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Eternal Magic Book One :- Winds of Change

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Flight of a Dragon

Gwyntref City, Kaze Realm

Elspeth’s POV

Light crept in as Elspeth slowly opened her eyes. Dirt cover the bottom of her shoes and most of her clothing, warm sun shined over her body.

“What was that for?” she asked Myith before noticing him pointing up and a finger on his mouth, telling her to be quiet without words. Elspeth looked up to see iron bars about fifteen feet above them, they went from all sides in a sphere shape. She gasped as a warm presence slid next to her.

Max’s POV

Max had to get his breathing back down and quickly, though it wasn’t helping that he sat next to a golden haired angel that was staring at him with those big emerald eyes, the eyes that looked so full of life and always seemed to be looking in his direction.

“Are you ok?” He asked breathing normally, as normal as someone like him could breathe anyway.

“I’m fine but I thought we were supposed to be taking a test. Not fight in an arena.”

“This is the test; I already dragged that guy over here and shook him till he woke. That lizard thing was acting weird.”

“Goku sensed something unfriendly. I can’t read it so it’s not a creature of my ability.”

“That means its strong right.” Myith answered with a nod before remember about Bria-day.

“Wait what about Bria-day and Gale?” he looked horrified

Elspeth’s POV

“There fine, she’s smart isn’t she?” That’s an understatement if there was ever one, Bria-day’s IQ level at age 10 was 275 and she never forgot anything. Elspeth guessed that Bria-day probably had an IQ of 300 or more by now, but she was trying to guess low. Max leaned over the rock they had been hiding behind. He caught sight of the thing they were supposed to fight. The creature had two large front paws, each with three sharp claws; it also had a huge tail with scales lined on the top and sides. Two massive horns grew from its head right above its ears. Under its jaw was a line of large white crystals attached like fur. As it raised its nose Max ducted back behind the rock.

“Shit. This isn’t going to be easy.” He said taking off his school jacket. Elspeth peered across the arena to see people outside the iron bars. Her eyes finally caught a glimpse of Yoko and Hed. Next to them sat Von, Scarlet and the twins. ‘They finished already? Of course they had, they had Von and Scarlet, and they also probably got an easy test and started first.'

“That thing is going to need to be caught not killed.” Max said to Myith and Elspeth as he drew a resemblance of the arena in the dirt. “It’s called a sagi dragon, for anyone who didn’t know.”

“Aren’t those things dangerous even for people with experience?” Myith asked letting Goku loose to find Bria-day and Gale without giving their position away. Goku curled into a ball and slowly turned into a small beetle bug- a beetle that was as hard as diamonds and blinded into almost every environment.

“Yes, but if you know there weakness then they aren’t hard to take down. The problem is Bria-day uses ice, earth, and water magic right?” Elspeth and Myith nodded as a response.

“The sagi dragon has white crystals not black which is going to make this a lot harder.”

“What does it matter if it has light or dark crystals?” Myith said looking confused.

“A sagi dragon can only hurt if its crystals are on the opposite side of the elemental table Myith.” Bria-day said as she appeared out of thin air with Gale holding on and Goku, who jumped into Myith’s lap.

“You should know that.” She said glaring at him.

“That’s correct. And since Bria-day can only use elements on the light side of the table it will only stun the dragon not hurt it.”

“Wait what elements would work on it then?” Gale asked checking on the dragon. It was now sniffing were him and Bria-day were moments ago.

Max’s POV

Max sighed and drew a circle and then ten smaller circles, eight on the large circle and two circles overlapping in the middle.

“There are ten elements in the world; space, ice, earth, water, light, time, wind, lightning, fire, and dark. Everything we know can be made by these ten elements.” Everyone shook their heads giving Max the okay to finish explaining.

“Starting with the top left circle.” He said pointing to the one he was talking about.

“This is where space goes. Going down the left side we have ice, then earth, and finally water. Each one of these is considered a light element. Now on the opposite side are the dark elements. Starting at the top it goes time, then wind, lightning, and finally fire. In the center are the elements of light and dark. Now if you match the dark elements with the light ones directly across from them you can find that elements major weakness.” Max took a breath and checked their timing on the dragon; it was still busy with digging up the same spot.

“Each side has its strongest and its weakest elements; water and fire are the stronger of the two sides. Next would be lightning and earth; ice and wind; the weakest are space and time, these are also the rarest. However if someone can possess the elements light or dark they would be stronger than any of the elements on the same side, but not necessarily stronger against the other elements or more than one on the either side, any questions?” Max asked looking at everyone. Each of them shaking their heads, as to tell him no.

“Ok so if we don’t have the right elements how do we kill it?” Gale asked scratching his head.

“We’re not. We need to catch it and I’ve got a pretty good idea on how.” Max said looking at Bria-day.

“First thing we need is rope, and lots of it.”

“I have some in my workshop but none of the contestants are allowed to leave.” Gale said disappointment until Goku jumped to the ground and shrunk into a four inch tall puffball with wings and an earth type tail.

“Kyōshitsu ni idō shi, rōpu o shutoku!” Myith said smiling at Goku, who replied with a little yep.

“He’ll be back in four minutes.” Max faced Bria-day and put his hand on her book until she looked back.

“I need you to distract that thing for ten minutes.” Bria-day closed her book, handed it to Myith, stood and walked toward the dragon.

“Is she crazy?” Gale and Elspeth said in unison. Max held back a smile that tugged at his lips, he wasn’t sure but her confidence and something else about her made him think she would be fine. While the two guys were busy watching Bria-day, Max grabbed Elspeth’s hand.

“Come on we have something else to do before that lizard gets back with the rope.” Elspeth stood, more of a crouch and followed Max to another part of the arena with a group of trees and brush.

“Okay what is our part in all this?” Elspeth asked kneeling in front of Max, who was also kneeling.

“We need to use magic to make that thing injured enough so it doesn’t break through the rope.”

“But I though it couldn’t be hurt by light elements.”

“It can’t but you said earlier that you could cast fire spells…”

“Yeah but I always screw them up.” She interrupted

“Yes but that means you have the ability to cast dark elements.” He said with a sigh and a glance away.

“What does that matter?” Elspeth asked more confused now than before.

“You know about Galade Magic right.” He asked looking down at her, and thinking she didn’t from her facial expression. This was odd because every magic user was required to know of it.

“Galade Magic can only be used when two people with the ability to use the same type of elements channel their magic together.”

“In other words they become the same person with more power for a time being.” Elspeth pointed out felling smart with her conclusion. Warmth crept up Max’s neck as she finished.

“Yeah that’s one way of looking at it. Anyway, that’s how where going to hurt it.”

“But Bria-day can’t use dark elements only light ones so it won’t work.”

“I can use dark elements.” He muttered quietly.

“What!” Max covered her mouth and told her to shush.

Elspeth’s POV

“That’s how I could stop time earlier and how I showed up at your house to grab Kedna.” Elspeth eyes flipped from left to right putting everything together.

“But guys can’t use magic. Not unless they have royal blood.” Max scratched his copper hair and looked away.

“I’m aware of that Elspeth. But we need to forget about the little details and hurry it up. That lizard should have come back already.” Elspeth looked over to Myith and Gale who were busy tying rope to one of the iron bars on the side of the arena. Myith smiled at her to acknowledge he saw her.

“So how do you do Galade Magic?” she asked her complete attention on Max now.

Bria-day’s POV

Bria-day approached the massive beast as it continued sniffing and digging at her previous earth spell. She removed her glasses, placing them on her shirt between her breasts. Her pale blue hair loosened and circled around her person. Her purple eyes turned a pale teal color, almost like mist. She placed her right hand in front of her, her index and middle fingers standing up and the other two were curled. Her thumb pointed away from her hand. She then placed her other hand in the same position and made a triangle out of the thumbs, middle and index fingers.

"I Bria-day Kaze first daughter of the royal blood line of the wind goddess summon and call forth the three elements of protection. Mizu, goddesses of water. Chika, goddesses of earth. Kori, goddesses of ice. Come to my aid!” As she spoke blue, green, and pale blue lights surrounded her hands. The sagi dragon’s ears perked back and it turned its head. Staring at Bria-day its eyes narrowed, its mouth opened to show a drooling tongue and sharp teeth. As its tail rose Bria-day brought one hand to her lips.

“Bring me aid.” She whispered as she sliest her hand across the air. At the same time the dragon slammed its tail down on top of Bria-day.

Myith’s POV

Myith watched Bria-day walk toward the dragon and Elspeth walk off with Max. Gale’s face was as white as a ghost as he sat scratching one thumb with the other.

“You ok?” Myith asked. Gale looked up and stopped scratching.

“I’m not used to fighting everyone else seems so normal at this.” Myith laughed

“That’s not true. Bria-day doesn’t show very many emotions to begin with. She’s also really confident in her spells. Elspeth is more of an encourager than a fighter so you’ll never see her not smiling. I don’t scare easy because I have Goku and Bria-day. Don’t know what Max’s story is but he seems like he was born to fight. You just haven’t gotten experience in fighting.” Gale’s face looked worse after Myith’s little speech.

“Don’t worry though if we didn’t have you we never would have known where to get rope from. Elspeth is excellent at figuring peoples weaknesses and strengths just by looking at them. So if she picked you that would just mean you have something she figured we could use or need.” As Myith finished Goku burrowed up between them with a bag full of rope. The three of them ran to the closest bar. Gale tied the rope on before realizing the type of iron.

“Make sure you tie them in French knots or else they won’t hold. They made the bars from fire iron, it’s strong but if the ropes aren’t tied right they will fall off with the smallest pull” Myith nodded and told Goku in the same language as before

“Hey I got a question.” Gale asked climbing up another bar.

“I’m listening.”

“If Elspeth picked use because we’d be helpful why didn’t she
pick Von instead?”

“O, that’s because Elspeth does everything Von says. Like me with Bria-day, we don’t have to we just do. So she wanted to do the test herself instead of relying on Von for everything.”

“I guess that makes since. What are Elspeth and Max doing anyway?” Myith looked over at them to see her looking back. He smiled at her to signal he acknowledged her. She then had her full attention on Max.

“I’m not sure but we need to get down and to the other side.” Goku changed into a small griffin and flew them to the ground. As they got to the other end Myith turned to see the sagi dragon’s tale slam on top of Bria-day. He dropped to his knees and froze, his eyes dilated. The crowd stood with whispers and gasps in all directions. Dust covered a good portion of the arena as the dragon’s tail laid were Bria-day once stood. Elspeth’s, Max’s and Gale’s eyes all watched to see if she was hurt or not. The dragon removed its tail and stepped closer to its prize. Its nose sniffed, but only sneezed from all the dust.

Myith’s POV

“It’s not polite to hit your guest.” Bria-day yelled as she rose from the ground in a large ball made completely of water. Clearing the arena of all the dust she landed back on her feet in a small puddle of water below her. The crowd settled down and clapped at her ability to protect herself with such a difficult spell. Gale shook Myith until he came back to his senses.

“She’s okay Myith. That was a close one though.” Gale said helping Myith onto his feet.

“How much more time do you guys need?” Max asked as he reached them with Elspeth.

“I’d say ten maybe fifteen minutes.”

“Fifteen minutes!” Max yelled in frustration

“Yeah we need to finish this side and the top. If we rush it could screw everything up and we don’t really got a second chance.” He had a point and Max couldn’t argue it.

“Fine but work quickly. We’ll try and by you guy as must time as possible. Come on Elspeth.” He said running toward to dragon.

“Good luck, Elspeth!” Gale said blushing after she smiled back.

“Come on lover boy.” Myith laughed as he climbed.

Elspeth’s POV

Elspeth caught up with Max in little time.

“Okay you remember how it works?” Elspeth nodded and held her hands up in front of her chest. Max place his hands inches away from hers.

“Okay, just summon one of the dark elements. And remember it doesn’t matter which one.” Elspeth breathed in and back out she saw Von watching her and her hands feel.

“What is it, hey?” Max yelled trying not to provoke the dragon’s attention.

“I never told them I could use magic.” Max looked confused until he turned to see what made her upset. He glared at Von, like he knew it had to be Von.

“Elspeth.” Max grabbed the side of her shoulders. “Elspeth!” She looked up at him almost ready to cry. “Your brother is not fighting, you are. And no one in this arena is going to be able to leave unless we fight it with magic. Don’t even think about them okay.” Elspeth nodded and stood straight up. She replaced her hands in the correct position. Max’s hands touched hers, just the palms.

“I ask Kaminari to summon thee to grant me the power of lightning and to help grant my wish today.” As she finished small sparks came out of her hands and around Max’s.

“I Max Tsuki second son of the royal blood line of the dark god summon the ability to grow and concur.” As he spoke Elspeth stared at him with disbelief in her eyes and a hint of curiosity. When he finished Elspeth’s vision turned white until she found herself in an endless room.

“You wish to bond to the one call Max Tsuki correct.” A deep grumbled spoke from behind her. As she turned she saw a pure black wolf with the occasional white streaks of fur on its jaw line.

“Yes I do.” The wolf sat with an appealing look in its eyes.

“You understand you cannot make a second contract nor use magic with anyone else of the dark elements.”

“I understand the laws of Galade Magic and I except all terms.” She said placing a hand on her chest. The wolf stood and started circling her slowly.

“Interesting well then if you can give me the answer to the riddle I will give you the ability you seek.” Elspeth took a breath and looked at the wolf in the eyes.

“Very well your riddle is this. What is cold, yet warm? Hard, but soft. Stone and wax. Hope, as well as destruction. Is visualized as red but rarely seen.” Elspeth watched as the wolf lay down.

“My answer will be the human heart.” The wolf raised one of its eyebrows.

“What makes you so sure, princess?”

“Because it changes so much that it is possible to be all of those things, and we believe it to be red because that is the color of our blood but most never see one there entire life.” The wolf stood in front of Elspeth within seconds.

“I congratulate you in the correct answer. Your reward is the ability you require. But remember my little princess, those with the possession of wings will not have that of my riddle and you can never gain what has been lost.”

“Another riddle?” the wolf jumped and placed a paw on her chest, where her heart would be.

“Perhaps, but this one will not be so easy to figure out young princess.” As the wolf’s voice faded she heard a more familiar voice.

“Elspeth walk up. Elspeth!” Max’s voice echoed in her ear. Her eyes opened to find Max’s head inches away.

“What the?" she started as she realized she was see threw.

“Great job on the lightning spell by the way. We have successfully created Galade Magic. O, and don’t stand up a lot.” Elspeth almost asked why until she realized everyone could see her bare chest. She turn bright red, well would have it she had color to her, and hid her chest behind Max’s shoulder.

“So how does this work again?”

“Simple your magic goes through my body and into my weapon. Making you untouchable and me able to hurt that thing, ready?"

Von’s POV

Von stared as Elspeth’s body lit up and then disappeared. He stood along with his mother, Yoko.

“Isn’t that Galade Magic?” He said more of a question than actual statement.

“Yes, but how did she learn to use it? We don’t let her use magic let alone talk about Galade Magic.” Von watched as Elspeth’s body changed into a ghost-like-mirage attached to Max. Von clenched him fist and grinding his teeth.

“I know who told her about it and when there finished I’m going to kill him for it.” Scarlet leaned over her seat to see Elspeth freak out about her very much visible breasts she giggled and pulled Von back into his seat.

“Just watch to see how it ends, Von. You never know she may surprise you.” Von slouched in his chair and watched Elspeth fight in the arena. Scarlet blushed as Von’s hands covered hers, he did not do it on purpose just folding his arms, but she still liked it.

Max’s POV

Max ran toward the sagi dragon as Bria-day used earth magic to pull one of its paws to the ground. Vines wrapped around it cutting into the beasts flesh, but its crystals healed it moments after every cut.

“Bria-day we’ll take care of it from here. Go help Myith.” Elspeth said as Max grabbed its tail and hung on. While the dragon clawed and ripped at the vines in its paw and fur. Max carefully jumped from scale to scale.

“Where do we need to hit it Max?”

“The crystals are best but anywhere without scales will work.” Elspeth looked around its body.

“So basically we need to get to its head.”

“Yeah, pretty much.” He said jumping off the last scale and onto its fur. The dragon stopped and looked over to see Max in its shoulder. It screeched at them and pulled its paw off the ground. Shaking its body ferociously Max grabbed tight onto its fur and slowly climbed toward its horns.

“How are you going to hurt it if you don’t have a weapon?”
Max couldn’t help but smile at Elspeth’s question. Since he didn’t have one in hand he didn’t blame her for asking.

“I’m going to use an elemental blade made by my father.”

“What’s an elemental blade?”

“You’ll have to wait and see. Missy” He said clenching the dragon’s right horn. The sagi dragon stopped moving long enough for Max to grab a sword hilt from his waist.

“Okay Elspeth I need you to think of the way a blade looks.” Elspeth closed her eyes trying to remember what Von always practiced with. When her eyes opened a sword appeared from the hilt, it curved toward the inside and had a wolf carved along both sides.

“Nice imagination.” He grinned at her, who just smiled timidly.

“I didn’t mean for it to look that way I can try again.”

“No this will be just fine.” Max jumped onto its nose as the dragon thrust its tail crazy over and around its back. Max pulled its fur right above the nostrils. Standing on his feet Max waited for the dragon’s paw to come and scratch its nose. When the dragon raised its paw, Max jumped onto the paw, as the dragon lowered it Max jumped toward to jaw line.

“Now's when you need to use your magic.” Elspeth put her hands together

“Kaminari.” She whispered sending lightning from her fingers, through her ‘body’ into Max’s arm and out of the blade, which was gouged in one of the dragon’s crystals. Max fell to the ground and ran for cover.

“NOW!” he yelled to Myith as loud as possible. Myith grabbed Goku and whispered something to him and let him go. Goku yelped at such high frequencies no one heard him except the sagi dragon. The pain and sound made the dragon shake its head and run in circles until it finally ran into the ropes. Myith, Gale, and Bria-day pulled to hold the ropes until the sagi dragon finally calmed and collapsed from exhaustion. As the dragon breathed one last heavy breath Myith jumped onto Goku’s griffin back and caught Gale in Goku’s claws. Bria-day walked to Myith as he slid off Goku and made sure Gale was ok.

“I guess that wasn’t too hard.” Bria-day said taking her book back and running her hand across each line. After he placed the hilt on his waist, Max put his hands together. His index and middle fingers stood straight up, while his other fingers intertwined with each other.

“Release.” As he spoke Elspeth’s lower body slowly pulled away from his back. She stumbled as she became visible and clothed, grasping the strong arms that held her shoulders.

“Well done, for your first magic trick.” Max said trying to make Elspeth smile, and it worked. Myith, Gale and Bria-day came running toward them, reaching them right before the crowd applauded, whistled, and hollered to them. Max let Elspeth’s shoulders go and took his jacket from Gale, who still looked terrified.

“Hey, don’t look so down. You passed didn’t you.” Max said to him patting him on the shoulder. Gale thought about it for a moment until Myith jumped on him from behind. Laughing and waving Myith seemed the most excited. The top of the iron cage opened as three griffins with riders flew in and landed in front of all five of them. The largest griffin stood upfront and was taller than an average full grown man. All three of them had golden feathers with lion paws and tails. Their heads were that of eagles, the most common type of a griffin. The front griffin’s rider climbed down, like a rider on a horse, and grabbed a scroll from the saddle bag. He wore a teal green armor with the Kazen symbol; three stars diagonally separated a butterfly wing from swirls and curls, on the chest plate.

“As the Kaze knights co-captain me, Sir Dalis , hereby congratulate your team on their victory. As request of their majesties you and your families are invited to enjoy this evening’s festivities. What is the answer of all members?” Elspeth started to answer until Max stepped forward and looked Sir Dalis in the eyes.

“We will attend with honor to meet their royalty.” Sir Dalis glared at Max until the griffin’s made noises in agitation. Sir Dalis remounted his griffin and pulled up on the reins. The griffin’s wings stretched completely out and flapped slowly until their back paws were off the air. Winds wrapped around the arena as they raised the front claws curled in and within moments the only trace of their presence was the dust still settling down.

Gwyntref Castle, Kaze Realm

Max's POV

Her eyes wondering across the open arena court room. Looking, almost seeking for someone or something. As her eyes settled on one place, Max followed her line of sight, grinding his teeth as he set sights on Von.

“There’s no way the two of them are related. They don’t look alike at all.” Max grumbled under his breath as Kedna’s front paws appeared out of the wall’s shadow, followed by the rest of the wolves body. “Perhaps there, what’s that word humans use all the time?” Kedna paused as he sat next to Max’s left leg. For a wolf he was fairly tall, his head reached Max’s waist at a sitting stance, at a height of 4” 2’.

“Ah! I remembered, maybe there dat…” Kedna could not finish before Max shoved his head down.

“Shut up dog!” with Max’s statement Kedna snapped .

“Watch your mouth boy! I’m a wolf and you know it.” Kedna snarled at Max; leaning against the wall, Max folded his arms against his chest, and continued watching Elspeth.

“What did you find out anyway?”

“What makes you think I found something?”

“Because you hate humans, that’s why. Know what did you find out?” Kedna’s lips curled as best he could, almost a wicked smile, knowing Max was right.

“The demons are hiding. Which means there moving?” Max’s head snapped toward Kedna’s very serious, very stern face. Kedna sighed heavily.

“Calm down Max HE won’t show up unless they can’t do the job. You know that.” He said turning his snout up toward Max. Max clenched his fists aggressively.

“Tell me what you know about the guy over there.”

“The guy over there?” Kedna sarcastically grunted at Max. Max smacked the back of Kedna’s head.

“The one talking to Elspeth. MORON!” he replied through his teeth. Kedna nodded and spoke as he eyed his ’pray’.

“Von, number one swordsman on the schools records-since you were sick the day they tested student’s skill level, every time.” Kedna started with a glance up. Max simply grunted his companion’s obvious rude remark toured him.

“He is Elspeth’s brother- not by blood as you are already aware; you also know how she came to be in the family, correct.” A node from Max’s head suited as an answer for the wolf.

“He has a reputation of dating any girl that asks him out, I have heard that he’s dated the entire school-girls only of course. I have a suspension that he and the red head can use magic together, like you and that girl used during your fight earlier.” Kedna growled.

“Saw that did you.” Max grinned at the satisfactory of making his companion angry once more.

“Yes and it’s not amusing, she can barely fight and she is not the best at magic either. Why the hell did you pick her, and don’t you dare say it’s because it was convenient for you.” Max stepped away from the railing and started walking toward Elspeth.

“I picked her because she was close by.” Kedna yowled at Max with frustration over him. ‘She’ll be the death of you, idiot.’ Kedna thought disappearing into the shadows once again. Her laugh echoed through his ears, rubbing his chest he stopped a step away from Elspeth’s back.

“I need to talk to you.” He whispered as nice and calmly as he could while glaring at Von. Something about him set Max on edge. Elspeth spun around, almost bumping into Max.

“What do you want?” Von said pushing Max’s shoulder and stepping between them, glaring back at him.

“Like I said I need to talk to Elspeth.” Von arched an eyebrow.

“Alone.” Max said slowly. Just as Von clinched his fists Scarlet placed her hand on his forearm.

Bria-day’s POV

Bria-day slowly watched as a shadow turned into a dog, no a wolf. That means it was a demon. ‘Why is it with Max, I wonder is that the piece I have yet to figure out?’ Myith looked from Bria-day to Max and back.

“What is it Bria-day?” She closed her book and handed it to Myith.

“I need a moment alone.” Myith’s facial expression got worse by the minute. Bria-day sighed and rephrased.

“I NEED a moment to do that thing I do with Goku.” Myith’s eyes widened as she finished. He handed Goku over to her.

“Why do you have to do this now? Who changed the book enough to have you use that spell?” Bria-day simply walked away from Myith and the other examinees and guests. She walked to the hedge maze in the garden and took Goku into the main area of the maze. She placed him on the ground in front of her. The concrete had the royal family’s crest placed in it. Blue roses grew around the circular crest. A wolf statue stood in the center-it was carved to look like it was running to the left, its tail turned into ivory colored wind, as well as its chest. The statue had always been there and very few still knew its purpose of being there. One of which was Bria-day.

“Alright Goku I need your ability.” Bria-day placed her hand on Goku’s forehead. He rubbed his nose and the side of his lips on her index finger. His ears feel back as he purred.

“I summon the god of time and goddess of space, give me the ability to change what may acquire” As she spoke Goku’s fur and scales glowed, changing him into a small foxtail pup. “Allow me to change the threads of fate and weave my own design from small moments which you may allow me to see.” When she finished her eyes turned a copper color and images flashed on Goku’s fur and into Bria-day’s mind. Bria-day closed and re-opened her eyes, returning to the present.

“Thank you Goku.” She said lifting the passed out creature into her arms and running back to the arena. Myith spotted Bria-day rushing back to him. As she reached him she handed him Goku.

“Where’s Scarlet?" She asked in heist.

“What happened to Goku?”

“Where is Scarlet Myith?” She repeated grasping his shoulders. Myith pointed toward Von and Elspeth, sure enough Scarlet was there. Bria-day kissed Myith’s forehead, thanked him and ran off again.

“Scarlet.” Bria-day said from a small distance. Scarlet looked up but ignored her after a moment. When Bria-day reached them she pulled Scarlet by the forearm.

“Hey!” Scarlet said yanking her arm out of Bria-day’s arm. “What is it Bria-day?”

“You need to keep Von away from Elspeth.”

“What are you babbling about?”

“I have SEEN something that has yet to happen do not ask why or when. What I do know is that Elspeth needs to talk with our new friend over there.”

“You mean Max.” Scarlet asked clarifying, answered with a nod from Bria-day’s head. Scarlet sighed and turn her head back to Von.

“I’ll do my best.” She said patting Bria-day on the shoulder.

“O and Scarlet.” Bria-day said grabbing one more minute of her attention. “I am truly sorry.” Scarlet’s brows crunched in confusion as Bria-day walked back towards Myith.

Erimoor Castle, Tsuki Realm

Iku’s POV

Torches lit a dim walkway as the sound of shoe tips echoed into the ears of two Minotaur, each standing on one side of a large double dark oak door blocking it with iron clad axes. As a women came into view the Minotaurs straightened their stance and bowed slightly at her, not some much for royalty but more for respect. An axe in each of their hands made an X in front of the door.

“My Lady. We didn’t know you were on your way.” The one on the left said looking slightly up to her face, keeping his head down as he bowed. Her deep mauve eyes glistened from the fire, while her glare burned into the Minotaur’s mind. Her left check was marked with a distinctive scar, which informed the Minotaurs who she was and not to cross her on any day. Only when bowing did the Minotaur race have to look up at her.

“Yeah well I can go anywhere I please. Remove you weapons from the door.” The Minotaurs exchanged looks before they did as the women requested. She pushed the doors open and walked into the lighter part of the round room. Moonlight glistened from her shoulder armor; the only thing she was wearing was a red and black tailcoat corset and a black rose skirt that was shorter than her knees, as she walked across the room and up the steps.

“How are you doing? Does it still hurt?” The women asked as she lend across a gold trimmed chair with black fabric.

“His he still alive, can you see where he is.” A man from the chair spoke in a deep solid voice. The women knelt on one knee and lowered her head, pulling all her long black hair to her left shoulder.

“Your majesty, I know where he is however.”

“No buts Iku, I want him here now!” The man stood from the chair and grabbed Iku’s hair and pulled her to the floor.

“Bring him to me! You know I need him to be here.”

Garth’s POV

“Majik, I will be sending a spy to bring you your request.” A man spoke up from the shadows. Majik lifted his head up and released Iku’s hair. Iku glared at the man, as though he had done something wrong.

“Good. Iku ride Garth’s spy and make sure it does its job. Soon I will be out of this powerless body and in one that has the strength to hold me.” Iku rose from her place, bowing in respect with Garth before leaving the room. As the two walked farther away the Minotaurs returned to their original positions, their axes echoed through the hallway.

“I had everything under control! You shouldn’t have interfered, Garth!” Iku shouted toured him as they went down a corridor.

“He had you to the floor; if you weren’t soft for Majik you could have avoided all of this.” Garth protested. Iku’s right hand lit up purple and gold for a moment, then she had Garth pined to one of the solid brick columns with a four foot long staff. The staff had a sphere of moving energy in the center of one end, which resembled an hourglass. The circle was surrounded by a gold colored metal in the shape of a diamond. Two crescent moons, that never touched, surrounded the metal. The staff’s three foot long rod went straight through each shape and twisted into a point at the top.

“Don’t start with that again. You want to stop Majik go ahead and try it, I don’t think you’ll get too far past me.” Iku warned with the look of death shimmering from her eyes.

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