The Fallen: Shattered Hearts

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Fantasy / Romance
Jason Valentine
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Chapter 1

Book One: Shattered Hearts

Chapter 1: The Gates

A lone angel sits at the gates of heaven watching the world below. Although he’s allowed to pass through he does not. Day after day he sits, watches, and waits. Everyone who passes by stops to ask him why does he sit there and why does he not come in? He just replies he’s waiting and then stares onto the earth. He sits there in pain from the memories of the battle long ago. He will not pass through the gates until he can forgive himself for what he did. Heaven is made for those of pure mind and soul. He does not feel welcomed inside although he knows it’s where he belongs. The memories will not let him be, they are still fresh in his mind as if it happened yesterday; a great Seraphim troubled by his own past. Time to him has stood still over the years. He still has his battle gear on, with the blood of his enemies and the love that betrayed him crusted all over. The blade that he used sits beside him, untouched since the first day he sat down.
“Why am I in so much pain? I shouldn’t feel like this,” he says to himself day after day. Ever since that day he always thought that there was something more he could have done, he should have been stronger, smarter, better…
As he sits there a soul passes by, normally he wouldn’t even glance up but something felt different about this one. When he looked up he couldn’t believe what he saw.
“Abigail!” he exclaimed as he jumps up and runs after her, grabbing his sword and sheathing it when he does. Through the gates and past the buildings along the way, which one would say resembles an ancient roman city in all its grandeur and beauty, he ran after the soul that reminded him of Abigail. As he caught up to her she began to disappear. It was not her time for death just yet.
He runs quickly to the gates and asks the gatekeeper, “Who was the last one to pass through?”
“You were Drakael,” replied the gatekeeper.
“What is the name of the soul that passed through the gates before I did?” Drakael replied.
“Only the names of the dead are on my list,” said the gatekeeper, “If it was not her time she will not be here.”
He slowly turned away to go sit where was before, but once again the feeling returned and he saw her once more walking through the gates. This time he would not miss her, he would find out who she is. As he approached her he could tell that she was starting to fade away again. He must find out who she is before it’s too late. He grabs her and spins her around at the last minute but since her soul was fading it was falling back to earth to her body and he was being taken along with it.
“What is your name?” he said.
She stares up at him with clear blue eyes with rings around them; he can tell that she’s lived a hard life. Her eyes cannot mask the pain that she feels and for a moment his pain is no longer what he feels.
“Are you my guardian angel, here to take me?” she says in a soft sweet relieved voice.
“It’s not your time. Please, tell me what your name is.” he replied.
“My name is Michelle. Michelle Taylor.” she said and with those words her soul fell even faster to earth. He must let go before it’s too late, he kept thinking, but he must know where to find her. Just a few seconds more and he would know how to find her when he goes looking for her. He would have to put some of his essence on her and by doing so he now would have to look over her and help guide her way.
“Goodbye Michelle. My name is Drakael and I will see you soon,” he said as he let go. He spreads open his wings to stop him from falling closer to earth. Now he must prepare so that he can go to earth to help this lost and battered soul of hers.

Michelle woke again gasping for breath. She could hear the ambulance sirens and see the others there but she was still disoriented from what just happened to her.
“Drakael.” she said as she remembered bits of what she just saw.
“Who is Drakael?” replied the paramedic, “Is he someone that is related to you that we can call?”
“No.” she replied, “He’s my guardian angel.”
“She must still be under the effects of the heroin she injected.” said the paramedic to the driver, “I almost lost her twice now, I think this time she’s going to be fine.”
Those were the last words she heard as she fell asleep listening to the siren as the noise from it slowly faded away coming to nothing but silence. She will dream of this Drakael that she met. She looked at peace as she lies there and you could see a bit of a smile coming through as she dreamed of him.

“Where are you going Drakael?” Gabriel said to him.
“I’m going to earth.” he replied.
“You know the rules that you must follow in order to do so... It’s nice to see you up and about. It’s been a long time my friend.” Gabriel said to him.
“Yes it has. Although it still feels like yesterday to me that we were fighting against Lucifer’s rebellion,” replied Drakael.
“I know that you haven’t been able to find peace since then, we all have felt pain from it. Maybe your time spent on earth will help you find peace while you’re helping someone else.”
“Maybe.” he replied, “I still cannot believe that I was so blinded by my love for her that I could not see her betrayal until it was too late.”
“We all were blind.”
“To Lucifer, yes, but my love for Abigail blinded me even more. I should have been able to see her betrayal and stop it from happening. I wasn’t strong enough to save her,” replied Drakael.
“Remember the rules Drakael. You must be able to stand on your own. You’re not allowed to do anything else but guide those in need and of the one you choose to guide. You will not be able to use most of your powers on Earth but they will be returned to you when you return home. You are however left with a few minor miracles in order to help you guide others. You are still able to see into someone’s heart and you’ll still have the wisdom of the ages. Do you know where you’re going?”
“Washington… a place called Seattle.” replied Drakael.
“You’ll need these then,” he said as he reached into the air and pulled out a set of clothes, “May your journey bring the answers you’re looking for and I hope it brings peace to you my friend.” With those words he turned and walked away.

It was raining late in the late night when Drakael arrived on earth; he landed in a dark alley so that no one would see him come. He could feel Michelle’s aura somewhere close by. For now he must wait until he can be able to help her. He has to find shelter and some way to make some money since he’ll need it to do anything around here. He walks around the city for a bit, past the many buildings and little shops and restaurants that were around, until he comes to an abandoned building that stands five stories tall and has what looks like an old bar on one side of it. He makes his way up the stairs on the right side of the bar to find somewhere that will be suitable for him to stay in. At the top of the stairs he finds many different rooms that look like apartments. He takes a left and walks towards the street he just came from and decides that the one facing the street will do just fine. There is an old mattress in one of the rooms and he knows that living here is going to be different than being in heaven. He looks out the window to the sky and thinks at how different the world now seems to him from down here and how far away heaven feels from here. It feels so cold being away from heaven and it seems so dark, it’s no wonder to him how many people have forgotten or have never known the warmth of the truth. He lowers his head and cries.

“Father.” he says, “I should have came to you sooner to tell you how I feel. I have betrayed you father, I have betrayed myself, and I have betrayed her. Ever since the war I held on to the pain instead of letting you take it away. Part of my heart became blackened and I wasn’t able to forgive myself for not wanting to believe or see that my love followed Lucifer. If I had only saw it before it was too late my fellow brothers and sisters would still be alive. I’m sorry father.”

He still doesn’t feel at peace but he feels just a little better saying those words. He turns from the window and walks over to the mattress. He must go to bed soon; he’ll need his strength for tomorrow since he’ll need to find a job. In a country that is supposed to be free you’ll need money in order do anything; even help someone. Before he even finds a job he must find some way to have an identity. He lies down now on the old mattress and the dust from it fills the room and he sneezes twice because of it. He has so much work to do in the morning before he can even begin to find and help this Michelle. As he begins to falls asleep he listens to the sound of the world around him; it’s so much different than what it sounds like in heaven. He sends out a message to Michelle that he’ll be there soon and that he just needs time, and then he falls asleep.

While dozing off and on, Michelle watches the nurses and doctors scurry past the door. This isn’t her first time in the hospital for overdosing. She knows that with each time she injects herself she could die, she’s lucky this time and the many others that she didn’t. She barely remembers the paramedics coming in to get her or what had happened in between but she remembers being lifted off the ground and into the sky where she met someone by the name of Drakael. Was it just an effect of the drugs? She wonders. Or was it real? She knows that she must change her life around but with all the pain she feels it’s the only way she knows how to take it away. It’s her only escape. She doesn’t know what to do with her life; she’s only twenty-two and already has so much responsibility on her shoulders. Oh how she wishes Drakael was real, just thinking about him makes her feel at peace, to think that someone out there is watching over her. She feels a warming sensations coming from her heart as if someone is calling out to her, like someone is trying to tell her something. She falls asleep with the most peaceful look on her face; the pain she feels is no longer a thought in her mind but a mere memory of the way things used to be. She feels that tomorrow will be a brighter day when she wakes up.

It’s cold outside and the rain won’t stop coming down.
“I wish the rain would stop.” Nathan said to himself. Since there wasn’t anything in the fridge or anywhere else to eat he must go out and find some way to get something. He doesn’t like to rob people and he wishes that he didn’t have to but in order to stay fed he must do something. He was surprised at what he would do in order to stay fed and not go hungry. The first time he robbed someone he almost got caught; he would have been if he were a little bit slower when he ran. Ever since then he’s been a little bit more cautious. Sometimes at night he helps his friends steal electronics and then they sale them. He would use the money to go into a store, change price tags around, and then get whatever he wanted for less than what the place wanted for it; this way he figures that he’s not stealing from them only cheating them a little bit.
“If mom would just come back and my sister wouldn’t keep doping herself up, he wouldn’t have to be stealing,” he thinks to himself. Ever since his mom left his sister started doing different things; first it was drinking, then smoking pot, now she injects herself with something. He wishes things were easier for him and his family and he doesn’t understand why they’re not.
“Why does life have to be so hard?” he wonders, “Why can’t we have it easier like everyone else, at least not this hard.”
He turns a corner to a diner and he stops to watch the people in it. It makes his mouth water seeing everyone else eating while he stands out in the rains.
“One day,” he mumbles quietly, “I’ll be able to eat what I want, when I want, and I wouldn’t have to steal it or steal something for the money for it.”
As he turns around he sees a man go into the apartment buildings above where the Drunken Monkey used to be. He thinks to himself that if only he had a gun he would rob him, but then again if this guy is going into that building he must be broke and squatting in one of the empty apartments above it. It wasn’t long ago that the Drunken Monkey was open. He can remember a few times when he would pick on drunks and take their wallets; he would always mail it to them after he took the cash from it, seeing as he only wanted the money from it. It doesn’t seem like there is much going on tonight, so he’s just going to head home. The last thing he needs is to be running away with some stuff he just stole and then end up slipping. He doesn’t want to get put away with all the other juveniles.

“All that I’m saying, Drakael, is that maybe they do have a good point. We are told to worship and praise this one just like us because he’s stronger and all knowing. If that was all that then why didn’t he see Luci coming and why didn’t he try to stop it before it happened?” Abigail said.
“I don’t know why you’re asking me these questions but if you’re trying to test my loyalty then don’t, Abigail. You already know what side I’m on. I wouldn’t be going after Luci if I didn’t believe that what she did was wrong. It doesn’t matter who has power or not, it’s how you use it. She started to believe that she was the one who was meant to rule. Her greatness went straight to her head; it’s a shame that she was able to infect so many others. We wouldn’t be at war if she didn’t betray us. There are other ways besides war to show power but when you become obsessed with power you need to be stopped, no matter whom you are. Father knows these things. He doesn’t force us to follow, we choose to do so and we all know why.”
“That’s enough, Abigail, I must get ready. I have a task that I must finish in order to stop them.” Drakael said this to her and then walked away.
Why does she keep asking about his loyalty? Is she doing it for father? Each time she asks it makes his heart break a little bit more; it’s beginning to sound like she’s with the rebellion. He doesn’t want to believe it, no, he refuses to. She can’t be. He just knows she can’t be. He gives the plans a look over once more, making sure that he knows what he has to do. He wants to rest up before he has to go so he rolls the scroll back up and then goes to lie down. He has an important job to do soon and he’ll need his strength, Luci has moved a small squad away from the rest and she’s there with them. If he was to get there and capture her, this would all end, and not a moment too soon.

As Drakael goes to sleep, Abigail creeps into the room. She must get a look at the operation he’s been talking about before he goes out. She needs to find out what he’s going to be doing. She unrolls the scroll and can’t believe her eyes. She must warn them before it’s too late. She grabs a shawl and heads out. She must not get caught. This is the first major thing she’ll be doing to help out Luci and she knows once she steps over this line there will be no turning back.
“I’m sorry my love.” she whispers before leaving.

“They know where I am and they plan on coming for me, do they? We’ll be ready for them when they do.” Lucifer said to Abigail.
“You there, go get everyone packed, we’re leaving.” She says to one of her followers.
“Abigail, you won’t have time to return, you must stay with us until this is over. I’m going back to the main camp; you’ll be safe here. When they get here there will be a trap for them.”
“I really would like to go back but if I must I will stay,” replied Abigail.
“You’re the one who knows what they have planned; I need you to help out here. They are most likely on their way here anyways; if you’re caught and we are gone when they get here they will kill you anyways.”
“Okay.” replied Abigail.
“When Drakael and his troops arrive, we’ll have all the tents still up and make it seem like we’re still here. When they become confused, that is the time to attack. Catch them off guard by hitting them from the way they just came. I must go now. There isn’t a moment to loose, start preparing.” she said to one of her followers and then walked away.

Drakael stood outside the campsite with his troops. It’s only a small party of ten angels but it’s just enough to capture her. He hopes that no one will die because of this, and that there would be minimal bloodshed. He’s worried, he’s been there watching for some time now and no movement. They must be sleeping. This would work well in his favor. He tells his men to scatter out and approach with caution, there is no telling what is going on up there. They know that all traitors will be punished but he hopes not by his sword.

Lucifer’s followers watch from a distance as Drakael and his angels approach the empty campsite, it’s just a matter of time before they get the signal and the ambush is launched. Abigail is there with them. She knows that Drakael has to die in order for their cause to live on; he would be one less angel they’ll have to go through in the end.

Drakael can sense Abigail’s presence nearby. Being a higher angel than she is he can sense when others that he knows are nearby.
“What is this?” he says to himself and he senses others in the area. “Everyone, take cover, it’s a trap, they have known we were coming.”
It was at that time that the angels in waiting started coming out of hiding. They all spread their wings and flew towards the campsite with swords unsheathed. With the momentum they gathered their enemies don’t stand much of a chance. The only one they might have a problem with would be Drakael, with him being an upper level angel there is no telling what he is capable of doing.

Drakael watched as the attack began, knowing that this would not end well for either side. The air is filled with the sound of wings, screams of those who are killed, and the steady buzzing of arrows as they pass by. His heart starts to break because he knows of Abigail’s betrayal. If he would have been more careful and wanted to see it earlier the bloodshed here could have been avoided. A flying angel approaches from behind; he swings his sword and hits the angel’s wing bringing him crashing down. He rushes over to the fallen angel and thrusts his sword into him. He didn’t want to have to do this; he didn’t want to kill anyone. He didn’t want to have to slay his brothers and sisters. Two more approach and he slays them with ease. He looks around; most of his troops have been slaughtered while they were trying to get off the ground.
“Fools, stay low!” he yells.
It’s too late. The last of his troops are gone and now he’s outnumbered. He can feel his heart starting to warm up.
“What is this?” he says as he sees Abigail moving around the campsite. The remaining attackers begin to fly around Drakael, waiting to see what he will do. After a few moments they attack him knocking him to the ground and his sword falls somewhere out of sight. He can feel himself becoming hotter and his eyes begin to burn, his wings turn to flames as a fire erupts from him consuming the whole campsite and the angels who were trying to flee once they saw it beginning to happen. He can sense Abigail as the flames reach her and the heat from it burns her wings. He can feel her pain. As soon as it had begun it was over. After a few minutes he stands up finds his sword that fell and walks towards Abigail.
“You have betrayed me and our father; you have betrayed your brothers and sisters. Why did you betray us?” he asks.
“I have nothing to say.” she replies.
He raises his sword and shoves it into her chest penetrating her heart; with this he feels as if his own heart is being ripped from him. He can feel it being shattered into pieces. He once promised her that no matter what happened he would always be there for her yet he wasn’t even able to save her from this. Her soul will be sent to Hell along with all of the other rebels, he feels as if he belongs there with them.

“I will always love you,” he says as a tears roll down his face.
He walks back the way he came because he’s too tired and broken to fly. He makes it to the gates before he falls down. He cannot go inside, not with the way he feels. He hears the sound of celebrating in the distance and it tortures him.
“We’ve captured her.” someone says, “The war is over. Lucifer will be punished for her crimes.”

Drakael just sits there staring off into darkness. It wasn’t until a while later until Earth was created and he sat there and stared unto this new place from above. Watching as new life was born there.
“It’s called Earth.” Gabriel said to him, “The people there are going to be given free-will to do as they like, but then again you already knew that.” He stands there for a minute but when Drakael doesn’t reply he walks away, shaking his head back and forth as he does. They can all tell that he’s in pain; they can all feel it.
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