On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝟨𝟥

Taking a hot shower; steam filling the locker room like a steam room, Molock sat on the bench opposite the showers, fiddling with his thumbs as he knelt his elbows on his knees. He intensely stared at the tiled ground, thinking of ways to make Leonus suffer but would respect how things turned out; only to a certain extent. He wasn’t a man that could let things go, especially if it hurt those he cared about.

“Molock…” my voice broke through his thoughts, “Molock!”

He raised his gaze, glancing at the shower doors seeing my face peeking through a clean spot among the steam.

“Yes, my lovely?” he replied as he straightened his posture.

“Can I, uh...have a towel or robe, please?” I snapped unintentionally.

He smiled as he stood, retrieving a clean towel from a rack nearby.

“It’s nothing I haven’t accidentally seen before.” he teased then turned; there I stood outside.

“I know it isn’t.” I muttered, “I’m catching a draft so hurry up with that god damn towel!?”

Molock couldn’t help but study my nude body as he approached then respectfully kept eye contact while wrapping the towel around my shoulders before I grabbed it the rest of the way.

“I see the transition hasn’t dampened your sarcasm.” Molock joked.

“Ha-ha…” I smiled, tucking the towel tightly in place then combed my wet hair back off my face.

“Unbelievable…” Erik’s voice interrupted; he quietly entered the locker room, “that didn’t take long!”

“Do you mind!?”

“Bloody hell, Keeps...it’s nothing men haven’t seen before!” Erik snapped, gesturing at Molock who took steps inches away from me.

“You mean, you?” I replied

“Not that you care, but nothing happened!” Molock turned to the arrogant male Demon.

“Really!?” Erik raised an eyebrow, “That’s a bloody lie!”

“I may be a lot of things, boy...but a liar isn’t one of them!” Molock argued.

“That’s enough! Both of you! You can fight or kill each other later, or hell...even measure each others’ middle limb between your legs another time!” I shouted, “But you’re not going to do it here...or now! Molock, wait outside.” I glanced up at him, “And you…” I leered at Erik, “we’re going to have a talk after I control my emotions and feed. Now, get out!” but he hesitated, “NOW!” I growled.

“If I have to, I’ll get Steven. He’s your bloody Maker!” Erik snapped taking a step toward me in a demanding demeanor, “So if I have to, I’ll make him use that control.”

“Control? CONTROL?” I raised my voice in a guttural demonic tone, sending shivers up and down Erik’s and Molock’s spine, “Don’t make me laugh! You, nor he, controlled me when I was half human so what the hell...makes you think you can control me now!?” I engulfed in my Aura that had changed, becoming a more solid red flame, “I don’t and won’t answer to you...or anyone! Maker or not! You or no one owns or controls me!”

Molock frowned, not wanting to interfere in the moment but he reluctantly interrupted,

“She’s right, Erik...and you know it, so if I were you...I’d just turn around and walk away.”

“But you’re not me! All this bloody bullsh*t between Keeps and I went to hell the moment you started coming around, so why don’t you just disappear and never come back!?” Erik taunted loudly. “I really hate you, you know that?!”

“You’re a f*cking hypocrite!” I announced with rage as I approached him, pushing him backwards against the wall near the door; petite hand prints singed on the front of one of his expensive shirts, “Things between you and I were all over the god damn place when I came back from Ireland; you know it, and I know it! Molock or Anthony have nothing to with your attitude so quit putting all the blame on them! Geez...what’s wrong with you!?” I shook my head, “I don’t get it, I mean...I’m not going to say you’re a bad person because you’re not, but I think wearing your tight shirts and pants have squeezed your balls a little too tight to the point where you can’t think straight!”

Erik moaned, having a comeback on the tip of his tongue but he held back the rant. He glanced down at his shirt then raised his gaze, staring into my red eyes.

“I won’t apologize for my feelings toward HIM, I won’t...” he referred to Molock, “but don’t think, for one f*cking second, that HE won’t try to control you!” Erik muttered coldly, “So...you want each other, I won’t f*cking stop you! Both of you can burn your way back to Hell, for all I care! And what do you think Anthony would do, if he were here?”

“Don’t you dare speak his name!” I hissed, “You didn’t know a damn thing about Anthony, other than what you wanted to see!”

Erik sneered as he backed away, slipping out of the room and into the hall. He grunted as he paced, before turning to the wall, punching his fist here and there then strolled down the long corridors that led him away from the showers. Long enough to be far from the newborn creature.

I breathed heavily staring at the blank space where Erik had stood. Molock stepped behind me, gently placing his hands on my shoulders.

“Get out…” I mumbled brushing his hands gently away then turned to him, “please. I need to be alone.”

“I don’t...think that’s a good idea.” Molock advised.

“I’m asking you kindly, now please...GET...OUT!” I proclaimed firmly, “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“You can’t hurt me, demoness but...alright. I’ll leave. For now.” Molock nodded then he turned away, leaving the room, knowing I didn’t mean the dismissal in such a way.

He hadn’t left the hospital but remained standing outside in the hall, taking notice of holes along the walls. He knew they must’ve been caused by Erik upon his leave. He raised an eyebrow then snapped his fingers; Erik appearing in front of him with his back turned.

“What the hell!?” he glanced around then turned, seeing Molock standing behind him, “What did you do!?”

“You and I aren’t finished, boy!” Molock affirmed in a deep tone, “And if you try to disappear, you’ll only reappear right back here!”

Erik groaned and attempting to do just that, ignoring Molock’s warning, he teleported only reappearing where he stood. He huffed, not wanting to hear Molock’s words.

Natash ventured down the halls toward the locker room when she heard loud voices breaking out in an angry argument. She sprinted quickly and turning a corner to her left, Molock and Erik were engaged in a heated conversation; Molock holding Erik raised from the ground. He held the young Demon pinned to the wall inches from the ground, wrinkling his already ruined shirt. Natash gasped as she quickly scampered toward them,

“Molock, what are you doing!? Put him down...put him down!” but Molock didn’t adhere to her words, “Put him down!”

“Why!? Why should I!? No one would miss him!” Molock scolded demonically, “And the world would be better without him in it!”

“Yzavela would and she’d never forgive you! Now let him go!” Natash commanded.

Molock squinted his red eyes at the arrogant Demon who struggled to break free from his grasp. Molock growled, releasing his hold and as Erik fell to the ground the Sumerian warned,

“You’re lucky Natash had come along when she did, or you would’ve been eliminated from this reality and all of history!”

“Erik, dear boy...get out of here!” Natash instructed and she didn’t have to tell him twice; Erik hissed then sped down the hall away from their presence.

Natash leered at Molock with a judgmental expression and before she could argue or complain, they turned their heads toward the locker room door; I stumbled from the doorway.

I paced the locker room after dressing, thinking about everythingI had been through. I engulfed in my Aura as I closed my eyes but opening them, I felt a rage I needed to release. I growled, scratching the lockers before me, leaving deep claw marks in the metal. I huffed knowing this wasn’t going to be easy on any level but I had to be careful, for I didn’t know how I’ll react from moment-to-moment. I turned away from the lockers approaching the mirror and staring at my face and eyes, I wasn’t me anymore; I was no longer human. I examined my hands looking for my claws but they had withdrawn,“CLAWS? WHAT WRAITH HAS CLAWS?” I thought then whispered verbally finishing my thoughts, “What am I? What have these bastards done to me!”

“Hybrid, my lovely…” Lilith’s voice entered my mind, “something to be feared and don’t hold back what you are. Remember...let go of your humanity.”

I shook my head not wanting to listen but I knew she was right, as her words were alluring and convincing. I punched the mirror shattering the glass then turned away pausing, for I felt a stabbing hunger in the pit of my stomach. Growling, I grabbed onto the nearest wall, before shuffling toward the door leading out into the hall. Pulling the door open I stumbled out into the hall hearing voices argue and raising my gaze from the floor, there stood Natash and Molock.

“Yzavela…” Molock lept forward holding me up, “what’s wrong!?”

“There’s a pain...in my stomach…” I felt my knees growing weak, “oh, god, what is it!?” I grabbed onto him.

“You need to feed.” Natash added, as she backed away not knowing what actions to take; she wasn’t familiar with the Wraith feeding-transition process.

The pains grew more intense as I released my grasp on Molock; I leaned my body forward, holding my hands to my stomach continuing to feel the stabbing cramps. My sense of hearing amplified as every sound echoed in my ears and attempting to cover them wanting to block it all out, that effort failed. Frantic, Molock whispered softly as he reached out, cradling me in his arms. He rested his head against mine, telepathically calling for Steven and Matthews who immediately appeared at the end of the hall.Steven sped forward, crouching beside us while Matthews hesitated; feeling the sting from the scratches that hadn’t healed. He frowned then shook it off as he too, sped over examining my face expressing extreme discomfort.

“She needs to feed or she’ll go in a rage she’ll never recover from.” Matthews quickly instructed, “She’ll butcher us all with an uncontrollable hunger and if that happens...no one could stop her! Not even you, Molock.”

Molock worried as he studied their faces. Matthews was right. He couldn’t even imagine that scenario of having to destroy me, if needs be. He loved me.

Natash rushed around the corner returning her presence among us; her heart raced quickly and blood pumped rapidly. The scent and sound blocked out everything I felt and heard. Catching her scent, I turned my head in her direction, releasing a guttural growl. Pushing Molock, Matthews and Steven out of the way, I sped toward the Nubian Queen in a such a blur with fading embers; pouncing her down to the ground; my hands held her arms down. I hissed as I leaned in, taking in her intoxicating scent of her Jinn’s blood and skin that smelled likeVanilla and Chocolate. She moaned and cried out for me to stop as she stared into my eyes, not recognizing the person above her.

Steven, Matthews and Molock ran over, attempting to pull me back but my grip and strength was difficult to break. Even for Molock. Jon, Nick and Caleb appeared seconds after hearing the commotion. They grew shocked of the sight taking place as they were pulled out of the way; Steven and Matthews stood in front of them.

“Yzavela, stop this! That’s Natash...that’s Natash!” Molock instructed firmly, “She’s your friend...a friend!” but I didn’t listen as I hissed and growled; in that moment, I reminded him of one of the insatiable demons in Hell and it wasn’t a pleasant comparison, “Yzavela…please…” but again, I didn’t listen.

Feeling her own rage build from within, Natash’s eyes glowed brighter as she yelled out a Nubian chant; her hands flashing open immediately after, releasing a blast of green light. Steven and Matthews covered their eyes for the light was blinding; Molock and I weren’t disturbed by this occurrence. As the light continued, an invisible energy pulsed in the area, pushing Matthews and the others down the hall in a powerful force; the walls shook violently. She squirmed hoping the blast would effect me the first round but it didn’t as I continued pinning her down. Natash groaned releasing a stronger blast that finally pushed me off her but I didn’t go very far. Once Natash had been freed, Molock quickly helped her from the ground, standing alongside her. She stood with her hands still illuminated ready to yield another blast if necessary.

“Yzavela, stop this...please!” Natash pleaded firmly, “I don’t want to harm you, child but I will if I must. Please…”

Swiftly springing up kneeling on my knees, I hissed aggressively; my black eyes and claws revealing my supernatural status.

Molock stepped in front of Natash and holding out his hands in a pleading manner, he shouted in a powerful booming voice that echoed in the hall,

“You will stop this and you will do it now!”

I tilted my head, listening to his voice but hunger overcame my intentions to stop. I growled once more then sped toward Molock and Natash, leaving behind embers. Doctor Matthews and my friends stood in doorways of opposite rooms watching as Molock too growled; his 6’4 height grew taller to a 12 foot tall horned demon. Their eyes grew wide, never seeing Molock in that form before and he was a being to behold. Even Natash backed away, fearing his intentions.

Raising his hands outwards, Molock released a much stronger force of magic that created an invisible shield between he and I; a shield that became a cage-like barrier that contained the supernatural creature before him. Everyone remained silent watching as Molock slowly approached the invisible cage that shimmered; he walked around the barrier. I growled and scratched at the magical obstacle surrounding me; my claws leaving visible marks and as I continued, the cage-like barrier began disintegrating as my Aura burned bright and full. Molock stood in disbelief for his magic bestowed to him by Lucifer; the oldest and most original source of all Jinn, couldn’t contain me.

“Molock...is she...is she breaking through your magic!?” Natash questioned as the light in her hands faded.

“Yes and...I don’t know how that’s possible.” he answered, shrinking down to his original 6’4 frame watching as I broke through halfway; my upper body to my waist, pushing through.

Steven and the others cautiously sped past the cage, standing behind Molock and Natash, watching as I continued breaking through. The seven of them backed away prepared to defend themselves when suddenly Lilith appeared before them, facing the barrier. Her demonic abilities were the second oldest source of power; other than Lucifer’s and Molock’s; her red eyes squinted as she released her pure demonic Aura that sealed the shattering cage, pushing me backwards within its containment.

“I’ve never seen anything like this…” Natash pondered, “how is this in any way possible?”

“She’s Hybrid.” Lilith revealed bluntly turning to the Nubian woman.

“Hybrid!?” Steven repeated.

“What’s a bloody Hybrid?” Caleb questioned.

“This…” Lilith gestured in front of her, “this is a Hybrid. She’s of the original Demon bloodline and that of a Wraith’s now, making her what she is now. She’s the first in history, making her far more powerful and dangerous, than the two races individually.” Lilith answered, “And since you…” she glanced over her shoulder toward Molock, “created the Demons, that’s why your magic managed to contain long enough but her demonic blood helps her have an...immunity to yours. In a way.”

“And what makes you think your energy will contain her!?” Molock argued.

“I don’t and it might not, which is why you need to find her something pure to focus on. Like her mother, or Anthony perhaps?” Lilith advised searching the hall for the womans’ presence, “Interesting. I’m surprised she’s not here.” she frowned, “Give me the photo.” she held out her right hand; Molock quickly laying it in her palm. She pulled her hand close to her chest studying the image then turned to the magical cage of which I continued clawing at. Slamming the photo roughly against the surface creating a shimmer Lilith continued in a loud commanding tone, “I may have told you to let go of your humanity yes, but it seems right now, it’s what you need to remain grounded. Now remember...remember this moment and the emotions you felt during the memory! She’s your mother and he’s your love!”

I ceased my attacks as I once more, studied that photo. Breathing heavily, I remembered the moment. My black eyes faded and my claws withdrew as I fell to my knees, calming myself. I examined my hands then raised my gaze taking notice I had damaged the interior of this protective cage.

“What’s wrong with me?” I whispered.

Lilith knelt in front of me, smiling smugly as she fiddled with the photo.

“Nothing...there’s nothing wrong with you, my dear. You’re reborn and are experiencing new emotions and powerful abilities of both Wraith and Demon so it will be overwhelming, I know. But now, you need to focus and control them before you kill everyone you care about or who cares about you. Understand?” Lilith instructed, “You have an eternity and although it might be a lonely one, you’re not alonebut don’t rely or depend on them. Go to them if needs be, yes?”

“This isn’t what I expected.” I complained. “I don’t want to be this way!”

“It never is, now get up and feed, thenfocus on yourself with no one to hold you back. But before I release you…” she examined the barrier between us, “I must say one more thing, okay?” she watched as I nodded, “You once doubted yourself and your demonic side when you took over the Isle. You feared if whether or not you could do such a task or have your friends accept your demonic nature, but do not...DO NOT...make the same mistake now. You’ve been given a new life with new powers and abilities, so use it...empower it...and most of all, accept it! It’s who you are now.”

I absorbed her words, knowing she was rightabout all of it. I nodded in agreement then together we stood. Lilith smiled, then waved her hands at the surface of the barrier, releasing her layer as did Molock who simply snapped his fingers. I reached out making sure it had vanished then stepped forward out of that space. Lilith eyed me up and down then uttered bluntly,

“Well, my job is done. See you later…” she winked at me then vanished in a burst of flame.

I waved away her flames as did Molock, then studied the curious but worried expressions.

“I’m sorry…” I apologized, “I’m so sorry…for everything...” I cried.

Molock stepped forward holding me in his comforting muscular arms. Stroking my hair with a gentle touch he whispered; his head leaning against mine once more,

“It’s alright, Yzavela...it’s alright.”

Natash closed her eyes worrying for what’s to come. She stood inches away offering comforting words and apologies of her own. Matthews and my friends stood alongside Natash and together, they exchanged glances. I closed my eyes holding tightly onto Molock, then pulled away as the stabbing cramps suddenly continued.

“Not again…” I groaned, holding my hands to my stomach.

“Come with me before there’s a repeat of what just happened.” Matthews instructed quickly putting aside the recent events, “You need to feed!” then he turned leading us down the hall to one of the laboratories on the other side of the hospital where they held all the donated blood bags. Matthews explained the blood bags were organized by blood type and date given. Entering the lab, the blood bank freezers lined the entire wall toward the back of the room; six empty chairs one each side of the room for the patients and donors. The room felt cold and that was acceptable considering the freezers needing a cool environment. I rubbed my arms feeling a cool shiver that immediately faded as my inner demonic heat took over. Steven stood outside in the hall with Natash, catching the scent of the preserved blood. Matthews led Molock and I toward the freezers, instructing me to choose a blood type that pleased my sense of smell and it didn’t take long for I approached the AB+ freezer; leaning my head against the freezer door that was ice cold to the touch, “Molock, you might want to step outside.” Matthews warned, “She’s about to feed and once she starts, you don’t want to be in the room with a frenzied Wraith.”

“Hybrid. A frenzied Hybrid, you mean.” Molock corrected the Wraith Doctor.

“Just the same, please...wait outside.” Matthews argued, “And when you’re out in the hall, send in her friends.”

“He’s right, Molock. Please…” I pleaded over my shoulder, “I don’t want to hurt you and this is something not even you can control or help me with.” I turned to him with warmth in my Hybrid eyes, “Please…”

Molock nodded then backed away, leaving the room.

“Matthews requires your presence.” Molock advised.

Steven, Nick and Caleb nodded then disappeared, teleporting into the room.

“What do you need?” Steven asked affirmatively.

“Steven, since you’re her Maker and you two are her closest friends…” he studied Nick and Caleb, “she needs to bond with Wraiths.” Matthews revealed knowledgeably.

“Can we please just get this done!?” I snapped,, “Before I feed on the lot of you?”

Matthews approached the freezers, removing bags of AB and B positive and O negative from their places, handing them out. Holding the bag in my hands I raised it close to my nose, taking in the intoxicating scent. I watched as the Wraiths standing before me removed the clips off the spout, beginning to slowly sip from the bags as if drinking from a straw. I followed in their lead, quickly draining the bag before my fellow Wraiths could finish theirs, ignoring the metallic taste at first. I felt a bond between Steven and Matthews who were older Wraiths. Lowering the empty bag drained clean, I hungered for more; and I received more as Matthews handed me four more bags.

My eyes remained in their red fiery Hybrid status and feeding habits. Steven revealed that because of my possible new self, I wouldn’t have the choice of changing between my original dark brown eyes to my Hybrid pigment. Not like my fellow Wraiths and Demons. And that was alright, I suppose but it felt like just yesterday, I ate my last human meal and now, I’m on an entirely new diet.

“How do you feel?” Matthews asked, “Better?”

My mouth continued to taste blood as I paced the lab.

“I feel fang-tastic.” I joked; the present Wraiths chuckled at my remark, growing pleased that I somewhat calmed down, “But I still feel this...hunger.” I continued, “Is that normal?” I turned to them.

“Yes. All Wraiths experience an insatiable hunger in the first few days or weeks. Sometimes months before they eventually control it. Well, in a sense anyway.” Steven advised, “Wraiths always crave blood, that never stops, but it depends on the individual if they choose to act on their impulses.”

“Have you?” I disposed of the empty bags in the hazard bins then turned to them, “Have any of you controlled your insatiable hunger?”

“We weren’t talking about us.” Nick added, “But I’d like to think Caleb and I have, yes.”

“And you?” I looked at Steven,”No offense, Doctor Matthews but you smell like a vegetarian.”

“I am and I’m not ashamed to admit it.” Matthews added.

“Like I said. It depends on the Wraith, but no. I always crave the taste, but I never act on the impulse. Not unless it calls for it.” Steven grinned.

“Well, hopefully it won’t take this newborn very long to figure it out.” Matthew gently wiped blood from the corner of his mouth, licking his fingers afterwards.

I too, wiped the corners of my mouth then remembered the events that took place when I awoke; attacking Matthews and killing the nurses.

“Doctor...I want to apologize for attacking you and oh god...killing those poor nurses.” I fretted, “It’s just...when I woke, you weren’t who I expected to see when I first opened my eyes.”

“It’s alright, I understand and I too, apologize for not handling the moment better. And as far as the nurses, I’ll handle their deaths accordingly and don’t worry, I don’t blame you for what occurred. Now, if you’re done here? I have other patients elsewhere that need my attention.” Matthew nodded then turned, gesturing toward the door.

I nodded as I walked out with my friends and entering the hall, Molock and Natash anxiously awaited then grew smiles as they noticed my raging behavior momentarily subsided. Looking around, I worried as to where my mom had retreated to.

“Where’s my mom?” I asked.

“She’s in the chapel.” Natash answered, “Azim is with her.”

“At least she’s not alone, but I...I need to see her.” I proposed, fiddling with the hem of my shirt, “Where is it?”

“The first floor past the front desk.” Matthews revealed before disappearing.

“I’ll find it, thank you.” I called out, not knowing if he heard me then strolled down the hall with Molock walking beside me and searching for the chapel, there it was where Matthews stated it was located.

We paused outside the chapel door and I hesitated, for I didn’t know what to say that could justify my earlier actions.

“What do I say?” I slurred.

“She’s your mother and she loves you unconditionally. That will NEVER change and you know that, so just...sit with her until words are said.” Molock advised softly, “Take it slow...very slow.” he smiled.

I looked up at his gorgeous godly face with warmth in his eyes. I barely knew this man, but after everything that’s happened, I knew all I needed to know. He understood me without judgement, but a spark was born, deep down and one we didn’t realize was there.

“Thank you, Molock...for everything.” I appreciated.

“You don’t have to thank me, Yzavela...never. I told you I’d be there for you when you needed me and here I am. A little late, but here nonetheless.” he smiled, “Go on, now...be with your mother. You need her more than you need me right now.” he nudged me toward the door.

I slowly entered the chapel; Azim turning his head toward the door. My mom watched as he quickly stood, facing the guest with his hand on the hilt of his Scimitar.

“What is it!?” my mom raised her gaze, studying the tall 6’2 Nubian Jinn.

“Your daughter.” he revealed bluntly.

She turned in her seat glancing toward the door, observing my petite form standing there waiting to approach. She sighed deeply then persisted,

“I’ll see her, but please...stay by the door without your hands on your hilts. Don’t provoke her.”

I listened to the conversation, understanding her fearful request. Azim reluctantly nodded as he strolled toward me, leering down at me. I sneered, releasing a demonic growl then slowly approached the front bench where my mom sat with her back facing me. I walked around her, sitting on the far end of the bench. I remained silent glancing around at the hypocritical religious propaganda.

“Mommy…” I whispered turning my head, “Mommy, please...I need you.”

She turned to me, looking in my eyes despite their color; still seeing her baby girl. She blinked tears away as she scooted inches closer to me, reaching her arms out pulling me in close. We held onto each other for the longest time then I gently pulled away as the scent of her blood beneath her skin began pumping quickly, overwhelming me. I released a muffled hiss, fighting the hunger. We sat there for a while talking everything out as Azim remained silent, watching the tender moment between mother and daughter. Suddenly, Molock peeked his head through the door, receiving a disapproving glance from Azim. He ignored Azim’s presence as he fully entered the chapel. My mom affectionately touched my face in a motherly gesture with a smile.

“My baby girl...a Wraith. My god and goddess…” she muttered.

“Gods and goddesses have nothing to do with it.” I joked, “And I’m not JUST a Wraith. I’m a Hybrid.”

“A Hybrid!? Meaning what!?” my mom questioned in a quick blunt tone.

I frowned hearing the tone in her voice, then explained what Lilith revealed about my new race.

“That’s a lot to handle, among everything else.” my mom continued.

Molock cleared his throat as quietly as he could; attempting not to interrupt the moment but glancing behind us, he stood inconspicuously by the door. We smiled then stood, leaving the chapel with Azim and Molock following alongside. Just as the door began closing behind us, I turned looking back for I felt someone there but I saw no one. Although, I caught the scent of sulfur that agitated my sense of smell but I knew it was Lilith; she stood invisible in the chapel watching as we disappeared into the hall. She grew a wide smile of contentment then looked around, scoffing at the religious sentiment and shaking her head, she felt Lucifer’s call.


After a few hours of examinations making sure I had adjusted, I was able to go home; I was given further instructions on how to handle certain situations and behavioral patterns, without exerting too much control.Nick, Justin and Caleb all gave their hugs and smiles, not judging my new self; Caleb even teasing me and flashing one of his charming smiles.Upon hearing I was free to go home, Natash mentioned she’d have a daylight ring crafted for me; ready within the next few days. I appreciated the offer then searched the hall for Azir, inquiring where he had gone; she revealed he had taken Leonus somewhere to attempt to heal the bite I had inflicted. I hoped he perished from the bite and Azir was disposing of his bulkiness.

“Wouldn’t be such a loss, would it?” I muttered then glanced down the hall; there stood Thomas with Louisa. My heart stopped knowing what I needed to do. Taking a deep breath, I approached the Giovanni family that after hearing about my outbursts, grew fearful of my approach, “It’s alright…” I smiled revealing my permanent set of fangs then glanced down at their children who hid behind their father. I hid my fangs then stared deep into Thomas’ eyes that were red and puffy from constant tears he had shed, “Where is he?” I finished.

Thomas broke his gaze then glanced down the hall to his right in the direction of the morgue.

“I haven’t…” his voice cracked, “I know you’d want to…” he cleared his throat.

I nodded then slowly walked down the hall; Thomas watched as the young woman’s petite form looked so small compared to the large-wide hallway. I read the signs leading to the morgue and once standing outside its door, I wasn’t ready for what waited for me. Taking a deep breath feeling tears sting my eyes once more, I quietly pushed the doors open; Beth covered a body she had just blessed for cremation.

“Beth…”my voice broke the silence, catching her off guard; the elderly woman jumped in place then turned to me.

“Are you barking mad, giving me such a fright?” she complained, “By the heavens, child.” she caught her breath then studied the young woman standing near the doors; her eyes scanning the covered bodies, “He’s over there, love…” she gestured toward a table in the center between four other bodies.

I grinned but as my body wanted to move forward, my feet were locked in place. I fought the hesitation then pushed myself to approach the table and once standing at its side, I stared at the sheet. Gently reaching out I pulled the white fabric off the face of the individual; I dropped the sheet as I backed away bumping into the table behind me for my heart sunk to the floor. There laid Anthony in a peaceful sleep; his skin was pale and an unnatural color. I held my hands to my chest as tears streamed down my face as I approached the table.

“Oh god…” I cried, “this can’t be happening. Anthony…my Musketeer…”

Beth stood silent feeling the emotions then respectfully left the room where Thomas stood in the hall.

“She needs you.” Beth muttered, patting Thomas’ left arm.

Thomas nodded then entered; his heart too stopped but he pushed it aside as he approached the young woman standing behind her placing his hands on her shoulders listening to her cries.

I turned to him, holding onto him tightly for we’ve lost someone very dear. I glanced up at Thomas then turned focusing on Anthony, stroking his hair. I leaned in, giving his lips a gentle kiss then whispered in his ear words of endearment I hope he heard,

“I love you, I always will. Thank you for loving me.” I sniffled then nudged my face against his. I stroked his face and groomed beard then backed away needing to be somewhere else, “I have to go. I can’t be here, I’m sorry.”

“Yzavela…” Thomas turned to me but I without practicing, teleported; Thomas watched as I disappeared in a burst of red flame similar to the Demons but close to the Wraiths. He backed away as the occurrence took place then glanced over his shoulder at Anthony, kissing him on his forehead, then respectfully covered his face.

I appeared in one of the suites so sudden, it took me a moment to gather my bearings. Wiping my tears away I glanced around taking in my surroundings; I couldn’t have been here. Not now. Anthony’s room, where everything remained in its place as if waiting for his return. I shook my head muttering words to myself and wanting to leave, with my hands on the door handle, I paused. Glancing over my shoulder, I looked around seeing Anthony here and there pacing back and forth as memories flashed through my mind. Even the joke of having a small fire extinguisher near the bed remained in its place. I slid down the door crouching in the corner and just cried then pushed myself to my feet as I approached his wardrobe. Opening it, there were his clean shirts hanging in no specific order. I ran my hands along the arms then gently pulled one from its hanger, taking in his scent that mixed with his cologne. Suddenly, Thomas appeared behind me with the help of Jon who opened a portal from the hospital, here. I turned seeing him standing there then fell to my knees; he quickly scampered over and held me in his arms.

Together we cried once more.

“Where’s Yza?” Lady D asked.

“Last we saw, she went to the morgue.” Nick revealed.

“Oh, no…” she muttered.

“She isn’t there now.” Jon added as he approached, “I just saw Thomas and he said she was there but left.”

“Where did she go?” Lady D wondered.

“His room.” Jon answered solemnly, “A Hybrid with a rage and broken heart. Who’s to say what trouble that spells out?” he broke his gaze, feeling saddened by the loss.

“But how did she get there?” Caleb asked, “We didn’t see her leave.”

“Thomas said she teleported.” Jon replied.

“Already?” Nick questioned.

“Yup, but he explained that it was a mix of both Wraith and Demon teleportations.” Jon finished.

“Meaning what?” Lady D inquired curiously.

“I don’t know, Ma’am…I don’t know.” Jon shrugged.

Thomas and I sat in Anthony’s room for a while talking about him, sharing things we loved about him and even managed to share laughter. I returned his shirt back to the hanger then closed the wardrobe.

“Speaking of which, he wanted me to give this to you.” Thomas moaned, removing an item from his pocket.

I returned to the chair as he handed it to me. I smiled, running my fingers along the small pendant that I admired and once hung around his neck. The size of a nickel and crafted of white gold, its center Garnet stone could be worn by both men and women.

“Where did he get this? He never told me.” I held it close.

“It was our Mother’s.” Thomas revealed, “While I got her ring to give to Louisa, she gave him her favorite pendant to give to his someone special someday. He never thought he would, so he…” he sighed, “just wore it for himself. And of course, there’s this.” he handed me an envelope with his letter tucked inside, “Of course I haven’t read it for it’s for your eyes.”

I took the envelope from his hand reading my name on the front written in an elegant script. I smiled then held it close to my heart as well, then carefully opened the envelope. His words were beautiful and the last ones I’d ever read or hear from him. With the last line reading “GOODBYE, MY LITTLE YZA” I bit my lower lip containing another round of tears but closing my eyes, I shut off the emotion. Nodding my head, I glanced up at Thomas, suggesting we should get back to the hospital for I’m sure everyone worried,

“Wouldn’t want them thinking I ate you, or anything.” I teased.

“Ah, no.” Thomas chuckled, “Wouldn’t want that. Besides, I’m a little fatty.”

“Nah, I’m sure your blood will say otherwise considering all that rich Italian food and wine.” I grinned.

“Are we really going to sit here and talk about eating me?” Thomas smiled.

I chuckled hardily which is what I needed.

“Touche.” I nodded then stood with Thomas, leaving his room but I glanced back once more.

“It’ll all still be here, don’t worry.” Thomas comforted, “We’ll come back and get things sorted. For now, let’s get you back to the hospital. Your mother must be worried as to where you’ve gone.”

I agreed then standing out in the hall, I held onto Thomas then focused on the hospital; we disappeared only to reappear roughly in the clinic’s lobby. Louisa rushed over holding onto Thomas who held her tight, assuring her he was fine and I didn’t lay a fang on him. She checked his neck inconspicuously then looked in my direction, offering a comforting smile.

“There you are!” my mom greeted, “Are you alright?”

“Really, Mrs. D?” Nick teased.

“Well, you know what I mean.” my mom gently slapped his arm.

“Mother, where did you go?”Abraxas flew, landing in my arms.

“Somewhere I needed.” I answered, feeling the small dragon snuggle against my chin, “But I need to be alone.” I studied all the curious faces of my friends and mom.

“Where are you going now?” she worried.

“I don’t know. Just somewhere that’s not here.” I answered then turned and stepping near the doors, the sun touched my skin.

“No!” my mom feared knowing a Wraith’s weakness to sunlight but she and the others nearby, watched as it warmed my skin, but didn’t burn.

I stood hunched then straightened my posture as I examined my arms and hands, taking notice nothing severe occurred. Abraxas crawled onto my shoulders asmy eyes were the only thing sensitive to the light when glancing upward.

“Impossible.” Roberto muttered in astonishment.

“Incredible.” Caleb smiled.

“How is that possible!?” Nikolaas admired.

“I’m guessing because she’s part demon, it balances the Wraith part of her.” Steven wondered.

“That’s exactly what it is, Wraith.” Lilith interrupted as she appeared among everyone, for Molock had to return to Hell during these past minutes, “And that’s not all, but just remember, all of you…” she studied their astonished expressions, “she’s a creature that’s just been born and once she settles in her powers...ooo, my the hypocritical god help this world.” she giggled then disappeared.

We stood worried but that worry was replaced with smiles, watching as I soaked up the sun. Turning to them, I felt powerful and renewed then disappeared.

My mom sighed with worry then took a seat. Leaning forward she ran her hands through her hair then pushed her back against the wall, closing her eyes.

I appeared in the dense thick forest of Ravenswood, slowly strolling through; branches and forestry brush crunching beneath my bare feet when I finally discovered Axeon’s form ahead in a clearing. The setting sun still shone in the sky; glistening off his Sapphire scales.

Axeon raised his head sensing a presence among the thick tree line. Focusing his eyes, he caught a thermal image of a petite individual with a Ruby glow flying above.

“Hello, young one.” he verbally called, watching as I emerged from the tree line with Abraxas rested on my shoulder.

I removed Abraxas from my shoulder as I sped toward Axeon, appearing directly in front of him; a moment that surprised the great dragon. Staring up into his eyes, I felt the loss of our connection and holding my hands, I whispered as he withdrew his head,

“Axeon, it’s me...it’s Yzavela. I mean…” I lowered my hands, “I know I smell different, but it’s still me.” I shrugged.

“Perhaps it is, but I sense a demonic presence attached to you and that of Abraxas.” he answered verbally, “It is not of this world and is of ancient origins.”

“You’re right and there are two, but these demonic presences have nothing to do with our bond, nor should it interfere with it. I’m still me but just a little different.” I replied.

“Perhaps you are, perhaps you are not but I am pleased to see you have survived and have been reborn into this new supernatural creature. It suits you, young one.” Axeon lowered his head, “And in time, I will adjust.”

“Enough about me. How’s your wing!?” I examined it, “Wow, it’s completely healed!”

“Indeed it is.” Axeon stretched it out revealing a massive scar clearly visible, “It is not as horrendous as it appears and I accept it with great pride and honor, for it reveals I have won another battle and survived.”

“That’s true...that’s very true.” I smiled, continuing to admire his beauty.

“And how is your little dragon?” he continued, remembering the battle he watched between Abraxas and Arxulet, “You are a powerful little Zyphyn. Your mother is proud.”

“Thank you, Axeon.” Abraxas nodded.

That is most excellent. Now, I must leave for a hunt just as you need to learn more about your abilities and restrictions.” Axeon informed telepathically then leaned his head toward Abraxas who rested on a nearby rock, “And you little one, take great care of her. She will always need you just as you will always need her. You truly are one now and nothing, or no one, can break that bond.” he nodded then pulled his head away.

Axeon stretched out his wings releasing a loud roar then with one strong flap of his wings, he pushed himself from the ground and hovered high into the air. I fell backwards from the powerful force given off from his wings but watched as his form soared through the darkening sky before cloaking himself. So elegant, graceful, and oh, so beautiful!

“He’s right, demoness…” Molock appeared laying alongside me, “I think it’s time you learn and discover what else it is you can do and are capable of.” he sat up, “So…” he stood to his feet helping me from the ground, “catch me if you can, my lovely.” he smiled then turned, speeding through the thick trees in a thick demonic blur.

I returned the smile as I glanced at Abraxas before I sped into the forest; Abraxas releasing a loud squawk as he too, flew after me. Chasing after Molock, I could see his tall figure ahead through his speeding blurred image. He was swift but not as supernatural compared to an average Wraith’s speed. But I wasn’t full Wraith. I was faster; not even seen in the blink of an eye as I appeared in front of the godly DemonJinn with stumbling steps, causing Molock to come to an abrupt halt; his feet slightly digging into the grass. He smiled, glancing back and around at the surroundings, taking notice we had ventured far along the island’s cliff-side.

“Very good, demoness...very good indeed.” he praised, “Shall we try again but faster this time!?”

“How much faster!? I think I’m fast enough.” I admired, “Where did the Wraith originate, by the way?” I snapped sarcastically, placing my hands on my hips.

“You read the Wraith book, didn’t you? You should already know.” Molock folded his arms while shifting his feet.

“Yes, but nowhere in those pages does it say, who or what really created the Wraiths. But I’m sure you know?” I pointed toward him.

“I do.” Molock nodded, “I do.”

“And? Are you going to tell me?”

“Do you want to know?” Molock teased.

“Molock!” I frowned.

“Alright, alright.” he held his hands in surrender, “There’s a blood Demon in Hell called Asmodeus and at one point in history, he managed to escape Hell and Lucifer’s control. He wound his way up here on Earth, created quite the havoc and then settled in a cave somewhere in the Carpathian Mountains…” he sighed, then finished stating this blood Demon attacked a group of survivors from the Roman invasions, creating the first race of Wraiths that everyone now knows as the Strigoi.

“Strigoi?” I wondered, “As in THE Strigoi?”

“Yes, although they’re a little over hyped but nonetheless still dangerous and vicious Wraiths you wouldn’t want to come across uninvited.” Molock revealed.

“So if Asmodeus created the Wraiths, you created the Demons at what point?” I wondered.

“Long before the Wraiths were created. Which I know for a fact was written in their volume.” he answered proudly, “They’ve come a long way since the beginning and I honestly never would have thought there’d be so many now.”

But…” I rasped.

“No more questions.” he interrupted placing his index finger against my mouth, “let’s focus on you. Here and now, yes?” he removed his finger, “I want you to close your eyes and throw out your senses all around you like a radar. I’m not the one who should be teaching you this, but I’ve watched all Wraiths learn so listen….” he instructed as he stood behind me, “and use your demonic sense to enhance your reach. Feel the energy around you and soak it in.”

We stood among the forest in a clearing of trees; Abraxas landing nearby. I took in a deep breath closing my eyes, beginning to focus taking in all the sounds of both near and far, as well as all the scents to go along with them.

Twelve feet away, ants built their hills and tunnels, carrying food and leaves for their colonies. I could even hear their feet shuffling and scraping along the ground or barks of the trees, as well as their movements to and from their nests.

Anyone could hear the waves crashing and clashing against the rocks if close enough, but for me their sounds were thunderous like glass shattering against rock.

Trees swayed from a breeze that swept through the forest and I could hear their faint moans as if they spoke; their voices carried in the breeze. I smiled as the scent of their sap, Earth and ocean filled my nostrils then I opened my eyes, glancing toward the sky that had now become night.

Through the clouds, I could see the thick blanket of stars and galaxy past them, while listening to spaces’ harmonic tunes. It was breathtaking as if viewing through a telescope. Molock glanced at the sky as well, hearing the sounds on a magical frequency.

“Wow!” I smiled.

“Amazing, isn’t it?” he muttered placing his hands gently on my shoulders, “Being able to view the world through Hybrid eyes and there’s so much more to see.”

“This is incredible. Thank you for sharing it with me.” I turned to him.

“It is my greatest pleasure.” he bowed his head.

We stood silent when we heard a rustling and cracking sound disturb the silence; I turned releasing a blast of demonic Aura energy, burning a cluster of bushes and tree trunk. Abraxas squawked, stretching out his wings but remained perched on the rock. I hissed as Zanz emerged through the flames, shaking them off his hellhound fur. I stood in disbelief and shock for if he weren’t a hellhound, I could’ve killed him.

“Oh, my god...Zanz, I’m sorry…” I sped toward him, “I’m so sorry, boy...you scared me…”

He replied with a low whine then licked my chin, before laying down feeling the discomfort of his injuries. I wondered how he managed to have traveled this far. Molock slowly stepped over waving his hands above the hound healing the animals’ inflictions. Zanz snorted as he sniffed toward Molock’s direction then released a grunt.

“Thank you.” I smiled, petting Zanz’s neck.

“You don’t have to thank me.” Molock nodded, “All this gratitude is inflating my ego.” he joked.

“Is that what you call it!?” I teased as I stood.

Molock grinned, gently pointing his finger at me.

“Good one...good one…” then he felt an all familiar shiver down his spine, “Ugh, I have to go.”

“Now!?” I protested.

“Unfortunately, yes. But don’t worry, I’ll be back. Maybe not tomorrow but I will be.” he stroked my face affectionately then backed away, “Take time to yourself and heal your heart.”

“Molock, wait…” I pleaded as I stepped toward him, hugging him in appreciation and gratitude. I listened to his steady breathing and heartbeat that began beating a rhythm or two faster; he returned the hug as I unknowingly engulfed in my Aura. Opening my eyes to pull away, he didn’t burn; not even a flinch. Pulling away completely I apologized.

“For what!?” he smiled, “You didn’t burn me.” he gestured at himself, “Demon, remember?”

I sighedwhen I heard a distant male demonic voice, scream out Molock’s name; a voice that made me tap into the demonic half of my Hybrid self. My claws grew, Aura burst in spitting embers and my black eyes replaced my red Hybrid pigment. Even Zanz and Abraxas became alert; Zanz turning into his hellhound persona and Abraxas releasing anxious roars.

“What is that!?” I hissed.

“That, Yzavela...is Lucifer.” Molock snarled bluntly, “And I’m surprised you heard him, much less felt his unnerving summons. Perhaps your demonic side is stronger now that you’re no longer half human.”

“Maybe, butregardless…that’s what it’s like for you!?” I pondered.

“Every...f*ckingday…for a little over six thousand years.” he complained, engulfing in an Aura of his own.

“MOLOCK!” Lucifer’s voice demanded once more.

“I better go, before he physically and personally comes for me and before you lash out.” Molock warned, “Now after I leave, release your Aura and built up energy before returning to the manor and your mother. And then...do me a favor? Seek help to control your vampiric side, for all I can do, is help you with your demonic half. Please...do that for me.” he winked then disappeared.

I stood there trying to shake off the effects of Lucifer’s voice and taking Molock’s advice, I released waves of my fiery Aura unintentionally leaving a massive scorched area within the forest.

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