The Immortal Ascension

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As I stare across the frozen ground at a sea of orange flickery dots, a smile spread across my face. I made it….

Two months had passed since the battle that took my King. After his death, I flee. I retreat south, lost and sad with Ramsey and Gale, the only remaining hybrids. We sought shelter in a city called Los Angeles. So many people, so much blood, so many spoils. I had never seen such wealth, and without master to lead us, we fall apart.

As I lay on the hard ground of an old, abandoned church, covered in dirty blankets, I stare up at the metal beams. It reminds me of my home. I came from nothing. My people had our traditions, land, and our god, but we knew nothing. We didn’t have cars, human blood, money, or things, we only had each other.

Master was the one who opened my eyes to this new world, to language, to power, to true strength. He give us life, purpose, and a taste for more. I wanted more.

I clench my fist in fury, as I think of Master’s death over and over again. His face haunted my head, every second of every day. How Grace changed into that white wolf. How she corner Master and rip his head off. I slam my fist on the wet floor and growled, “My King’s death would not be in vain.” Grace would pay for this in blood. I would rip her head off like she did Master’s.

I rose, my fists balled, my mind steady. I had a month to be sad and run wild, now it was time to act, now was time for revenge. I summoned Ramsey and Gale and tell them to travel far and wide, to track down any of Master’s remaining friends. I knew I must travel to Siberia and make my way to the land of the wolves. These wolves were the key to defeating Grace, to making Master’s dreams come true. I made promise not only to myself but to the others that I won’t rest until Grace and her family are dead, no matter the cost. I believe in Master’s dream, for Immortals to rise to the top. We should not walk in the shadows, humans should.

I had seen human filth, weakness. Their minds incapable of truth, of sacrifice. It was time they feared us. It was time we ruled over the world. I imagine the glory and honor it would bring…

As I took a deep breath, and check for scouts like Master would have done, I walk slowly towards the tribe. My black satchel draped around my neck, my only possession. The terrible cold and wind bit at my face, but I remain focused. This was not the last of the King of the Wolves. My master’s dreams will live as long as I draw breath, for I am Demetrius, son of Kyle, and I will not fail.

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