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Belle is 16 years old girl from Greenvalley, who live happily but it turned into danger in one night after a magical beast attacked her village. She should run for her life or stay and die.

Fantasy / Adventure
The Morrigan
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Blue Hare

A woman standing in front of her gracefully, there was bright red glowing from within that woman. Her gown waving by the winds, she holds out her pale beautiful hand, smile beautifully and reaching out to help the girl away from the brink. She was floating inside the silver bubble, an extra ordinary view with strange feeling inside the heart. Her shining red hairs look so beautiful and suit for her oval face shape. Her red eyes are shining with gold-ish ring outside. The girl seems hypnotized by how beautiful that woman is, also how magnificent the bubble that enveloped her.

“You are special Belle, and your eyes are the sign of wonderful journey that you have in past and future life. You can’t stop now”, said that woman softly, looking into the girl eyes

“Am i?”, The girl asking doubtfully with her weary eyes

“Yes, you are. And now they need you”, said that woman again

“Who needs me?”Asked the girl by confused.

“We need you”, said the woman and slowly disappearing

“Please wait, who is need me?” the girl shouting, tried to reach the woman’s hand but she has disappeared into the light.

"Good morning", a blue hare was greeting her cheerfully. Belle opened her eyes and shocked by what she sees.

“Good morning”, greet the blue hare again and smiling. Belle froze in her place, staring at the blue talking hare fearfully. The view is shocking her badly; blue face is standing right in front of her eyes. Very much different with someone she saw in her dream, beautiful red shining woman, then she opened her eyes with blue face shocked her. There is nothing on Belle’s mind except run. Belle running as fast as she can, she keeps running straight, breathing heavily, she feels pain in her chest but she is terribly afraid to stop. She might die of frightened or that creature kills her.

Belle is not a coward that would run of the hare because normally hares are cute, white and not speak like human. But this hare is blue, spoke like human and that makes him not cute at all. A blue talking hare in the forest?, only a fool who might stay to converse with strange creature. The tiny creature that looks harmless might be the most dangerous.

"Wait!!! Please do not be scared. I won’t bite you, I am a lovely hare", Shouted the blue hare while running after her, “Lovely?,,oh please!!” She has strong feeling to distrust that hare and she keeps running, even faster. She heard that blue creature still shouting her name. Fatal error on all victims of crime was they believed that criminals were being sweet when they shouted their name and said, “I am lovely”. Oh, I will not fall on that, thought her cynically. She keeps run and run and run.

So, i was dreaming. i don’t remember how long i have been running and then passed out and now running again because a strange creature is after me. The night when people were screaming all around the village and i could not find Dever, Oh why he always gives me trouble in such panic situation?. He did not show up during the funeral and now i lost him. I don’t remember much about what has happened in the village, all I remember was chaos and i woke up in the forest. Who was that woman in my dream, who is need me?. Belle tries hard to recall everything but it has only little pieces she could remember. Belle keeps running, she does not care how tired her feet, she doesn’t care her bleeding feet because of her worn boots, she just keeps running while recalling back on what has happened to her village.

Oh I remember one thing, i saw my neighbor Mr. and Mrs Dimplemugh swap away by the wind.

"Belle stop" the blue face was calling again, Belle slipped off and her head hit the ground. The blue face knew her name. How come?. Belle tried to stand up but her knees trembling in fear.

"Could you please slow down a bit?! i said i won’t bite you", said the blue face.

The hare stands in front of her trying to catch some breath. He seems struggling to catch his breath, Belle did not remember how fast she was running but she has the thing.

“Why should I trust you? You are talking hare and walking on two foot,” said Belle afraid while stepping backward, keeping herself on alert.

"That such a rude” he complained then something magically happen in front of Belle’s eyes. That hare transformed himself into human body, 5.5 feet with shining blue skin and weird long tail. There is something different with his ears; it is not hare ears or human ears. He has magical creature ears. Belle’s heart starts pounding so fast. She cursed herself repeatedly because the last thing needed is to be looked frightened in front of strange magic creature. She grabs anything randomly, “ah” she thought a little happy, she found quite big branch tree. Her plan is to hit blindly if that blue hare step forward on her.

“Don’t even think about that” the hare warned her calmly.

“I won’t hurt you, i wanted to save you” explained him trying to get Belle’s trust. Actually, in that new form; the hare look friendly but do not be fooled, Oleander may look attractive flowers shrub but it is poisonous.

"Who are you?" , asking Belle suspiciously,

"My name is Midlow” Tell him and bows a little, “and the queen sent me to protect you," he continued to answering Belle’s question.

"A queen? Protect me?", asking Belle obviously without any intention to put the branch down.

"Yes, fairy queen, to protecting you from the dark lord" answered the hare “Now put it down”. Tell him softly, he looks at the branch on Belle’s hand. Belle put that down and stepping backward slowly.

“I must be dreaming” Belle said to herself quietly then run as she sees the chance. She run fast and hopes to heading straight to the village. Whatever that creature is, she does not feel like to meet that blue talking hare who knew her name and mentioned about fairy queen. She believes in wild animal in the forest but a fairy?, “I don’t have time to listen to lousy joke”, said her to herself. Belle has most important thing to do now, to find her brother. They were separated during the chaos on their village. A beast attacked their village and people were running away to safe themselves, included her. She was too far from village when she realized she gets lost in the forest without her brother. Belle has hopes that her brother is with friends right now or the other villager. She would not be able to face more grief if she must lose her brother as well.

“Oh, I hate this job”, pouts Midlow annoyed and running after Belle. For a human kind, Belle has incredible ability to run fast. She is almost as flying, thought Midlow while keep running after that girl.

"Hei! Could you stop for a moment? I won’t be able to catch you" shout Midlow and keep chasing.

“Go away!!”, Belle yelling while keep running and she seems doesn’t has any plan to slow down like what Midlow was requested. She runs toward the west, she is not sure indeed. The first lesson she remembers was the sun sets in the west. She hopes to find the way out there.

Normally, Belle would not get lost because she knows certainty this forest but her mind just drawn to her brother, Dever, and a magic hare is chasing her now. Her brain cannot think straight. She run, stepped on dry twigs, getting rid of the bush with her bare hands. She feels sore on her palms, maybe bramble has scratched her skin hopefully it is not poisonous. Her long dress torn in some part of her arms, her worn boots doesn’t feel comfortable since there is hole on the sole.

“FINE!” Midlow stopped, “You make me do this”. That hare open his arm and the roots of the trees began to moving by itself, forming a giant net. Belle was almost fall on the ground but the net captured her. She struggles to escape herself but it was useless because this net is too strong for her little body.“I told you to stop”, said Midlow, folded his hand and pretend to be look angry. Belle is staring at that blue hare, scared. I am going to die I am going to die That all she thinks for now. “Do you know? The only one who want to kill you is Dark lord” say that hare, “Let go off me!!!” shouted Belle keep struggling to escape,“No, before you promise to not run away AGAIN” say the hare emphasizing on his last word and looking straight into Belle’s eyes. She thought the hare will be know if she lie so Belle nodded to agree and won’t run if the hare also promise to her that he won’t hurt her. “I never had an intention to harm you”, said Midlow while helping Belle jump off to the ground. “I don’t believe you,” said Belle quietly but for Midlow that has magic ears, he can hear even from miles far away.“You will, eventually” commented Midlow smile mysteriously. Belle stays calm on her spot, actually trying to be calm. If that hare can do magic and captured her with giant net. He might can do anything worse if she moves just an inch. They are only look at each other for a moment. Belle seems noticed something on that hare. He has gold-ish gray eyes that almost look so friendly if he was not a magical creature who appeared in the forest with roots giant net.“I will not kill you, never ever” , finally the hare started the conversation, breaking the silence between them.“Do you really did not recognize me?” asked Midlow to Belle and pretending to be look disappointed. Belle squinted and looking carefully, recalling into past time maybe she met him in another place? But NO she never met any magical hare before. “Mother’s story?”, the hare still trying to give her a clue. Belle squinted more made her thick eyebrows almost fused. She does seem thinking so hard and the hare looks more disappointed.

"BLUE HARE!" screamed her suddenly and falls off.

“You are the hare from my mother’s story”, screamed her surprised. Midlow rolls his eyes and helped Belle to stand up then hop to sit on the higher ground.

"I am not only a story, i am real," he brag it proudly, "I am a fairy," admitted him, Belle stared at him shockingly.

“Mwahahahahahahahahaha”, Belle suddenly laughing aloud holding her stomach. She wipes her tears off her eyes and laughing. It feels like has been long time since she heard some jokes and this one is funny. A fairy hare? Oh what an obvious-funny confession.

"I beg your pardon, young lady. But your laugh is sound mean" said Midlow sounds protest. Belle stopped laughing and a little bit lays her back on the tree.

"I am so sorry but fairy has wings and you have tail," Belle said innocently still a little bit laughing. At first, Belle was scared of that magical blue hare but after he confessed that he is a fairy, he is no longer scary. This is the funniest thing that she heard after the horrible mess in her village.

"You are completely rude, not all fairies has wing and you know that very well. I am a blue hare and this tail helps me to run fast", explained Midlow and waging his tail, Belle laughs again, even louder. Midlow moves his right hand and the dry leaf begin to flying in circle, collected neatly to one spot. Belle surprised, Midlow shrugging and smile at Belle.

“I don’t always have friend to help me clean my place” said him and chuckle.

Belle blinked her eyes several times, was it illusion? Thought her, but it was too real to be just an illusion. Seeing that girl seemed not believe, Midlow raising both his hands and something happened to Belle. Belle widen in shock, Midlow with his magic power has lifting Belle’s body up to the air.

“Drop me, now!”, order Belle sound frightening.

“How come you scare of the height?”, Asked Midlow confused while dropping Belle down.

“Never do that again”, said Belle with threaten tone.

For a moment, Belle tries to understand everything about Midlow. So it is not only a bed time story but there is fairy, exist and she met one of them but he did not have wings. Her head might be hit the ground so hard and now she might be hallucination.

“I know it’s hard to believe but you will understand this,,,” said Midlow,

“Well, i doubt! I am not even sure that i am sane right now” Belle answered in doubtful tone.

In Belle’s mind, fairies only exist before bedtime and even she ever imagined that creature when she was 5 years old but she never thought that there is real fairy. She believes there are wild animals existing in the deep of the forest, but not fairies. Her mother was always told her about the blue hare that lived in deep of the forest but nobody ever seen it before. Maybe she is the first to meet him now and hardly to believe on that. She had rough night and lost in the forest without food or drink, her brain might be damage for being starving and thirsty. Belle sits under the giant ash tree, lay her back, tries to save her energy. Now since that hare is no longer dangerous (and he never was) she does not need to be in rush.

"Fairy is existing for anyone who believes that we are real. It is like you believe in evil spirit, there is good spirit exist" said Midlow likely knows what Belle was thinking.

“Well, i don’t believe that they are exist” shouted Belle quietly against it.

“Are you sure?” asked Midlow staring at Belle with serious look. She shrugs, did not pay attention to that hare.

“You will sorry for saying that,” said him again.

“Oh no. you will sorry if you still bother me, now excuse me,” answered Belle, get up then walk away leaving that blue hare.

“Where are you going?”, asked the hare and following her. Belle walks normally so the hare can equal her steps. That was amusing since he is the one with magic power and the long tail, but she cant catch Belle’s step.

“I should back to my village and looking for my brother” answered Belle while her hands are busy trying to get rid of the bush that blocked her way. She cannot waste her time any longer. Now she remembers all clearly and the reason why she is in the forest. Her village was attack in the night after her mother funeral. She lost her brother and now she probably lost in the forest. Those are very bad memories for her. She has not healed yet from her lost after her father passed away and then her mother too. In the night after long hard day of funeral ceremony, she separated with her brother because something scary attacked greenvalley. She does not know about the other villagers, are they safe or not? How many people get hurt or die? How about her friends?. She knows nothing and it is painful.

“Listened, you are not safe if you come back now and i can help to find your brother. You just need to come with me” persuaded Midlow, but Belle did not listen to him and keep walking.

“Listen, you should come with me to my place,” said Midlow constrain. Belle stopped and looks at that blue hare weirdly, there is flash of anger on her violet eyes.

“Stay away from me” Said Belle warned him. “And never use your magic on me again”. Midlow takes deep breath and keep following Belle. That girl is stubborn and he knew exactly he cannot force her to go with him. As what the Queen said, “She should come by her will”. However, it will not be as easy as he thought before. Belle has strong will to find her brother. “Why are you keep following me?” ask Belle while keep walking,

“Because I want to help you,” answered Midlow. Belle stopped and looking back at that Midlow.

“Two head is better than one”, say Midlow again, Belle seems agree but before she gets chance to say something, suddenly the fast fireball slammed the ground around Belle and destroying some trees, Belle fall off to the ground trying to cover herself. Midlow grabbed Belle’s hand and running fast into the deep of forest. Something is chasing them; big scary beast with unnatural power that only exists in myth. Dark black wings look like a half wolf half man but with sharp horns on the head.

“What did you do? Trying to kill me” shouted Belle angry and scared.

“It was not me, it was Theron the same beast that attacked your village, we should be hurry” says that blue face keep running, they both running deeper into the forest, run away from anything who were attacked them a moment ago.

“I will kill him”, thought Belle angry while keep running.

“Trust me; it was not good idea right now. He is not easy to be kill, I tried for hundreds years” said Midlow answered Belle’s mind.

“You read my mind too?”, Belle sound protest.

“Not all” said him, “Watch out” shouted him and used his magic to get rid the bush that blocked their way. Belle’s mind wandering through her family and her life before the chaos happened and then back to that beast, who is Theron?. WOSSHHHHHH there more fireballs attacking them, Midlow was tried hard to avoid but it seems he was not that fast; they both bounced away and fell on the burning bushes. Belle screamed and pulled Midlow’s hand and then run fast as lightning.

“Turn right”, Midlow gives an order. “Wow I feel like flying, you still the fastest” said him and it was annoying for Belle. How could be not? A scary beast is chasing them right now and he carries fireball that may burn them alive, but this crazy hare still made a comment.

“Was there any other human who ever asking you why you run so fast?” asked Midlow, Belled did not answer the question; she was just keep running straight. “Jump!!!” shouted Midlow and they both jump up on the tree branch. Belle amazed by herself, she was just jump up high.

“That’s just the beginning”, said Midlow “You will be more surprise later”, and he knows that girl was shocked at herself.

“Just, what?”, Belle does not understand but she obey what Midlow telling to her, They both jump from one branch to another, Midlow lead Belle carefully from one tree to another tree. And suddenly, krackkkkkk brughhh soundlike something heavy falling from the height.

“I’m fine”, said Belle trying to stand up, a fireball was hit and burning the branch where they were standing.

“We should keep running”, told Midlow and Belle nods agree. Whatever that creature is, seems it does not has intention to stop before Midlow and Belle burn to die. They both running into the deepest of the forest, to the part which Belle never seen it before. There are higher and bigger trees also strange bushes, fruits and flowers. If there is nothing chasing on them right now, maybe Belle will stop to enjoy the landscape. Midlow keep moving his hand and the blue light comes out his hand, touching the trees and those burned trees come back alive.

“Did you just do that? Heal the tree?” Belle asking curiously.

“I can explain that later, now keep running”, told Midlow.

My name is Belle Nollan 16 years old, I have amethyst eyes that i hate, light brown hair and i lived with my family in the little village named greenvalley. In the north side behind this valley there is a kingdom ruled by a wise King, people called that place as Knightwood hills. I never know how its look like but the King has most beautiful palace in the north island. It has lake, forest, meadow, acres of farmland, and gardens. People says there is grows every flowers from around the world. People are usually visit Knightwood hills during the spring, there was more festival and dance night.

My brother, Dever, has pale skin that seemed so contrast with his blue ocean eyes and his red hair just like father. When father was alive, we usually helped him in the garden and farm. Dever does not like strawberry or anything with bright color. I thought maybe because he is a boy, so he does not like something that will make him look feminine. He is the opposite of me; I love all kind of berries and cherries with bright color.

“Don’t you know that you were girl when you born” teased me when Dever refused to eat the strawberry that I brought from our garden.

“Don’t you know that you don’t look like father or mother?, freak” said him tried to return the words.

“That’s evil” I protested and he smiled won.

“You are the only one who has those weird purple pair eyes, you are a witch” said him mocked me.

“Mother, he called me witch” shouted me while looking at my mother wishing for support.

“You are witch,” said Dever teasing me more.

“You have lovely eyes and if you were a witch you are most beautiful witch on earth”, said mother and pat my back softly.

“You, little boy go help your father” said mother again giving an order at Dever.

“Yes, your highness”, Dever bow a little but he gave me a mock face and then ran out to the backyard.

“Take care of your brother after I gone, promise that Belle” said Mother suddenly with her sadly gaze.

“Of course i will, but you are not going anywhere, never” said me and hugging my mother. I knew mother sometimes would say something strange but she is mother who always worried of her children. Father used to told me that I should just need to agree with mother because she has done much to protecting us. It made me promised to myself that I will take care of Dever. We are much like enemy that missed each other when the one of us missing.

Long time when father was alive, he always took us to the forest for hunting and we would be a great partner since i run very fast and for some reason i could sense the presence any kind of animal. Actually, it was not a real hunting because we just came into the forest to rescue the lost animal if they came too closed to the village. Father told me once time that it is our duty to take those lost animal back to where they belong and Village could be very dangerous for them

“So, why….why we hunted them if we….we..we should release them back to forest?” asked Dever a little bit upset and throw his arrow on the ground, Father smiled and patted Dever’s shoulder. He guided Dever to sit on the higher rock so they could see the entire of greenvalley.

“We rescued them. It is part of our tradition. If you wanted to go for real hunting, you can go to Knightwood hills but not now,” explained father, Dever gave him disbelief look. He has cold expression whenever he gets angry. Mother and father always treated him as if he was 5 years old. They have list of what to do and not to do. Those rules are also applies to me. We both has never go out of village yet, except when father took us to the forest. What mother always told us before dinner was “Who will protect you from the danger outside”, sometimes I thought mother was just over worried because danger is everywhere; whether we are at home, street or forest.

There was a nights when mother did not let us to go outside of home during the winter night. She would threatened us with obey your mother or you will regret in your life. I could not say anything. I always think that my mother seems knows something before that happens. Mother always restricted me to walk alone during the winter night or she would hang the dry ash wood on the door. Not just that; she asked Dever and I, to wear bluestone necklace. I love this necklace because it so beautiful. My friends said it’s look amazingly beautiful with my violet eyes. Another case with Dever, he hides the necklace under his shirt. If not because mother threatened him, he would have throw the necklace off.

The necklace comes with white chain and bluestone in the middle of it. One day I took off the necklace because I felt itchy, mother who was busy prepare dinner for us suddenly dropped the meals and her face turned pale. Her face stiffened so I wore it back on.

“If you still want to be alive, never take off your necklace”; that was the only thing she said during that night. I did not know what her reason to be always worried when we were outside or when I took off the necklace but I did not want to against her ever again. My father always told me that mother comes from a family who does believe about monster and spirit. She believes that there is evil spirit that wants always to take us away. She made me promised to look after Dever no matter what happen. She works hard to protect her children with that bluestone necklace. When I asked father where that bluestone necklace comes from, he smiled and patted my shoulder and said,

“There is part about your mother that I don’t want to dig more because I respected her. I believe she is great woman, wife, and mother for you and Dever. It’s enough for me”. So I assumed that even my father did not know about that. My mother’s family came from south island long time ago for trade trip. They fell in love with greenvalley and decided to stay there and have new life. Father met my mother during the spring festival in the knightwood hills. They had such beautiful story and that was why I also want to go to knightwood hills, maybe I will have my own story as my parents did. Not a story of me was chasing by monster.

Belle could not stop to think about her family and her village. She gets more worried whenever she remembers the situation that now she lost her brother. Furthermore, she cannot tell her mother or father and it just gives her more chest pain. Her father passed away 3 years ago and her mother passed away at the day before her village was attack. She does not know where to go or ask for help. Her only hope now is the blue hare who guiding her into nowhere in this forest.

“Look out!” screamed Midlow, jump and pushed Belle to avoid the attack.

“Midlow!”, Belle shocked to see that beast already standing in front of them. Those pair of eyes are like a fire that ready to burn everything who against it. That beast growled and tried to attack Belle with his sharp claws but Midlow stopped it with his blue magic. Arrghhhhhh he growls angry and trying back to attack them but Belle jump up high to avoid it. She does not know where her skill and braveness came from but right now, she is most glad of that. Theron shot the fireball toward Belle but it missed, Midlow in other side grab a dry branch and it turned into sword then throws that at Belle.

“Now I starting to believe in you” said Belle while swing her sword to deflect the fireballs. Theron did not stop, he jumps to attack Belle again and this time he was trying to rip Belle’s stomach with his claws but she deflected it with her sword. Midlow tried to help her but he got beaten by Theron’s big black wings. Belle randomly attacking and it was bad idea because that put her as easy target. She feels some scratches on her leg skin and her arm. Theron was about to attack her again with his claws but then Belle jumps to the side quickly avoid it.

“You are still a human”, shout that beast and shot the fire strongly, Belle succeed to avoided by rolling sideway and poke the sword right into Theron’s chest.

“But i am not just a human, i am Belle”, said her. Midlow did not waste the chance while that beast in pain. He grabs Belle’s arm and run away.

“Why we should run, i wanted to revenge of what he did to my village. Beside he is injured now we can defeat him” shouted Belle protesting while keeps running to follow Midlow.

“He is much stronger than you can imagine, there will be your time to face him but now i thought he came to test you”, answered Midlow explaining.

“Testing me?”, Belle confused. Midlow stopped in front of the high bushes and did his magic again so those bushes open up, showing the way in like small tunnel into the deeper part of forest.

“Yes, he was testing you before he will really kill you. Theron is not a type who will attack something that will not fight back. He gets called as demon of war”, explained Midlow.

“That is I don’t know. Why he wanted to kill me and those people in the village, why he attacked them?” asked Belle much.

“Because of you, because you lived there, his target is you so he will attack wherever you are” , told Midlow.

“He must be a grumpy beast”, says Belle sighing.

Belle is following Midlow without any of complain or question. There is many things she wanted to ask to him about Theron also why she suddenly able to jump so high and sway the sword. If her mother knows that she hold any sharp things except knife, she might be shock. She was often gone hunting with her father and brother but she was only a compass for them. They might be lost without Belle. Her father was wondering about Belle’s knowledge and his wife always said that her daughter’s knowledge was gift from the nature. However, the nature seems has not given her yet full knowledge because right now Belle did not know where they are heading. She never went too far into the deep of the forest. Besides, there is rumor in the village that said something bad hidden there like a monster world. And yes she seen one of those monsters, Theron. But she believe Midlow won’t lead them into danger place after what just happened.

“We are safe now”, said Midlow with relief tone.

“Are you sure?”, Belle asking doubtfully and still looking around just to make sure they are really safe now. Midlow nodding and then pointing at the some huge weird rocks that stand firmly, there is painting with different pattern/marks on it. It is as if someone drew that as a sign for something, like boundary. Midlow told Belle that those stones are actually a shield for his world and Theron cannot step in because the magic is protecting the other side. But the shield is only working for magic creature, so if any other human who might reach deeper into this side they can just come across. Belle did not much understand about his explanation, she holds herself from asking more. Most important now is they have escaped from Theron the beast and it would be better if Belle keep following that blue hare.

“What might be happen if the shield broken?” asked Belle while touching those mark on that rock. She feels strange under her fingers, something similar about those marks.

“Then it will be the end of day for fairies” answered Midlow, Bell staring at the rock. Something flashes on her memory but she can’t pull it out.

“Are you ready?” asked Midlow suddenly surprised her; Belle took deep breath and nods. Midlow pats Belle shoulder.

“After you, young lady” said him extending his left hand and point into the small path that lead to the cave.

“Thank you” Said Belle and step forward in to the cave. She does not understand that her first step into that cave will be the beginning of history that will change her entire life.

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