Before Dark Book 1: 9 Rings

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Lucian Morningstar's Sister has gone missing. Rumors in Hell are that his father took her as a challenge. If Lucian succeeds then he will become the new king of Hell. With this power he will have choice to create or to destroy. To wage war or keep the peace. Choices. That is what this story is about

Fantasy / Adventure
David Holmgren
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Before Dark

By: Harley David Ames


dogmatic law= whatever you hold true on earth I’ll hold true in heaven


The meaning of a villain

My name is Lucian Morningstar son of Lucifer Morningstar (yes the devil) and son of Seraphina (who is the Queen of the Seraphim the highest form of angel under the arch angels). The two prophecies that you need to know are the following.

One day God will finally look at humans as a lost cause and like The Arch-Enemy they will fall from grace only this time there will be no redemption. He will wash his hands of the human experiment and move on to a new project that he will cherish, he will create a world where he will place creatures that he will value more than humans or angels.

The Arch-Enemy will call on all his minions on earth and his legion of fallen angels in hell and rise up to attack heaven and earth. The son of Lucifer rises against his father and claims his rightful place on the throne of hell to govern the legion in hell. This child will be born of hellfire and heavenly fire. Raised on earth and persecuted by most but loved by some. The son will choose to continue the war and destroy his home and the home of the men and women who hated and persecuted him or to end the war.

Now to partially quote the late great Charles Dickens in David Copperfield: Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show that I, Lucian Morningstar will do everything in my power to do what I feel is right. Because in the long run what is a villain but a man or woman who thinks what they’re doing is right but going about it in a less delicate way than the next.

Most villains are superheroes that are completely insane.

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