Harmony Act I: Wrath

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Magic is no stranger here in Japan and secrets are not uncommon. The only thing mysterious in Tokyo is Tsumi Kokutan, and Muzai Aibori can not decide whether she's terrified or in love with her.

Fantasy / Thriller
Aayjay Meraki
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Prologue: Magick

Magick is real; I shall make that clear for you. For years, people have mastered the use of magic with crystals, rituals, chants and religions. Wars have raged on, empires have fallen, families were torn apart - all because of that awful word, Magick.

Countries had tried to manage the spread of dark arts by burning Witches and their Familiars on stakes or drowning them in lakes many, many years ago. It had become such a norm that people would begin to turn away, lock themselves up if there was ever Magick in their village. Eventually it became blasphemy to even speak of it, to practice it. The witches and wizards were all dying out and Magick was fading, barely whispered in the late 1800s; until the Awakening.

The Summer of 1947 was blamed on Magick when babies all across the world were being born with colourful eyes and hair; totally unrelated to their genes. Some countries begun to suspect ill omens or the wrath of God. Scientists and Doctors from all over the world were on the case rather quickly but it was eventually brushed off and labelled as some ′newfound evolution.′ Seeing someone walk around with red eyes and green hair was totally normal by the early 2000s.

Modern day life now was filled with colourful genetics and whispers of Magick on the street. Some people held protests, others would dedicate their lives to preaching the ways of Olde Magick. Special schools were even built to take 'gifted' students from a young age and teach them how to manage their powers. Magick became myth and reality all at once. Everyone knew it existed, yet they refused to acknowledge it.

Ignorance. A grand trait which all humans carried, whether they used Magick or not. It would truly be their downfall.

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