Moon of Destiny

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How far would you go to avenge your family? Two centuries-old werewolves find themselves in an inconvenient situation where a powerful vampire, Spider is chasing them. Playing his mind games he forces Destiny and Gabriel into hiding and leaving everything they loved behind. Things get a lot more complicated for the two protagonists once they find out that this vampire is not an ordinary one. Loyalty, love, sacrifice and many more await the readers who gather the courage to accompany the heroes of this story on their journey!

Fantasy / Thriller
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„Gabe! Where the fuck are you?! “I shouted as I was running through the woods. I couldn’t see him and I was sure that Spider was close. As soon as his name left my lips, he was there, by my side.

„Don’t worry, I’m not going to die. At least not today....“he muttered as we were speeding through the thick vegetation of the forest. Branches were hitting us everywhere, but mostly in the face. I was sure that my face was all bloody and full of bruises, but all I could think about right now was the crazy vampire which was chasing us and which tortured us for days right before we managed to escape. Spider was the leader of a local vampire clan, while Gabe was the Alpha of our pack. There was always some kind of tension between him and Spider, but the day that filthy vampire placed his ass on the throne, this whole thing became a whole lot more tense and dangerous.

“You know, given that you’re the Alpha, you should be a bit more careful. Especially when you’re making deals with those bloodsucking freaks. ”The words left my mouth before I realized how hateful they sounded. I knew for a fact that not all vampires were crazy and dangerous, this whole little interspecies war was Gabe’s “fault”. In order to show that he honours their agreement, the vampires told him that he needed to turn over his younger sister to them. I have no idea what they wanted with Asta, but I’m sure as hell they had no good intentions. I’m actually glad that he didn’t do it. I would’ve killed him, no matter if he’s the Alpha of our pack or not. But because of this failed deal Spider decided that it would be fine to abduct Gabe and me, just so he could satisfy his sadistic needs. So now Gabriel had a gaping hole just above his hips and my face looked like someone needed a punching bag and my head reminded them of one. Finally we reached the edge of the forest. Not far from here there was a small village, a perfect hiding place, we could wait for backup there. As I turned to Gabe, I noticed that he was leaning against a tree, trying to catch his breath. “Are you OK, Boss?” I didn’t move, I just stared at him. I knew better than to jump to his aid, he was too proud to admit anything. He just nodded at me and started walking towards the village. I followed him, slowing my pace so I could keep an eye on him. My nerves started to tense up as I heard the vampires closing in on us. “You know what, I don’t care if you’re going to sulk or not…” With that I lifted him up and threw him over my shoulder. I have to admit that he wasn’t exactly as light as a feather but I’d rather have back problems than become a vampire’s chew toy.

“What in the name… Destiny! Put me down this instance! Are you crazy?! “He growled at me and tried to get off but I couldn’t let him.

“I swear on my brother’s life, if you don’t calm down I’m going to leave you behind. They are getting closer with every passing second. I’m not going to become their living blood bag just because you’re too proud to be carried on your Beta’s shoulder!” I snapped back at him and with that, our fight ended. He knew all too well that I wasn’t kidding around. For the rest of the speed walk we were silent. When we finally reached the village I put him down and received a smack on my shoulder in return. I realized that in order to hide from these predators, we should probably create a diversion. As I looked around I noticed a couple of objects around us that could help us. I took a couple of garden gnomes, some branches, even two tennis balls and I brought them to Gabriel. “Now listen you big baby, here’s what we’re going to do. Smear some of your blood all over these objects. When you’re done, throw them as far away as possible, deal?” Soon enough all of the items were flying around. Gabe had an amazing swing so the tennis balls and some of the branches landed pretty far from us. When we were a 100% sure that we planted enough false trails, we hurried to the house of the pack’s dear friend, Danny. He’s an old werewolf, but he could still snap a huge oak tree into several little pieces with his bare hands and we were sure that no one would dare to mess with him.

“I won’t even ask… Hurry, come on in.” His voice was quiet and a bit husky, but his eyes had a look of determination in them. We nodded and did as he said. He led us down some stairs into the basement, then again down a flight of stairs into a tiny room which was made out of stone and it had a huge door made out of solid iron. He gave me a first aid kit and a candle. He then walked out and locked the door. Gabe and I were left in that tiny hole-like room, hoping that our enemies wouldn’t find us.

“I just hope the old man won’t forget to contact the pack. It would be a bummer to die in a hole next to you.” Gabe had the faintest smirk on his lips. I guess he was always like that, especially if we were in a tight situation. He would always pretend that he didn’t care, but we all knew that deep down he did. He proved that more than a thousand times. I opened up the first aid kit and took the essentials. Some rubbing alcohol and bandages.

“You know what am I hoping for? I hope that your organs weren’t damaged when that crazy ass idiot pierced you with that iron rod. And I’m also hoping to get some sleep because my head hurts. I’d also like to have a cheeseburger for dinner… And fries.” A sigh escaped my lips as I imagined the food, I was so freaking hungry. At that point I haven’t eaten in days so my stomach felt like a small rock. I started cleaning Gabe’s wounds in order to clear my head. He jumped a bit as I poured the alcohol over the wound and I could’ve sworn that I heard a silent growl.

“You were never the gentle kind, were you?” he laughed a bit in order to hide his grimaces.

“Would you rather have a gaping infected hole in your body? Because if you would, just say so…” The words sounded harsher than I wanted them to. He closed his eyes and for a moment he was completely silent. When he opened them up I could see pure regret in them.

“It’s my fault they took you too. I knew that they were going to do something shady as soon as they realize that I’m not going to give them my sister and I let you come with me anyways… I’m really sorry you had to go through all of this.” His words sounded sincere and I knew that they really were.

“Oh, you egg… I’m not angry because of that! I don’t need your permission to go with you to meetings! I’m angry because your proud ass almost slowed us down, and because we’re sitting in this tiny hole thanks to those blood suckers, not to mention that we don’t know if our backup is on their way or not. You see, you’re not the centre of the Universe!” I grinned at him to let him know that I’m not really angry. As I finished cleaning his wounds and placing the bandages over them I heard some faint noises from outside. They sounded like battle noises, a lot of hitting and groaning. A couple of yells and whines as well. “I think they are here and so is our pack. The old dog didn’t forget to let them know we’re in trouble.” My grin turned into a faint smile of appreciation. “Also, you’ll need to rest for a day or two if you want that wound to heal properly.” With that I closed the kit and sat down by the door, waiting for it to open. When it did, I forced back a shriek. It wasn’t one of our own, it was Spider. He was bloody from head to toe and a diabolical grin was spreading on his face. He reached for me but in a blink of an eye Gabe jumped at him and knocked him over. He was certain that neither of us was in proper shape for a fight so he grabbed me by the hand and started to run as fast as he could. Once again, we were running from Him. As we reached the surface we almost fell over a body. It was a pack member, Ron. As I looked around I realized that vampires and werewolves were equally scattered around us, dead, covered in blood. I froze down because I didn’t want to leave them like this, unprotected and desecrated but Gabe wouldn’t stop running. He jumped over a few of them and he pulled me with himself. We were running until we found a car. He hijacked it and soon after we were roaring away from the village. When I glanced into the rear-view mirror I saw that blond psychopath, he still had that satisfied grin on his face.

“What now, Gabriel? What will we do?” I heard something in my voice that I didn’t hear for more than a century. Panic. I hated the fact that there was someone out there who could make my stomach shrivel and my soul ache with just a grin.

“I don’t know Des. I don’t know.”

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