On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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𝒞𝒽𝒶𝓅𝓉𝑒𝓇 𝟨𝟦

Weeks transpired and the memory of war lingered on everyone’s mind but that didn’t stop the nightmares everyone had during the night. I woke each night engulfed in my Aura as I quickly sat up in my bed and glancing around, I was safe in my room. Zanz and Abraxas too, it would take time for their nerves to settle from all the fighting and transitioning they had gone through. But not only was I having nightmares and horrific flashes of Drakuul’s creatures and the sight of blood and death on the field, but I relived pleasant moments with Anthony. It was torture because the dreams felt so real and remembering his touch but not having it, was worse.

Azir and his kin had returned to Africa for things were becoming tense among other Jinn clans and needed both Azir and Natash present to handle any or all issues that might arise, that only their King could settle. Their presence was missed on the Isle for their magnificence had brought such awe. Plus their magic too, the island missed their magical touch once the barrier around the island had been repaired, mixed with the arcane magic from the island’s Demons.

With the moon running through its phases on normal routine, I informed the guards on the wall that I’d be there to witness the transformation once again; Nick, Caleb and Justin meeting me where the compound resided. We stood, watching as men and women transformed into their counterparts. My eyes still searched for Anthony, but even this occurrence seemed empty.

Leonus however, I hadn’t removed the shackles that bound his transition; he remained locked in the prisons once again. I grewangry, knowing Azir had saved his life. Walking alongside Nick and Caleb; Justin had been called away.

“I wish Azir hadn’t healed the f*cker…” I added, “he wasn’t worth it.”

“No, he’s not.” Caleb muttered.

“I’m going to go.” my tone appeared agitated, “See you guys later. Thank you.” I smiled then disappeared.

“I don’t know why she keeps thanking us, you know?” Caleb paused, placing his hands on his hips, “We’re there for her and she knows that, but she always feels the need to thank us.”

“Yeah, well...perhaps everything with Erik and losing Anthony, maybe she, I don’t know…” Nick shook his head, “all that bullsh*t tainted her trusts.” he shrugged, “By the way, have you seen Erik?”

“I say she’s better off without that spoiled bloke. Don’t get me wrong, Erik isn’t a bad mate but...he doesn’t appreciate what he has and he had the greatest thing here.” Caleb complained, “but at least she found happiness while it lasted with Anthony. The island’s empty without the bloke.”

“No, I haven’t and I agree with the latter comment.”

“You sound as if you have a thing for her.” Nick studied Caleb’s nervous mannerisms, “Do you!? Do you have a thing for Yza!?”

“No, not like that…but I do care, you know? I’ve never been FRIENDS with a woman and let’s face it, Nick...she’s not like all the others, so yeah...I enjoy hanging around her. She calls me and everyone here, out on our bullsh*t elegantly and respectfully.” Caleb answered quickly.

“So, if she weren’t a Hybrid, half-breed, wasted time with Erik or had been with Anthony you’d go for her!? I mean, if you did I’d totally approve.”

“Nick...that’s not what I’m saying.” Caleb objected, “Besides, someone else is hovering around her and it’s pretty clear who that is.” he referred to Molock, “He’s tall...ancient...a living bloody god, mate...get it!?” he watched as Nick realized; his eyes growing wide, “Yeah. Now, let’s get back to work.” he turned away, walking in silence with thoughts running through his mind.

The next morning, Nathan and his friends barged through the lounge side doors; returning from their transition and pausing in the entrance foyer, Nathan observed as I stepped off the last steps of the stairs; my direction aimed toward the bathroom. He and his friends waited as minutes passed; he peeked his head around the corner watching as I exited the doorway heading toward the dining hall. He thought he’d try to get the upper hand one last time. He tapped his friends on the chest with the back of his hands, saying in a low whisper as he eyed me up and down from behind,

“I know she wants me so watch this, mates...she’ll get excited. After all, she went Lycyn.”

“Whatever, mate…” his friends mumbled, shaking their heads.

“She’s a Hybrid, Nathan and you know we don’t mix.” another argued.

“Hybrid!?” Nathan questioned with a frown, “Of what!?”

“You really want to know, Nathan...all you have to do is ask and whispering when there’s a Wraith...or in my case a Hybrid, is around...isn’t such a good idea.” my voice interrupted in a sarcastic tone.

Nathan turned; there I stood near the dining hall’s doorway facing them with a sarcastic grin and arms folded. He cleared his throat as he approached; shirtless and trying to show off his medium muscular build.

“Hey, beautiful…” he winked.

I rolled my eyes muttering an unclear complaint and turning my head away I caught his musky lycyn scent. Pinching my nose I moaned,

“For god sake, Nathan...put your shirt on!”

“Why!? Distracting!?” he leaned in.

“No! Disgusting!.” I leaned away.

He gulped quickly, attempting to change the subject and mood of the conversation.

“So…” he glanced at his feet, “you missed all the action during the full moon last night. Shame too, because I was NAKED with all my manhood hanging out in the open with its masculine glory.” he gently grabbed his groin, “I know you would have liked what you saw. Bloodsucker, Hybrid or whatever you are...I’ll compromise.”

“Oh, I was there…” I smiled sarcastically, “and I was right about all of that…” I gestured down toward his tight jeans, “being stuffing because what I saw last night, wasn’t anything to brag about.” I scoffed, “You were no pedigree.”

Nathan growled in disappointment taking a step toward me and staring into my eyes, he attempted to make the moment sensual, whispering in my ear with a low raspy tone,

“Why don’t I show you then...instead of always bragging about it, hmm!? After all, you haven’t had your flower petals properly plucked. Or better yet...what’s that phrase you Americans use? Pop your cherry!?AGAIN?

I released a threatening demonic growl; engulfing in my Aura and swiftly before he or his friends could blink, I pushed him backwards toward the stairs; his back hitting the steps in an uncomfortable angle. Straddling him halfway; right hand wrapped around his throat and left hand roughly grasping onto his groin I moaned,

“Let me get this through your thick...f*cking skull!” I pushed him harder against the steps, “I’m not interested in you. Never was. Never will be. And since I’m half Bloodsucker, you know your species and my race just don’t mix! You and I don’t mix! I don’t like you…” I pushed him back for the third time, “I’m not attracted to you and all I want to do is rip you apart to see if you have a spine, but...not after I remove your precious average sized manhood.” I hissed as my Aura intensified, leaving red marks on his skin and leaning in, I continued in a low voice as I stared into this wide blue eyes, “I let you live after finding out you killed the man I loved, and it was an accident in the heat and rage of battle so be grateful everyone talked me into not doing that but there’s no one around here that would care. Not even your friends, so here’s how it’s going to be. If you spew those vile and revolting words from your lips again, I promise..I’ll rip these off from the root and leave you there bleeding out.” my left hand squeezed tighter against his jeans and groin, “You’ll be in agonizing pain; a moment of which I’d love to witness and there won’t be anyone there to save you.” I leaned in whispering the rest, “Not even your brother f*cking sister whom you’ve been sexually involved with behind Jonathan’s back.” and pulling my head away, I saw it in his eyes; he knew I knew the truth taking place between them, “Didn’t think I knew about that, did ya!? It’s obvious really, to anyone smart enough to see the signals.” I chuckled, “But, allow me to leave you a little reminder of my warning…” I removed my hands from their places then taking my right hand that extracted my claws, I slashed them down the surface of his face leaving deep claw marks; my Aura burned the other parts as I straddled him.

Nathan screamed as he held his hands to his face that bled quickly; his friends attempting to pull me off but their hands, and that of Nathan’s as well, burned; severe third degree blistered skin. I turned to his friends, throwing out my left hand toward them releasing a fiery blast of my Aura’s energy that pushed them backwards across the hall in a powerful force. They crashed onto the table in the center of the foyer shattering the elaborate vase in the process. Suddenly appearing as the energy vanished; faint embers lingering in the air, stood Steven in the entrance foyer alongside the toppled-over table, dressed in a casual clothing with a bartender’s apron. He sensed my rage and cautiously approaching, he softly urged,

“Yzavela…” he glanced behind seeing the misfits laying on the ground patting out ember patches on the surface of their clothing, “what happened!?”

“Oh, nothing really. Just putting a mutt in his place.” I answered as I stood leering down at Nathan who moaned while pulling himself to his feet.

Steven observed the young man’s face that bled between his fingers while eyes were kept shut, frowning in wonder.

“Bloody hell, Nathan…” Steven pondered, “get to the clinic and…”

“F*ck you, Bloodsucker! I don’t need help from you! I know where to go!” Nathan snapped, pushing past Steven and I scampering out the front doors with his friends quickly chasing after and once outside, his lust had now turned to hate, “I’ll find a way to get back at you, you demon b*tch! I promise…and I know just the way to do it!” he spat in the manor’s direction.

“What was that!?” Steven urged, cautious to not stand too close, “You’re marking people, now?”

“Yes, Steven…that’s exactly what I’m doing. Leaving behind a little reminder.” I answered.

“There’s no need for that. Everyone already knows.” he groaned.

“What are you doing here!?” I snapped.

“I didn’t intend on being here but I sensed your rage.” he gestured at me.

“Sensed my rage!?” I approached him slowly, “I thought you broke our bond?”

“I did but I still drank your blood.” he slurred, “So we’re still bonded in some way.”

“How do you know all of this!?” I walked around him slowly.

“I was once where you are, Yzavela. A newborn with an uncontrollable rage and thirst, but I knew I needed help. Especially after...I couldn’t find my Maker for he or she released their bond before I woke, so I sought help.” he turned around facing me, staring into my Hybrid eyes, “And I can help you.” he swallowed nervously.

I smiled, sensing his nervousness. Unfortunately there was an awkward tension between us because after I had turned and settled into my transition (still settling, actually) he and I had vampiric dreams of the sexual nature. It’s not something that can’t be controlled or stopped for it’s just a phase that takes place, as Wraiths bite one another.

“Mm…” I studied his handsome but stern face, “I think I’m doing just fine, thank you.” I smiled, “But if I need your help, I know where to find you. After all, you’ve got nothing to go back to...pertaining to Penrith, of course.”

“Don’t wait too long, but you’re right. Penrith is lost to us, that’s true but Nikolaas wants to return nonetheless, which is why in a way, I’m glad I’m here to schedule a meeting about it, say...later today?”

My smile faded hearing he wanted to leave; I backed away.

“Alright. Meet me in the study this afternoon.” I instructed placing my hands on my hips. Steven nodded then walked around me toward the manor’s front doors, helping clean the area. He raised the table back in place but couldn’t do anything about the vase for it shattered into too many pieces, “Don’t worry about it. It was Marxus’.” I instructed, “I never liked that vase anyway, but thank you...for appearing. I feel a lot calmer.”

He stood, dusting his hands flashing a corner grin.

“You’re welcome and you’ll learn. In time because that’s all Wraiths…” he gestured toward me with a wider grin, “have, is time.” he nodded then teleported.

I sighed then pushed aside the vase shards with my foot into the corner out of the way. I glanced around then I too teleported, appearing in the forest. Although I was part Wraith, I was still half demon and I felt isolated, once again, because I didn’t belong anywhere. I wasn’t feeling sorry for myself nor did I want a pity-party but who could I talk to, really talk to who wouldn’t judge me? Molock was my only answer.

“Yes?” his voice answered.

Turning around, he leaned against the trees. I smiled, taking in his godly presence and each time I saw this ancient being, he took my breath away in a captivating manner. He dressed in black leather from head-to-foot; sleeveless tunic with studded details and open neckline, very fitted pants accentuating his muscular legs, leather lace up boots and wrapped around his tapered but masculine waist, was his wide leather studded and beaded belt adorned with chains and scattered set-in stones he seems to wear with every outfit. Silver arm bands still barely fit around his upper arms and gauntlets glistened in the sun peeking through the trees. Walking toward him I pondered softly,

“How did you know I needed you!? I was only thinking about it. And leather? Really?” I eyed him up and down.

“Mm, well...Demons know when we need one another.” he answered, “What can I do for you, my lovely demoness, Yzavela. And yes…leather.” he smiled.

“Time. Time with someone who doesn’t or won’t, judge me for being alive much less, being a Hybrid.” I complained, “And although she’s my mother, my mom’s trying to understand and accept it, but it’s hard for her. I can see it. It’s hard for everyone. Nick, Caleb and the others pretend they’re okay with this new me but I don’t know what they really think about it. It’s easy for them to flash smiles but you know…” I sat on a log.

Molock nodded then approached, sitting next to me; the log shifting from his godly weight of pure muscle.

“I can understand your concerns about your mother, I can but everyone else!? Yzavela, who f*cking cares!? They may pretend to be settled with how their lives turned out or accepted their vampirism, but don’t spend your time or your eternity worrying and caring about what THEY all think of you. It doesn’t matter. And it shouldn’t. All that should, is how you feel about yourself, so tell me...how do you feel?” Molock advised.

Breaking my gaze, I thought about it. Fidgeting in place feeling an uncomfortable prick from the peeling bark beneath my butt I answered,

“Powerful. Free. Independent. Reborn.”

“Break those down for me.” he urged.

“What are you now!? A shrink and am I going to have to pay for your time or services?” I teased.

“Ooo, don’t tempt me…” he leaned in, “but seriously. Break those down for me.”

I hesitated, catching his alluring scent of herbs, cologne, soap, magic and sulfur. I looked deep into his natural brown eyes then turned away, feeling blushed. Blinking away the distraction I stood, answering his question,

“I feel powerful in the ways that...I can do anything within reason of course, but mostly I have all this supernatural power of both Wraith and demon and it’s...intoxicating and amazing, but yet sad and lonely.”

“Sad and lonely? Why!?” Molock tilted his head in curiosity.

“Yes, sad and lonely because I have no one to share any of this with! And bless his soul but if Anthony were alive, my god, I probably would have killed him if the war hadn’t…” I stopped myself from finishing that sentence.

“Alright. That’s one.” Molock jokingly counted, “Next?”

“Freedom. I’m free of everything that held me back when I was human. I’m free to express my feelings the way I want and how I want, but somehow...I still feel caged and observed by everyone here; their eyes watching every move I make. I feel…trapped somehow.”

“That...I can relate to perfectly. Number three.” Molock urged.

I wasn’t sure if he took any of this seriously but when it came to Molock, his time wasn’t spent unlikely so I knew he meant his concerns.

“Number three…” I paced, “I’ve always felt independent but I still needed help and advice, so I can’t really complain about that.” I sighed.

Molock stood, waiting for me to answer the last hurdle of this whole moment of reflection and contemplation. He studied how I moved, expressed my feelings and took in every aspect of me as an individual...and he liked it greatly. I was different in his eyes aside from all the women he’s known over the centuries. He also took in more deeply my features and curvy figure all wrapped up in a 5’2 petite frame. He grinned.

“Come on, last one.” he urged

“Being reborn...I’ve become an entirely new supernatural creature that’s never been heard of, but there’s still so much I don’t know about this new life. I’m proud don’t get me wrong, but I want to know more about what it means to be a Hybrid.” I finished.

Molock folded his arms, shifting his feet and stance.

“Feel better!?” he hinted.

I glanced at him, indeed feeling somewhat of a weight or burden lifted.

“Yes, I do.” I answered, “Thank you.”

“For what?” he shrugged.

“For coming when you DON’T have to and for listening to my ridiculous ranting...also when you DON’T have to.” I insisted graciously.

“Demoness…” Molock unfolded his arms as he approached, “I told you that whenever you needed me, I’d be there...if or when I could be and as far as listening, I have a secret.” he leaned in, “I’m always listening, whether I’m really here or not. Like now, for example.”

“Meaning what!?”

Molock smiled then answered with a riddle, using his expressive hands to help aid in his string of words,

“You should know that what’s really there, sometimes isn’t truly seen or what’s seen, isn’t really there. So, who’s to say I’m really here and not in Hell or maybe, just maybe, I’m in Hell and not really here. Or…” he walked around standing behind me continuing as he leaned in whispering in my ear, “how do you know if you’re really here talking with me and not in Hell...talking to me!? Think about it, my lovely demoness...think about it.” then he vanished in his burst of flame; scent of sulfur left behind.

“That’s NOT fair!” I scolded in a shout.

“Nothing is fair, Yzavela...nothing is fair.” he answered with a laugh that sounded close in my ear.

“Trickster!” I huffed then smiled, always enjoying the moments we spent together.

I shook my head then teleported, leaving the forest behind me feeling a sense of pressure released. I spent time with my mom, Jon and Sarah who still healed from her wounds but refused the help from Jon’s lighter healing ability, Nick and Caleb. In this moment, it was like old times, sharing moments of laughter while rehashing humorous memories or telling jokes. This was just what I needed then I glanced at the time on a large wall clock above the lounge fireplace; fifteen minutes remained before my meeting with Steven and Nikolaas.

“What’s the matter, sweetheart?” my mom nudged me.

“Sorry. I just have a meeting with Steven and Nikolaas. They want to return to Penrith.” I revealed as I stroked Abraxas’ soft scales as he laid in my lap; Zanz sleeping beside my chair.

Shifting in her seat next to Jon releasing a concealed moan, Sarah pondered curiously,

“Why would they want to go back after what happened to them and their people!?”

“They’re barking mad!” Caleb added shaking his head, “I wouldn’t want to go back.”

“Did they say why they wanted to return?” Nick stood.

“They want to observe the damage done to their town, wanting to know if there’s anything worth salvaging.” I answered, “It’s their choice, I can’t stop them but I’m meeting them in fifteen minutes and since they’re our friends, you’re more than welcome to sit in on the meeting.” I watched as those present exchanged expressions before they jokingly raised their hands, except Sarah who wanted to stay in. I smiled nodding in approval then sent a text to Steven, informing them to meet me in the lounge downstairs and within fifteen minutes on the mark, the Penrith Wraiths appeared in the entrance foyer. They smiled seeing friends, feeling that having support would make the decision easier. They expressed their urge to return more so in Nikolaas’ point-of-view, wanting to know what survived, “When would you like to leave!?” I asked.

“The sooner, the better.” Nikolaas interrupted urgently as he stood in the lounge doorway leaning against the frame, “And I was thinking maybe...tomorrow morning.”

“That soon!?” my mom questioned turning to face him, “I mean, it’s just...the war just happened and Yza still hasn’t grasped her transition yet.”

“She’s right. It’s too much to ask of you.” Roberto agreed; Nikolaas and Steven nodding in agreement.

“I appreciate the concern, I do but why does everyone think they can decide for me!?” I snapped standing from my seat placing Abraxas in my place, “Yes, I’ve only been a Hybrid for a few weeks but I need to learn to control my urges off this f*cking island, so I’m going with you and there’s nothing any of you can say to change my mind! Besides, the incident with Nathan earlier proves that I can control myself. I could have killed him right then and there.” I stared at Steven.

“What incident involving Nathan!?” my mom questioned as she turned to me, “You didn’t tell me that.”

“It wasn’t necessary.” I cleared my throat, “I handled it.”

Steven nodded, verifying that fact but teased,

“Or maybe, you’re just saving him for later.” he raised an eyebrow.

“Maybe.” I taunted, flashing a permanently fanged smile.

“Alright, putting Nathan aside...I have a question.” my mom added softly.

Suddenly, Sarah received a message on her phone from Nathan.

“HOSPITAL. NOW!” was all the message said.

“Um, I have to go.” she interrupted softly carefully guarding her thoughts, “Leonard needs to see me about something.”

“Leonard? Or Nathan?” I squinted my eyes in her direction.

“Excuse me?” she argued as she stood.

“Nothing.” I looked away from her, “Mommy, what was your question?”

Sarah said nothing as she left.

“How are you feeding? Bagged or fresh?”

“What’s the difference?” I argued then glanced around at the curious faces, “But fine…I won’t lie. Fresh. It’s the best.” I glanced at Nick and Caleb who smiled, “Justin, Nick and Caleb have been helping me with the feeding process and thirst. I love digging my nails into the subject as I feed!”

“Oh, dear…someone’s getting a little bit antsy.” my mom urged, “I think you should go.” she backed away, taking notice I began steaming.

“Perhaps that’s wise.” Nikolaas observed, “Tomorrow, then. Lady D, Yzavela...pleasure as always.” he nodded then disappeared with Steven and Roberto following after.

My mom shook her head as she stood, adjusting her dress. Placing her hands on my shoulders, she smiled then whispered,

“My feisty little girl. I love you…”

“I love you too.” I hugged her then gently pulled away, “And speaking of feeding, I’m getting a little hungry.”

“Again?” Jon teased, “Didn’t you just feed...hours ago?”

“Jonathan, mate...you know better than to ask that bloody question.” Caleb mocked then looked in my direction, “We’ll take you.”

“I’ll meet you guys there, but first let me just take my mom to her room.” I urged. “I don’t want her to witness any of that.”

“Sure thing. Nice seeing you as always, Mrs. D.” Nick smiled then he and Caleb disappeared, as did Jon; Zanz growing nervous of all the supernatural events taking place.

“But I don’t want to go home.” my mom objected.

I studied her face picking up on her thoughts; a demonic ability I’ve discovered if focused on hard enough.

“I’m sure Beth would enjoy your company and help as always.” I smiled.

“How did you know?” my mom stuttered.

“Hybrid.” I proudly stated, “I’m still part Demon with Telepathy. But before I take you up there, I have to ask you something about Beth.”

“Oh?” my mom sat, feeling pressure in her knees from standing too long.

Taking a seat next to her I inquired firmly and appropriately,

“She’s not...ugh...into women or anything, if you know what I mean!?”

NO! Why would you ask that!?”

“I’m sorry, I really am but I just thought I’d ask because she always wants you at the clinic and wants you around or whatnot. You’re well liked and respected here of course but come on...that’s a little bit too much time with you, you know?” I hinted.

“Yzavela...if I thought for one minute...no, one second that Beth was THAT way, I’d never be spending my time there, helping or learning from her. We have the herbal magic in common, that’s it!” my mom shifted, “For god sake, Yzavela...I’ve had two husbands in my life, one being your father, and I’m not about to switch teams. Not now...not ever!” her face flushed red in upset, “I’m going to die a man loving woman and that’s that!”

“Alright, Mommy…calm down, calm down. Your heart is racing a mile-a minute and your blood is pumping erratically and around me? Mommy, come on…” I comforted, “I just wanted to get that out there and off my chest.” I smiled, “And besides, even if she dared to say something in any way, I’d kill her.” I finished proudly in a blunt tone; my mom sitting in disbelief of such a remark.

Zanz snorted and Abraxas squawked in agreement.

My mom then nodded, glancing around the lounge.

“Can we please change the subject before I lose my appetite!?” I argued, “And that’s saying a lot considering my insatiable hunger.” I grinned.

“Yes please!” my mom declared, “And if you don’t mind, take me to my room. I don’t think I want to go up there today...not now. I feel nauseous myself.” she frowned.

“Sorry…” I whispered.

“How’s Thomas?” she changed the subject.

“He’s doing good, really good. The compulsion seems to have worked. He and I actually packed Anthony’s room yesterday.” I answered solemnly.

“Oh, I’m sorry.” my mom muttered.

“It’s alright. We shed more tears but not as much as we thought. I kept one of his shirts he said looked better on me, so I have some part of him to hold onto.” I fiddled with his pendant that I wore around my neck as a choker.

“And many other things too, I’m sure.” my mom teased.

I laughed, nudging her gently then holding onto her, we vanished from the manor’s lounge, appearing in the dwellings’ kitchen then escorted her to her room. She walked toward her bed sitting on its ledge, petting Freya who meowed and purred. I approached the bed wanting to pet the feline but she hissed aggressively as she lashed out her paws with freshly cut nails. I backed away in respect knowing felines dislike Wraiths, then huddled near the fireplace. My mom stared at the floor then raised her gaze, offering a grin then stood.

“I’ll be fine, sweetheart.” she fretted leaning in for a quick hug, “Go and meet with your friends. We’ll catch up later.”

“Alright. Again, I’m sorry for bringing up the whole Beth thing.” I remarked, “I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you.” we pulled away.

“No, no you didn’t. I’ll just...take a look at things with a better point-of-view. No, go...you’ll be late.” she smiled, urging me toward the door.

Hugging her once more I entered the lounge; Zanz and Abraxas appeared near the sitting area. Abraxas had teleported the hellhound who growled in a disgruntled manner, shaking his fur. I approached them and sat on the couch, scratching Zanz’s neck and stroking Abraxas’ scales under his chin.

“My boys…” I smiled, “you’re both adjusting really well, aren’t you.”

“Regardless of what you may be, you’re still our Mother.” Abraxas comforted verbally, “Always and that will never change.”

I felt tears sting my eyes; his words were emotional for such a small creature.

“Race you to the room.” I teased then sped up the stairs; Abraxas squawking loudly as he flew in a swift blur with Zanz running up the stairs after and standing outside the room, they appeared seconds later, “Too slow…I beat ya!” I chuckled, “come on.” I opened the door.

I changed Zanz’s pads in the bathroom, left bowls of cold water, fresh dry food and meat for Abraxas and my hellhound. I smiled watching as they argued, eating out of each others’ bowls but didn’t engage in a squabble. I shook my head then teleported to the village; Nick and Caleb waiting outside the hospital where Matthews had a blood supply freshly donated. I never would have thought it tasted so good to my taste buds because when I was human, the taste of blood was metallic and distasteful. But now, it was a delicacy, and the source of my survival.

“What happened?” Sarah gasped, taking in Nathan’s bandaged face, “You look like you were scratched by a cat!”

“Oh, yeah… a pussycat with a nasty bite!” he moaned then flinched in the bed, feeling sharp stings.

“Well, did the nurses or Doctor Matthews give you anything for the stinging or whatever?” Sarah questioned.

“Loads of stuff, love…but Doc thinks that the venom from her claws is preventing anything from healing the wounds, much less fighting off the infection.” Nathan complained.

“Her claws?” Sarah wondered, “You mean? YZA?”

“Who else!?” he screamed, grabbing her left wrist, “F*ck!” he leaned against the pillow.

Sarah frowned, knowing she was going to have words with the Hybrid.

“What did you do?” she questioned, “Because surely she wouldn’t just walk up to you and scratch your face!”

Nathan’s right eye leered at her through spaces in the bandage. Leaning forward he barked,

“I wanted to f*ck her, what else, but she turned me down and left her mark as warning!”

“Nathan, that’s enough!” Doctor Matthews entered the room, “You need to rest. Let your body heal.”

“Oh, piss off!” Nathan growled.

Matthews frowned as he approached the bed. Glancing down at Sarah she backed away from the bed and stood at the foot. She watched as he slowly reached out, checking the bandage but when Nathan pushed his hands away, Matthews grabbed hold of Nathan’s hair with his left hand, pulling his head back.

“You’re in my hospital, Lycynian with many very hungry Wraiths that crave to end your kind so either you remain still and let your wounds heal, or I’ll allow a few to finish you off, where she didn’t.” he leaned in close, “Your choice.”

“That’s enough, stop it!” Sarah lunged, grabbing onto Matthews’ right arm, “Please…”

Matthews released his hold, then backed away writing notes on a clipboard he held in hand. Adjusting his white Doctor’s coat and I.D. badge that hung around his neck he left the room.

“What’s with the bloodsuckers around here?” Nathan mocked, ignoring the Doctor’s threat.

“They hate you, that’s what’s with them and you give them a good reason. Bloody hell…” Sarah mumbled as she hit the side of the bed then backed away, leaving the room as well.

“Sarah!” he called out but she didn’t return, “Sh*t….nice one, Nathan…nice one.” he pushed himself out of the bed and stumbling to the bathroom, he removed the bandages; four scratches ruined his handsome pretty features. Taking one of his fingers, he gently pressed on the skin between two of them, wincing in discomfort, “Bloody hell, what the f*ck is she?” he muttered leaning on the sink, “Eh, it doesn’t matter. I’ll fix you, b*tch…I’ll fix you by taking something ELSE meaningful from you.” he smirked studying the wounds that attempted to heal but only reopened which created most of the pain for he could feel the skin wanting to seal together but pulled apart. Not even a Wraith’s scratch would do this.

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