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The Holiday Way

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Chapter 2

During the time after Gwendal turned him down Toporon spends a lot of the night in establishments with a bent for drinking Tequila while dancing on the bar. He’s trying to forget her, but he can’t. He had no idea he was a side dish on her stuffed plate; He thought he was the main course. And now he can’t be fully satisfied, not even partially, until he drinks enough for two. However, Lady Luck gives him a surprise. A cute Fey comes over to talk to him.

“You okay, honey?” Her bubble gum pops surprising him. He leans in close trying to see her face. It’s dancing with pretty ears and a button nose along with a dizzying merry-go-round background.

“Gwendal?” Toporon saw some fairies fluttering on her shoulder. This can’t be real. What are the odds?

“Are you on Holiday?” She adds to the dream gorgeous in a very blue, frilly dress.

“Yup, away from the bunnies, ha! I mean I got a few days away from workplace because of a Holiday.”

“Hmm. Well if your free I’m new in town. Would you mind showing me around because I really need to find a place to stay?”

“You’re not real, are you?” You can’t fool me! He’s so drunk he reaches and grabs something he shouldn’t.

“Ah, My ears! How dare you fiend!” Her arms are so strong he can’t help but stumble a few yards away. He falls into something soft, and everything in the room quiets down. The crowd stares over wondering how the big shrewish man will react. This time the ear grab is not an accident.

“Please sir, I’m sorry for offending you. I will buy you a round” He gets up to smile, and to call the bar tender, but before he can he is met by the feeling of air against his cheeks. He feels like a dart on the way back to the wall. Immediately, a boom follows, and dust rises. The proud shrew winks, complacent with his victory, at the pretty girl realizing she’s a Fey. However, she abhors him a ton, and she runs to Toboron right away.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to get you in trouble.” She picks him up and places his head on her lap. He’s so drunk and beaten that he nearly falls asleep. She pets his furry head, as a few of the Fey in the audience watching sigh. They wish they were him, and he wishes he wasn’t.

“It’s not your fault. I just wasn’t sure if your ears were real. You see I’ve drunken too much.” He somberly gets up off the ground fixing his ruffled tail. However, she’s still in need of that tour and pulls him outside the bar. They look like a couple as Toporon explains the sites and himself.

“So, what’s your name?” The girl bunny asks.

“Toporon Harrington.” He steps off the curb checking for cars.

“Sounds like chocolate” She giggles, and he asks for hers.

“Gemina Francel.” She accepts his handshake.

They spend time walking her through the famous town of the Academy of Fey, and she is satisfied with the tour before he asks her about her living arrangements. As an incoming student she replies she’d like to live close to the school, with another student who can help her out. He realizes she doesn’t have a home yet.

“By any chance are you also attended the Academy of Fey?” She curiously leans in.

“Nope, I graduated four years ago, cum laude.” He proudly puffs his chest.

“I had a feeling you looked different, it radiated off you in the bar, like you’ve been through it. She jumps on him hugging him. “Well I’m starting in a week and I need a place immediately. Do you know of anywhere close to here?”

Wait something isn’t right. Lady luck usually isn’t this kind to me. He’s scratches his head and tries to find the right words.

“I actually live in a two-family house, and I’ve always rent out the first floor. My roommate ascended just today. Would you want to look?”

“You would let me live in a holiday’s room! How exciting!” She’s immediately giggling and jumping.

“Well, yeah, it’s not like waiting gets me money” He huffs and pulls out a business card. “Why don’t you give me a call, and you can stop by tomorrow?”

She shakes her head. “No, I am taking the place right now before my competition gets it! Land lord take me home now.” She grips his arms with urgency, and it feels like the world is spinning for him. He nods his head and doesn’t wait a moment to bring the girl towards the hill with his modest home.

“I think this is the prettiest neighborhood I’ve ever seen.” She comments licking her hands.

He nods. Toboron’s house is in a sea of blooming cherry blossoms. It is March, the beginning of spring, and he can’t help but notice the buds seemed to come early. There are pretty pedals dancing above the quaint corner store of Maple Street. They reach his door past the field of grass, buds of flowers, and the wishes of dandelions. It seems to be immediately sold.

“This is your room.” He says walking her into the abandoned first floor. It has all been carefully painted by the men she hired to take her stuff away. Unfortunately, all that is there are the yellow walls, and the small alcove where she used to rest. Occasionally, Gwendal would hold him there and whisper pleasantries into his ear. Gemina smiles and pulls out her wand before nodding at him.

“I’ll take it immediately Toboron. You can expect a breakfast waiting for you in the morning with a side of coffee as a thank you for saving my tail.”

He nods. I’m seriously too lucky. He’s so happy on the inside but he won’t show it. It is not fitting for a Fey to show how he feels all the time. It’s time to leave.

“Well then. Without further ado, I will begin turning this room into my lair.” She smiles at him and gives a slight curtsy.

“Sounds good, Gemina. The payment is due on the first. I hope that you like it. Also, you really don’t have to cook if you don’t want to.”

“But I must it’s tradition.”

“Hmm, well than I guess I will have to accept it. I will see you anon, madam.” He starts walking until he remembers. “Oh, and just knock if you have anything you want to talk about.”

She accepts his offer.

He goes up his doorway through the spiral staircase and plops his gorgeous tail bottom onto the bed. She’s also lying in bed, and it happens to be right below him. Fate may have brought them together, but it’s not picky about the outcome. It leaves it for them to decide.

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