The Immortal Ascension

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In Book 2, Lea and Grace find themselves in yet another sea of uncharted territory. Not only is the threat of Danger not over, with three escaped hybrids, but their emotional battles within my prove the greatest challenge yet. Lea, a newly transitioned hybrid faces an onslaught of emotional barriers, bloodlust, heightened emotions, and on top of that, the unveiling​ of her startling past. Grace, also a newly transitioned Immortal must learn to come face to face with her demons if she is to remain Queen in this forever changing landscape. Will they survive the trials of time and change, or will their enemies thwart their every attempt at peace, happiness, and love?

Fantasy / Scifi
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Thank you

I just wanted to start by saying thank you! Thank you for making the first book of this series, "The Immortal Dawn," a huge success. If you didn't read the teaser, or if you are new to this series, you can find the first book on the Galatea app :)

If you are among the crowd who have read my book on Galatea and aching for more, "The Immortal Ascencion," is the second book to the series.
I took the third book down and will be reposting it in the near future once it is completely finished. For now happy reading and I look forward to your comments and reviews!
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