discomfort, โ€œLet go of me!โ€

โ€œAre you done!?โ€ Thomas shouted in their direction, โ€œHere it comes!โ€

The Boar-leader advanced once more, as did everyone; we attacked it with everything we had left but our weapons felt like pin pricks against its tougher hide. Everyone hacked as hard as they could but this creature held back its strength and after toying with us, it let hell break loose. Sweeping Thomas and Anthony in its tusks, they were thrown near the left tunnel. Grabbing Leonus and Caleb in its large hands, they were thrown clear across the cavernโ€™s pit to the other side, causing serious injuries. Thomas broke his left arm, Anthony injured his right leg, Leonus recuperated from having the wind knocked from his lungs, while Caleb healed in seconds from a large gash on his forehead and dislocated wrist.

Erik, Derek, Nick, Nathan and Jon were trying their best to bring it down but they too were thrown across the cavern into the right tunnel, leaving me standing there with an injured leg and no weapon, extremely vulnerable. The two purebloods left helpless for not even their magic could protect themselves or friends.

Zanz leaped forward, sinking his teeth deep into the Boar-wolfโ€™s lower leg drawing blood. The creature backed away then reached down, pulling Zanz from his grasp, growling as he felt Zanz rip a chunk of its flesh from place. The Boar-wolf threw Zanz across the pit; landing roughly on the rock. He yelped then laid there motionless.

โ€œZanz!โ€ I called out in worry, seeing he laid too still.

โ€œMother!โ€Abraxas telepathically called out flying toward me but the Boar-leader reached out, grabbing him midair.

โ€œAbraxas!โ€ I called out once more, watching as the creature studied the small form, thinking it may have been one of the large bats.

It pulled its hand close, sniffing Abraxas then withdrew its head quickly, for the scent was not of bat. Abraxas roared, igniting his scales, causing the Boar-wolf to release its grip, leaving behind a blistered palm. The creature moaned in discomfort, licking the wound for momentary relief. Abraxas flew toward me, landing in my arms, drawing the creaturesโ€™ gaze. The young woman stood in complete fear, trembling in place as it leaned in close, shoving its large tusks in her face. Its nose sniffed her hair and face as if liking her scent then taking one of its hands that could easily crush her head like an egg, grabbed her by her waist, almost wrapping completely around. It lifted her in the air as if examining her and for what purpose, the half-breed had no idea.

Abraxas roared, worried about its actions.

โ€œAbraxas, no!โ€ I ordered telepathically, โ€œNo! Check on Zanzabarr!โ€

โ€œBut, Motherโ€ฆโ€ he argued.

โ€œNOW!โ€ I ordered and in the corner of my eye, I watched as Abraxas disappeared.

Erik stood to his feet, watching as the Boar-leader held the young woman high in the air. Ready to strike it from behind, he saw her eyes looking in his direction, and head, shaking NO. He hesitated, wanting to take a stand, but trusted her to see out of this situation. Suddenly, he heard Abraxas verbally speak out,

โ€œNo, Demonโ€ฆallow Mother to see this through!โ€

โ€œDid her dragon just f*cking speak!?โ€ Derek questioned.

Erik frowned, hesitating; hand growing tighter around his swordโ€™s hilt.

I looked from Erik, into the creatureโ€™s red squinted eyes. Pulling me in closer, it again, with its free hand, grabbed my hair sniffing it. For a creatureโ€™s mentality, it seemed more human-like as it recognized a female presence. Breathing in my scent, blurred flashes of a woman played through his mind; a woman from its past and images that I managed to view as I attempted to sort through its memories. Its large snout brushed against my head, almost as if it was attempting to snuggle. Hearing my squeals of fear, it pulled its head away, beginning to grunt, as if trying to speak. Momentarily, I couldโ€™ve sworn I heard it attempting to say something. Everyone stood around waiting and watching as their eyes; and mine, bulged from our sockets as it grunted out the words,


โ€œDid that thing just speak!?โ€ Erik feared.

โ€œThat thing just spoke!โ€ Jon replied.

โ€œDid it just sayโ€ฆmother!?โ€ Leonus spoke in a baffled tone.

โ€œMother!?โ€ Caleb wondered.

โ€œEverything has or had oneโ€ฆโ€ Nick muttered, โ€œeven this thing, I suppose!โ€

Not knowing what to do, I slowly reached my hands up to its rough, bristly snout. Making contact, it pulled its head away, growling as if not understanding the gesture. I whispered telepathically as I gently stroked its snout,

โ€œShh...itโ€™s okay. Iโ€™m not going to hurt you.โ€ then I watched as its red eyes grew wide for it heard my voice in its intelligent mind. Continuing to pet its snout, it nudged against my hands enjoying my gentle touch while listening to my voice softly speak verbally, โ€œHush now...there we go.โ€ I grew tears because I sensed it held a female attachment toward me, as if I were its mother.

Leonus stood lowering his axe with the thought running through his mind, โ€œGO AHEAD. ALL IT WOULD TAKE IS JUST ONE SNAP OR SQUEEZE AND THATโ€™S THE END OF HER. DO IT.....DO IT....โ€ then grew a slight grin.

Jon and Erik heard the Scotsmanโ€™s thoughts but now wasnโ€™t the time for them to confront him about it because their thoughts were focused on their friend.

It continued enjoying my touch as I worked my way up to its forehead. Caleb of course not being seen, teleported to the other side of the pit leaving Leonus to quietly make it back across the bridge along the ledge. Suddenly the Boar leaderโ€™s eyes grew filled with hate when he heard Leonusโ€™ voice shout out from behind,

โ€œKill it! Kill it, now!โ€

โ€œNo!โ€ I protested, hearing his voice filled with war and hatred.

The Boar leader gazed at me then over toward Leonus, roughly tossing me aside. Derek jumped forward, catching me in his muscular arms to brace my fall, collapsing to the ground himself scraping his arms and back. He moved faster than Erik anticipated or he wouldโ€™ve caught my petite form. Erik sped forward, pulling Derek away from me.

โ€œEasy kid!โ€ Derek frowned then quickly examined my form, โ€œAre you alright!?โ€

โ€œIโ€™m fine. Go help the others.โ€ I nodded, hearing my fellow warriors hack and stab at the giant.

Zanz and Abraxas joined in on a second attempt; warriors with their own skill set. Abraxas avoided the creatureโ€™s massive hands; growing larger in size before taking on its form that surprised and confused the creature. For a moment, it was difficult to tell the difference between the two but Abraxas kept his wings that flapped powerfully resembling a true Hellโ€™s demon as he and the Boar-leader stood face-to-face while the warriors hacked at the beastsโ€™ legs while Zanz growled, jumping on the creatureโ€™s back as well, grabbing hold of the bone protrusion down its back. His grasp was strong; not letting go and only grew tighter upon the creaturesโ€™ rejection.

I leaned against the wall with Erik who held me. We watched as Abraxas pushed the creature backwards; its balance stumbled allowing the warriors the upper hand; they sliced at the back of its legs continuously, working their way up its torso until it finally fell to its knees. Abraxas didnโ€™t breathe fire but released a powerful blast of hot air that burned against the Boar-leaderโ€™s thick bristly fur and hide. It squealed for not only was its skin blistered, but the nerves and arteries in its legs had been severed. Once immobilized, Abraxas returned to his dragon form and landed on its back gouging out a mouthful of flesh from its neck while Zanz yanked the bone from its natural spinal column. It continued its fight for as long as it could, attempting to swing out its clawed hands but Derek and Anthony sliced it once more, while Leonus chopped off the other. It squealed in agonizing pain, breaking the hearts of those who felt compassion. Before Leonus could finish it off, it glanced in my direction and knowing it couldnโ€™t stand anymore with minutes left to live I approached it in slow steps, standing inches away.

โ€œKeeps...donโ€™t.โ€ Erikโ€™s voice argued softly.

It glared at everyone then, focused on me. Making eye contact, I could see it wanted to surrender as it raised its bleeding arms toward me. Erik worried but I held my hand out keeping him from stopping me. I felt such compassion and even though it was horrific, it was still a living creature; and loving animals, my voice cracked as I again gently petted its snout up its forehead. Feeling tears running down my blood covered face, I mumbled,

โ€œI donโ€™t know if you can understand meโ€ฆbut Iโ€™m sorry. I donโ€™t know what created you or why, but you had the right to protect your kin, just as much as I had the right to protect mine. Iโ€™m sorryโ€ฆโ€ tears clouded my vision but I wiped them away.

โ€œMOTHER...โ€ it attempted to say which broke my heart for as evil as this thing might have been, it sought after a mother figure. Its eyes examined Abraxas and Zanz; the love and loyalty they shared. He watched my affectionate and tender touch, craving just a moment of it. It blinked its red eyes giving a nod; or at least we thought it was. Hard to say really, for it held its massive head low.

โ€œEnough of this!โ€ Leonus raged from behind me and pulling me backwards with an axe in hand, the Boar-wolfโ€™s expression changed from sadness and pain, to rage.

I stumbled forward standing in front of the alpha Lycynian, as the Boar-wolf attempted to stand but Leonus roughly pushed me out of the way; I was thrust toward Nathan who held my arms.

โ€œNathan, let go of me!โ€ I ordered, โ€œLeonus, stop this! Itโ€™s dying anyway! Pleaseโ€ฆโ€

โ€œLet her goโ€ฆโ€ Leonus barked smugly, โ€œthereโ€™s nothing she could do anyway but watch!โ€ then without warning, he raised his axe high in the air, swinging it down over the creatureโ€™s head and with one swing, he sliced his bladed weapon deep into the wound Abraxas had left behind. At the same time, I screamed out the word NO, pulling away from Nathanโ€™s grip but Leonus didnโ€™t acknowledge my pleas.

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