On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝟨𝟤

𝐸veryone turned their heads hearing my voice, shocked that I stood; healthy and awake but when some glanced through the window, I still laid unconscious with Molock’s protective fiery shield encasing me.

“Yza!? My baby girl, is that you!? Oh, thank god…” Lady D cried eagerly approaching the doppelganger.

“No, dear woman...I am not your daughter.” Lilith raised her hands creating an invisible barrier between herself and the pleading mother, “I...am someone and definitely something else.” her red eyes scanned all the curious faces.

“And what’s that supposed to be mean!?” Caleb inquired, studying Lilith’s petite form up and down, “If you’re not Yza, then who are you!?”

Azir stepped forward through the crowded hall, standing alongside the half-breed’s mother before gently pushing her behind his tall form. Catching her demonic scent of sulfur, he grimaced in distaste fretting bluntly,

“I know who you are...Lilith.”

She smiled, raising an eyebrow in reply listening to faint gasps in the hall.

“Lilith? As in...THE Lilith!?” Natash questioned.

“The one and only, but I’m not here to play games.” she snapped.

Natash remained silent, knowing the demon goddess’ reputation.

“Then why are you here...looking like my daughter!? Are you trying to torture me!?” Lady D commanded in a quivering voice, peeking her head around Azir.

Lilith took a step toward Azir, making eye contact with the mother. With a wave of her left hand, she moved Azir out of the way; his body roughly tossed aside against the wall. Natash moaned scampering toward her husband’s side, leering at Lilith in the process. Lilith grinned then reaching out for my mom’s hands, she answered all the mother’s questions and concerns with just the touch of their hands; she heard Lilith’s voice run through her mind. Lilith nodded once her doppelganger’s mother grew a brief smile. The goddess backed away, continuing to intimidate those standing before her.

“The reason I’m here is to tell all of you that our dear Yzavela is going to survive...and awaken, BUT...you need to be VERY cautious, for she’s becoming a creature that’s never been known or existed before.” she spoke bluntly, clasping her hands in front of her.

“A creature!?” Erik muttered.

“That’s my daughter, Lilith and no matter what she becomes...that will never change!” Lady D declared firmly.

Lilith sighed, growing tired of the back and forth backtalk.

She growled as she engulfed in a bold and bright red fiery Aura, causing everyone to step back; her Aura’s heat was overwhelming.

“I’m here to deliver a warning. To THEM!” Lilith scolded as she pointed a clawed finger toward Erik, Derek, Leonus and Nathan lurking nearby.

“A warning!? Ooo…I’m shaking in my boots.” Leonus scoffed.

“You should be.” Lilith growled.

“Yeah!? And why is that, demon!? Is she going to mouth off more than before!?” he argued, taking a step toward the petite demon.

“Oh, no Lycynian.” she taunted in a demonic tone glancing up at his 6’6 bulk, “Because after what took place out on the field, I wouldn’t want to be you when she seeks revenge.” she watched as his eyes grew wide, “Oh, yes...only I know what you did, and didn’t do other than her and another.” her eyes laid upon Derek who glanced away, then refocused on Leonus; she could hear his quiet gulp in guilt, “And you, boy…” she walked around Leonus glancing in Erik’s direction, “don’t think anything will be as it was before, for it won’t be. And you, mutt…” she leered in Nathan’s direction speaking telepathically, “she knows what you did to her beloved Anthony and when she wakens, you’ll experience a wrath so fierce, you might not survive.” she winked tauntingly.

Leonus pushed his way through the crowd, disappearing down the hall and around the corner. Derek frowned as he turned, following after him. Erik bravely but arrogantly approached her, studying Lilith up and down with a deep frown; her figure-hugging tattered dress revealed her curves and legs. Leaning in he argued quietly,

“You don’t know what you’re bloody talking about.”

“Don’t I, though!?” she hinted with an eerie grin then turning her head glancing over her left shoulder, she heard a screaming echoing from the void, “Ah, there she goes.” she continued with a smile.

Lady D pushed Erik aside, growing tired of these games. Frowning and using her hands expressively the mother questioned in concern and fear,

“What do you mean!? What’s going on!? Please, Lilith...tell me.” she approached, looking deep into Lilith’s red eyes.

“She’s transitioning.” Lilith revealed bluntly as she backed away, “And believe me when I tell all of you...you’re not ready for what will emerge.” she chuckled in a sinister tone then rapidly disappeared; her flames sizzling in the air.

“Transitioning?” Caleb muttered, “Meaning what?”

Lady D sighed, worrying greatly. She turned, pushing comforting hands away as she approached my suite; Molock remained at her daughter’s side. She entered the room and taking steps toward the bed, she placed her left hand on Molock’s shoulder but glancing around taking a look at his face, his eyes were closed. She smiled thinking he slept then walked around the bed, sitting on the bench across from the bed. Thoughts of meeting Lilith worried her, not to mention being her doppelganger but things were said and set in motion; she’d have to wait and see.

As tears ran down my cheek, Lilith reappeared behind Molock.

“Have I missed anything!?” she scoffed, kneeling alongside us.

“Her transition is beginning.” Molock snapped; his eyes focusing on me only.

“Transit…transition!?” my voice cracked as I glanced at them.

“Yes.” Lilith moved hair out of my eyes, “But don’t be afraid. It’s time to embrace who you’re going to be. There’s no sense in trying to fight it, so let go…” she wiped my tears away, “EMBRACE IT…” her red eyes flickered a dancing flame.

“I don’t want to.” I complained then buckled over, “Molock, please...make it stop.” I groaned.

“I’m sorry, Yzavela but there’s nothing I can do now.” Molock whispered as he raised my gaze, “I am sorry but you do HAVE to let go…” and reaching out his right hand, he plunged it through my chest but I felt no pain. Glancing down grabbing onto his arm, I watched as it transformed and following the transition upward, my eyes grew wide despite being filled with tears as Molock morphed into a muscular twelve foot tall demon with rough-charred skin, large horns and red eyes; his tattoos highlighted in a golden glow that complimented his demonic form. His black hair had receded, hanging down against his back and combed between his horns. In a deep muffled tone he continued, “You’ll live to be the last of both bloodlines of Barathous and Lilith’s, my lovely but do remember that you’ll no longer be human and there will come a time when you lose your pity and humanity.”

“I...I…” I gasped.

Molock swiftly removed his hand from my chest, revealing a massively sized clawed hand with long black nails, holding onto a small bluish-tinted orb that began fading as he closed his fist. I gasped once more, continuing to feel the sensation of liquid fire burning through my veins and laying my hands on the ground before me, I inquired as my eyes focused upward toward the orb of light,

“Is that...my soul!?”

“Oh, no-no sweetheart...that’s your humanity, for once you wake you’ll have your choice of whether or not to keep that precious...little thing, but if you ask me…” Lilith mocked.

“I didn’t!” I raged sarcastically; stumbling to my feet.

“But if you ask me…” Lilith continued in an agitated manner, “it’s worthless and brings you nothing but heartache.”

Breathing heavily, I broke out in a faint sweat and staring into Molock’s red demonic eyes I snapped,

“And what’s your part in all of this, hmm!? You’re a demon like us...so are you here to cause me pain and spew your riddles!? Was all the help and caring you’ve given me, all just some ploy or game?”

He grinned as he shifted in place, shaking his head in disbelief.

“No. That isn’t why I’m here. And you know it.” he answered.

Before I could speak, I engulfed in my Aura as the burning sensation intensified. Worried, I questioned once more as I closed my eyes, giving into my unknown fate. Glancing down at my hands and examining my body, I stuttered,

“What’s going to happen to me!? To my mom!?”

“She’ll be fine, but it’s not about them.” Lilith approached, “It’s time to be reborn, for all that you were is now gone.” she intimidatingly stroked my cheek through my flames that didn’t burn her, “Wake up, now...wake up!” she pushed me backwards and it felt as if I fell deep into a black abyss with no end but as I closed my eyes, my memories flashed through my mind as a series of recorded events and the last, was between Anthony and I sharing a glance that said a thousand words.

I screamed as everything completely blackened and faded; nothing but blackness around me once more but in that darkness, I heard Molock’s calm voice whisper telepathically,

“You can’t love without hate. There can’t be peace without war. And life must balance death, my lovely so remember those are words to live by.”

Lady D sat on the bench across from the bed, sleeping. Erik had ventured into the room, moments after she had; Molock’s presence had vanished. Taking the seat alongside the bed, he leaned his head back falling asleep as well and simultaneously, images flashed through their minds; Erik appearing in an empty hospital hallway and her mother standing in the living room of our home in the Great City:

Erik glanced around; bodies laid scattered on the cold tiled floor, soaking in their blood from throats ripped out, hearts removed or heads decapitated. Silence filled the air momentarily as he slowly stepped through and around the bodies when suddenly, he heard screams echoing nearby. Scampering through the halls, slipping his feet on pools of blood, he came to the hall outside her room. Laying in the long hall, were the bodies of our friends and loved ones; Lady D and Hiromi among them with their throats torn out. Trailing from the massacre, were a single set of a womans petite footprints, size six, leading down the hall of continuous bodies. Glancing ahead, Erik paused his trek standing frozen in place, for ahead of him, he watched as a female Wraith engulfed in a red fiery Aura fed on Doctor Matthews who struggled to break free; his strength failed him, despite being a Wraith himself. Once Matthews fell to the ground with an unsettling thud; head facing Erik’s direction, Erik heard the woman’s voice speak a low satisfied tone,

“What’s the matter, Erik!? Don’t like what’s been created? Too much for you still?

“Keeps!?” he answered in disbelief, “Is that you!?”

“Who else would it be, jacka**…” the female Wraith laughed as she turned around and Erik feared for indeed it was me; hospital gown and hair soaked in blood. He examined her face with black eyes like an insect with a fiery Iris center blood dripping from her chin and clawed fingers. A bulged brow-line added a demonic take on the Wraith race; veins ran down her neck, up her fingertips from her claws and framed her brow and eyes.Her face was smeared with blood and her grin revealed an upper and lower set of fangs. I no longer had the pretty face he once remembered.

“This isn’t you.” Erik argued as I approached him biting her lower lip, stepping in pools of blood as if they weren’t there, “This isn’t you, love!”

Quicker than an average Wraith or Demon, or even than a blink of an eye, she stood before him staring into his gray eyes.

“Oh, Erik…” she released a scoffing TSK, “always so judgemental, but yes…this is me.” she whispered as she gestured at herself, “You just helped bring it forth.” she rubbed her hands on his upper chest sending shivers down his spine, “I don’t want to fight you, Erik...not anymore, because all I want to do is give this f*cked up world we live in...Hell.” she smiled, “And there’s nothing you can do to stop me.”

Steven can.” Erik moaned, “Steven can stop you. He’s your Maker and he can control you, if he has to.” he frowned.

The Wraith standing before him stared; her smile fading as a frown was put in its place.

“Can he now?” she mocked, “What makes you think he can do this? What makes you think you…here and now can stop me with your pity magic?” she studied his face then backed away; her black eyes leering at him, “Go on!” she waited, “Give it a go…” she held out her arms, but Erik hesitated, “wow.” she shook her head, “You can’t even do that! What a waste of a demonic existence!”

“Stop it!” Erik raged, “Keeps, stop it!”

“Why!? Don’t like hearing the truth!?” she scoffed, “You’re pathetic...you’re sad...you’re weak!” she taunted.

Erik shouted then pushed me against the wall with an invisible force; his hands held in the air before reaching out, wrapping them around her throat. She smiled then rasped as she wrapped her petite clawed hands around his forearms,

“There he is...there’s the manwith a backbone!”

“Why are you doing this!? WHY!?” Erik commanded.

“Because I can.” she answered bluntly then releasing her grip on his forearms, she lowered her hands to up and around his torso; engulfing in her Aura that began growing brighter, “Burn with me?” she continued as its heat intensified, burning Erik who attempted to disappear but his screams of agonizing pain kept him from focusing elsewhere.

Erik woke with a rough jerk as he fell from the chair, breathing heavily as he felt his skin that was warmer to the touch than it should have been. He glanced at the young woman’s petite body that still laid in its place, fearing that nightmares’ possible reality. His eyes focused upon her mother who remained asleep, having dreams of her own. He sighed deeply then turned away, heading into the bathroom to splash cold water on his face.

Lady D squirmed as her sleeping form shifted in place, having her dream or nightmare play out:

“Mommy...Mommy…” she heard her daughter’s voice calling for her, as she stood in the living room of our Great City home, “Mommy, in the kitchen…”

She strolled through the home; everything new in its place and untouched by the destruction and standing in the doorway of the kitchen, there she sat at the table looking healthy and happy as she scampered over, embracing her in a strong hug; one she eagerly returned.

“Oh, my baby girl...thank god you’re alright...thank god you’re alive.” Lady D muttered with tears of joy.

“Wish I could say I’m fine, but I’m not.” her daughter answered bluntly as she pulled away.

Lady D examined her daughter’s face; nothing had changed but she sensed there was an underlying secret. Sitting her down in a chair, she held onto her hands, while staring into her big brown eyes.

“What do you mean, you’re not!? You’re not what!?” she objected.

“I’m not alright and I’m certainly not alive.” this young woman revealed casually with a shrug showing no emotion, “But it’s okay. I’ve accepted it. And you should too.”

“Accepted what!? What’s going on!?” my mom pleaded, “Are you even my daughter!?”

The young woman stared into this mother’s kind but worried brown eyes, then studied her features. She looked tired and that was expected considering the circumstances. She smiled as she gently pulled her hands away, then stood standing behind her chair.

“Am I your daughter!? How could you ask me that!?” she argued sarcastically with a shrug.

“I’m sorry...I didn’t mean it like that, but you...you’re acting so...casual, as if everything’s normal.” my mom complained as she leaned against the table’s ledge.

“Oh, it’s far beyond normal. You know that, but I’ll be fine. Right now, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet before the sh*t-storm brewing outside of this…” she paused with a sigh thinking of the right phrase, “well, whatever you want to call this so please, Mommy...just sit with me while we have the time, please!?” she begged, “BLS!?”

Lady D smiled knowing only her daughter knew what that love name meant. She wiped her tears away with a tissue she handed to her then offered to make some relaxing tea. The thought physically manifested the beverage as it suddenly appeared on a tray sitting on the table; two cups filled with hot tea and its condiments alongside. The steam escaped from the cups as her daughter returned to her seat, reaching for one of the cups. We laughed and rehashed memories, played a game of cards or pieced together a puzzle; spending whatever time we had left. But time didn’t seem to pass in this place; sun still shining through the windows but it began coming to an end as the lights inside flickered off and on violently; even the sun blacked out as if something kept stepping in front of its path.

“What’s going on!?” the mother panicked, watching the lights.

“I’m waking up.” the young woman lectured laying cards on the table, “And so should you.”

“But...I want to stay here with you!” she objected, reaching for her hands.

“Mommy...this isn’t real...none of it is, so wake up!” she disappeared in a fuzzy blur, leaving the mother frantic as the setting began breaking apart and then she too, disappeared; waking in her place.

She breathed heavily as she sat straight, taking notice she still slept; Erik exiting the bathroom and before either could speak, wanting to reveal their dreams or nightmares, the monitors flat-lined in one continuous tone; my body beginning to go through its violent convulsions. They panicked frantically as they rushed out into the hall, urgently calling for Doctor Matthews and nurses who immediately appeared. Rushing past them and into the room, my mom and friends followed suit.

Zanz awoke, growing nervous of the commotion taking place; he released low growls in upset. Natash scampered in removing him from the room; ignoring his bites and growls, laying him outside. She returned to the room glancing at the young woman’s feet where she, and everyone else, witnessed Abraxas going through similar convulsions before he stoppedlaying completely still and motionless.

As the woman laid there, Matthews stared at the monitors listening to, not a heart beat, but a rhythmic pattern of wavy lines in its place across the screen; slow and steady breathing following after. Matthews quickly turned to everyone, ordering loudly and firmly,

“Get out...all of you! Now...go!” he pointed toward the door, “Natash, get that bloody dragon off her bed and take him outside with the others.”

She nodded with a grunt, scampering over removing his unconscious small body from the bed. She held him in her arms as she stepped toward the door.

“Why did sheconvulse like that!? What’s happening!?” Lady D feared, unaware of the transition process and worried that if it took, “God damn it, Matthews...what’s happening to my daughter!?” she commanded; her nerves jittering a mile a minute.

He sped toward the door where she stood, placing his hands on her shoulders. He didn’t make eye contact as he answered,

“If it’s what I think it is, you’ll know soon enough. Now, please Ma’am…” he looked into her eyes, “wait outside with the others.” he turned her around, gently escorting her out into the hall, then swiftly closed the door behind her; nurses closing the curtains of the window.

Natash laid Abraxas on one of the seats near Zanz who gave a quick inspection; sniffing at the small dragon. Natash stroked his soft scales when his wings began twitching, followed by his tail. My mom turned, watching his eyes slowly blink open. She rushed over speaking to him softly as he held his head up, searching for my presence. He stretched out his wings and began flapping into the air, releasing anxious roars. He didn’t grow in size per say, but his physical appearance seemed to have matured some.

“Where’s Mother!?” Abraxas’ voice entered Lady D’s thoughts.

“She’s…” she whined verbally, not knowing how to explain the event to such a small and innocent creature.

“She’s transitioning, little dragon.” Molock’s voice answered from down the hall.

Everyone turned their heads, watching as he strolled through the crowd toward Lady D and Abraxas; red velvet coat flowing gracefully behind him. He studied the dragon that landed on the seat, nodding in respect momentarily receiving one in respect as they communicated telepathically. He ignored the onslaught of questions as he too, waited for news. He embraced the half-breed’s mother comfortably; she held onto him tightly, before pulling away. He turned to Zanz, speaking to him softly in his Sumerian tongue as he stroked his soft black fur; the hounds’ reaction was unresponsive.

“What’s happening!?” Caleb asked.

“What happened!?” Derek questioned.

“We don’t know.” Erik slurred, “One minute she was fine and then the next...bloody hell, I don’t know.” he combed his fingers through his hair.

Leonus, not being the most appropriate time, stepped toward Molock mocking as he uncaringly pestered,

“You...you claim to know everything, Mr. Ancient-Historical…artifact! You tell us, yeah!?”

“And why do you care so much, when you hate her...so much!?” Molock turned to the alpha Lycynian making direct eye contact, “Hmm!?”

Heather approached her husband, standing alongside him interrupting the tension between the two men.

“Leonus, please...don’t do this now.” Heather pleaded in a soft whisper, “Please…” she held onto his muscular arm.

“For respect of your wife and mother of your children, I’m going to walk away and forget you exist...do you understand!?” Molock taunted, “But believe me when I say...this isn’t over.” he growled then turned away.

Heather shook her head when Leonus turned to her. She said nothing as she strolled away; Derek greeting her with a friendly smile and comforting hugs once more.

Matthews and the nurses scampered around the bed, examining the monitors when they jumped back watching as the petite woman began going through some sort of a change; even through the protective dome-shield Molock had put in place. With eyes wide, they observed as she arched her back; head leaned backwards against the pillow. Her arms stretched down alongside her sides with her fingers twitching with cracking knuckles, while they extended with black claws extracting from her fingertips.

“My, god…” one of the nurses mumbled, “Matthews, what’s happening to her!?”

Matthews remained silent for he didn’t have an answer; he protectively stood in front of the three nurses. They continued watching as her head turned side-to-side before her eyes jerked open, revealing black insect-like with a red fiery Iris in their center. The shield popped as she broke through its magic with such supernatural speed that she went from laying in the bed, to crouching on its ledge hissing and growling at figures standing before her.

I swerved my head to the right, sniffing the air once, catching the scent of fear; releasing aggressive hisses as the fear became intoxicating. Tilting my head, I continued to hiss which turned into a deep guttural demonic growl that vibrated in the back of my throat.

Breathing deeply, Matthews instructed the nurses to stay by the door then stepped forward against their warnings. He glanced over his shoulder toward them, nodding as if he had the situation under control.

“No, Sir…” one of them pleaded, “no…” she shook her head, but he didn’t answer.

Continuing to listen to the threatening growls, Matthews focused on the patient that was no longer human and reaching out his hands, he stepped around near the front of the bed. Whispering softly, he revealed his True Self thinking that seeing another Wraith would somehow help in the matter at hand,

“Yzavela, it’s me...Doctor Matthews. Do you...do you know where you are!?

The growls continued as I slowly crawled toward him engulfing in my Aura that was bolder and hotter in temperature. I watched as he lowered one of his hands that reached into the pocket of his white hospital coat, retrieving an unknown threat. I growled once more as I threw the metal tray standing beside the bed to the ground; its contents and tools scattering among the hospital floor. The three nurses rushed forward, being Wraiths themselves, attempting to intervene.

Everyone outside in the hall heard loud crashing, screams and a loud piercing Banshee-like shriek erupting from inside the room; one of the three nurses rushed out screaming and crying with scratches across her back, with her dress torn. Derek, Steven and Azir chased after her, attempting to calm her but her nerves were shot but she feared their comforting touch.

“Miss...Miss…” Derek proclaimed grabbing her arms firmly pushing her against the wall, “what happened!?”

“She’s attacking Matthews!” she cried, “She killed the other nurses. She…” the woman gasped, “oh, god…”

“Steven, take her away from here.” Azir instructed, “For if Yzavela left those scratches, she’s left her mark and this young woman needs to be far from her. Go, now!” he rushed them down the hall.

Derek and Azir frowned as they glanced at each other, before returning to the crowd outside.

Molock immediately sprinted into the hospital suite; Lady D, Caleb, Erik and Natash directly behind. Abraxas squawked as he flapped into the air, hovering above their heads. Once all had entered the suite they stood frozen in fear and worry, as they examined the environment. The bed laid empty; sheets hanging off or laying on the floor. Lady D gasped, examining the two nurses on the floor with their throats torn out by massively powerful hands. Because of the circumstances of their death, they didn’t immediately turn to ash and suffered until their loss of blood, gave them their death; ashes laid among their nurses’ uniforms. Coming from the right of the somewhat Polygon shaped-like room around the corner from the bathroom, were faint gasps mixing with deep guttural growls. Molock led the crowd of anxious folks and peeking around the corner, there laid Matthews on his back pinned beneath a petite newly born supernatural creature. My right hand wrapped tightly around the Wraith’s throat; his attempts to break free were pointless as with each struggle, my grip grew tighter. Scratches were visible on his right arm, face and across his chest; scratches that hadn’t healed. Matthews closed his eyes, listening to the low demonic hisses as I leaned in. Molock grew a faint grin admiring the beauty of the moment but that grin faded as her mother attempted to push by him, but he held out his left arm in front of her protectively. Glancing up at him, he shook his head while mouthing the word NO.

This isn’t something you should attempt. Molock’s voice entered her thoughts, “May I have the photo you carry, for it’ll help her remember…” he held out his left hand.

My mom bit her lower lip removing a recent photo of us; taken days before the war. She quickly placed it in his palm then stepped back, standing in front of Caleb who placed his hands on her shoulders.

Molock being the only one possibly capable of handling my new transition, slowly approached with his hands out. He cleared his throat then whispered softly in a low sensual tone,

“Yzavela...demoness...it’s me, Molock. You know me, yes? Demoness…”

I slowly raised my head, not recognizing him momentarily but he felt familiar. I squeezed Matthews’ throat tighter causing him to moan in further discomfort as his hands and skin burned against my Aura.

“Yzavela, no…” Molock continued, “let him go. He’s not who...or what you want, right!?” he inched closer, “Let him go…”

My mom squeaked as she grew worried for Molock’s life, while Erik scoffed, not caring if I had attacked him.

“That’s right, dear Yzavela...my demoness…” Molock whispered alluringly in a tone that calmed me momentarily, “come to me now...come to me…” he pleaded his hands toward him.

I titled my head, releasing my grip on the Wraith’s throat, allowing him to teleport out of the room; Steven and Nikolaas following after him in great concern. I slowly crawled toward the 6’4 man in front of me, growling sensually in an unintentional manner. He knelt down; hands still reached out. I studied his face for a moment feeling a sense of demonic familiarity, then glanced past his shoulder toward other figures standing behind him. Taking in a deep whiff, their fear filled the air.

“Yzavela…” Molock’s voice entered my thoughts.

I hissed hearing his voice as I shook my head, beginning to hear various sounds coming from everywhere around me. Backing away, I held my clawed hands over my ears trying to block out their sounds; crouching in the corner rocking back and forth. Molock inched closer once more until he knelt inches away.

“Yzavela, my demoness…” Molock reachedout touching one of my hands through my Aura without a single burn or flinch, “look at me...look at me…” he reached his hand toward my chin raising my gaze, “do you remember this?” he held the photo close enough with the other hand, “Do you remember?”

I studied the photo then raised my gaze into his red eyes, leering at him with my black demon eyes filled with newly born rage and hunger. I squinted then hissed aggressively, revealing my triple set of fangs (two longer sets along the top and a smaller set along the bottom row).

Erik caught the glimpse of my fangs, remembering his nightmare that sent chills down his spine revealing I had become something more than just a Wraith. Even Steven worried; being a Maker and having control of his first newborn was something in that moment.

I growled viciously; Molock returning the aggression in a dominating manner; a moment he regretted for I lowered my hands pouncing on him like a predator. Knocking him backwards to the ground, I straddled him; my clawed hands pressing against his muscular chest. In a taunting tone, he persisted; his red eyes filled with a demonic flame of his own,

“You want to hurt me, do you!? Go on...do it.” he held out his arms, “Do it!!”

I leaned in catching his scent along his neck; an intoxicating herbal and magical scent mixture. I growled as I pulled my head away, feeling a bond. He raised the photo once more to my right; I moaned snatching it from his left hand, studying the faces of two women and a man. Images of a moment when the photo was taken, flashed through my mind. Molock cautiously lowered my hands. Glancing into his eyes once more, I whispered in a muffled demonic tone,

“I know you. I know this.”

Molock grinned, placing his hands on my waist in a respectful gesture then gently slid me off, laying me next to him. He pushed himself into a sitting position.

“Yes, you do. And the woman in the photo? Who is she?” he advised, “And the man?”

I studied the photo once more then raised my gaze, searching for them among the crowd and there she was; standing by the door with tears in her eyes. My mom held her breath as she held her hands to her chest, hoping her daughter would return to her. I didn’t find Anthony among the crowd of anxious faces. I winced, feeling a sense of despair knowing what had happened to the Italian then looked into Molock’s eyes.

Erik stood silent, shaking his head.

“UNBELIEVABLE...EVEN AFTER ANTHONY, IT’S MOLOCK! EVEN NOW!” he hatefully thought, “GO F*CK HIM SOMEWHERE ELSE AND BE DONE WITH IT!” and returning his gaze, I leered in his direction; he wondered if maybe I had heard his thoughts and if so, how?

I growled as I slowly crawled toward him without breaking my gaze; Molock turning in place kneeling on his knees.

“Don’t move.” Molock warned as he stood, “Let her inspect but don’tmake any movements.”

Everyone remained perfectly still and quiet, adhering to Molock’s warning. Erik flinched as I sped to my feet before him, watching as I caught his Demon scent of fresh soap and Peppermint. Covered in blood I leaned in, whispering bluntly,

“You…you should be careful what you think for you never know who could be listening.”

Erik gulped.

“So I’ve been…so I’ve been told.” he answered with caution.

“What’s the matter? Afraid?” I taunted.


“Good.” I hissed, then walked around him toward my mom who stood toward the back of the room with tears in her eyes and held in Caleb’s embrace, “Mommy?” I whispered.

My mom sighed, crying in relief for I had remembered her. She pulled away from Caleb as she approached her daughter with caution and glancing in Molock’s direction, he nodded. She daringly reached out, taking me into her arms.

“Mommy?” I whispered once more.

“Shh, it’s me…it’s Mommy. I’m here, sweetheart…it’s alright.” she softly announced, “Shh…”

I listened to her soft voice, remembering moments together. Pulling away, she stared into my black eyes watching as they faded only to be replaced with red eyes mixed with a faint golden flicker; almost as if a flame danced in them. Other Wraiths and Demons present took notice, knowing they weren’t normal newborn Wraith eyes but signified a entirely new creature all together. I embraced my mom once more, despite being covered in blood, feeling her comfortable and affectionate touch. I smiled but that quickly faded as I listened to the blood pumping beneath the skin along her neck and it became intoxicating. My mom smiled then it too faded, as she felt my embrace growing a little too tight.

“Yz...Yza…” my mom attempted to pull away, “Yzavela…” she managed to push me away by pressing against my shoulders; I backed away with hunger in my eyes, “You want to kill me!?” she blurted.

I grew agitated hearing the tone in her voice.

“No, but…” I growled, “just a taste will do.”

“That’s enough!” Molock commanded as he stood between us, “Everyone out! Lady D, please...you too, before she acts on her impulses. Please…”

My mom stood in disbelief with tears continuing to stream from her puffy red eyes. She made eye contact with Molock who continued the pleas in a soft telepathic message.

“She’s yours because that...this…she’s not my daughter. Not anymore.” she cried, then turned rushing out of the room with the others trailing quickly behind her.

“Why did you do that!?” I snapped turning Molock to face me, “I wasn’t going to hurt her!”

“I wasn’t going to take that chance.” Molock affirmed.

I shook my head, balancing all the near and distant sounds then caught the scent of blood and turning toward the bed, there were the two Wraith nurses I had killed laid in ashes. A feeling of guilt suddenly rushed over me.

“I...I did that!?” I questioned softly.

“Yes. You did.” Molock replied.

“But how!? I mean...they were Wraiths. They should’ve healed after being attacked by another Wraith, right?” I glanced up at Molock then glanced down at my blood covered clawed petite hands.

“My lovely…” Molock turned me toward him placing his gentle hands on my shoulders, “you’re not a Wraith. Or at least, not fully.”

“Not fully!?” I brushed his hands away, releasing a guttural growl-hiss, snarling to reveal my fangs.

“Mother…” I heard a voice telepathically call out, “Mother…”

Glancing above Molock’s head, Abraxas flapped with wide eyes and I could tell his wings tired from hovering in midair too long.

“Abraxas!” I smiled holding my arms out reassuring him it was alright to come to me and once landing in my arms, he snuggled his snout against my chin, “It’s alright, Abs...I’m fine.” I continued in a soft whisper, returning the affection.

Before Molock could speak, Zanz entered the room by pushing the door open. He whined as I approached, catching my new scent. He paused releasing a low growl as I crouched before him, calling him over despite his continuous growls. Molock attempted to speak to the hound once more but he ignored the DemonJinn’s words.

“Molock, it’s alright...I got this.” I looked up at him then lowered my gaze, staring into Zanz’s golden eyes, “It’s me, boy...it’s me…” I cautiously scooted toward him with my hands held out and once making contact with his snout, his tail began wagging happily before he inched closer, sniffing and licking my face, “That’s my boy…” I whispered, “my boys.” I referred to Zanz and Abraxas. Suddenly my eyes focused upon the photo; Anthony’s face stood out clearly. Reaching for the photo, I remembered being with him in the void, “So it’s true then?” my voice cracked as I looked up at Molock, “About Anthony?”

“I’m afraid it is.” Molock answered softly.

I nodded, holding the photo close to my heart feeling all the emotions from the memories I experienced in the void; whether physical or otherwise. I smiled closing my eyes then heard Molock’s voice interrupt my thoughts,

“You need a shower.”

I glanced down at myself, agreeing highly.

“And then I need to set things right with my mom but first…” I abruptly felt mild stomach cramps, “I’m hungry… famished!”

Molock smiled then retrieved once of the blankets from the bed, gently wrapping it around my shoulders then together we exited the hospital suite; Abraxas curled in my arms and Zanz heeling beside me. Entering the hall, fearful faces glared at me. I growled as I passed, unappreciative of the glares.

Abraxas crawled from my arms onto my shoulder and passing Erik, he looked away in fear and disgust with thoughts running through his mind. I didn’t care what he or anyone thought of me at the moment. I closed my eyes, breathing deeply when I came to an abrupt halt; my eyes jerking open as I caught the scent of a Lycynian wearing a familiar Scottish cologne.

Glancing ahead, Leonus turned the corner walking toward us; staring at his feet not knowing I had awakened but raising his gaze, he immediately paused. He studied my petite form and compared to Molock’s 6’4 height, I looked so small. He stared into my red eyes filling with rage; eyes that began darkening as they took on their black pigment. I threw the blanket from my shoulders scattering Abraxas into the air then pushed Molock aside, speeding toward the 6’6 lycan; pouncing him to the ground in a rough thrust downward. Straddling him, I released hisses of aggression as I leaned in close to his face, while pinning his wrists down. Molock sped over in a demonic swiftness, attempting to pull me off but to no avail. Especially after I created a shield around us.

Demons and Wraiths gasped, for how was it possible that a Wraith created am arcane shield.

“That’s impossible.” Caleb muttered.

“Can’t be…” Jon added.

“Demoness!” Molock shouted pounding against the barrier that shimmered from each impact, “Yzavela, no...stop it! He’s not worth it!”

I turned my head viciously hissing at him. He backed away with a frown then knelt down beside me. Leaning in close to the barrier he whispered as he watched my hands moved up the Lycynian’s throat wrapping tightly around. The crowd behind us inched closer, all gasping in worry; their whispers too loud in my ear. Heather, who had trailed a little behind Leonus, turned the corner and catching the scene taking place, she cried out in pleading rants as she fell to her knees pounding against the shield herself. I raised my gaze growling at the Irishwoman who fell backwards at the sudden act of aggression and Hybrid rage.

“I know you hate him, that’s no surprise, but he’s not worth it. Yzavela...let him go...let him go…” Molock urged firmly in a demonic tone that sent chills down my spine, “LET HIM GO...NOW!”

I turned my head toward Molock, hissing my warning,

“I know you’re trying to help, but this doesn’t concern you and you’ll be swallowing your words once you find out what he’s done! Do you want to know, if you don’t know already!?” I broke my gaze leaning in close to Leonus’ face, “This piece of sh*t...this son of a b*tch...left me on the field to die and when I reached out pleading for help, he turned away and left me there. Isn’t that right...Leonus!?” my hands squeezed tighter. I enjoyed listening to him gasp.

Molock frowned, filling with rage; his fists clenching alongside him.

“Is that true!? Blink once for yes...twice for no.” he ordered but Leonus hesitated, “Answer me…” Leonus blinked once as his gasps continued.

“Stop this, please...you’re killing him!” Heather cried leaning her hands forward on the tile floor, “Oh, god...please!”

“God isn’t here!” I growled leaning in closer, revealing my Hybrid fangs in a sinister smile.

Azir pushed his way through the crowd, watching in fear; Natash followed close behind him.

“This isn’t the time and place for this!” he urged firmly, “Leave him be! I’ll take care of him...”

“NO!” I shouted with in a sinister tone that blended with a deep vibrating growl, “he’s mine, so tell me Leonus...how long does it take for a Wraith’s bite to kill your kind?” I watched as his blue eyes grew wide, “You don’t know? That’s okay, but guess what…I’m not just a Wraith so let’s see how long it takes for a Hybrid’s bite to take effect!” and before Molock, Heather or Azir could interfere, I turned his head to the right, sinking my triple set of fangs into his thick neck, injecting my poisonous venom; the Wraiths are right when they claim it tastes like sour milk.

Heather screamed as she cried and pleaded for someone to do something but it was too late.She continued pounding against the Hybrid’s shield but it wouldn’t falter. Everyone listened as Leonus roared in pain,feeling the agonizing burn run beneath his skin and through his veins.

“Yzavela, please...stop this...stop this! Molock, please…” she pleaded as her tears streamed down her round face but Molock said nothing as he looked at her with rage in his red demonic eyes.

“It’s not for me to stop.” Molock slurred carelessly.

I raised my head spitting out his blood as I crawled off the bulky alpha then slowly stood, releasing my barrier as I leered down at the man. He held his hands to his neck, pleading for the pain to cease then moved his eyes toward me, watching as I knelt beside him; head tilted, watching and listening to his pleas. Heather slid toward Leonus resting his head in her lap, crying and continuing her pleas as she stroked his hair with her right hand and holding onto the wound with her left; her husband’s blood covering her hand.

“Hel...help…” Leonus coughed, “make...it stop...please...help...me.”

With my emotions scaling up and down, I knew how I felt in this moment. I smiled as I stood with Molock who wanted nothing more than to eradicate the Lycynian where he laid but Leonus’ fate was tied to the newborn creature standing alongside him.

Azir quickly ran over falling to his knees. Heather moved aside, watching as the Nubian Jinn placed his hands on the wound, unsure if he could stop the process, knowing the effects of a Wraith’s bite to a Lycynian but this was a Hybrid’s bite. Turning his head glancing over his shoulder he argued,

“What have you done!?”

“I put the dog down.” I answered in a cold tone then strolled down the hall with Molock as he led me to the showers; I glanced back only once before I disappeared around the corner with Zanz and Abraxas following after.

Azir closed his eyes then glanced down at Leonus who began squirming in place. He frowned, questioning in a disgusted tone,

“You left her to die? By the Elders, Leonus...I know you hated her but she’s just a child and once I or if I could heal this bite, that’s nothing compared to what I’ll do.” and grabbing onto Leonus’ shirt, he teleported in his pillar of green light, leaving all fearful and afraid; Natash running toward Heather who cried as she examined her hand and skirt that was covered in Leonus’ blood.

Heather shook her head mumbling in disbelief; she was shocked that he’d do something so heartless. Derek approached kneeling beside her and Natash, attempting to comfort the woman as she leaned toward him, resting against his chest.

“I can’t believe this.I can’t believe he’d do such a horrific thing!” she mumbled.

“This isn’t the first act he’s done, Heather and you know that.” Derek answered.

Heather knew what he meant, swallowing her previous words.

Natashsearched the halls for Azir and locating Azim, she relayed the events taking place. He wasn’t surprised for he told Natash he had witnessed the moment but grew distracted for the events of the war had everyone distracted by many enemies. He turned away searching the hospital for Lady D and found her; she sat alone in the chapel, crying and praying. She didn’t retreat to the religious room because of religion, but it was the quietest place in the building for her to think. Azim entered quietly, slowly approaching the bench she sat alone on; he took a seat next to her without words being said.

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