Frays in the Weave

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One by one shuttles arrived from Royal Crown Stockholm and RMS Red News.

Vivian sighed and ordered her crew to attention as the first guests entered TSS Orbit One. Her flag.

For the first time in weeks she felt only pride over her government. Their reaction had been as stunning as prompt.

When all guests were seated and they had received the best she could offer, which was what she'd bought from Her Majesty only hours earlier, Vivian handed documents to each one present. She had already signed them, two copies per person. One she'd receive in return if the recipient decided to put their signature on them as well.

Her hand ached. Pen and paper wasn't anything she'd handled for years, and by now she knew of muscles she hadn't been aware of earlier. Still, an occasion like this required the formality.

Hadn't it been for the sheer amount of copies she needed to sign she'd have waited until they were all present, but it would have to do with the single doublet she presented to Her Royal Majesty the Queen of New Sweden personally.

The moment came, and went. The queen, a plump and rather nondescript woman in her early hundreds countersigned the documents and returned one copy into Vivian's waiting hands.

"All signed?" Vivian voiced the formal question. "No refusals or further demands?"

They were all signed.

"Then from this moment the war is over," Vivian said, and before her voice broke she continued: "The Terran Federation hereby surrenders unconditionally to each and every sovereign state previously declaring war on us. We await your judgement and your mercy."

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