On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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๐“’๐“ฑ๐“ช๐“น๐“ฝ๐“ฎ๐“ป 56

๐‘€olock hid himself away in his chambers momentarily, watching through his mirror; the events taking place on the Isle of Castillion. Behind him, in the halls and throughout all the levels of Hell, chaos erupted and all the high level demons like Molock, had their duties of organizing the madness. Lower demons and escaped souls from their assigned eternities, ran amuck among the levels where they didnโ€™t belong.

โ€œMOLOCK!โ€ Luciferโ€™s powerful voice echoed throughout every level but Molock hesitated, โ€œI WILL NOT CALL UPON YOU AGAIN!โ€

โ€œIโ€™m coming!โ€ Molock shouted in anger as he turned from the mirror stomping out of his chambers; transforming into his demonic persona and working with the other high demons such as Asmodeus, Beelzebub and Mephistopheles just to name a few, they began collecting the scattered souls and demons.

What could be hours or days on Earth, ran into the weeks or months in Hell. So Molock and the others had their work cut out for them but it was nothing new. Itโ€™s been done before and each time, the souls and demons were always placed back where they belonged; a few of course though, had managed to escape but didnโ€™t get far as the Cerberus hounds devoured them before stepping foot out into the mortal world.

On his mind in between moments when he could, thoughts of what began taking place clouded his judgement and thoughts; demons managing to bite or scratch his demonic skin. Just to be clear, no living weapon could penetrate a Jinnโ€™s skin except for that of another Jinnโ€™s weapon but these demons were all fallen Jinn, becoming what they were so Molock had to be cautious of how extensive his surface wounds were. He retaliated, swinging his massive Jinn Scimitar sword, permanently decapitating the creatures. The other demons accompanying the ancient Sumerian, backed away in respect for even they feared his strength and power.

Lucifer worked his own magic so-to-speak among the levels; strolling through in his 15 foot tall demonic form with classic horns and features and singed black angel wings but with the angelic armor that lost its luster and shine. He was to be feared, no doubt, and when strolling through, even Molock bowed in submission. It took time; hours that felt like days to the workers that made no complaint. Lilith remained in Luciferโ€™s chambers; doors locked and sealed from demons daring to enter and violate her. She approached the doors, creating a window that enabled her access to what laid outside their obstruction. Demons saw her petite face through her window and slammed their hands on the hard wood continuing their attempts but were swept away and thrown against the wall; their bodies cracking and breaking from the swift and powerful sweep. Glancing upward, Lilith took in Luciferโ€™s demonic form, growing a faint smile before backing away; her window disappearing.

Time passed; all the demons were half way contained when Lucifer ventured toward his solitary room where he spent his days away from Hellโ€™s chaotic environment. This room was never to be disturbed with or without his presence. A large chair sat in the center with a massive organ instrument along the wall to the right upon entering, gilded in gold. It belonged to Lucifer in Heaven and it too was cast down along with the ArchAngel at the moment of his vanquishing. He once played this glorious instrument for the Angels, and even God himself, for it created tranquil and peaceful moments. God thought it would better serve him in his new demonic realm of the fallen. He sat in the chair; Molock and Asmodeus standing inside the door.

โ€œMolockโ€ฆplay me music!โ€ Lucifer instructed.

Molock approached the organ taking his seat on its bench, as he did numerous times before. Cracking his knuckles he glanced over his shoulder, leering at the King of Hell.

โ€œWhat would you wish me to play, Master?โ€ he inquired.

โ€œTHE SONG!โ€ Luciferโ€™s voice growled.

โ€œMmmโ€ฆโ€ Molock turned his focus onto the instrument and gently placing his hands on the keys, he began playing a song that sounded similar to that of the PHANTOM OF THE OPERAโ€™S or BACHโ€™S TOCCATA and FUGUE in D minor overture but this instrument created a hypnotic effect that once playing through its pipes that ran through the walls down to every level, demons; wherever they stood or dwelt, were put into a trance that left them in a stasis of sleep or suspended paralyzed-like state.

Even from the Heavens, the sounds echoed among their ears.

Lucifer felt the effects as he sat in his chair, closing his eyes feeling somewhat of a momentsโ€™ peace. Asmodeus leaned against the wall in the same state and as Molock continued playing the instrument; talented in all fields, even he felt a calming effect which was relished. He glanced over his shoulder taking notice Lucifer had fallen asleep in the chair and once removing his hands from the instrumentโ€™s keys, he slowly and quietly stood from the bench. His steps were slow as he exited the room, leaving behind Asmodeus. The effects of the music would last for days, giving Hell a reprieve.

Strolling through the cavern where demons laid limp and lifeless in their tranquil state, proving the theory that music truly does soothe the beast. He returned to his chambers scampering toward the mirror; images of a vicious battle taking place among men and creatures alike. He flicked through the images hoping to find a womanโ€™s petite form and once he had, he watched as she released her abilities and demonic Aura.

โ€œThatโ€™s my girlโ€ฆโ€ he whispered with a grin, โ€œgive them Hell. Behind you and to your left!โ€ he shouted, interacting with events he couldnโ€™t alter, โ€œF*ck!โ€

Derek continued shouting orders to gather into formation of a massive four line semi-circle. Along the front lines were the Demons and Wraiths clustered closely together as they would take most of the damage; being immune to most weaponry and utilized the ability to create shields and barriers of their own.

The Lycynians marched behind them protecting the humans who trailed behind THEM, using their bulk strength and Azirโ€™s Jinn divided into four groups, lining the rear behind the humans, a group on each side of the formation while the remaining numbers, including Azir, Natash and Azim were among those that marched the front lines; mingled through the Wraiths and Demons.

Once all in place, the Jinn had created their promised shield protecting us from the impact of the onslaught of war yet to come from our enemy and their weapons. Anthony, Erik, Caleb and Nick walked alongside me; Zanz and Abraxas carefully in front while Jon and Nathan huddled around Sarah, creating a hostile alliance. Thomas as well, was closeby. The sound of rain was replaced with silence as an invisible shield covered our heads and only feet seeping into wet mud and heavy breathing could be heard.

Matrxโ€™s army divided into their groups; the first wave would be the men, Shayds, Night-Walkers and Werelings and if that succeeded, then heโ€™d unleash the creatures. The men charged forward in a V-shaped tactic down the center and approaching closer, they began spreading out in either direction, surrounding their enemyโ€™s formation; shield invisible to their eyes except for those of the Shayds who caught glimpses of the faint shimmer. They sent word to their General who marched in front; he frowned then allowed the Shayds to create their own to prevent whatever plans were about to bombard them. Before their shield was put in place, the soldiers fired their guns but their bullets and laser ammunition bounced off, ricocheting backwards. Soldiers that were closer to the shield suffered wounds from the ammunition bouncing back but their bodies were left where they fell or those that were hit, continued forward ignoring the pain. They shouted and pounded against the shield unknowing of its cause or origin but didnโ€™t care as their efforts were endless.

โ€œKeep pounding against their shield!โ€ Matrx shouted loudly, โ€œItโ€™ll break! Keep going...keep going!โ€ he too, began pounding against the enemyโ€™s barrier once he ordered the Shaydโ€™s to disable their own.

Their efforts proved ineffective for not only was the barrier created by Jinnโ€™s magic, it was also infused with Demons arcane threads but that didnโ€™t stop them from continuing their advance.

We watched as our enemy completely surrounded our formation and once they had entrapped us in their center, the Jinn and Demons released the shield. The force rapidly expanded outwards, pushing the enemy backwards; their feet leaving drag marks in the thick mud. The Jinn and Demons continued pushing the shield backwards against the enemy inch-by-inch before pulling it inwards and as they did, the men outside leaned their upper bodies forward feeling the release of the pressure before having the unseen force powerfully explode; first two enemy lines falling to the ground.

โ€œNow!โ€ Derek shouted in a powerful booming voice and upon receiving instruction, our army spread through the disgruntled and distracted men like roots of a tree and then...the war officially began.

Warriors pounded one another; bladed weapons sparking against each othersโ€™ blades and guns firing erratically while shouts and groans mixed among the chorus of war. Each category of warriors fought their best, utilizing their skills to their fullest strength and adrenaline.

The supernatural warriors (Wraiths and Night-Walkers) revealed their strengths and weaknesses as they viciously engaged in their skirmishes and battles. Bites with their fangs and scratches from their one inch nails were left visible before healing in seconds. The Isleโ€™s Wraiths proved superior over the Night-Walkers for their supernatural ability to teleport, confusing the creatures leaving them vulnerable for attack and among other abilities; releasing their natural Wraith rage and blood lust, the Night-Walkersโ€™ numbers began dwindling but not without taking many of the Isleโ€™s warriors with them. They sped through the rain and mud, splashing in puddles along the way. With weapons lost, the islandโ€™s Wraiths used their bare hands as they grabbed their enemy, throwing them to the ground and although they didnโ€™t feed on one another, they ripped out their throats and fed on the energy that surged through the Night-Walkers, leaving nothing but a pulp of dried out flesh before they were washed away in the thick mud and water.

The paranormal soldiers (Lycynians and Werelings) proved to be a difficult defeat against one another for both parties were pumped with adrenaline, making their fight harder and ferocious! Many of the Isleโ€™s paranormals suffered large gash wounds on arms, faces and legs; deep claw marks left visible on the surface of their armor as the attempts to penetrate through were made. Some were unfortunate, having their armor ripped from their straps or stitches. Suffering from severed limbs, the Werelings still charged but after feeling the loss of blood weaken their bodies, stumbling to keep their balance, this allowed the Lycynians to end their lives. They fell limp, splashing into the water and thick mud. Anthony was among them, slashing with his claws as were Derek and Leonus, but no matter what, they held back releasing their jackal-counterpart.

The Jinn were swift and precise; their weapons and magic broke through their enemy like knives through butter. Natash swung her chain mace as if it weighed nothing, wrapping around her enemy and with a powerful yank toward her, they were split in half or pieces; depending on how the bladed chain links coiled around the figure. Azir as well, revealed his true physical strength upon those he fought, as well as releasing blasts of magic in between strikes of his Scimitar sword. He kept his eyes fixed on those charging toward him while at the same time, keeping Natash in view making sure she was safe from harm but their guards surrounded her in a scattered circle, protecting their Queen.

Among the war of mortal men, Night-Walkers and Werelings, the Shayds and Demons had a battle of their own, releasing blasts of colored magic through the air that looked like fireworks exploding all at once. Grunts and shots from the impact of the magical attacks filled the air, as did the screams of those utilizing the darker magics that crushed, boiled or manipulated oneโ€™s body. Barriers shattered upon impact but proved to be enough time to recuperate to gather their bearings within the moments they had. The Electrokinetic Demons, mainly Wyatt and Nikolaas with a few gathered near them, released lightning from their fingertips, that crawled along the thick mud, electrifying their intended targets. Their enemy, the Shayds, hadnโ€™t anticipated the power of their foe and levels of their magical capabilities. However, there was of course a setback performing this act; it drained them of much of their energy so it would take them quite some time to regain their strength. Luckily, they relied on their physical training.

The mortal men had a more difficult time defending themselves for the Night-Walkers and Werelings charged through the advances from the Isleโ€™s Wraiths and Lycynians. They held their own for as long as they could, swinging their swords and axes, shooting guns and swiftly flying arrows and bracing shields. Archers like Sarah who only utilized the bow and arrow with no secondary weapon of choice, were swift with their eyes; aiming true and even using their arrows as weapons upon close combat by stabbing viciously before stringing them to their bows. Glancing at the dark sky, you could see their sleek shafts flying through the air and rain. Other archers were skilled in secondary weapons so once their quivers were empty of arrows, they hacked and sliced, lunged and shot.

Abraxas and Zanz were scattered among the field, each using their abilities to their advantages. Abraxas shifted from Lycynian to Boar-wolf or another hound, all while breathing fire and spitting a black acid that melted his enemy to the bone. He knew to avoid the Isleโ€™s warriors and soldiers but if they were caught in the line of fire, he couldnโ€™t and didnโ€™t fret over it. Zanz as well, released his hellhound roots once more, lunging at humans, Werelings or Night-Walkers. Knocking them to the ground, he gouged out throats, roughly and painfully removed limbs or jumped upon their backs, removing their vertebra and spines. This war was beginning to release their true beast natures.

I among all the chaos of taking lives and gaining my balance upon being knocked down, released my demonic Aura that proved successful and easy to focus for everywhere I looked, enemies charged from all directions. I swung my sword and used my fighting skills to the fullest extent of my capabilities and although I grew out of breath at times, the war wasnโ€™t over and there was no time to rest. I created shields that were shattered soon after their creation for my enemy was strong but they were vulnerable to Telekinesis so throwing my hands outward clenching my fists, two enemies before me stood frozen. Although the hold on them was weakening because they were too strong, I had enough time to throw my hands both left and right; the large men were thrown to the ground where Zanz and Abraxas quickly lunged at them. I lowered my hands, caught my breath then immediately struck down a large burly man with awkward footing yielding a large hybrid axe-sword weapon.I had a momentsโ€™ break allowing me to scan the field, watching as my comrades fought their own. My eyes landed upon my friends here and there, who struck their enemies in various movements. I was proud to have them fight alongside me.

Among the shouts and cries of war, Leonusโ€™ loud boisterous voice released moans and guttural growls, all while swinging his double bladed axe. He was a monster on the field but magnificent nonetheless. He pushed his enemy backwards with his bulk before swinging his weapon once more. Derek too, and his comrades, fought together and moments like this, brought back painful yet successful memories of their many missions. They too, were vicious, especially in close combat; hacking and slicing at vulnerable areas with small blades hidden tightly in their gloved fists.

Sarah was suddenly left defenseless without a secondary weapon. Before she could string another arrow to her bow or swipe it outward utilizing the blades on the tips, a Wereling charged toward her. She whimpered and as she turned to run, the burly man reached out and grabbed hold of her quiver, breaking the strap from its clasp. She felt the jerk as she squirmed from the grasp, stumbling forward. Turning around, the Wereling threw her quiver to the side. Sarah groaned in complaint as she backed away holding her bow tight in hand. She shouted as she attempted swiping her bow but the Wereling avoided the bladed bow; he reached out grabbing its center pulling it away from the young girl before him. He grinned, revealing a mouthful of disfigured fangs before slapping her backwards. She lost her balance due to the hit, slipping in a hidden shallow puddle. Splashing to the ground she cried as she began crawling backgrounds; her armor and clothing covered in a thick layer of mud. With the tall muscular beast approaching her, she studied his crazed face with disfigured features, yellow eyes and fangs. Raising his large metal club-mace to strike and bludgeon her, she muttered as all individuals do before an enemy,

โ€œNo, please...pleaseโ€ฆโ€ but the creature didnโ€™t reply in words but laughter, โ€œpleaseโ€ฆโ€ then she closed her eyes unprepared to accept her fate when she heard the Wereling moan loudly. Opening her left eye, a massive hole had been blasted through his chest and torso from behind; his innards and ribcage were blown outward onto the ground and splattered upon the frightened archer.

The Wereling fell to his knees and glancing through the hole, grimacing in disgust, she observed a figure standing behind the man engulfed in a fiery Aura. Sarah kicked the creature backwards; his lump splashing against water and mud. Steam sizzled from his back as it made contact with the water. Her gaze slowly raised toward the warrior who had slain him; there stood the petite half-breed breathing heavily with her sword stuck in the ground at her feet.

โ€œYou alright?โ€ I ran toward her, helping her to her feet.

โ€œYeah.โ€ she nodded then scampered toward her quiver and bow. Once in hand she turned to look at her friend then immediately aimed and shot an arrow past her right ear.

I felt the swift breeze as I held my hand to my ear checking for blood but there was nothing; not even a cut. I turned at the sound of a man moaning in pain before splashing backwards into the water; an arrow was shot between his eyes.

โ€œThanksโ€ฆโ€ I smiled.

โ€œAnytime...โ€ she returned the smile then we separated, running off in opposite directions; Sarah bumping into Nathan who fought skillfully with his two swords and Anthony fighting alongside me,indeed, like a Musketeer; Thomas wasnโ€™t too far away fighting with his brute strength and mark my words, he was ruthless, swinging his two swords while getting in a few punches and front kicks.

โ€œThatโ€™s my brother!โ€ Anthony grew proud moments after striking at his enemy.

I smiled then dropped my sword, releasing another blast of my Aura that seemed to reload (so to speak) after each use and perhaps this war was feeding the rage within me, I donโ€™t know but I wasnโ€™t going to complain. I felt stronger.

Matrx hacked, slicing his Katana outward cutting down his enemy. He watched as bodies were flown through the air as Demons and Shayds counterattacked with their magics back and forth. He underestimated his enemy. He grunted and continued to fight when suddenly, two of the Isleโ€™s Wraiths stood before him; their hands dripping with blood and mud. They hissed aggressively then sped toward the General but he anticipated their speed; he twirled in a single circular motion swinging his Katanas that decapitated the Wraiths in a single movement.

โ€œF*cking Wraith or Night-Walkersโ€ฆโ€ he complained, spitting at the ground looking at the lumps of their clothes and armor at his feet. Suddenly, something extraordinary caught his attention somewhere nearby, listening to the sounds of what appeared to be lightning striking its way across the field; his eyes watched as Electrokinetic Demons fighting on the adversaryโ€™s side released their deeper arcane magics, โ€œThatโ€™s newโ€ฆโ€ he complained, running off to continue his fight.

It has been almost three and a half hours; the rain continued to pour. Our footing and that of our enemy became too unreliable and messy as the thick mud presented issues for balance. Mortal men, from the Isle or our enemy, began feeling the heavy fatigue of war hit them as they struggled to handle their sword another minute. The Wraiths, Lycynians, Night-Walkers and Werelings barely slowed down as their fight around one another continued for their numbers seemed to have multiplied when hundreds had perished.

โ€œRETREAT! RETREAT!โ€ a manโ€™s voice shouted from somewhere on the field, โ€œRETREAT!โ€

The Isleโ€™s warriors, no matter where they stood or fought, watched as their enemy backed away, adhering to the orders given from someone in command. General Matrx, perhaps some guessed. Retreating backwards toward the homes, they grew smaller in the distance; their numbers lesser than when this all started. I took advantage of the retreat, calling my own but of course Leonus argued, stating to attack them while their backs were turned and running in retreat.

โ€œLeonusโ€ฆโ€ I shouted, spitting rain and blinking it out of my eyes, โ€œget your a** behind that wall or youโ€™re staying out here in the f*cking rain!โ€ I panted heavily; my muscles ached with tension.

โ€œLeonus, mate...come on!โ€ one of his loyalists called out nearby, โ€œThereโ€™s always tomorrow, eh?โ€ he limped toward the wall while holding his left rib-cage, suffering a lash of his enemyโ€™s blade.

I pointed my sword toward the wall, instructing the alpha to follow in suit. Making eye contact, he flashed his red eyes then turned away, sprinting toward the wall without a flinch or ache from muscles that had been hacking and swinging his axe for hours. Anthony ran toward me, placing his arms around my shoulders; he removed his hat placing it upon my head. We shared a smile then ventured toward the wallโ€™s gates that opened. However as I turned glancing back at the field behind us, even through the rain, I could see the Red Deathโ€™s menacing form slithering through the dark clouds; his roars mixed with the sounds of thunder.

Once behind the wall and feeling a sense of safety, I stood breathing heavily as I examined our remaining numbers. We started out strong but had dwindled to maybe half of our original numbers. Strolling through the injured and restless men, I received nods in acknowledgment as I checked on the wounded; my minor injuries going ignored. The Jinn suffering no injuries, except minor scrapes on the surface of their golden armor, healed the wounded with salves or magic that created warm yet soothing sensations. Even the Wraiths offered their blood to accepting and willing human individuals. Even Leonus at this point, put aside his hatred for the Wraiths, Demons and that of myself, to aid his comrades and glancing in my direction, for the first time, he nodded. I returned the nod then glanced away, not dwelling on the action.

โ€œLittle Yzaโ€ฆโ€ Anthonyโ€™s voice muttered in my ear as he stood behind me.

I turned to him; his face was smeared with blood that was mixed with mud from moments he was thrown to the ground or lost his footing. I reached out, holding onto him tightly.

โ€œThe first round was ours, Anthony...but I fear what round two has in store for us.โ€ I worried.

โ€œI know, loveโ€ฆโ€ he pulled away to look into my eyes, โ€œI know...โ€ he grinned.

โ€œHow are you calm?โ€ my voice rasped.

โ€œWho said Iโ€™m calm? Iโ€™m far from being calm.โ€ he winked, pulling me close once more before Zanz and Abraxas approached.

I turned to them, filled with pride for they were amazing out there, showing their warrior nature in the fullest but studying Abraxasโ€™ natural dragon form, fear replaced my pride for I knew the second round of this war would entail a battle of men against creature and the war Axeon dreaded most for I sensed his worry as he laid nearby speaking with Azir.

Beneath the island, families, loved ones and friends listened to the deafening echoes from above ground. Mothers attempted to calm their children hoping theyโ€™d sleep but that was an impossible task as thunder boomed loudly. The children covered their ears as they shed tears of fear. Lady D sat on one of the boulders away from the large crowd, needing a moment to herself. Staring into one of the iron braziers, tears stung her eyes and turning her gaze toward Katrina, she crouched on a blanket laid on the stone ground, holding onto her two daughters. She closed her eyes, turning her head away, then glanced down at her elaborate watch, reading the time. 2:20pm; her daughter and the army had been fighting for almost three and a half hours. Lady D worried, fiddling with a pair of her daughterโ€™s glasses she had asked her to hold onto. She sniffled, taking in a deep breath, trying not to get herself too worked up or sheโ€™d begin hyperventilating and that wasnโ€™t something she needed.

Suddenly though, a male voice spoke from behind her as he approached,

โ€œExcuse me, Maโ€™am...are you Lady D? The Keeperโ€™s mother?โ€

Wiping away her tears she turned; there stood an older man with white hair tied back in a long braid down his back, dressed in a long-knee length red coat. Flipping the tails behind him, he sat elegantly alongside her facing the opposite direction. Scooting inches aside Lady D replied,

โ€œYes...yes I am. Can I help you?โ€

โ€œPerhaps, I...can help you.โ€ he removed a strange medallion from his coat pocket, handing it to the frightened and cautious woman sitting before him, โ€œThis is for you...and you only.โ€

Taking it from the man and holding it in hand, she examined the piecesโ€™ craftsmanship; carved with strange symbols onto the metal. She wrapped the delicate and intricate chain around her hand.

โ€œMy god, itโ€™s exquisite.โ€ she admired.

โ€œAh-ah, Lady D. God has nothing to do with this medallion.โ€ the man argued as if offended by her praise, โ€œThis medallion will protect you at all times from harm and from all evil forces this world holds. And believe me...there are many. Close and afar. It will also alert you when danger is near by glowing faintly and if itโ€™s too close, itโ€™ll begin to spark. So to speak. You must never take it off. You are the Keeperโ€™s mother and she needs you.โ€ he gently took it from her hand, placing it around her neck, โ€œA mother is the most important idol to a child. Even in adulthood.โ€

Making contact with her skin Lady D closed her eyes, feeling an abrupt warmth rush through her entire being and wanting to ask questions, she opened her eyes to gaze upon the man but he had vanished. Quickly standing to her feet searching among the men close to his age, he was nowhere to be seen then glancing down at the medallion she wondered, โ€œWHY WAS THIS GIVEN TO ME AND NOT MY DAUGHTER!? I DONโ€™T UNDERSTAND.โ€ then her thoughts were broken as silence suddenly lingered above ground, โ€œWHY IS IT SO QUIET?โ€

โ€œLady Dโ€ฆโ€ Katrina called out softly, โ€œwhy donโ€™t you come and sit us, hmm?โ€ she offered a space among herself and two daughters.

Lady D glanced around her once more but still not seeing the stranger among those underground, she turned offering a friendly smile, accepting the offer. Margaret and Belle smiled offering her a plate with sliced buttered bread, side of grapes and a bottle of water.

โ€œThank you, sweetheart.โ€ my mom gently took the offering from the young girlโ€™s hand, โ€œThank you.โ€

โ€œItโ€™ll be alright, Lady Dโ€ฆโ€ Katrina whispered, โ€œtrust in the Goddess and your daughter will come home.โ€

โ€œI may be a wiccan, Katrina...but Iโ€™ve never been too keen on praying to the goddess.โ€ Lady D argued, beginning to fiddle with the pendant, โ€œBut thank youโ€ฆโ€ her eyes stared at the rocky ceiling, โ€œitโ€™s quiet up there. Too quiet.โ€

โ€œPerhaps itโ€™s over!?โ€ a man blurted nearby, โ€œPerhaps theyโ€™ve won!?โ€

โ€œNo, you fool!โ€ Katrina snapped over her shoulder, leering at the man, โ€œThis isnโ€™t over...far from it, so shut your mouth!โ€

Lady D worried beyond any words could express. She closed her eyes, hiding tears that glazed over her eyes then opened them when she heard a loud beeping on her phone hidden away in her bag. She struggled to her feet but with Katrinaโ€™s help, she scampered toward her bag shifting through it violently then roughly wrapped her hands around the gadget. Pulling it from beneath a scarf, her daughterโ€™s face appeared on the screen; tired eyes stared into the camera waiting for the link to connect.

โ€œOh, thank god...thank godโ€ฆโ€ she muttered then answered the call, โ€œYza, oh my god...are you alright? Is everyone alright?โ€

โ€œMommyโ€ฆโ€ my voice broke Mommy, please...โ€ my eyes broke my gaze.

Suddenly phones rang throughout the cavern as others followed in suit of sending word to their loved ones. Some waited, hooding their phones but realizing they hadnโ€™t received a message, broke down in tears knowing they had lost their loved ones or friends. Katrina walked over a handful of folks crying and comforting one another, offering prayers and a gentle touch.

Lady D sat on a nearby boulder listening to her daughter explain that the war wasnโ€™t over and adhering to her instructions to stay where they were, for if they were to emerge, anything could happen, Drakuul could attack sending Arxulet from above, and kill everyone in one swoop of his raining acidic fire. Lady D argued but her daughter argued stronger.

โ€œGod damn it, Mommyโ€ฆโ€ my voice sounded blunt, โ€œas long asI know you and everyone there are safe, thatโ€™s one less thing I have to worry about, so stay put! Iโ€™m not asking as your daughter, but as the Keeper, do you understand?โ€

Lady D studied her daughterโ€™s face, taking notice she wasnโ€™t the loving-happy young woman that lived before this war. War filled her brown eyes and it was in her voice. Lady D nodded, surrendering the argument.

โ€œAlrightโ€ฆโ€ Lady D whispered, โ€œalright. Iโ€™m sorry.โ€ she sighed, โ€œHowโ€™s Zanz and Abraxas? And Anthony?โ€

โ€œTheyโ€™re good. You should have seen them though out thereโ€ฆโ€ I smiled, โ€œthey were all amazing.โ€ my head turned, as if looking upon them off screen, โ€œAnthony is with Thomas who Iโ€™m sure is talking with Louisa, yes?โ€

Lady D glanced around the cavern, taking in the sight of the Italian woman and her children talking to the two brothers as she held their tablet in front of them. Lady D smiled, nodding in answer.

โ€œGood. Listen...I have to go.โ€ my voice rasped, โ€œI love youโ€ฆโ€

โ€œI love you too, my baby girl!โ€ my momโ€™s voice quivered, โ€œYou be careful and come home.โ€

โ€œWill do.โ€ I knew that promise would be broken, but it comforted my mom. Ending the call, I sighed feeling tears stinging my eyes.

โ€œMother?โ€ Abraxasโ€™ voice interrupted the storm of thoughts running through my mind.

โ€œYes?โ€ I sniffled, glancing down at the small creature in my lap.

โ€œWhy did you lie?โ€

โ€œWhat?โ€ I questioned because his words caught me off guard, โ€œI didnโ€™t.โ€

โ€œBut the tone in your voice says you did, Mother.โ€ Abraxas blinked his Amber eyes.

โ€œWell, I didnโ€™t!โ€ I argued, removing him from my lap as I stood, โ€œNow drop the subject!โ€

โ€œYes, Mother...I apologize.โ€ he lowered his head.

Drakuul stood upon the lighthouse, observing the battle taking place. He watched as his numbers dwindled but grew satisfied knowing he had taken most from his enemy as a result from his loss. His wide grin of arrogance faded when he heard the word RETREAT repeated over and over. He frowned then cursed as he turned away, stepping through a portal that took him close to the homes; Arxulet perched nearby impatiently, wanting to impose his destruction upon the island. Men suffering injuries, aided limping soldiers away from the field and avoided his presence for they needed medical care. They withdrew to the homes, taking over them for themselves and consuming liquor stashes residents kept hidden or on display for company.

Drakuul shook his head then turned his gaze toward Matrx who stood at the pathโ€™s end; his eyes glancing out toward the wall.

โ€œWhat the hell do you think youโ€™re doing!?โ€ Drakuul ordered in anger; his black hair hanging in strings from the rain, โ€œGet back out there and finish this! This war isnโ€™t over unless I say it is!โ€

Matrx grunted as he turned, plunging his Katana blades deep in the mud at his feet. Reaching his hands toward the Necromancer, Drakuul grabbed onto Matrxโ€™s wrists in protest. Grasping onto Drakuulโ€™s left arm, Matrx pulled him forward and around to his left, pushing his upper body forward by grabbing onto the back of his neck. Drakuul wasnโ€™t a warrior of physical strength or skill, so attempting to fight back against Matrxโ€™s powerful grasp, was pointless.

โ€œYou listen to me, and you listen well.โ€ Matrx threatened as he leaned in, โ€œI never said this war was over, nor do I pretend it is. I called for a retreat because we underestimated their capabilities! Whoever taught them their strategies knew what they were doing and planning because I lost half MY men out there today and Iโ€™m not about to lose anymore!โ€ he glanced at the dark skies, โ€œBesides, the rain is flooding the field and we canโ€™t gain steady footing from all the goddamn water and blood. So, if you want to help with that and perform a spell or whatever it is you do, great. If not, shut the f*ck upโ€ฆโ€ his grasp on Drakuulโ€™s neck tightened, โ€œand let me win this war my way, understand!?โ€ he released Drakuul roughly pushing him forward, โ€œAnd by the way, three more things. That little b*tch has some sort of shape-shifter of which killed most of the men on its own, secondly, she has some sort of a hound out there thatโ€™s killing off the Shayds with just one bite from its massive f*cking jaws and third? She possesses magic of some sort. Fire mage, maybe I donโ€™t f*cking care.โ€

โ€œShifter, hound...and magic?โ€ Drakuul groaned as he rolled his shoulder and rubbed the back of his neck, โ€œWhat are you saying!?โ€

โ€œFor f*ck sake...I just said it, you spineless little man!โ€ Matrx pushed the Necromancer backwards; his footing unstable, โ€œGet out...of my...way...before I kill you here and now and not even your magic could save you from my rage. Thatโ€™s a promise! And if you want to kill me, go ahead but if you want to win this war and get your f*cking book...stay out of my way!โ€ he spat at the manโ€™s feet then reached for his Katanas, pushing past Drakuulโ€™s shoulder.

Drakuul held up his right hand creating an energy ball of some sort ready to strike when Matrxsโ€™ back was turned but glancing around, he knew Matrx was right. Huffing in agitation he closed his fist, retreating back to the lighthouse, pacing and thinking about Matrxsโ€™ revelation of a shifter, hound and possible fire mage. But Drakuul had underlying fears regarding Matrxsโ€™ physical strength, for he, himself, was one who definitely hid behind his magic. He could swing a sword for defense only, but thatโ€™s the extent of it.

Despite his own minor injuries inflicted from the Isleโ€™s warriors, especially the Wraiths and Demons, Matrx inspected his men at the hospital, pub or homes making sure all had what they needed. He groaned as he strolled powerfully through the village toward the Inn where he had claimed one of the largest suites. Standing in the bathroom, he removed his armor; its heavy weight clanking hard against the floor at his feet, then arched his back and shoulders, before leaning his hands on the ledge of the sink. Staring at his reflection he mumbled frustratingly,

โ€œIโ€™m getting tired of this! Magic. Books. Necromancers. All of it! When you get out on that field, youโ€™re going to fight for yourself and if that mother f*cker stands in your way, kill him!โ€ he chuckled relishing in the thought of ridding himself of the Necromancer, โ€œBut that girlโ€ฆโ€ he shook his head, โ€œwhat is she? And that shifter? Tricky girlโ€ฆa shame sheโ€™s so lovely.โ€ he continued with a string of scattered thoughts and tactics. He removed his clothing then took a long shower before retreating to his bed for a broken nightโ€™s slumber.

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