On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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𝒯he next morning Azir, Jon, Derek, Erik, Hiromi, my mom, Thomas, Anthony, Lt. Forester and I privately gathered in the upstairs lounge. Things were silent but for me, everyone’s thoughts were too loud to sort.

“Before we begin, can everyone just please quiet your thoughts?” I pleaded, “They’re too loud and I can’t think.” then I caught Anthony’s gaze, as he gave me a quick wink and a smile.

My mom caught the eye contact between her daughter and the Italian, taking notice that indeed something happened between them last night. She kindly kept her thoughts to herself.

Those present apologized then taking a few deep breaths, the meeting and revelation began.

“What did you find?” I inquired.

“A lot and you won’t believe it.” Derek replied.

“At this point we’ll believe anything.” Hiromi added.

“We might believe it, if you just tell us already, mutt!” Erik mocked.

“I found horrifying things.” Derek completely ignored Erik’s presence, “And creatures.”

“Creatures? You mean, there’s more?” my mom curiously inquired, “More than what we’re familiar with?” she referred to herself and I.

“Show them...” Azir urged, leaning forward in his chair.

Derek removed the device from his pocket, laying it on the table in front of the couches and chairs. Pressing buttons on the devices’ surface, images began flickering in the air in front of us, then cleared, appearing as large holographic images. Thermal findings were included alongside the images, appearing as icons, waiting to be viewed. It took awhile for him to sort through the images, maybe two hours with verbal explanations in between from Derek’s point-of-view.

“We knew Drakuul had these creatures for when my mom and I lived there, but I didn’t think he created so many since.” I muttered, “Thank you, Derek. That’s definitely a lot more information than we had before.”

“I can add more useful information, but first you should gather the army and tell them our findings.” Azir proposed, “It’s time they know what we’re all up against.”

“I completely agree.” I nodded shifting in my seat alongside Anthony, “Everyone’s in the training yard at the moment so I’ll send word to stay put. I don’t want a repeat of the flyer incident.” I glanced toward Erik who looked away.

“Alright. Forester and I will tell the guys.” Derek leaned forward, retrieving the gadget. He stood, excusing his presence then descended the stairs in smooth strides as if gliding on air.

“Things are falling into place.” my mom advised, receiving nods in reply, “So much so, it’s as if the Universe or whatever out there, is anxious for this war.”

Everyone sat quietly, knowing her words held truth because this was inevitable.

“Are we done?” Erik interrupted the silence, “I have things to do.”

“Erik…” Hiromi frowned, “not here. Not now.” he grew tired of his son’s arrogance.

“What?” Erik shrugged, “This meeting’s over, right? If so, I have things to do.”

“Yes. We’re done. You can go.” I dismissed him eagerly.

“Good.” he nodded then disappeared in a swirling blue flame.

“Honestly, Jonathan and don’t take this the wrong way…” Anthony added respectfully, “I know you’re friends with Erik, but you’re wasting your time and friendship on that kid.”

“Tell me something I don’t know.” Jon mumbled in disappointment.

“By the way, I’ve been meaning to ask, how’s your father and little Lucy?” I inquired, changing the mood of the environment.

“Lucy’s doing good...really good, actually. The nightmares have stopped and she’s slowly, very slowly, getting over her fear of the dark. I lay with her until she falls asleep of course, but she’s doing good. And my dad? Well, Doctor Matthews says there’s nothing more he can do because he waited too long for treatment, so…” Jon sighed solemnly, “he says it’s just a matter of time.” he rubbed his hands together as he knelt forward, resting his elbows on his knees.

“Sorry to hear that, sweetie…” my mom saddened.

“Thanks, Mrs D.” Jon smiled, “Beth however, has given him some of your teas and so far, it’s been helping with the coughs. Haven’t heard one since he’s been drinking it, so thank you.”

“Don’t thank me. Glad I can help.” my mom smiled.

“Okay…” I changed the subject once more, “I’ll get to sending that message now.” I stood then glanced down at Anthony, “Will you still be here?”

“Of course. I’m not going anywhere.” he winked, reaching out giving my right hand a gentle squeeze.

I smiled then walked around the table between the couches and chairs, entering the study. Zanz and Abraxas followed quickly after without my call. Closing the door halfway, with a smile on my face and my gaze toward the ground, a voice broke my moment of happy thoughts,

“Hello, my lovely.”

Raising my gaze toward the desk, there sat Molock in the new office chair; his left leg hung over the chair’s left arm, looking sexy I had to admit.

“What are you doing here?” I asked, “I didn’t call you.”

“Eh...I was in the neighborhood and decided to drop in. Bad time?” he answered, sitting straight in the chair.

“Yes and no.” I added, “You two…” I glanced down at my familiars, “over there.” I pointed toward the new leather settee near the fireplace.

“I heard voices?” my mom interrupted pushing the door open behind me, “You? Again?” she observed Molock sitting behind the desk.

“Who again?” Anthony appeared behind her.

“Molock. Again.” I finished, stepping aside allowing my mom and boyfriend inside, “Anybody else out there wanting to come in?” I waited and sure enough, Hiromi was last to enter.

“Who is he!?” Hiromi questioned leaning in toward Erik, “A god?” he studied Molock’s godly persona in admiration ONLY.

“Indeed I am.” Molock stood proudly, “And I am Molock.” he sarcastically bowed, “Pleasure to meet you, Hiromi Sheng-su.”

“Thank you?” Hiromi pondered, “So, you’re her Shung-Lee?” he pointed toward me, “You don’t look like an Asian man and I should know!”

“Oh, boy…” I muttered.

HER Shung-Lee?” Anthony wondered, “Something I should know or worry about?”

“No. Nothing to worry about at all.” I interrupted, “Yes, this is Molock but he’s also Shung-Lee and I’m not going through this explanation again.” then I turned to the Sumerian DemonJinn, “No offense, but if you’re here to play games, we’re not in the mood. We have a lot more important things to worry about and you being here, isn’t helping.”

“Ouch.” Molock seemed falsely phased by the half-breed’s tone, “But alright, alright.” he nodded in my direction, then toward the figures standing alongside me then disappeared.

“So, that’s the Molock that Erik has a hard time being around?” Anthony questioned curiously.

“Yup.” I turned to him.

“Why?” he wondered, “He’s...perfect, I suppose, but nothing to worry about.” he sounded confidently.

“Yes, well...not everyone is as confident as you.” my mom added, “And speaking of you...you two, actually…” she gestured between her daughter and the Italian, “did you?” she didn’t want to make it obvious she was crossing into the personal zone, “Did you...you know?” she noticed the gleam in her daughter’s eye and Anthony’s closer attachment to her.

“I need to send that message, so excuse me.” I politely ignored her inquiry.

Anthony remained silent, respectfully keeping it between us. He smiled in my mom’s direction and within that smile, that’s all it took.

“Ah.” my mom cleared her throat, “I see. Well, I heard what I needed to hear for one day, so Hiromi…” she turned to the Asian man who stood near the door, “would you like to get something to eat at the pub?” she got her mind off things that didn’t pertain to her.

“Aye, yes. I hear the chef has made a new Asian dish and I’ve been eager to taste it.” Hiromi smiled.

“Excellent. Yza, sweetheart…” she turned to her daughter who sat behind the desk, “we’ll be at the pub if you need us, okay?” she received a nod as her daughter was in the middle of typing out a message, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do, but it seems you already have and I approve one-hundred percent.” she continued telepathically.

I raised my gaze, looking toward the door. My mom nodded then exited the study with Hiromi at her side.

“That wasn’t awkward at all.” Anthony teased.

I chuckled.

“She means well.” I added.

“I know she does. Anyway, what can I do?” Anthony pondered, glancing around the study.

“Kiss me for one…” I turned the chair around.

“Done.” he leaned in, kissing me quickly. His kisses turned more passionate and although I wanted to give in, making use of the study's comfortable furniture, it wasn't the proper time.

Gently pulling away, I looked into his brown eyes that were flashed yellow in sexual excitement.

"Mm, save that for later?" I teased, giving another kiss.

"Stop kissing me and it's a deal." he smiled, leaning his head against mine, releasing a low growl as his hands tightened around my waist.

"Come on, Musketeer..." I rubbed my hands down his chest then reached for his hands, turning him toward the door; Zanz following after.

“They’d have to be the most loyal familiars I’ve ever seen.” Anthony observed. He liked animals but being a Lycynian, animals didn’t care for their race, but at least he had that quality and didn’t mind their presence.

Returning to his Master’s domain, Molock glanced up and down the halls, dreading the events to come. Demons of various forms and classifications paused; their heads bowing in his presence before moving on. As he continued on his way, he passed by the chambers and rooms where all sorts of hellish things took place. Passing by the sex room, he paused, enjoying the view as newer female sex demons were created and taught of acts of pleasure upon Lilith’s non-physical instructions. He grinned admiring the women’s bodies, breasts and curves then turned, when he suddenly heard Lilith’s soft voice abruptly speak behind him,

“Where were you!? Master’s been looking for you.”

Slowing turning in place, there she stood; petite clawed hands placed on her hips.

“You’re Lucifer’s spy…you tell me?” he eyed her up and down, dressed in her figure hugging black dress with a tattered singed skirt and thigh-high slits.

“You think you’re funny, do you?” she snapped, raising his head with the tip of her arrow head shaped demonic tail, “My eyes are up here, but like what you see?” she stepped backwards; arms stretched out.

“No.” Molock pushed past her petite form, “I’ve seen better. Much better.”

She groaned following after him; red demonic eyes leering at his back and her tail flicking along the ground beneath her dress before disappearing.

“You don’t know what you’re missing! But better than me? Like who? The half-breed!?” she called out; her words catching the DemonJinn off guard, “Last I remember, from what I saw when taking a little peek into her life, she was f*cking the hell out of the Italian and vice-versa. They’re hot together, both being hot tempered and hot blooded, that is. She has good taste.” she taunted.

“Oh, Lilith…” Molock turned to her yet again, “beautiful sultry, Lilith…” he sensually approached her, “I can’t miss something I’ve never had, nor want. And far as the half-breed’s love-life? That’s her concern, not mine! If she’s found happiness, congratulations! Maybe it won’t last!”

“Oh, my…” she mocked stepping back, “you’re jealous! You’re jealous!?”

“Jealous? I need to have a soul in order to feel such an emotion. A soul that I don’t have, so f*ck you!” he spat at the ground to her left then turned, continuing on ahead entering Lucifer’s chambers.

“No, Molock...oh, no…” Lilith groaned, desperately desiring Molock, but knew nothing would ever happen between them. Lucifer saw to that, “and you say that now, Molock…” she continued then strolled away, venturing toward the chambers and along the way, she attracted the interest of a group of eight male demons that relentlessly followed her. Growing tired of their repetitious advances, she grew a large smile, leading them down one of the empty corridors where no one dwelled. Turning to them with a sinister smile, she continued in a soft whisper, placing her hands on the walls alongside her; tail held high behind her, ready to strike with its poisonous stinger, “Demons…you want me, do you? Well, come on then…” she threatened, beckoning them toward her.

The demons grunted as they advanced, crowding around her. Even demons underestimate the power of a woman but not just any woman…Lilith. She swiftly spun in place, striking with her stinger while tearing the demons apart in the process with her long demonic talons. With parts laying at her feet and covered in their blood, she sighed in contentment as she licked the blood from her clawed fingers.

“Men. Demon. They never learn.” she muttered then snapped her fingers; demons turning into ash and embers, only to revive and repeat the game over and over. Stepping out from the corridor, she returned to her duty as teacher to new female demons, instructing and teaching them the art of sexual pleasures.

Grouped together in the training yard, everyone gathered for the war to come, stood; their eyes studying the Keeper’s petite frame standing alongside the Nubian Jinn and Samoan warrior. Her familiars laid at her feet, watching the movements of the crowd before them.

“Wow, even the Wiccans are here.” I observed taking notice of the group standing to the side. Their Gothic-attire and jewelry gave them away, as did my mom’s face among them, “Alright, here we go! Everyone’s here. Azir, it’s all yours.” I turned to him, stepping back.

He nodded then cleared his throat, beginning to explain the new information.

Whispers filled the crowd; expressions of wonder, fear and curiosity flashed among the faces of all present.

“Creatures!?” Steven asked, “What do you mean creatures!? We know they have Night-Walkers and Lycynians, but what creatures?”

“Oh, this should be good.” Nathan smoked a cigarette; Sarah stood alongside him waving the smoke away.

THESE...creatures.” Azir declared creating six green orbs by cupping his hands together before opening his palms; the orbs hovered before lining down a row to his right. Snapping his fingers (of which seems to be a magical habit) the orbs grew in size, morphing into life-size solid images of the creatures everyone faced. Once the images were complete, faint green sparks disappeared into the air. Everyone jumped back or gasped, becoming extremely alarmed by their appearances, “These are what we’re all up against!” he continued firmly and walking down the line, he shouted out their names according to the order in which they stood, “Zarooks. Trolls. Harpies. The Shadowed Ones, for which we’re all familiar with. Night-Walkers. Werelings.”

The Zarooks stood in their only form of green scaled lizard-like skin.

The Trolls, Azir mentioned affirmatively, have various appearances. Derek attested in agreement.

Harpies didn’t need much explanation, for like the Zarooks, they had only one form.

The Night-Walkers, Drakuul’s Wraiths, were unsettling to the island’s Wraiths for they wondered if that’s what they’d look like if none of them had grasped their transition and blood frenzy.

The Shadowed Ones of course didn’t need much introduction and the Werelings were nothing more than half-human half-Lycynian mutations. For those of us who had ventured into the Boar-wolf cave, the Werelings reminded us of the children with their disfigured features and limbs.

Beginning with the Zarooks, Azir explained. They stood at eight feet tall with large Herculean frames, brawny arms and thick legs. Not to mention their massive hands with long fingers tipped with black talons. Their medium-to-dark green scaly skin had no shine and looked to be rough to the touch, with a cream-colored neck, chest and stomach outlined with a strip of black. Their markings were perfectly designed. Their thick athletic legs were bent at the knees supporting huge hind feet also clawed with smaller claws. Its thick neck blended into small slouching shoulders, appearing almost hunched back. A bumpy ridge ran down the center of its bulbous head, neck and back. Masculine features with yellow lizard eyes close together, ears replaced with small holes and classic lizard-like nose accentuated a pushed forward jaw. Its long tail touched the ground, flicking and rattling its Rattle snake tip. But the most horrifying feature was its mouth, with a large gaping hole with two rows of jagged yellowed razor sharp teeth around the interior circumference of its mouth.

Derek stepped close, hoping the image was holographic; it wasn’t for his hand made contact with the rough leathery scaly skin. The image made no movement or reaction as he pulled his hand away.

“That’s disturbing.” he muttered, stepping backwards.

Somewhere from the crowd, a man shouted his question; his race of Wraith, Demon, Lycynian or human was unknown,

“Where did they come from, and how can such a creature exist?” he was then spotted as he raised his hand.

“Zarooks come from a hidden pocket within the rivers of the Amazon.” Azir revealed, “I’ve never had the pleasure of encountering one personally, until the war against Drakuul one hundred years ago. If provoked, they’re vile and dangerous creatures and very hard to kill. However if you know where to strike at their weak points, you will have the advantage. This took me awhile to discover,”

“What weaknesses?” Thomas called out.

“There are two.” Azir revealed. Removing his Scimitar, he gestured the blade toward the Zarook’s image pointing at two locations upon the creature, “Here and here.” he touched the blade’s tip along the back of the neck and at the base of its long tail, “The scales on the back of the neck just below this bumpy ridge here…” he slid the blade along the the creatures neck as its image turned, “are softest than the rest covering its body. As you can see the area, it’s a bit darker than its natural coloring. There’s a large blood vessel hidden beneath the patch of these scales and when struck, it will sever the arteries leading to their hearts.”

“And their tails!? You cut them off, right?” Leonus barked from the back.

“No. They’re far harder to dismember due to their hard armored scales.” Azir continued, ignoring Leonus’ outburst, “Which is why, given the chance, you must apply blunt force to the base of their tail, paralyzing them in place, allowing you as a warrior, to land your final blow to their necks. But…”

“Of course there’s a but!” Leonus’ boisterous voice shouted once more, “You said you knew these creatures but you’re leading us into nothing but a trap with all of this nonsensical bullsh*t!”

Azir glared at Leonus, sending a message to his kin. Two Jinn walked over, standing behind the lycan; weapons in hand, making Leonus feel uncomfortable. Natash stepped forward, speaking in a threatening tone,

“One word from my husband, Leonus Lancaster and our kin will have you neutered and it wouldn’t be just your precious ballsacks, oh no...it’ll be ROOT and all, labeling you a unic!” she referred to his entire manhood. Waiting for an answer, she received nothing, “I’m sorry?” she held her left hand to her left ear, “Nothing? Good. Now be quiet, like a good dog!”

The crowd shared scattered laughter. That’s one thing I have to say about Leonus other than the fact he’s an excellent warrior; he’s one hundred percent a heterosexual man and the thought of losing the parts that defined him as such, would destroy him. Besides, a neutered Lycynian wouldn’t be accepted in the paranormal community. Especially their alpha.

Azir placed his hand on his wife’s shoulder then continued once the crowd ceased their laughter, after I instructed them to focus on more important things.

“As I was going to say before I was rudely interrupted…” Azir commanded firmly, “was that if you don’t choose to risk your lives attempting to attack those vulnerable areas, you’re done for. Now their strengths or abilities. They’re strong and fast, considering their bulky size and swing their tails with such speed and force, it could crush a man’s chest cavity. And there’s just one more thing about their tails.” he studied all the curious faces, “Be cautious when it rattles.”

“F*cking Jinn...” Leonus cursed under his breath, “lizard-men and Trolls, this is ridiculous.”

A Lycynian standing next to him nudged him roughly, for the alpha forgot Jinn stood behind him. He only remembered their presence when the Jinn cleared their throats alerting the Lycynian. Leonus turned to the Jinn who displayed stern expressions. He turned away, remaining silent as he held his head low and arms folded.

“Rattles?” Sarah confusingly asked, “You mean like a Rattlesnake?”

“No. Like a fish flopping out of water.” Jon replied, unintentionally sharper than expected.

Nathan watched Jon’s behavior toward his sister and grew angry with Jon’s disrespect. Even though Nathan is rotten to his core, Sarah is his sister and he loves her; vowing to always protect her. Even if it meant from himself. So hearing the disrespectful remark, he felt like charging toward Jon, but figured he’d wait when this meeting was over.

“Yes, like a Rattlesnake. Thank you, Sarah.” Azir respectfully nodded, acknowledging her observation, “They’ll rattle their tails violently, hold their heads low and soon after, they begin to...” he stood thinking of how to explain it, in simple terms, “well, let’s just say you’ll see their chests gyrating in and out, beginning to upchuck acid, black acid that disintegrates through anything. I’ve seen it melt a full grown man down into nothing but a pile of a red liquid mass.” he snapped his fingers and the image reenacted Azir’s description and watching as the image performed its attack was disturbing. He watched as the young half-breed backed away into her boyfriend’s arms as he pulled her away from the image. He continued loudly, “The projectile reaches approximately, give or take, depending on where you’re standing when this occurs, is five-maybe-six feet and the smell? It’s beyond putrid., so when you see them beginning to perform this action, stay clear from them. They go through the gyrating motions for ten seconds giving you time to attack at their weak points. They also whip around their tails so dodge them as much as possible. Wraiths…” his eyes scanned the crowd taking notice they stood in their own crowd to the left, “will be a worthy adversary because of your supernatural abilities giving you the better advantage but still, be cautious nonetheless but whatever you do...do not and I mean do NOT feed on their essence when you attack like I’ve seen you do against humans. It’ll be too vile and dark for you to consume. My kin and I will be in our truest form and are the only ones capable of hand-to-hand combat. The Zarooks wear leather armored neck pieces protecting their vital scales so if you manage to remove them in the process, strike quickly. Your hands should penetrate through the scales.”

“When you say your truest form?” Nikolaas questioned curiously as he stepped forward.

Natash proudly asked as she stepped alongside Azir,

“You will see.”

“I think we should see now because we won’t know if you’re the enemy!” Anthony advised; his expression firm, “If we’re going up against these creatures, we have the right to know who we’re fighting alongside, don’t you think!?” he stood tall; his hands placed on my shoulders as I stood in front of him.

I studied his strong handsome face then glanced toward Azir.

“He’s right, Azir. We all have the right to know.” I agreed, “And now, while we’re discussing what creatures are fighting on which side.”

“Creatures?” one of the female Jinn questioned.

“I didn’t mean it disrespectfully.” I affirmed.

“But surely you don’t mean in this particular moment?” Azir argued, glancing at me.

“Absolutely! Stop what you’re doing and show everyone, right here-right now!” I snapped sarcastically, “Azir, come on…I didn’t mean right now, but definitely after this meeting ends. We do have the right to know.” I continued, “Especially myself, since I’m allowing you on this island.”

Azir sighed, knowing he couldn’t argue with the young woman’s last string of words. He nodded, agreeing to do so then asked if he could continue.

“Yes, you may.” I smiled.

“Mm.” he moaned then turned, moving onto explaining the Troll’s weakness, “Trolls, luckily, have only one weakness which is in reach for any warrior.” he stepped toward the image next to the Zarook; twelve feet tall, fat thick-bodies with a pot belly, short legs and three-toed feet, long arms with four fingered large hands. A small head had squinted eyes and wide mouths with missing several teeth, “Their weakness is behind the knees. Cut them and they fall to the ground and considering their heavy bulk, it’s difficult for them to stand back on their feet. You can of course, pierce the skin along their abdomens but I would recommend warriors above average heights to attempt this.”

“Above average height?” Erik argued, “So I, and others of my height, aren’t tall enough?”

Azir turned to the young Demon who stood near his father with his arms folded. Studying his form Azir answered bluntly,

“No, you are not and wasting time in your attempts will get you killed.” he frowned then broke his gaze turning to the crowd, “They’re extremely dumb creatures so if any Demons here, other than my kin and I, can create false duplicates of yourself on the field, they won’t know the difference between your glamor or real essence. This here, however, is just one of many of their forms but their weaknesses stand for all.”

“And if any of you happen to come face-to-face with one, in the ways of being snatched from the ground and into their hands, I say this to remind you, their stench of smell is horrendous, as is their breath. So, hold yours if you can.” Natash added humorously.

Azir smiled then began explaining the remaining creatures; sever the blood vessels of the thin membrane of the Harpies’ wings. He paused, feeling as if he spoke enough so stepping back, he allowed Natash to finish off the rest of the presentation.

“Of course you know Jinn are the only ones capable of destroying the Shadowed Ones; other than dragon’s fire, but if you are to encounter them, there’s no hope for your survival. Once they enter your physical form, they absorb your life’s essence from the inside out, leaving nothing left but a mummified corpse. However, if we plan things right, Drakuul will not release them unless the war lasts into the evening hours. They’re sensitive to sun and moon light. The last two, are of course, Drakuul’s Lycynian-hybrids, his Werelings, vary according to appearance like the Trolls and of course Night-Walkers. Technically, they’re Wraiths.” she gestured at the images, “These supernaturals don’t possess the teleportation ability or daylight jewelry giving you here…” he studied the Isle’s Wraiths, “the utmost advantage. They’re dead things, so keep that in mind but be cautious. They’re very strong, relying solely on their blood lust, giving them that advantage over some of you.”

Staring at the image of the Night-Walker, it reminded me when Azir and I ventured into the Great City and I came face-to-face with one. I felt a shiver down my spine.

As Leonus veered over heads standing in front of him, his Lycynian eyes studied the Wereling’s image, wondering if his son Daniel would grow into adulthood with the disfigurements of a burly physique with hairless Lycynian arms; one human hand with long claws while the other curled its long bony fingers. The creature’s legs were long with bulging muscles in their thighs and bare humanized feet that you wouldn’t think could support its tall-heavy weight. This image, its head and features were that of a dog-like ears, one yellow eye with the other brown and its face...its face was twisted with a mouth stretched wide across its features. Its twitching nose, sniffing the air, appeared canine form.

The crowd, after the Jinn had explained the creatures we faced, talked among themselves before silence lingered in the training yard. However, Azir felt everyone needed to hear about one more adversary that none of us could defeat.

“And who or what is this adversary of which you’re telling us now?” I worried.

“Another Necromancer!?” Nikolaas stepped forward, “Or worse!?”

“No, Nikolaas Lazaar. Not another Necromancer, but it is much worse. The Red Death.” Azir’s brother; Azim spoke as he stepped forward, “The Red Death, or Arxulet in your common tongue, is no ordinary creature.” he studied the sea of anxious and fearful warriors, “He’s a fire serpent of the skies or as some who are familiar with the term, a serpentine dragon. Ruby scales once accentuated his beauty but no longer do such things. He’s under the control of Necromancy and cannot be reasoned with by man, for mankind he despises! Axeon, the protector of this island is the only one who is capable of that battle.” he continued explaining more about the Red Death in great detail.

“How long have you known about Arxulet?” my mom shouted from her place among the Wiccans and warlocks.

“Long enough.” Azir answered bluntly.

“And you’re just telling us this now?” I argued, “Possibly days away from him coming here!?”

“You’re being told now...be grateful for that, girl.”Azim snapped.

“I wasn’t talking to you!” I stepped forward, “I was talking to your King, and that isn’t you!”

“Little Yza, don’t…” Anthony stepped forward, “not now.” he urged gently.

I heard the concern in his voice, knowing he was right so I backed down my argument. I stood silent, worried for Axeon’s safety.

Erik leered as he stood across the field, feeling disgust build in the back of his throat watching as the young half-breed stood with her beau.

After three and a half hours, further questions were asked and answers were honestly given. However, there was the important revelation of the Jinn’s true form that many in the crowd were eager to observe.

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