The Tale Of The Nameless Wizard

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The Tale Of The Nameless Wizard

But among those who lived in Indelmir, there was a young man from the clan of the wizards. He was a friend to all, liked all creatures and they liked him too. However, drifted by the spirit of his youth, he was quite intractable and didn’t listen to the advices of the older wizards.

He liked to walk in the forests alone, sometimes all day long, without wanting to deal with anything else but his magic bow with which he shot everything in sight, considering it a game.

He always had his bow with him, as well as a silver dagger hanged from his leather belt in a beautiful sheath. He didn’t hurt the animals and the birds of the forest, but he scared them enough and laughed with their funny –as he said- behaviour. The wizards had warned him that he will be punished for his mischief, because he had no right to disturb the peace and harmony that prevailed in Indelmir, as every walk and every game of his was like someone threw a giant rock in a peaceful lake. However, the advice of the wizards had no response. He wouldn’t comply and kept his carefree life making peace and tranquillity seem alien concepts and so distant from his own character and nature.

The other wizards kept telling him that if he wished to be a great and wise wizard, he had to work hard like the rest and that only with hard work and devotion would someday take the right magic wand in his hands and get a wizard name, since he hadn’t yet received one.

One day, as the young wizard walked in the forest as he used to do every day, he met a beautiful deer. At once came in his mind the idea of frighten it with his bow and see its reaction, something that would find quite amusing. So, without considering the morality of his action, threw a magic arrow towards the side where the animal was standing and the arrow stabbed one of the trees a few meters near the animal. Then the place filled with colourful flames which may not burned, however were so bright and impressive that the deer was shocked and ran away as fast as possible. The boy, watching the rapid strides of the frightened deer couldn’t keep his laughs. Not wanting to lose his entertainment, he ran in its wake, forgetting the wizards’ warnings and caring only about his funny game.

The fleet footed animal however, managed to hide in a forest that was long unnoticed by the young wizard up to that time. When he saw the forest, he stopped and wondered. “What kind of place is this and why I haven’t seen this so far?” However his desire to find the deer was so big that his hesitation lasted only for a few moments. So he decided to follow the path through the green trees and thought that even if he wouldn’t find the deer, there would definitely be a lot of animals in there to amuse him.

So he walked for a long time without finding either the deer or any other animal. He soon had entered deep into the dense forest, and lost as he was in his search, didn’t realise it was getting late and dark. He stood alone in the dark and listened; but nothing sounded, as if he was the only creature in the entire forest. The tall and leafy trees completed the scenery around him. At the same time, his mind filled with guilt, realizing that he gave the wizards another reason to admonish him one more time. But he didn’t have time for these now. He was lost and all alone and he never had gone so far from the palace until that late before.

Suddenly, a distant but beautiful noise interrupted his thoughts. He heard it coming closer and closer. He pulled an arrow from his quiver and tried to spot the direction from where the noise was coming clearer as approaching. A smile appeared on his face in the thought of the horror this creature –which was singing- would feel at the sight of him holding a taut bow in front of it. Soon, only a cluster of bushes was between the young wizard and the creature. Unable to wait any longer, the young wizard put aside some branches that blocked his view.

Then he saw something that had never seen before. Next to a spring, at the edge of the path crossing the forest, was a girl; the most beautiful girl he had ever seen in his life. It was a fairy, but not like the fairies that lived in the lake, neither like the amazons he knew. She was different; with a light burning in her eyes like the moonlight of a perfect full moon. He stood there, behind the bushes, totally bewitched and stunned by her beauty and her song which was now clear in his ears.

At her feet were sitting night birds singing and some of them were flying around her, accompanying her song. Her ebony hair fell shiny on her green dress and reached the ground. He thought to come out of his hiding place and go near her but he was afraid that if she faces him so suddenly she will be scared and run away. It seemed to him that this quandary may have lasted from a few moments to years, with time being such a lost case for him now. He couldn’t neither calculate the time nor apprehend it any more.

After a long time and many thoughts about what he should do, he considered to put his bow on the ground in the bushes and go near the girl. Without the bow in his hands there was nothing to scare her. So with soft movements and caution, he approached the stone fountain where the beautiful girl was sitting. To his surprise, the girl not only didn’t get scared when she saw him, but also kept singing, staring deep into his eyes. The wizard, like in a trance, kept walking towards the girl until he stopped a few steps away from her and spoke:

“Didn’t I scare you?” he said and felt encouraged to the sound of his own voice, since until he got there was not even sure about his own voice. The fairy –for in the boy’s eyes she was such- stopped singing and with a gentle movement of her hand, waved the birds to leave. The birds, as if they took an undeniable command, flew to the trees and disappeared in the soft darkness of the forest.

“Why should I be scared?” she replied with her soft voice.

“All the creatures of the forest are afraid of me”, said the wizard.

“And why is that? I am sure there is a reason.”

The young wizard gulped without speaking, for he knew very well the reason why the animals and the birds were afraid of him.

“I guess it is because you do something to them, right? Where is your magic bow?” asked the fairy.

“I left it behind the bushes” said the wizard and pointed with his hand a spot behind his back. “But how do you know about my bow?” he asked her with his surprise growing for the things she knew about him.

“The animals talk to me and they’ve told me that you like to scare them”, said the fairy. “A while ago, I met a frightened deer which is very far from here now and you won’t find it. There is no point in it anyway; you’re already lost and you won’t find your way until dawn.”

“Who are you?” asked the young man. “I have never seen a creature like you and it’s weird that you live here, in the heart of the forest, while you could live in the palace I live. You could sing there for me and I can give you anything you wish; wealth and knowledge and anything that makes you happy.”

“You hurry to offer things to someone that you don’t even know”, said the fairy.

“My name is Poulia and from as far as I remember myself, I live in this forest. The palace was made for you, wizards, and not for creatures like us. Anyway, I couldn’t live anywhere else but here. You see, this is my kingdom and my treasures are the flowers, the stars, the dew on the leaves and the smell of the wet ground after the rain. This is the place I love to live. It gives me everything I need and I offer to it anything I can as well. However, you haven’t told me your name. What is your name?”

“I have no name yet. The older wizards will decide when. When I’ll get my magic wand, then I’ll get my name too, according to our tradition“, the wizard replied, proud for his status and also for being a member of such a powerful brotherhood as the wizards’.

“And what does your tradition says about the young wizard that scares all the animals with his magic bow?” the fairy asked again.

The wizard, hearing those words, felt very ashamed and lowered his head. He realised that what he did all this time, by having fun with the fear of all the animals he scared off with his magic bow, was not a trifle, but in contrary, it was something quite serious for those poor creatures.

“Come sit beside me”, said Poulia pointing the flat rock she was sitting on. The wizard sat and the fairy filled her handfuls with water from the spring and offered it to him.

“You must be very thirsty by your long wandering in the forests; here, have some water”, she said.

The young wizard drank eagerly the water from her naked hands, until he satisfied his thirst and all the worries left his mind. But the time had passed so quickly that the wizard didn’t realise the day was coming. Poulia then said she had to leave. The young man begged her to stay with him but she replied that this was impossible.

“I am a creature that lives only at night”, she said. “I am a fairy but I am different than those you know and I disappear in daylight. Don’t ask me why, even I do not know. This is my nature.”

“And where are you hiding when the sun comes out? I am a wizard! I can come and find you.”

“You can’t do that”, said Poulia, “because I nest among the sprouts until sunset”.

“Then I’ll run to the palace and ask the wizards to break the spells that hold you imprisoned during daytime.”

“You mustn’t do that”, said the fairy. “If you like, you may come here at nights and meet me. There is no other way to see me again. We are very different and as far as I know, we mustn’t go against our true nature.”

The fairy had just finished her last sentence when a sunbeam peeped out through the trees. The fairy then disappeared at once in front of the wizard’s eyes. At the point she was sitting was now a bright sphere, hovering a few meters above the ground, making the young wizard’s eyes sparkle full of wonder.

“Follow the path from where you came and you will find your way” her voice was heard, fading gradually out. When the last sound of her voice faded, the bright sphere vanished in the flowers, the first thing the wizard saw in the daylight. He then felt great grief for the fairy’s disappearance and lowered his head. After a while he collected his bow from behind the bushes and followed the same path back, as Poulia had advised him.

When he arrived at the palace, the wizards were very worried and ready to go out and look for him. They approached him and asked where had he been all night, certain that something serious had happened. The young man didn’t say anything and tried to hide his sadness. He remembered what the beautiful fairy told him and decided to keep their meeting secret. He was sure that the wizards, instead of breaking the spell keeping her imprisoned during daylight, would hassle him with a bunch of questions and advices. So he decided to be patient until it gets dark.

Until the night came, the anticipation seemed burdensome to the impatient wizard. He run quickly to the forest and went straight to the spot where he had met the fairy. So when she appeared he was already there, revealing his great desire to see her again. They sat by the spring and she sang with the birds to him and the young wizard couldn’t have enough of her sight and voice. But the night following the laws of nature, quickly gave her place to the day and the fairy vanished again, making the wizard lose patience, for her presence was so short as if she was doing it on purpose.

This kept for a long time, with the wizard running every night to the forest to find Poulia. But the wonderful time they had together, passed so quickly, in contrary with the daytime which passed extremely slowly. Every day his sorrow became more and more, until one day he couldn’t stand it anymore and went to the most respected wizard of Rindack, Agathar, to ask for his help.

“I can see that there is something bothering you for a long time now”, said the wizard. “Everyone in the palace can see that you are not the same anymore. You can share your secret with me. You know I can see what’s on your mind if I want to, but it wouldn’t’ be very polite.”

“Yes” said the young wizard “there is something bothering me and I think that you are the only one who can help me, because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t find a solution.”

Then, the young wizard told him everything he needed to know about Poulia. He said that the days seemed endless to him now and that all he was thinking was the night to come so to run and meet her in the forest. He told him that her song was still heard in his ears even that moment and that nothing seemed to him more beautiful than her vision.

“And what can I do to release you from your misery?” asked Agathar.

“Make her a creature of the day!” begged the young wizard. “So I can be with her all day and all night long!”

“What you ask can’t be done” replied Agathar briskly. “And you better forget about her. The time you get your name and your wand is near. Such behaviour is unacceptable for a wizard. We all love the creatures we created by our mind, but we can’t intervene in their nature now. You are a wizard!” answered Agathar raising his voice and saying “It is forbidden to unify with an inferior to you creature!”

The boy couldn’t believe his ears. He was so disappointed that he couldn’t hold his anger in.

“I don’t want to be a wizard, neither to get a name, nor to have a magic wand. All I want is her and if you don’t want to help me, I’ll try myself.”

“Those were heavy words young man. We all know you are rebellious due to your age, and we have forgiven you many times, but now I see you have become rude too. As you grow up you have to become better and wiser, but sadly I see you don’t even try.” Agathar the wizard was now very serious and his face had become weird and frightening. The boy unconsciously made a few steps back, frightened by the wizard’s sight, because he had never seen him like this before.

“Next time you talk to me, you better be more careful”, said the wizard after a while. “I have to tell you, that everyone will know about what is happening to you, because nothing is kept secret among us. Then, we will decide altogether what must be done. And now leave, because I have to think. I advise you to remain to the palace, until we make a decision.”

But the young wizard, despite his fright, didn’t listen to Agathar and left the palace very careful not to be seen. He was so mad with Agathar whose words were so cruel and with himself too for the mistake he had done by asking for his help. So, he decided to disappear from the palace and try alone to find a solution that would make him happy. He found shelter in the forests where Poulia lived. Every night he went to the spring and met his fairy, forgetting about all his worries. But in the morning he remained alone with his sad thoughts, wandering through the trees and searching for the desired solution to his problem. Over time, he learned every little corner of the forest and made hiding places in order to stay invisible to unwanted eyes, while he was trying to find the way to keep his beautiful fairy with him forever.

But the wizards soon found out what had happened and were very puzzled with his behaviour. So they all gathered and decided to conform him, because they may all loved the animals living in Indelmir, but they were inferior to them and it was forbidden for a wizard to unite his soul with a creature outside his own clan. The behaviour of the young wizard was threatening the balance of their world and he had to get back in order.

They first needed to find him quickly and bring him back to the palace of Rindack. The only way to succeed this was to give him his wand and his name, because only thus he would commit to a wizard’s lifestyle and his young age couldn’t be an excuse any longer. Then, he had to bind his soul to a soul of a witch, according to the laws of the wizards and forget about the fairy, who had stolen his mind, forever.

But the young wizard knew how to remain well hidden and it would be very hard for the wizards to find him. Staying deep in the forests for a long time, he learned to speak with the animals and even with the trees and became their friend. He didn’t use his magic bow anymore to scare the animals, but he had it always with him hanged on his back. The animals, seeing his sadness, had liked him very much and warned him every time the wizards were near, trying to find him on their magic horses.

One day, as the young wizard sat with the king of birds, the eagle, he had a fascinating –according to his opinion- idea. He asked the eagle if he could do him a favour. The eagle replied that this would depend on what he would ask him, but he really wanted to help and make his friend smile again.

“I need you to gather all the birds”, said the young wizard, “and ask them to fly all day in front of the sun so to hide him. Thus, my beautiful fairy will appear again, for the hours are endless without her.”

“What you ask is difficult”, said the eagle. “I am not sure I can do this. The birds haven’t got so much strength in order to fly all day in front of the sun, and I can’t ask or beg them, not even order them. If the great wizards find out that we disturbed nature’s balance, will go fairly mad.”

“And what kind of king are you if you can’t do something like that?” answered the wizard angrily. “Can’t you do me this favour? Do it for me and I shall reward you, you’ll get anything you wish.”

But the eagle kept refusing. The wizard then felt his heart crying and lowered his head with disappointment. The eagle however spoke again.

“I can’t do you this favour, because I’ll be judged by the older wizards. They have given me so many good things and I don’t want to look ungrateful. There is only one way to do what you ask, but you must accept your responsibilities.”

“Then what should I tell you, eagle?” asked the wizard.

“Nothing more than what you have already told me”, said the big bird. Ask me what you asked me before, but not as a friend. Ask me as a superior, because that’s what you really are. In fact we are not equals. So order me to do it and I won’t have any other choice than to obey you.”

But the young man didn’t agree with it.

“No, I am not going to order you to do something you don’t want. I don’t care about the responsibility of such an act; I just want you to do this as a friend and not as a servant. I wouldn’t like that”, said the boy and threw a rock firmly into the bushes.

“Then, unfortunately, there is no other way” replied the eagle. “I can do it only if you order me as a superior but remember, you must suffer the consequences!”

The boy considered it for a while and then stood up.

“Ok then”, he said after a few moments. “I will order you and I don’t care what happens next. So fly high and take as many as you can with you, take them all; any flying creature to fly with you and hide the sun. Do it for me now. I order you eagle!”

The eagle made a slight bow and without saying a word, flew noisily away from the young wizard and disappeared in the trees.

Within a short time, the sky was filled with birds of all colours and kinds; big and small, black, white and coloured, who flew in front of the sun, hiding it, until the dark spread everywhere. The wizard ran happily to the spring where he met Poulia every night and with a big smile on his face he started calling her name. But the fairy was nowhere, despite the early darkness. Disappointed for once more, he sat on a flat rock beside the running water and leaned his back on the tree behind him, steeped in his thoughts. Shortly before nightfall, the birds came down from the sky and the eagle flew tired to find the wizard. When he found him he realised that all this effort had no result.

“I did what you asked, but I see in your eyes that there was no point in it. Farewell now young wizard and I hope I’ll see you again“. The eagle bowed and left quickly to his nest up on the mountains, away from the forests.

Poulia appeared after a while when the night had fallen naturally. The wizard tried to hide his misery, but it was so great that he didn’t make it.

“Am I wrong or are you very upset?” asked the fairy. But he didn’t want to tell her, because he felt bad with himself for ordering the king of the birds to hide the sun just because he didn’t have the strength to stand all day without her.

“What bothers you for so long? I can see that you are not well and you are getting worse and as the days go by you talk less with me” asked the fairy again.

The wizard then told her that the reason for his sadness was that he couldn’t stand being away from her. However he didn’t say anything about what happened when he asked the help of the wizard Agathar, neither that his days were a torture without her and thus he ordered the birds to hide the sun for him. He asked her to sing and she did so until dawn, when she left him alone for one more day.

The wizards though, couldn’t realize right away what had happened. So they called the king of the birds to explain them why he and the birds flew in front of the sun. The eagle told them it was his decision to order the birds, not wanting to betray his friend.

Of course, as it was expected, the wizards didn’t believe him and first of all, Agathar. They instantly knew who was hiding behind all this, but didn’t judge the eagle hard for his lie, because they knew the nature of animals. They forced him though to tell the whole truth and let him go, making him also swear that he wouldn’t help the young wizard again; neither he nor the birds under his command.

They also appointed him to tell all the animals that it was forbidden to offer him any help. The eagle visited for the last time the young wizard in the forests and told him all about the wizards decided and ordered. Then he bade farewell flying away, since he couldn’t help him anymore even if he wanted to, because he respected the decision of the wizards. So, the boy wouldn’t have either the help of the animals or the birds anymore. In spite of all these, he began to think about how to act alone. The days passed slowly and painful than ever, especially now that he had no animal to keep him company, while during the nights he was now preoccupied on how to bring the fairy close to him, wasting even those few hours with her on thinking. He couldn’t even enjoy her song anymore and all he did was to try to find a solution to his problem.

He also considered that soon the wizards would find him, since no one helped him anymore to stay well hidden. Then, one day, he had an idea! His magic bow! Sure! That could be a solution! He would make arrows, put a spell on them and then hide the sun again! And he maybe could manage to completely hide it forever, without endangering any animal or cause any punishment of a creature because of him, like almost happened with his friend, the eagle.

However, he had to make arrows; many arrows. So he turned to the trees which could talk those days and if you had ears you could listen to them. He begged them to give him some of their branches without though saying anything about his purpose. They gave him anything he asked, because those trees didn’t ask much since they were already there before the wizards came from the sky, accounting for nothing. But they gave him the braches in one condition; to use them properly. The wizard felt bad when he heard this condition, because in fact he had lied to them. He didn’t show it though, took the branches and left.

So, he began to make a bunch of arrows with his silver dagger, with great joy and anticipation, for he knew that every arrow was a step closer to his beloved fairy. When he completed his task, put a spell on them and climbed a hill to get closer to the sun. Then he took his bow and began to throw up to the sky the arrows one after another. The enchanted arrows left behind them a white tail and then spread all over the sky and became clouds -not beautiful and white cotton clouds, but black and thick- and the sky was dark again.

However this darkness was worse that the first one that the birds had caused. All animals looked at the sky really worried and the plants started to wither everywhere in Indelmir. The trees that gave their branches, felt so embarrassed for the young wizard’s recklessness and mostly for their own decision to give him what he asked.

The whole creation had now a dull and heavy colour. But the wizard was not able to understand this, because he was blinded by his desire to see the result of his plan. When he threw the last arrow, darkness had spread everywhere. He waited for the fairy but in vain. Disappointed once again, he flared up with anger and began to run like crazy, screaming her name, for despite his sacrifices she wouldn’t appear.

The wizards then found him and went near where the young man was sitting dispirited and weary near the spring. The most respected of all wizards, Agathar, spoke first:

“How many woes should you cause to understand that you mustn’t disturb nature’s balance? You put everything alive in danger with your follies. Don’t you know that no one and nothing can live without sunlight, especially the creatures depending on it?”

Another wizard yielded at him: “You deceived the trees just for your personal wish and benefit. What kind of wizard are you?”

The young man was now crying and couldn’t even stand himself, like he didn’t also stand the wizards’ words.

“Come now…”, said wizard Cornelius who was the softest and kindest of all wizards. “We have to go back to Rindack, where you belong. You will be forgiven there and everything will be as before. The day you’ll receive your name and wand has come and we mustn’t delay any longer.”

But the young wizard spoke: “I know why this moment has come. It’s not because I deserve it, but because with the name and the wand I will give my inviolable solemn. This solemn will bind me with another soul I don’t want; with a soul of my clan, that of the wizards’. But I don’t want any of these, because nothing will be as before, at least for me.”

“This is not a decision you can make young man”, said Agathar. “This is how it’s meant to be, as happened with all of us. Who do you think you are to defy the laws of nature and everything with which this world was made? All those creatures were created by us for a reason different than the one you see, so stand up and act as you should.”

The boy knew he couldn’t do otherwise, as he also knew he had done terrible things for his own account without thinking, the consequences for all those creatures and the forests in which they lived, if the sun was eternally lost.

“Be reasonable boy”, said a witch with sharp sight who was named Ethel and stood next to Cornelius. “You have to follow closely the rules of our clan; there’s no other choice.”

He got up and looked around. The sky was now clear from his spells and that was thanks to the older wizards who rushed immediately to reveal the sun again. Soon it would be dark and his beloved fairy would sing again with the birds under the starry sky, but not for him this time. Not tonight. He didn’t accept it deep inside him but didn’t know what to do neither. The animals wouldn’t help him again and the trees would probably hate him. He felt them bending over him, ready to seize him with their old branches; the same trees that a few hours before offered kindly the parts of their body.

“And what if I refuse? I don’t want to be what you want me to”, said a voice coming from his mouth heavy and hoarse.

Silence was everywhere for a moment or maybe hours; no one could tell for sure, until Agathar finally spoke.

“Then you will lose every power you have. I myself will break your bow and you will not belong in the clan of the wizards anymore. No one will remember either you or your acts; you will be remembered only for denying your clan and betraying it.”

But all these threats didn’t seem so terrible to the young wizard. In fact, they were so pale compared to the possibility of having his fairy at his side. He wouldn’t really care about having a name or even magic powers, if he lived without his fairy. But Agathar hadn’t said his last words yet and interrupted the young boy’s thoughts.

“You shall be addicted to the powers of the body and your body will be in pain from all this effort. You’ll have to struggle and look for your food, since you shan’t have any magic powers. You will never see that fairy again, because she won’t live in this forest anymore. But no matter how hard you try to find her, you won’t be able to see her in the dark nor listen to her, because you will no longer have your magic eyes and ears.” The young boy’s heart broke and fell on his knees crying.

“Enough!” he shouted with all his strength and with no trace of pride anymore, since his pride was lost for so long now for the sake of his fairy. “Enough, I don’t want to hear this anymore, I’ll come to Rindack. I’ll do whatever you say.”

The wizards stood there without moving, without speaking, satisfied by the result of their words. Only Cornelius seemed to sympathise him. But the boy spoke again.

“There is one last thing I need as a favour.”

“Tell us, what is it?”

“I want to see her for one last time. That’s all I ask”, he said lowering his head. “Nothing more; I will come to Rindack with the first light of the day and everything will be as you command. You have my word.”

“So be it”, said Agathar after a few moments of silence, since a few hours with the fairy was a very small price considering that after this last meeting, they will have the desire result.

“Make sure you’re back in palace when the sun will be at his apex and also make sure you keep your word, or else you know the consequences you’ll suffer”, the wizards reminded him.

They rode their horses and flied to the palace, leaving the boy there alone. And the night came. When Poulia appeared through the trees, she saw the young man sitting on his flat rock near the spring as always. But he didn’t wait for her with the same spirit of joy he usually had, neither he tried to hide his sadness and the darkness covering his mind like a shadow. The boy was sitting with his head between his hands and his eyes red from the tears.

“What upset you my lord?” asked the fairy. “Many nights now I see that something darkens your heart but you don’t want to tell me what is happening. The animals of the forest as well as the birds are gone and I don’t know who to ask. Please tell me. Tell me and I’ll sing and clear all the misery from you.”

“There is no song now capable to make me feel better, neither a word to comfort me, not even your own words my fairy.”

“What kind of hard blow found you? Lest it is something I’ve done?” asked the fairy.

“I f it is someone’s fault, it is only mine. Me who thought I could have you beside me for my whole life.”

“But why are you saying those words? Aren’t we together every night here? Don’t we have a great time together?”

“Yes that’s true” said the wizard. “This is the truth but it’s not enough for me. I tried, you know, many times to bring you to me with every power I had, but I didn’t make it. I tried to make the day into night to see you, but you didn’t appear. I did everything I could and also asked for help but in vain. And in my despair for not having you, I lied in order to accomplish my purpose. No one believes me now and no one will ever do, because I put everything on this land in danger.”

He told her everything from the beginning and she listened to him carefully. The nameless wizard had tried to do forbidden things just for her or rather more for him; acts that could harm other lives if sunlight was lost. The fairy was too worried with that news.

“You shouldn’t ever try to hide the sun. What will happen now to all those animals that live by it? I thought you were happy with me as much as I am happy with you. However I don’t judge you for what you’ve done, but I can’t say you did well either.”

“My time has come. The older wizards are punishing me by giving me a name and a wand. Once it would be the greatest honour, but not now. Do you know what this means?” said the young man. “Ii means I will never see you again Poulia, neither will you ever see me. Because I will be a wizard then, and as a wizard I must bind my soul with a soul of a creature of my clan. I can’t stand to lose you; I don’t want anything of all these they give me”, said the wizard and felt a lump in his throat.

Poulia, although she was very sad from what she heard, knew that they couldn’t do otherwise and could not be together, since they belonged to different clans. She knew that from the first night they met and as a different creature, she had different way of thinking and thus accepted that this was the right thing. She had learned from her own nature how to control her will and live according to the laws of the world she lived in.

“Then you must do what you meant” she said “you have to go with your clan. I am a creature of the night and I am fine with it, because that’s how I learned to live. Don’t be sad, you’ll be a wizard; we can still be friends.”

The boy got very upset and stood up. He couldn’t believe that the fairy he loved and did so much for her, spoke to him in this way. He didn’t want her as a friend, but from her words he realised that she considered him only as a coincidental friend.

“How dare to say you don’t even care, after so much I’ve done for you? Didn’t you hear what I just say?”

The fairy was now startled by the sudden fury of the boy and stood up, making a step back.

“I will never see you again, do you understand? They forbade me to see you; otherwise they will punish me and take every power I have! I didn’t care when they said they’ll take my magic powers back, but mostly that I won’t have my magic eyes to see you! Neither my magic ears to hear you! But you don’t care for all this because you can’t understand.” Now the young wizard’s eyes flashed with anger. “I know what’s wrong”, he said and abruptly pulled his bow from his back where it was hanging. When the fairy saw the bow, got really scared and turning her back to the wizard, started running in the forest. The wizard, dizzy of rage, didn’t see the reaction of the girl and staring at his bow, he said:

“It is all your fault. You brought me to this forest. If it wasn’t you I would never meet her.” The boy broke the bow on his knee fiercely and immediately the whole place flashed, while bright sheens scattered among the trees. He threw away the two pieces of the bow and realising the fairy had gone, run behind her calling her name. He could barely see her through the trees and the bushes, but kept shouting behind her. However Poulia didn’t intend to stop running because the picture of his angry face was still in front of her eyes and thought he is after her pointing her with his arrows. She ran so fast that thorns and dead branches shredded her dress and scratched her delicate hands and alabaster skin. The wind whistled in her ears and she couldn’t hear clearly the wizard’s voice begging her to stop. He kept running behind her, regretted for getting angry, calling her, begging her to stop that frantic flight. But in vain; the fairy saw in front of her a small cliff and without thinking she tried to climb it down. But her delicate hands couldn’t hold form the sharp rocks and she fell in the chasm.

A few moments later the young wizard reached the deep gap and stopped to catch his breath, looking around him. He couldn’t see Poulia anywhere among the trees; and then he looked down in the dark chasm at his feet and saw the fairy that had fell in. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

What had just happened was no one else’s fault but his. He tried to climb down the cliff but failed and tried again and again without success because there was no place to catch from. His strength had abandoned him and his mind had darkened. He shouted as loud as he could and screamed, knowing however very well that the tragedy wouldn’t be fixed with shouting. But the birds, although it was night, saw from above what happened and everything they couldn’t see, they heard it so they flew to the wizards’ palace to tell them what had happened. Then, the wizards without losing time flew with their magic horses to find the cliff that had “swallowed” the fairy. When they arrived there, they saw the young wizard lying on the ground, helpless, cursing himself for the harm he caused. The boy fell on Agathar’s feet and begged for help in tears.

“What great disaster happened?” asked the wizard clearly upset. “Stand on your feet boy”, he said, “it’s too late now for this poor creature as well as for you. If I knew that this would be the way to say goodbye to her, I wouldn’t allow meeting her again. Alas! We lived to see bad things happening even in this place and even by love.”

“Please”, said the boy, “you are the greatest of all wizards. Make things as before and bring her back to life she lost because of me and I promise I will never see her again. I will do whatever you tell me as long as she comes back to life.”

All wizards were very sad for the loss of the beautiful fairy and had nothing to say anymore. But Agathar spoke:

“What you ask is very difficult my boy; I told you to forget about her and see her no more, because I sensed something bad will happen. I can’t bring her back now; it is too late for that.”

The young wizard couldn’t hold back his tears:

“I know you can do this. I know you can do this. I know how easy it is to give her back her life by taking mine, just with one thought of yours. Do it for her, not for me!”

“Be quite boy”, said the old wizard, “because you don’t know the rules of your clan, neither what we elders intended this place to be when we created it. We wanted a place without evil, based on a perfect balance. Whoever leaves this life can’t come back, because it is forbidden.”

“I know there is a way! You made the rules, and you can break them”, said the boy begging.

“To take a life back, you must give another one. That’s the only way. But nobody is going to offer his life and the countless years he has to live, for the life of another creature, even for the most beautiful fairy that ever lived in the forests of Indelmir. So stand on your feet and stop crying because it gets you nowhere”.

“I’ll give my life”, said the boy, “I’ll give my life for her!”

“This is never going to happen!” cried the wizard. “You don’t know what you’re saying! You are a wizard! Soon you’ll receive your name and wand! Don’t make me force you; you know I can if I want to!”

The young wizard remained silent for a while and everyone thought he understood that he had no other choice but to obey.

“Then I can’t do something different than to change your mind”, he said. “Since you don’t accept my life to save another one, I don’t have a choice.”

“I am glad you speak reasonable”, said Agathar stretching his hand towards the boy.

“Yes I am being reasonable and I know what to do now”, said the boy and stood up. “This is how it must be done”.

“Come boy, you caused us enough troubles for a creature that is not worthy as you. It’s time to go to the palace and fix everything there”, said Ethel the witch with a firm tone, standing a few steps away.

The young wizard glanced at the cliff and despite the soft darkness on his face he seemed he had made a decision. Despair had now given its place to the seriousness of someone who knew what to do and why.

“Don’t worry”, said Cornelius very depressed. “We will take care of her as she deserves. It is a creature created by us and we will treat her body with respect.”

“You should also treat my body as it should”, said the boy, “and don’t judge me hard”. Then he pulled his silver dagger from his sheath and with a quick move that no spell could prevent, stubbed it straight to his heart. The wizards were shocked by the boy’s desperate move and couldn’t hold their scream. The shock was followed by puzzled voices and a bustle all over the forest.

The boy’s knees bended and then the whole body buckled and fell down on the grass with a heavy thud and it seemed to everyone that he fell to a deep sleep. The animals and he birds gathered around the dead young wizard, who gave his life to save the beautiful fairy and their hearts darkened. The wizards couldn’t believe their eyes. It was the first time something like that happened, so even the wisest of all couldn’t think clearly now.

“Alas”, said Cornelius who was holding in his arms the boy’s dead body. “The decision is ours now; but what is proper for us and best for those two poor creatures? Should we give the beautiful fairy her life back? Because this is the purpose of the boy’s sacrifice. And if we do, will this creature stand to carry the boy’s loss in all her life, without wither away? Should we give life back to this creature?” he said pointing the young wizard. “He will never be happy and I am afraid he won’t ever accept anything from us. He will have to go away, without powers and without our love, alone, for all the years he is meant to live upon this land.”

Cornelius then looked in Agathar’s eyes and said: “It’s a decision we must make as soon as possible because time slips fast in these cases. So we must decide fast. But the first word is yours of course.”

However Agathar stood there silent and frozen and instead of him, spoke Ethel.

“It wouldn’t be wise if we gave the boy’s life to a creature inferior to us. Although the boy is immature and he clearly wasn’t thinking reasonable when he decided to renounce his clan, we shouldn’t compare it with our creations, because they have less value. I think we should leave thing as they are.”

“Cruel words you spoke Ethel”, said Cornelius, “your power is great, indeed, though your way of dealing creatures out of our clan, is really hard. The decision must come from the one who carries Onia and then our word will follow”.

Agathar though, respected Cornelius very much and asked for his opinion.

“What do you suggest Cornelius? My mind is empty now and it shouldn’t be empty a moment like this. It’s a difficult decision when you must decide for someone else’s fate”.

Cornelius however was a great wizard too and knew there was a solution that would vindicate both the young wizard and the fairy and would not cause pain to any of them from each other’s loss. So he spoke:

“There is a way, but I need everyone’s consent”, he said while he stood up. “It’s a pity for hose two creatures to be doomed to death, because they caused this tragedy by mistake. But this mistake was not necessarily theirs, because we are responsible too. When we, wizards, created with our mind all those creatures in order to give life to this land, each of us gave different form and intellect to them than the others did, because we differ from each other as well; especially the creatures belonging to different clans. We have never thought about how they would behave to each other if love was in the first place. I wonder what punishment deserves someone who loves.”

No one from the wizards spoke, because they knew everything Cornelius said was true. Only Ethel seemed displeasured and tried to speak, but Agathar stopped her with a wave of his hand. She puckered her lips obviously annoyed, but remained silent for she couldn’t do differently.

“Tell everyone what you suggest to be done Cornelius”, said Agathar.

“Well, we can unite their souls as one” said Cornelius. “There will be neither sun, nor darkness separating them, because their souls together will have their own light and their own place to live forever. And let this be an example for us, to remind us that we can make mistakes as well in our long life.”

Most of the wizards who were present, agreed with Cornelius sayings though some of them needed more time to decide. Only Ethel showed her displeasure one more time and rode her magic horse and left, showing her disagreement with Cornelius wise words. She couldn’t stand that the unity of those creatures’ souls will constitute a “bridge” between the clans, the abilities, and the values –as she thought- of two worlds that kept them distant and distinct.

All the other wizards that remained raised their wands and a soft light came out shining all over the place. The night became brighter than day. The fairy’s body was no longer where it had fallen, but it was now transformed into a sphere of white and blue light -like when she was nesting through the flowers at dawn- and stood above the young wizard’s body. Onia was shining now more than ever on Agathar’s wand when he approached the boy’s lifeless body.

“I am helping you now”, he said, “It’s never too late for someone to see what life holds for him and learn from it. However, you will never receive a name to be remembered in songs and stories through time. Because time came first and you won’t receive a name according to our traditions. Go now. Go where you loved most and may you be happy for as long as your star shines until the end of the world.”

The boy’s body began spurting colours until those colours mixed together and became a little star. The two bright spheres hovering a little higher from the ground, that of the boy’s and that of the fairy’s, became one and all the wizards stood there with their magic wands also shining to the completion of their mission. Sheens sparkled between them during the union and a song was heard all around the forest. The birds and the animals had all come there to see what they hadn’t seen before. The wizards raised the star to the sky and left it there. They gave to the star the name of the fairy so everyone to remember her and also to remember that all creatures from that moment onwards would be equal before the wizards. The wands went off and the soft darkness returned to the forest where the trees could talk. The wizards rode their magic horses and flew to their palace. Only one of them remained there looking Poulia at the sky shining brightly among thousands of other stars. It was Cornelius who loved the creatures of Indelmir most of all and never treated them as inferior to him. He whispered something in his horse’s ear and the horse left immediately galloping lightly on the soft grass. After a while he left too, humming until he found the path leading out of the forest and then silence was everywhere.

After all this, the wizards’ way of thinking was completely changed. They realised that despite their great power, knowledge and aims, no one could create a life without any weakness. Their dream shattered deep down and together with it their desire to keep living in this place which they created with so much love. They made sure that all clans will know about the story of the young wizard and the fairy and they also announced that no creature should any more consider itself inferior to the wizards, because they all had a common magic origin. Then it became known to everyone that the time for the wizards to leave Indelmir had come and that they would return to their kingdom above the clouds. All clans felt sad with that news but understood that this was a final decision. However, not all wizards decided to leave; there were three of them that preferred to stay there. Those were Cornelius, who loved all creatures so much, Vasilius who enjoyed the forests and particularly Indelmir and Ethel who had other secret purposes regarding this decision of hers, but she didn’t tell anyone about it.

“Keep this land, which we all treated with so much love”, said Agathar just before he rides his magic horse. “Our time here ended, but although we are sad, we always knew deep inside us that this day would come. Treat this land with the respect and the love she deserves, as she treated you for all those years. So long” he finally said to the three wizards. “May we meet again if it must be”.

Then he galloped to the sky and all the wizards followed him and after a while they were lost forever to all eyes. A new era dawned in Indelmir and all the creatures kept living as they were taught. The three wizards kept living in their palace which was now empty. In the years followed, everything was good but slowly everything changed and many things happened, good and bad. A time began, when the wind turned different and brought dark clouds with it. The stars revealed difficulties, but also prophesied the coming of a boy that would make great and brave things and everyone waited for him to come. But this is another story…

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