On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝟨𝟣

𝒯wo days passed and the half-breed still laid comatose. Dr. Matthews finally allowed Abraxas and Zanz inside, as long as they didn’t interfere with the nurses and their duties. As Abraxas laid at their mother’s feet, Lady D, Erik, Thomas, Azir and Natash began to worry for the small creature. He laid limp but curled in a tight ball shivering and shaking with a faint fiery red Aura of his own. Even Zanz laying beneath the bed, steamed as he released low whines; eyes closed and breathing heavily.

“What’s happening to him!?” Erik wondered, “Both of them!?”

“Don’t you mean all of them!?” Azir hinted, “But I don’t know.” he shrugged.

“What do you mean, you don’t know!? You’ve helped her enough, but yet you can’t help them!?” Lady D snarled, “That’s bullsh*t! Some good you are!” she turned away.

“How dare you!?” Natash interrupted firmly, “How dare you!?”

The grieving mother realized how that sounded and shaking her head, she began shedding tears.

“I’m sorry...I’m sorry, I didn’t…” she cried.

Azir glanced at his feet, knowing she didn’t mean it while Natash approached her, embracing her affectionately and compassionately. She whispered gentle words; a spell by the sound of its rhythmic tone. Lady D pulled away glancing into her golden Jinn eyes, feeling a sense of calm energy rush over her. Natash smiled as she led her to a chair alongside the bed.

“We all love her, Lady D, but the love a parent has for their child outweighs all. We understand your fears, we do...but you have to have faith.” Natash proposed, kneeling beside her.

“Faith!? In what!? In whom!?” Lady D argued, “God!?” she scoffed breaking her gaze, “How can I believe in a god that’s allowing my baby girl and others out there, to die in hospital beds or elsewhere!?”

“Mrs. D, please...there’s no sense arguing about it. She wouldn’t want you fighting and certainly not with Azir and Natash.” Erik objected.

“Oh!? And what would you know about what my daughter wants!? You’ve done nothing but hurt her over and over!” the mother tormented.

“Bloody hell...I can hear the yelling all through the hospital!” Dr. Matthews appeared by the door, “And that’s enough! This isn’t the time and place so if you’d like to continue your rants and spats, I tell you now to take it elsewhere! Even you, Mrs. D…”

“No!” Lady D daringly argued with the Wraith Doctor.

“NOW!” he ordered firmly and respectfully, “And I’m asking you kindly. This is MY hospital!”

The monitors beeped repeatedly; Lady D knowing her daughter attempted to communicate. Erik stormed past her but before leaving the room completely, standing in its doorway, he informed arrogantly,

“You don’t know everything!” then he stormed down the hall; the young woman’s mother gasped, feeling complete regret for she lashed out at those who cared most about herself and daughter.

She closed her eyes as she left the room, sitting on the bench across the hall. She prayed and hoped the beeps meant her daughter attempted coming back, but then...things took a turn for the worse. Her heart rate suddenly dropped, flat lining twice and she began rejecting the IV solutions. The poison had left her system but the damage done inside, concerned Matthews greatly. Once he and his team managed to bring her back on stable readings, Matthews gathered everyone outside in the hall.

“What are her chances? I mean, what else can be done?” Lady D pleaded with worry, “Please, there has to be something else!”

“I told you in the beginning, Ma’am...she wouldn’t have much of a life if she survived and that is was up to her at this point, to pull through. The poison is gone from her system and her vitals are somewhat improving but now her body is rejecting the IVs and is shutting down. There was a lot of damage to her arteries and upper lung, so whoever intended for that knife to kill her, somewhat succeeded. If it weren’t for her demonic DNA, then I could’ve just healed her injuries with my blood during surgery but not even I, know what Wraith blood could or would, do to her at this point. Now, please…” Matthews placed his hands on her shoulders, “understand when I say there’s nothing more I can say or do, to comfort you during this time, I’m sorry. I really am, but...if you don’t want her to live the remainder of her life as she is now, then the choice is yours to take her off the life support.” he looked into my moms red eyes that began filling with more tears, “But, there is...ONE other way to save her life.”

“What other way!?” her mother pestered worriedly, “Anything, please!” she studied his ruggedly handsome features and smooth black skin.

Matthews gazed upon the present Wraiths and Demons standing around then answered bluntly, removing his hands from the mother’s shoulders as he took a step backwards,

“Make her Wraith.”

“What!?” Lady D hysterically objected, “That’s it!? But you just stated moments ago that you weren’t sure what Wraith blood would do to her if used during her surgery and now, you’re suggesting that that’s the only god damn option? That’s my baby girl...my only daughter laying in that hospital bed and I’m going to stand around and have everyone making guesses about how to save her life!”

Steven reached out behind her, turning her toward him and embracing her, he held her tightly as she cried in worry. She held on leaning her head against his chest. Steven nodded his head in Matthews’ direction; Matthews backing away. As Lady D turned her head to the right still leaning against Steven’s chest, she observed as Erik stood at the window overlooking the suite inside.Pulling away gently, she smiled at Steven appreciating the comfort. He returned the smile then turned away, hearing Nikolaas and Roberto softly calling out his name. She wiped her tears away as she approached Erik in slow steps and gently placing her left hand on his back she asked in a muffled tone,

“Erik, sweetie…”

He glanced down at her; tears welling in his gray eyes.

“I’m sorry, Erik...I didn’t mean what I said earlier.”

“I know you didn’t...I know.” he grinned.

“What if it’s true, what Matthews said?” Erik questioned, “About turning her?”

“What are you saying?” Lady D argued, folding her arms.

“Would you want that? Could you deal with it?” Erik asked, studying the mother standing before him; she rolled her shoulders and fiddled with her folded arms, “Lady D?” he asked.

“I heard you.” she frowned, “And I don’t know.” she shrugged, “Either way, she’d always be my baby girl but it’s not my decision to make. It’s not anyone’s.”

“Well, there was ONE I’m sure she would have made sure things followed through.”


“Anthony.” Erik moaned, “I, um…heard about what happened.” he glanced at his feet.

Lady D sighed heavily.

“Yes. It’s…” she searched for the words, “I know you never liked him or them together, so I won’t say anymore on the subject.” she fought tears that stung her eyes then turned, looking into the room through the window, “Her as a Wraith? Who can imagine?”

“No one, I don’t think.” Erik changed the subject.

“Erik, son? Lady D…” Hiromi’s voice interrupted the silence between them.

“Hiromi…” Lady D smiled as she greeted him, “there you are!” she walked toward him.

“Aye…I’m still here.” he sat on the bench that faced the room then realized how that sounded, “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean how that sounded.”

“It’s alright.” Lady D dismissed his comment.

“Lady D…” Steven approached.

“Yes?” she glanced up at him.

“Can we talk a moment? There’s uh, something Nikolaas and I would like to discuss with you.”

“Um…” she glanced down the hall where Nikolaas and Roberto stood, “alright.” she stood, walking away with the Englishman, “What’s wrong?” she continued.

“Nothing, but there is something that might work to save Yzavela’s life.” Nikolaas revealed.

“Really? What is it?” Lady D urged eagerly.

“When we arrived on the island after Penrith was attacked, she let me read a book on the Barathous Demon bloodline.” Nikolaas continued, “And since, so it seems, I’m part of that line, there might be a way to exchange some of my pure blood onto her, which will help boost her Demon half, enabling the healing effects to produce a stronger sense of the DNA.”

“Um…” the mother struggled to understand, “so basically a Demon blood transfusion.”

“Yes and no.” Steven interrupted, “Once Nik gives her his blood, we’ll have to wait and see how that works and if it doesn’t, then I’ve agreed to take on the task of making her Wraith.”

“And this will work? The blood?”

“Honestly, I don’t know.” Steven’s eyes glanced at his feet, “I’ve never made a Wraith.”

“And I’ve only seen the blood-exchange once in my life back in Hungary.” Nikolaas added, “But then again, it was between two purebloods. Not a pureblood and half-breed but she’s strong, so maybe it’ll take.”

“I don’t like maybe.” Lady D sighed, knowing there was no sense arguing about it, “Have you talked to Doctor Matthews about this?”

“We have and even he think it’s worth a chance, no?” Roberto added, placing his hand on her shoulder, “However, I think her hound and dragon will disagree.”

“Well, in the shape they’re in, I don’t think they’d object.” Lady D grinned then glanced over her shoulder toward the room; Hiromi and Erik still sat across the way with Nick and Caleb, “Alright. But I want to be there.” she affirmed.

“I’m sure Matthews can work something out.” Steven added.

The four of them returned to the room where Matthews and three nurses stood inside. Entering the room without words spoken, Steven and Nikolaas nodded in agreement to the experiment. Matthews returned the nod then instructed Nikolaas to sit while the nurses would draw his blood. He groaned, hating the feel of needles but put aside the discomforting idea. Sitting beside the bed rolling up his sleeves, Lady D stood by the bathroom studying the Hungarians tattoos but from afar, she couldn’t make them out clearly. He closed his eyes then clenching his fist, he cursed in his Hungarian tongue, feeling the needle prick his skin. Lady D closed her eyes for the sight of blood drawn was nauseating.

“Alright, that’s enough.” Matthews instructed the nurse to cease the blood drawing, “That should do.” he gently squeezed the bag filled halfway.

“It better be because you’re not getting anymore.” Nikolaas groaned as he stood, rolling down his sleeve after the needle mark healed.

The nurse laid the bag on the tray alongside other medical tools along the wall near the machines then awaited Matthews’ further instructions which weren’t much in detail. Gloving his hands, he rolled the clamp stopping the flow of the IV fluids then removed the IV tube. A nurse stood behind him removing the IV bag from its hook, handing him the Demon blood of which he attached to the needleless access port taped to the young woman’s hand for secure placement. Gently tapping her hand, the blood was quickly injected before her hand was laid at her side. Squeezing the bag once more for a smooth flow and closing the clamp for a slow transfusion, he turned to everyone, removing his gloves with hope in his eyes.

“She’ll be fine without the IV so wait to reconnect once the blood has been drained from the bag.” he instructed the nurses.

They nodded then read the vital signs on the monitors.

“We shall see now, what happens and if this works. If it does, then not only is it her hope, but this experiment can be used for others who have illnesses.” Matthews muttered, “Let’s leave her be for the time being, hmm? The nurses will be here if anything changes.” he escorted the young woman’s mother out into the hall where she stood at the window, watching as the nurses cared for her daughter.

She didn’t move from her place at the window; forty-five minutes passed and the IV was reconnected. She sighed in relief for so far so good, there was no rejection to the blood transfusion. The vital signs read normal and began improving. Lady D smiled, having a sense of hope then turned away from the window, venturing to the cafeteria where she sat quietly drinking a terrible tasting coffee but she didn’t fret about the taste. Her eyes watched the clock on the wall and flinched every time the speaker called for Matthews to arrive at one of the rooms where other several patients required his attention. Each time, she went to the doorway watching as he scampered down the hall with his nurses behind him but sighed in relief as he passed her daughter’s room.

Hours passed and things seemed to be looking up until a loud beep filled the hall; someone flat lined. Lady D and others standing around grew worried for the flat line emerged from the young woman’s room as medical personnel scampered around her bed beginning CPR maneuvers. It took minutes for them to revive the half-breed but thankfully, she fought hard enough to return. Matthews had entered the room minutes before they revived her, growing relieved she came back another time. He huddled around the machines listening as nurses whispered things in his ear; words only the Wraiths could hear from out in the hall. His mannerisms were tense and his red Wraith eyes filled with disappointment as he emerged from her room, greeted by the frantic mother.

“What happened?” she cried, “Is she…is she…”

“She’s alive. Again.” Matthews fretted, “But I do have bad news.”

“What? WHAT?” her mother cried out once more.

“The blood didn’t take as much as we hoped. Along with the tincture Natash brewed and Nikolaas’ blood, they together wiped out any leftover traces of the poison but now, her body’s shutting down.” Matthews revealed, “It’s literally now, a matter of time before she…”

“Oh, god…” her mother’s knees felt weak as she leaned into Thomas’ embrace, “oh, god no…”

Matthews felt tears sting his eyes because the mother’s reaction was strong and although he’s seen it daily, it touched him more than expected. He swiped his index finger across the tip of his nose, taking a quick sniff then muttered,

“Ma’am, I’m sorry, I am but if I were you, I’d spend whatever time you have left with her. All of you should.”

Her mother pushed away from Thomas, rushing into the room sitting beside the bed, leaning her head down against her daughter’s right hand.

“Or…” Matthews continued as he looked in Steven’s direction, “there is always the last option.”

“It’s her decision.” Steven added, “But I’m ready…whenever she is.”

“Well, talk to her about it quickly for if you delay a moment longer, she’s lost to us all.” Matthews revealed solemnly, “And if she dies before you start the transition?”

“I know.” Steven fretted, knowing that if he did wait to start the transition after she died, she’d return a Night-Walker which would be a supernatural creature no one could control or help.

Thomas excused himself, entering the room. Standing near the door, he observed the young woman for the first time laying helpless at the hands of doctors. He felt tears sting his eyes because if he questioned himself that if only he had made it to the field in time, this could have been Anthony fighting for his life with the chance of surviving. He approached the young woman’s mother, crouching alongside her with no words needing to be said.

“Steven is ready, Lady D…to save her.” Thomas whispered, breaking the silence, “If you’re ready?”

“What?” Lady D argued, looking into the Italian’s eyes.

“Just think…if this were Anthony laying here…” his voice cracked, “I would make sure they tried everything to save his life and I know she’d agree if she were here and Anthony were there. I care about her too, Lady D…I do and I don’t want to lose them both. Not after losing so much already.” tears escaped his eyes as he looked at the young woman’s face, “Let them save her, Si? She’s not ready to die, not today and I know Anthony, wherever he is, isn’t waiting for her. Not yet.”

She studied his rugged but handsome features then reached out, grabbing hold of his hands, giving them a gentle squeeze, knowing he was right. She nodded sniffling quickly then stood, walking toward the door with Thomas behind her and standing out in the hall gazing upon eager and worried faces, she muttered softly,

“Steven…you have my permission.” she agreed.

Steven breathed heavily, nodding in affirmation.

Thomas stepped her aside away from the door as Steven, Matthews, Roberto and Nikolaas entered the room.

Erik, Nick and Caleb stood at the window behind Lady D watching but Matthews sped toward the window, sliding the curtains closed for this wasn’t something he wanted the mother to witness. Thomas sat her down between Natash and Louisa then stood against the wall; his hands squeezing his wife’s shoulders in worry.

“You do realize, Steven…that you might not have control of her if she wakes.” Roberto added as he stood behind his friend, “I mean, she was hot-tempered as a half-breed so imagine trying to control her as a Wraith.”

“Which is why as soon as she wakes, I’ll break the bond. No one deserves to have that control.” Steven glanced over his shoulder at his friend, “Not even I with her.”

“You say that now.” Nikolaas added, standing at the foot of the bed.

“If you three are done? Time is of the essence.” Matthews argued firmly, “Since she’s on life-support, you’ll have to feed from her wrist.”

“ What about his blood? How is he going to feed her his blood?” Roberto questioned.

One of the nurses stood by holding a massive syringe with a four inch needle.

“You’ve got to be kidding?” Steven argued, “Another injection? Bloody hell, this poor girl!”

“We don’t have a choice. She’s not capable of drinking it, since she’s on life support?” Matthews argued.

“Fine, but you’re not sticking me with one of those!” Steven complained, “Give me a scalpel and one of the dishes!” he held out his hands for the tools, “Come on!” he frowned.

A nurse grabbed one of the metal dishes and medical blade, handing them to the Wraith who without a thought, sliced his wrist. Placing it over the dish, it filled the metal bowl just enough to fill the larger syringe fully.

“That’s enough!” Matthews instructed after drawing the blood, “Get that out of here!” he barked, referring to the disposal of the blood covered dish and scalpel, “You ready?” he looked at Steven who wiped his wrist clean of the blood; the wound vanished as if it were never there.

“Ready.” Steven nodded then reached for the young woman’s left hand, raising it gently. Turning it around with her wrist facing upward, Steven slowly ran his thumb across the veins beneath the skin listening as the blood could faintly be heard pumping through. He caught the scent then extending his fangs and glancing around the room with his red Wraith eyes, he gave a swift-firm bite, locking his fangs in place. His nails extended as well as his grip grew firm upon her arm; Roberto stood by catching the scent of blood as it spilled down her arm and wrist, scattering drops onto the blanket covering her petite body.

Lady D and friends paced the hall, staring at the curtained window when Derek approached, standing alongside the worried mother who paused, leaning her back against the wall opposite the room’s doors. He offered his support and even though he was a Lycynian, she looked up into his rugged face, flashing a grateful smile.

“She’ll be alright, Ma’am.” he muttered, “I haven’t known her long, but she’s a fighter, so she’ll win this fight.” he smiled, gently placing his left hand on her shoulder.

“Thank you, Derek…” she tapped his hand in appreciation, “but it’s not just her I’m worried about. There’s a blood thirsty shark waiting to pounce for what’s his.” she groaned, referring to Leonus who stood at the end of the hall, leering in their direction.

“Shark is putting it lightly, Ma’am.” Derek joked, “But he’s being watched.” he sneered.

Leonus broke his gaze, listening to Heather’s soft Irish voice. He glanced down at his wrist covered with a wide bandage hiding the hand print left behind from the half-breed.

“Leonus? Leonus, did you hear me?” Heather interrupted his thoughts.

“Hmm?” he glanced at her sitting beside him.

“Did you hear anything I just said?”

“And what would that be?” he leaned back against the chair.

“I was just saying that that poor girl has been through so much and shouldn’t be suffering from this.” Heather muttered, “Her poor mum.”

“Oh, yeah…poor thing…poor-poor thing.” he mocked without compassion, “She should have died on that field or during surgery.”

“What did you say?” Heather argued quietly as she turned him around to face her.

“You heard me woman!She should have died and I’m not going to apologize for those words.”

“Who are you?” Heather’s voice cracked as he stood, “Because you’re not my husband!” she strolled down the hall, shaking her head with tears in her eyes. She was speechless as she approached Derek and Lady D; Derek comforted her noticing her distress but remained silent.

Leonus growled when Nathan appeared behind him, moaning in discomfort as he leaned against the wall opposite his alpha. Removing a cigarette, he placed it in his mouth just to feel and taste its nicotine.

“What’s going on?” he questioned, “Is she...did she…”

“No.” Leonus groaned in disappointment, “From what I heard, they’re making her a bloodsucker. Just like the rest of them.” he released a grunted TSK.

“Making her abloodsucker?” Nathan stuttered removing the cigarette from his mouth, “Bloody hell, mate.”

“What!?” Leonus barked, “She’s just going to become another bloodsucker.”

“But she’s not fully human, Leonus!” Nathan scolded, “Remember!?”

Oh, Lenous remembered. She was part demon so what would that make her after the transition? He remained silent, gulping quickly then turned his head away as he folded his arms.

Nathan scoffed leaning against the wall then focusing his eyes forward down the hall, he caught a glimpse of Thomas leering in his direction. He gulped backing away for the Italian attempted to approach him but Louisa stepped in front of him. Thomas pointed in his direction as a warning that things weren’t over between them.

“I think I’ll, uh…I think I’ll leave.” Nathan choked then limped down the opposite hall out of the Italian’s view.

“Yeah, sure…whatever.” Leonus mumbled.

Continuing to feed, Steven began sharing the young woman’s BLOOD MEMORIES; observing everything she’s seen, felt and experienced flash through his own mind, but then he began drinking too much; his bite growing too intense as his grasp on her wrist grew tighter. Roberto and Matthews stepped forward watching as her body began twitching. Firmly tapping his shoulders, they instructed him to release but he wouldn’t.

“Steven, that’s enough! That’s enough, Steven...you’re killing her!” Roberto raged.

Those standing outside could hear their voices shouting and Lady Dbegan hyperventilating once more. Derek walked her toward the bench, trying to calm her nerves, instructing her to squeeze his hands in an attempt to relieve her stress. She did so as he called for a cup of water; a Wraith nurse appeared suddenly carrying a plastic cup filled with cold water. Derek handed her the cup and with shaking hands, she sipped its cool content. She breathed deeply upon Derek’s calm voice and staring in his brown eyes, he nodded slowly following her breathing.

Roberto and Matthews grabbed hold of Steven’s muscular shoulders again, but they were afraid he’d rip her wrist apart so Nikolaas stepped forward, muttering a chant that crushed Steven’s innards; sharp pains made the Wraith release his bite. Steven gasped as he pulled away from Roberto and Matthews, beginning to cough and gag; holding his hands to his stomach and throat. He spat blackish blood from his mouth.

“Steven? Steven!?” Roberto worried as his friend fell to the cold tiled floor, watching as he groaned in agonizing pain,

“Steven?” Nikolaas dropped to his knees, grabbing hold of his friend’s shoulders.

“Get him out of here! He’s done enough!” Matthews instructed sharply as nurses quickly wrapped the young woman’s wrists, “We’ll take it from here! Go!”

Nikolaas held onto Steven’s shoulder and Roberto’s wrist, teleporting in a swirling blue flame, appearing somewhere else within the hospital.

Matthews immediately injected the four inch needle directly into the young woman’s chest between her breasts. Although he was a vegetarian Wraith so to speak, he couldn’t help but become intoxicated by the scent of blood still lingering in the air. Wraith nurses present, helped snap him out of the temptation that they too, fought.

“Are the wounds cleaned and bandaged?” he inquired closing his eyes, taking deep breaths.

“Yes.” a nurse answered.

“Good. Good. We’re done here, so…” he gulped, “let her rest and allow the blood to run through her system. Check on her in a few hours and hopefully then…” he paused.

“And THEN what, Doctor?” another nurse inquired.

“Then...we’ll see what awakens.” Matthews frowned then turned away entering the hall; several figures jumping from her seat once more.

“What happened? Where’s Steven and the others?” Lady D commanded noticing they hadn’t left behind him, “Where are they?” but the Doctor hesitated, “God damn it, tell me!”

Matthews hissed, roughly grabbing the woman by the shoulders firmly pressing her back against the wall alongside the room’s door. Staring into her wide brown eyes with red ones of his own, he complained roughly,

“I know you’re worried about her, Lady D, of course you are but when you’re constantly nagging me, I can’t help her!” his firm grew tighter on her shoulders, “Now, I’m not in the position to be here right now, especially after I’ve caught the scent of her very intoxicating blood so if you’ll do me the courtesy and shut your bloody mouth, hmm?” he stared into her brown eyes.

Lady D said nothing as she nodded fearfully.

“Alright.” he grunted releasing his grasp then sped down the hall, needing to satisfy his hunger by whatever means that seemed suitable for his urges.

Lady D just stood against the wall, taking note she was surrounded by quite a few Wraiths that also flashed their red eyes and fangs, knowing they too, caught the scent of blood in the air. Natash approached, guiding her to the cafeteria away from prying eyes.

Steven and the others appeared in the locker room, falling to the cool floor; hunched over in bad shape. Roberto and Nikolaas fetched clean towels, soaking them in cold water handing them to the weakened Wraith; applying them to his face and neck attempting to break his sweats.

“What the hell was that!?” Roberto inquired.

“I don’t know, but...I’ve never encountered blood like that.” Steven gasped, “Not even sickened blood. Bloody hell…” he leaned his head against the long line of green lockers.

“Are you alright!?” Nikolaas asked in concern.

“Do I look...alright!?” Steven raged, “F*ck me…” the stabbing pains continued “did you have to use that spell?”

“Better that, than ripping you off her wrist and taking her arm with it, eh?” Nikolaas joked bluntly.

Steven smirked, wanting to laugh but the stabbing pain wouldn’t let him.

“I knew that would be a mistake.” he winced, pushing away Roberto’s helping hands, “But her blood…” Steven breathed heavily.

“Qué hay de eso?” Roberto asked what it was about my blood.

“It didn’t taste like anything I’ve ever tasted.” Steven recalled.

“That good, eh?” Nikolass attempted humor once more.

“It was as if I drank acid or...liquid fire and do shut up, will you?” Steven moaned leering at the Hungarian Demon.

“He was only trying to lighten the mood.” Roberto argued.

“No, Roberto. He’s right...he’s right.” Nikolaas argued as he stood, “But now that her human blood will begin mixing with Steven’s blood and mine, who’s to say what she’ll become.”

“You mean Demon blood.” Steven pondered, “Because what I drank...what I tasted...wasn’t human. Not anymore.”

“¿YA NO HUMANO? OH DIOS MÍO, SU MAMÁ POBRE. AYE, YZAVELA ...¿EN QUÉ SE CONVERTIRÁ?” Roberto muttered in Spanish, worrying about the Keeper’s mother and what the young woman would become.

It’s been three and a half days since Steven began the transition and everyone nervously awaited the result. The nurses bathed her and changed her robe along with the bandages on both her wrists and shoulder injury.Noticing the wounds had healed and upon closer inspection of her pulse and vitals, they grew stronger and steady. That news provided some hope, especially for her mother who sat in the cafeteria with Derek, Nick, Caleb and Natash. And during the slow and anxious days, Molock had finally appeared receiving harsh words of criticism and lack of uncaring; from Lady D in particular, voicing her disappointment as she argued in the cafeteria.

“I thought you cared for her!?” she pushed him back, “But you weren’t there! You weren’t there for her! You’re no better than Erik making or keeping false promises!” she attempted to push him again but Molock gently but firmly grabbed her wrists.

“I’m going to let those words slide, given the circumstances but don’t think for one...god damn f*cking second, I wanted this!” he warned in a low voice as he leaned in, “I wanted to be here...I wanted to help her...I wanted to heal her...and I could’ve from the beginning, but I couldn’t!” he released her wrists, “I couldn’t get away from my duties! You don’t understand what it is I do or the things I’ve done so do me a favor and keep the judgement to yourself!” he stared into her eyes; his voice blunt, “And I resent you comparing me to that arrogant young boy!” he frowned.

“Did I hear that correctly!?” Erik appeared behind Molock, “You were aware of all that happened, but you did nothing because you couldn’t get away!? That’s complete rubbish and bullsh*t!” he walked around Molock’s 6’4 frame standing alongside Lady D.

“Erik, mate…come on…not this again.” Jon complained, making his presence known here and there from time taken away from helping clear the village square and caring for his father of whose Cancer fiercely attacked his system, “Not now.”

“Jonathan is right. This conversation doesn’t concern or pertain to you, boy.” Molock muttered bluntly, “But yes, that’s correct...and unlike you, I have duties or a job that I have to do, and I don’t know why I’m explaining anything to you. I’m NOT HERE FOR YOU!”

“Stop it...please!” Lady D stood between them, “You are NOT doing this. Now now and definitely NOT here!” she glanced at hospital staff and other visitors paying their respects to other patients, “Let’s go outside and that’s not a suggestion!” she continued firmly, strolling past them leading them out into the hall.

Molock leered at Erik as he backed away, following the half-breed’s mother; Erik last to follow and once out in the hall, Molock turned away strolling toward the room, taking two right turns. Erik attempted to charge after but her mother held him back; standing in front of him.

Molock approached the bed, taking in the sight of the young woman’s petite form. He frowned in sadness feeling a sting in his eyes; jaw clenching. He took a seat in the chair beside the bed and just stared at her sleeping face for the longest time.

“Erik...just let him see her. Please, leave it be for now…” she pleaded.

“I don’t like this, Mrs. D...I don’t want him near her.” Erik worried, “I don’t trust him.”

“If he wanted to do her or any of us harm, he would’ve done so by now and although you hate him...for what reason I can’t understand...he’s been there for her.”

“Been there for her in ways I haven’t, you mean.” Erik argued standing inches away, “Like Anthony’s any better? Look what happened to him!”

“I know I didn’t hear you just say that!” Thomas’ voice argued from behind him.

“Thomas, mate…I didn’t mean that.” Erik attempted to save face.

“Oh, I think you did and you know it. And you also know what I think? You’re glad he’s dead so you…” Thomas pushed Erik backwards roughly, “can try to swoop in and be hers again.”

“That’s not fair!” Erik groaned, “I may not have like Anthony, that’s true, but I would never want him dead. I’m not Nathan or Leonus!” he frowned, “So piss off!” he brushed by Thomas roughly bumping shoulders.

“Was that really necessary?” Lady D placed her hands on her hips.

Opening my eyes, I was confused for I wasn’t sure what happened. One moment I was fighting on the battle field and then the next, I’m laying in bed in Anthony’s arms. Although it felt safe, something nagged at me in the back of my mind. Sitting up covering my body with the sheet, I glanced around taking in my surroundings that felt unnatural.

“Hey…” Anthony’s voice muttered softly; his right hand stroked my back, “what’s the matter?”

“I don’t know.” I frowned, “Something…something doesn’t feel right. Don’t you sense it?” I glanced back at him over my left shoulder.

He pushed himself into a sitting position then leaned forward, kissing my neck and although his kisses felt amazing I pulled away, climbing out of bed, grabbing his shirt dressing myself quickly.

“Little Yza, what’s the matter?” Anthony argued.

“This…” I gestured around, “this isn’t real!”

“Oh no?” he grinned, hinting at the events that happened before my sudden outburst.

“Well…” I smirked, “I’m serious, so don’t change the subject.” I continued glancing around, “We were at war, don’t you remember? Field. Creatures. Dragons in the air.”

“Are you sure you’re alright?” Anthony attempted to argue.

I squinted my eyes, taking notice this wasn’t Anthony. Not my Anthony, that is.

“What is this?” I questioned backing away, “This is…” I shook my head coming to the realization that maybe I was…he was…we were...dead? I suddenly felt reality hit me as I began remembering the events that took place when suddenly, the glamour that was cloaking this moment in time from memory, shattered; I stood in a black void with nothing but blackness around me, except for a bright light shining from above. No, not that light. Glancing up a the light didn’t hurt my eyes and lowering my gaze, I mumbled feeling totally alone and isolated, “What the f*ck!?” then I called out; my voice echoing back, “Hello!? Anyone out there!? Hello!?”

Nothing but silence lingered in this place. Glancing down at myself, I was still dressed in my armor when suddenly a voice broke the silence around me,

“Little Yza…”

Turning around, there stood Anthony, again, but dressed in a crisp white shirt tucked in his leather fitted pants, looking as if war hadn’t touched him. He approached looking healthier than ever and placing his hands on my shoulders, his touch was real. Placing my hands on his chest feeling the solidity of his form, I questioned,

“Is this some sick joke?”

“No.” he raised my gaze, “It’s not.” he grinned with charm, “And I’m not a joke.”

“Meaning what?” I studied his handsome face, “Am I…dead?”

“No.” he shook his head, “You’re just in a place that’s…” he glanced around, “in between.”

“And you? Are you real?” I protested against his calmness.

“Yes, I’m very much real.” his hands moved down to my waist, “But I…am not alive.”

Hearing those words I AM NOT ALIVE were words I didn’t want to believe. I pushed his hands away as I backed away, feeling the sudden sting of tears. I attempted to speak but I couldn’t find the words until finally they squeaked,

“What? What are you…saying?”

“You know what I’m saying, Little Yza…” he approached, “I didn’t survive.”

“No.” I shook my head, “No, you can’t. You…you and I, we…we were…” tears streamed down my face.

Taking in the sight of the woman’s softness, Anthony approached embracing her tightly. He listened as she cried and felt her hold onto him tightly afraid of letting go.

“This can’t be happening.” I shook my head, “It can’t be. This has to be a nightmare!”

Placing his hands on either side of my face staring into my eyes, his own brown eyes said it all. He was telling the truth. I closed my eyes, crying once more.

“But how?” I opened my eyes, “When?”

“It was…” he thought back when the moment happened, “just after the fire exploded beneath the manor. I was fighting one of the Werelings and just after I struck him down, I bumped into someone behind me. Turning around, the moment happened so fast, neither I or the person behind me could react but they did. It was Nathan and in the spur of the moment with rage pumping through his veins, he plunged his sword through my chest.” he revealed calmly.

I remembered seeing that moment flash through my eyes.

“Nathan? But…it was an accident, right?” my voice quivered, “It wasn’t deliberate?”

“No, it was definitely an accident for the look in his eyes was of regret.” Anthony muttered.

“But how are you so calm?” I protested, “Regardless of the circumstances, he stabbed you, he killed you and took you away from your family…from me!” I felt nauseous.

“I wasn’t calm in the beginning but time works differently where I went.” Anthony finished.

“Where you went? Meaning?”

“I was in a good place when Molock came for me and told me to come here.” Anthony continued, “He couldn’t get away in time to be there for you in the hospital so he sent me to help ease your fear.”

“It’s not helping! Because if or when I wake, you’ll still be gone.” I cried.

“Little Yza, please…I’m not sure how much time I have left here, for this isn’t a place for souls that have passed on.” Anthony revealed, “I’ve been given a pass which will run out, so let’s just…spend the time we have left, hmm?” he pulled me into his arms.

For the longest time, we stood there when suddenly he felt a pull back to where he originally came from. Backing away, his form began fading. I held onto him for as long as I could before my hands slipped through his ethereal form.

“What’s happening?” I worried.

“I’m being called back.” he answered.

“But, we…” my words stuttered, “I can’t …”

“It’s alright, Little Yza.” tears stung his brown eyes, “I’ll always be around and believe me, you’ll know it’s me but most of all, I’ll always be here.” he pointed at my heart, “Always.” he smiled, “I don’t regret our time together, not once, but I do wish we had more time.”

“Anthony, please…” I pleaded, “don’t…”

“I love you.” he grinned, “Thank you for loving me. You brought me such happiness.”

“No, please…” I stuttered, “Anthony, please…” but he completely vanished. I broke down into tears while falling to my knees. I couldn’t believe this was happening. Not now. Not to Anthony. I buckled over feeling an intense heart break for I loved Anthony more than I thought and I didn’t get a chance to say it but I hope he knew, “Anthony, I’m sorry…” I cried, “I love you...”

Suddenly, another voice spoke but in a female tone that was my own,

“Hello, sweetheart. Have fun with your lover?”

I raised my eyes and glancing around with blurry teary eyes, there was no one.

“Hello?” my voice cracked, “If this is your idea of some sick joke, it isn’t funny! Who are you?”

“You, of course.” the voice answered as a figure began appearing in the darkness; a complete doppelganger of myself, “It’s so good to finally meet you.” she continued as the light above my head dimmed.

I stood shocked, for it was me from head-to-foot and everything in between. Wiping my tears away I snapped,

“What is this? I’m not dead, so who are you?”

“No, you’re not dead.” she laughed, “You’re just…in a place between, like your lover stated. Such a handsome man, he was. Mm-mm.” she held her hands behind her back, “But this? I guess you can call your subconscious.”

“If this were my subconscious, I certainly wouldn’t be talking to myself.” I snapped.

“True…true.” she pointed at me, “But alright, maybe subconscious isn’t the right word. So perhaps, this is…” she thought of the word, “ah, purgatory. But you won’t be here long.”

“I’m not going to ask this again…who are you?” I frowned, clenching my fists.

“You don’t know?” she mocked.

“Should I? I mean, you’re me and I’m you but yet, we’re not the same.”

“No. I’m not you.” she answered, “And you’re not me, but yet...we ARE the same, so allow me to introduce myself.” she stood before me, “I...am Lilith.” she bowed femininely; not curtsied.

I laughed sarcastically; my laughter echoing in the silence.

“This is a joke, right!? This has to be a joke!” I mocked.

“I’m glad you find this amusing.” Lilith argued bluntly.

“I am, actually. Because one moment, the man I love appears to drop the bomb that he’s dead and that one of the men I hate killed him then you pop up, looking like me so excuse me if I’m not throwing a god damn WELCOME TO MY PURGATORY party!” I snapped, “And Lilith, huh? As in THE Lilith?”

“That’s my name. Don’t wear it out. But yes.” she smiled, “I am.”

“So it’s true, then? About my origins being part of your bloodline?”

“Yes, and there’s nothing wrong with being a part of me.”

I raised my left eyebrow, feeling unsettled by that remark; even Lilith realized how that sounded.

“That’s not...what I meant.” she stuttered, “You know what...just forget I even said that.” she shook her head.

“Forgotten.” I proclaimed.

“Enough taunting her, Lilith!” a male voice powerfully interrupted, “Leave her be!”

Glancing past her shoulder, Molock appeared in the darkness behind her.

“Molock!” I pushed past her running toward him, hugging him tightly in relief to see a somewhat friendly presence, “Molock, get me out of here. I’ll do anything, please.”

Molock wrapped his arms around me, having a moment of tenderness; an emotion he never thought he’d experience again once selling his soul. Lilith turned, squinting her dark brown eyes taking notice but remained silent.

“Be careful what you say, demoness.” Molock gently pulled away, “For the wrong person might accept that offer.” then his gaze focused toward Lilith, “She’s frightened enough as it is, so do you have to taunt and play your games?”

Lilith growled, backing away while Molock stood before me; hands gently placing themselves on my shoulders.

“Molock, please…where am I!?” I asked, gazing upon his godly 6’4 presence, “And is Anthony really…”

“Yes. I’m afraid he is.” Molock’s voice was soft with compassion, “You two managed to say what needed to be said?”

“There’s never enough time to say what you need to say to those you love.” I complained, “But enough, I suppose. Thank you for doing that.”

“Mm, well…someone up there owed me a few favors so I just called one of them in.” Molock grinned then changed the subject, “Now, as Lilith has stated, you are in purgatory.” he walked around me.

“So I’m dead, waiting to be placed?” I questioned, turning to face him.

“No.” he answered over his shoulder.

“Then what am I doing here?” I shouted; my voice echoing.

“Shh, keep it down.” Lilith mocked, “The void doesn’t like loud sounds.”

“Molock, what happened?” I ignored Lilith’s outburst.

“The war ended.” Molock revealed.

“Yeah…I kind of figured that part out, already!” I snapped sarcastically, “Who won?”

“The Isle.” Molock bowed his head.

“And Drakuul? Where’s he?” I worried.

“Oh…” the Sumerian DemonJinn rubbed his hands together with a gleam in his eyes, “he’s…well placed where all that he’s done, is bestowed upon him ten fold and in ways that are suitable for such filth.”

“Suitable for such filth. That’s not cryptic.” I shrugged.

“So where am I then?” I questioned.

“The hospital.” Lilith added bluntly, “Steven has just begun the Wraith transition.”

“He did what?” I whined.

“After Nikolaas gave you a pureblood transfusion.” Lilith continued.

“They did what!?” I hollered, “I don’t need this sh*t!”

“Lilith…” Molock groaned over his shoulder, leering at the petite Demon who held her hands up in surrender. Sighing heavily he turned his gaze upon me, “Unfortunately, she’s correct.” then he relayed all the events that took place and that he knew how would it all play out.

“But if you knew, then why didn’t you step in and do something about it!?” I raged pushing the 6’4 god backwards with not much luck for it was like pushing a solid wall that doesn’t budge, “Surely you could have prevented all of this from happening! I wouldn’t be fighting for my life and Anthony wouldn’t have…” I paused feeling tears sting my eyes once more, “I thought you cared!” I ended my protest.

“WHY...DOES EVERYONE THINK I DON’T CARE!?” Molock shouted; his voice echoing loudly, “And you of all people...I never thought would ask such a question! Especially after all I’ve done for you!”

I stared at him intensely, knowing everything he’s done for me already.

“I’m sorry.” I whispered, “I didn’t mean...I know you would’ve…”

“Sorry. Such easy words to say.” Molock complained harshly, “And hardly ever truly meant.” he placed his hands on his hips.

“Molock...don’t shut her out.” Lilith interrupted, “She meant it and you know it. Don’t lash out at her...not now when she needs you.”

Molock stared in Lilith’s direction, knowing she was right. She raised her hands as if understanding his stares then glanced away. Molock sighed, turning to me. Apologizing meaningfully, he took steps toward me.

“If anyone should apologize it’s me, demoness. I didn’t mean to lash out. Especially not at you. It’s just…” he sighed heavily, “been hectic for me in Hell. For us.” he referred to Lilith then went on explaining his duties in depth and the time it truly takes to collect and sort souls then escorting them to their eternal designated realities and levels, “There’s still so much to explain but now I hope you understand half of why I couldn’t get away. It had nothing to do with not wanting to be there, or here, for you.”

“Plus…” Lilith stepped forward, “Lucifer isn’t gracious in allowing much time away. For example...right now. What are minutes here with you...are hours in Hell. Do the math of how the rest works.”

I remained silent, processing everything he revealed; it was consuming all my thoughts. I rubbed my hands along my neck, sighing heavily. I turned my head to the right, glancing at Lilith then raised my gaze up at Molock.

“Wow...that...that’s a lot to handle. And on your own?” I pondered, putting aside my current problems but even now, Molock was intriguing and captivating, “Sounds lonely.” I finished stepping closer to him, “I think you know me somewhat enough now, to know what I say IS true and not something that’s just said for someone to hear. I’m truly sorry, Molock. I really am. I wasn’t judging you...far from it and we all have been going through a lot of sh*t, from the battle itself, losing loved ones, my situation, your past. Everything. I just didn’t realize how tedious and dangerous your position and life really was.”

Molock placed his hands gently on my face, staring into my brown eyes with his own. I saw an affection in their depth, as did Lilith who sarcastically interrupted,

“If you two are done eye f*cking each other…Lucifer will be summoning us soon and you know how impatient he gets when we don’t answer when he calls.”

Molock and I glanced in her direction; the hell goddess and Queen shrugged.

I rolled my eyes then changed the subject,

“How’s my mom during all of this!?”

“She hasn’t left your side, of course. She’s a good woman and mother.” Lilith added softly.

“I know she is.” I smiled, “But will I ever see her again?” tears stung my eyes.

“You can see her now.” Molock turned me around; my back pressed against him.

I watched as he waved his hands toward the air before us, creating a wall-to-wall window that overlooked a hospital suite; Molock’s physical body sitting in a chair at my side. The image changed to my mom sitting at a cafeteria table, fiddling with the Keeper’s pendant. I smiled taking a step forward.

“Mommy…” I whispered raising my hands toward the image, “I’m here.” I studied her tired face and puffy red eyes, “Mommy…” I wiped more tears away then turned to Molock, “And Anthony? Where did he go? He disappeared too soon before we could talk more.”

“He’s in a good place, don’t worry.” Molock reassured, “Here…look.” he waved his hands across the image of my mom showing me a moment where Anthony sat in a large chair sketching on a pad, “He’s with his parents, watch.” he pointed; I watched as a man and woman entered the picture and they were beautiful so now I knew where the Italian brothers got their looks from.

Tears stung my eyes once more; my hands reached out wanting to touch his hair but the image shimmered from my touch. He heard his parents’ voice and laying the pad on the seat beside him, I broke down in tears for there it was, a sketch of he and I in a moment of embrace locked in a passionate kiss.

“Turn it off or whatever, please.” I complained turning my back, “Please…”

Molock snapped and the image disappeared.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you.” his words were meant.

“Look, as touching as all of this is, well, actually it’s nauseating really, don’t you think it’s time she knows about her bloodline before she transforms and awakens!” Lilith interrupted sharply, “You and I, Molock…both know what she’s going to become so tell her. Or I will.” she warned, revealing a tail that flicked with agitation.

“Where did that come from?” I pointed at the flicking appendage, “And what does she mean what I’ll become?” I questioned turning to Molock, “Her? And with a tail?”

Molock released a quiet laugh.

“No. Not like me.”

“That’s a relief.” I scoffed.

Lilith released a growl then approached me; her tail dragging along the ground behind her.

“I have just enough time to tell you, so listen up sweetheart.” she mocked then began explainingthere had been three doppelgangers throughout history but had all failed because they were too weak and innocent. They got themselves killed once becoming of age with their powers and abilities, “And one of them was Joan of Arc, who claimed her telepathy was a gift from god, and foolishly hid behind her so-called Christianity. But you…” she continued, “you’re the last and I couldn’t be more proud.” she reached out wanting to stroke my cheek but I roughly slapped her hand away; receiving a frown in reply, “I watched as you grew into your powers, learning to conceal them but where’s the fun in that!?I respected that decision, however it’s time for you to let go of all inhibitions.” she paused taking a breath, “And as far as your origins? They derive from your father’s line. His grandfather was a dangerous and respected Demon among the supernatural world and I was disappointed that your father, who also possessed the gene, never accessed or attempted to discover any of its power but..all that’s in the past now, for youare the last of my bloodline. Lilith’s bloodline.” she smiled, “Just as Nikolaas is the last of the Barathous. For now.” she winked.

Unbelievable. I never could’ve guessed any of this so in a way I was grateful to Lilith in finally revealing to me my background.

“You make being part of your bloodline sound as if it’s something to be proud of.” I muttered.

“It is!” she commanded in a demonic muffled tone as her tail flicked violently, “I am the first woman and second original Demon according to the Biblical history. You should be proud!” she engulfed in an Aura of her own but was solid fire before it quickly faded, “There is no changing who you are or where you come from, so don’t act like a spoiled little brat whining about it! It’s not going to change, do you understand!? Because once you awaken, oh...once you awaken…” she closed her eyes as if enjoying the thought then reopened them, “there’ll be nothing you or anyone can do to stop it.”

I didn’t like the sound of that.

“Well, then…will I get one of those?” I pointed at her tail.

“No, but would you like one?” she teased; her tail disappearing.

“No!” I objected.

“Shame. It could come in handy but it’s fine...you won’t need one anyway.” she winked, then suddenly felt a tickling down her spine, “I have to go.” she stood straight, “Lucifer’s about to summon me, so Molock will finish the explanation...won’t you, Sumerian?” she leered in his direction.

He grimaced in distaste watching as she raised her arms above her head, disappearing in a burst of red flame in a dramatic flair. It was pretty cool, though. Molock approached studying my worried face.

“How am I supposed to handle that bombshell of information?” I argued.

“Just as you’ve always handled information in the past.” Molock humored.

“That’s not comforting.”

Molock grinned.

“Now that Lilith revealed her side of the bloodline, it’s time you know something else before your transition takes place.”

“I don’t like the sound of that.” I fretted.

“Relax, my lovely. It’s not that bad, I promise.” Molock’s eyes softened, “Now that you’ve been bitten, you’re not only becoming part of Nikolaas’ bloodline but of mine as well. And before you ask…” he interrupted me before I could ask, “I created the Barathous bloodline.”

“Oh? And how? In a test-tube?” I teased sarcastically; Molock replying with a deep laugh.

“No. Not in a test-tube.” he shook his head with a smile.

“Right. Okay. Then what does that mean for me?” I pushed aside the joking around.

“You, my lovely...my dear Yzavela...are going to evolve into a supernatural creature far more powerful than just an average Wraith. And they’re the Earth’s most powerful race. For example…” he raised his hands creating an image of a hellish looking worm-like caterpillar with spikes and spots on its body, “the full transition of metamorphosis.” then the insect appeared in a grayish toned silky cocoon.

“A pupa. I’m going to become a pupa?” I complained sarcastically gesturing at the cocoon before placing my hands on my hips

Molock broke out into a hardy laugh, shaking his head enjoyably.

Staring into my curious face, I too began laughing.

“Even now, demoness...you still manage to find humor and sarcasm.” Molock admired then cleared his throat, “But no. You’re not becoming a pupa, for you’re already past that stage.”

“I’m cocooned.” I argued, continuing the sarcasm.

“In a sense...yes. Look for yourself.” he turned smiling, toward the wall, returning the image of the hospital room to its place from wall-to-wall; a faint fiery dome-like bubble surrounded my bed, “I created that to protect the outside world from you once you wake because not even I, can determine your strength and power.”

“And when I wake? Then what!?” I turned to Molock.

“Then…” he waved his right hand over the cocooned pupa; its small form beginning to hatch into a captivating butterfly with fiery wings, “you’ll become the beautiful butterfly.” he smiled as the image disappeared in embers.

“Poetic.” I muttered, tilting my head slightly.

“Ah, but not just any butterfly. A Hybrid.” Molock added.

“Hybrid?” I grew curious.

“Lilith should’ve mentioned that.”

“She’s gone. You’re here. Explain.” I folded my arms.

“A Hybrid of both Wraith and Demon, becoming a creature far more powerful than either race for there has never been a Hybrid in history. And believe me...I’ve been around during Earth’s history.” Molock revealed bluntly, “It’s that simple, but learning to control those combinations of the Wraith’s hunger and the Demon’s arcane abilities, will surely be the hardest challenge.”

“So I could wake up and become a bloodthirsty monster that practices magic! Just wonderful!” I complained firmly, “But if this is happening right now, as you and I are standing here in this f*cking place, what’s taking so long for me to...TRANSFORM? I made air-quotation marks.

“Do you want the detailed and complicated answer, or short and simple?” Molock grew agitated, placing his hands on his hips in such a masculine flair.

“Humor me.” I teased, gesturing at him, “History book.”

“Alright.” he nodded removing his hands from his hips, using them to express the situation, “There’s a battle brewing in your blood between the Wraith and Demonic DNA and since all human traces died due to the poison, your demonic blood was all that remained. So, once you were injected with both Wraith and pure Demon’s blood, it had a struggle, fighting with...yada-yada-yada...until finally the two DNA’s blended together, becoming Hybrid.” he sighed after explaining all of that in one breath; he lowered his hands, “Simple enough answer!?” he tilted his head, “And no…you will not practice magic like a normal Demon but will have access to more delicate abilities such as teleportation.”

I remained quiet, absorbing his words while at the same, trying to imagine what I’d be like and before I could speak, I began feeling a burning sensation running through my entire body from head-to-foot and vise-versa. Clenching my fists and moaning in pain, I fell to my knees; Molock kneeling with me holding onto my arms as I reached out for him. I grabbed onto his muscular forearms; my fingers barely wrapping around them.

“Molock...what…” I whined, “what’s happening!?”

He raised my head and looking into my eyes that flashed red, he muttered truthfully,


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