On the Evil Scale: Keeper of La Tecla (The Key) Book Two

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Nathan had always been a troubled young man; his negative behavior beginning at a young age. He caused many issues whether at school or among their neighborhood, making it difficult for his uncle Leonard to properly raise him, and provide stability. Being a widow with no children of his own, raising two siblings was an entirely new life for Leonard, after their mother (his sister) and father had died in a fire. Nathan had done boisterous things that shamed Leonard; causing fights at school, bullying fellow students and verbally harassing his teachers. those actions resulted in Nathanโ€™s expulsion from school and neighborhood, making Leonardโ€™s choice harder for where could he go with two young children?

It was then, one day while Leonard was working at his blacksmithโ€™s shop, he heard of the Isle of Castillion; a sanctuary for those needing safety and fresh start away from their past. Arriving on the hidden and privately owned island making it their new home, it was discovered Nathan had carried his fatherโ€™s rebellious Lycynian gene; his attitude and temper harder to cope with. His sister Sarah; two years younger than Nathan, had remained human but always proved to be Leonardโ€™s favorite, despite his efforts to show Nathan affection. Things grew worse of course, when Nathan had reached the age of eighteen and as Nathan matured, Leonard worried about the unnatural interest and relationship shared between Nathan and Sarah. He had discovered they engaged in sexual relations since Sarahโ€™s sixteenth birthday; doing everything he could to forbid it but no matter his efforts, theyโ€™d rebel. Nathan became obsessive then raged when Sarah became involved with a Demon. He couldnโ€™t stand watching as sheโ€™d share kisses or affectionate glances, feeling nauseous and full of rage for in his twisted mind Sarah was his personal property. Nathan had never sought help controlling his temper; denying the efforts made by Leonus and Anthony.

He dealt with his rage or contained it by heavy consumption of liquor, smoking or sleeping around with women whoโ€™d shown interest. One could never really understand Nathanโ€™s mind; some would think though, the injury he suffered from the Boar-wolf cave (the scratches on his arm) resulted in a severe infection. Perhaps the germs mixing with his paranormalDNA couldnโ€™t blend with each other, presenting deeper behavioral patterns such as intense killing urges and impulses.

No one knew for sure, but the morning after his slaughter fest, he remained hidden in the warehouseโ€™s second level; keeping quiet to avoid detection. There was however, traces of blood he smeared here and there from the wounds on his face after he attempted to eliminate the intense itching. He was lucky though, forno one had need for his duration, the cargo stored above so he had time before being discovered but as the days passed, nightmares of the murders flashed through his mind; voices echoing in his ear as he crouched, grabbing onto hair moaning silently. In complete madness, heโ€™d yell out telepathically as he glanced around; keeping his voice mute knowing Wraith guards would hear his verbal rants,

โ€œGo away...go away! Youโ€™re dead...go away!โ€ but they continued not being silence, โ€œWell, let them come then...let them comeโ€ฆโ€ he continued verbally in a faint whisper, โ€œIโ€™ll tear them apart tooโ€ฆโ€ he laughed wickedly but insanely.

But then...the dreadful day came when he was found and the Hybrid released her rage upon the man that took everything from her and that was a moment in time no one on the Isle would ever forget!

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