depths of WINTER (Branded for Life series)

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Fantasy / Romance
Andra Kinsley
Work in progress
4.9 8 reviews
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Up the North

prevail seasons of white.

offers a winter wonderland

to tempt and lure your sight.

The closer you look

your feet drag you away

wicked claws grip at your limbs

feast of flesh and bones begins.

Highborn rule the land

letting others suffer in silence

A female warrior determined to rise

amidst the chaos.

She doesn’t know,

how this will end.

Will she be strong?

Or a broken soul and dead.

Nothing misses his silvery grey eyes

he will claim her in disguise and lies

there is nowhere to run

accept against all her will.

The trees shake by his fearful roars

everyone bend the knee and bow.

His powers and strengths reach the highest peak

Howls of dominance drift with the breeze.

Deep into the Northern soil

within its twisted roots

where the one and only

Alpha Demetrius rules.

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