Invisible Forces

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What mischief shall our heroes Wit and Cake get into this time? And can they really handle it? Wit has now excepted Cake as a partner in his Monster Protection Business. How will she do on her first major case? Can they really help the young man in need? Join our duo on a case that is bound to test their wits, their hearts and their sanity.

Fantasy / Other
Kerra Hardy
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Chapter 1

Hello again! Welcome back into the wonderful world of Monster Protection. Just to reiterate, my name is William Isaac Tayler, please for my sanity though call me Wit. My partner in training is Cassie Anne Kirk, I call her Cake. I believe when last we left off, we had just defeated my undead pops and his evil scheme to use Cake to become immortal and rule the world. Heavy, bad monster stuff. It has been pretty normal for the past couple months. Really haven’t had to kill any monsters lately, so Cake has been working on some major training and stuff. And my little house is no longer a bachelor hunter’s lair. There are some definite girly touches added around the house, although you won’t hear me griping about it when Cake is around. You can even tell she has some influence over my buddy James, used to be he would come over in clothes that probably hadn’t been changed in at least a couple of days. But now when he comes over I could swear he takes a fresh shower and changes his clothes every day. At least though she hasn’t been able to change the fact that I like to wear my gamer tees and James wears his super hero tees. Although just between you and me I don’t think she will because then we would be able to ask her to stop wearing her neon flower shirts. Seriously I am glad that I gave her my mom’s old black leather jacket, because otherwise she would be a flashing beacon when we go on our night missions.

Anyway like I said it has been basic routine for the last couple of months but that all changed this morning when we had a most unusual visitor show up to my house. Right, my house has been having way too many people know where to find my base. Any who, Cake and I had bought a small barn type building about a month back, we placed most of our gear in there and all of the work out/training equipment. We had just done some working out and where doing some light sparring to stay in practice when we heard the perimeter security beep that someone (or thing) had just turned into the drive. I grabbed one of the daggers off the wall and went racing to the shadows beside the house. I felt Cake creep up beside me as a blue Lincoln Town car pulled up in front of the house. I looked over at Cake. “Go through the back door and wait to answer the door.” I said. “I will creep up behind him.” She nodded her head and took off for the back of the house. I turned my head back around and saw our visitor climb out of the car. He looked to be around our age with sandy blonde hair, about Cake’s size, but I could easily tell that the dude worked out. He shut the door and glanced about nervously, then started forward to the porch. As he climbed up the steps I crouched down and made my way up behind him. He knocked on the door and as Cake opened it as I slid silently up the steps behind our guest.

She kept the door only partially open, hiding one arm behind the door, weapon in hand most likely. Just as I had taught her. “Yes.” she said. “I ah...I am looking for a guy named William Tayler.” he mumbled out. “And you think this William guy would be here why?” she asked him skeptically. “I was looking around on the internet for a way to get rid of ghosts, when this site popped up that was different than the others.” “It showed that William Tayler was a person who could get rid of ghosts and lived not too far from me.” He started blushing to a cherry red color. Cake looked up at me, I nodded yes, stepped forward and tapped this young man on the shoulder. He jumped almost high enough to cling to my porch roof, had he wanted to. When he settled back down in under a minute without so much as a shriek or any crying I decided I would hear out his case. “Your name dude?” I asked him. “Oh...I am so sorry my name is Christopher Davidson.” “You can call me Chris” he replied and held his hand out. I shook his hand. “William Tayler, call me Wit.” I said. I gestured to Cake and she opened up the door completely, revealing the three in. blade in her hand. Chris blanched noticeably when he saw the knife but gamely walked into the house before me.

We all walked into the living room and I gestured for Chris to take the chair while Cake and I sat down together on the couch. Not too close together of course, it has only been a couple of months and we didn’t want to examine our feelings quite yet. As Cake sat down she slipped her knife back into the sheath built into her boot. Chris watched her the whole time so I cleared my throat and motioned that he might want to explain. He shifted in the chair for a minute, clasped his hands together and then drew in a deep breath. “My family has had this secret since way back in the 1700′s.” he started. “It seems that way back when, one of my ancestors had a run in with a ghost. Not knowing what to do he invited the ghost to sit and talk for a while. Well at one point the ghost somehow convinced him to agree to a possession. And of course once the ghost entered he didn’t want to leave, my ancestor was frantic. He begged and pleaded for the ghost to leave his body, that he would do anything if the ghost left his body. So the ghost suggested that he would leave if the man would get him another body to live in and that the man’s family would continue to grant him new ones when his current host became too old for him.” Chris’ shoulders slumped and he shook his head back and forth sadly. “I am horrified to say that my ancestor agreed quickly and went to get his younger brother for the ghost. Once the ghost had possessed the younger brother, he drew up a paranormal contract and made the man sign it.”

He paused for a moment and I held up my hand for him to hold off. I went into the kitchen to get him a drink, all the while thinking that if this ended the way I thought it would, this would be a hard mission. I snagged out 3 bottles of Snapple juice and made my way back into the living room. I handed him one and he looked up at me gratefully. We all silently took a couple of drinks and then he started in again. “Every generation the ghost has picked a male in the family. He usually picks one who is between the age of fifteen and twenty and he possesses said male until he turns sixty. And they are fully aware of the possession and the years ticking by while the ghost does whatever he wants to in that time. Sometimes when the possession has ended the male...well there is no easy way to say this, they are completely mad. And in 1 month it will be my generations turn to provide the male.” “I am the only male within the age range. I don’t want to be possessed and give up my life to some dead being because my ancestor was a coward.” he said yelling at the end. I didn’t blame him one iota of fear and anger, I would probably be the same. He looked embarrassed and quickly grabbed up his drink again. “So let me see if I got this straight.” I said to him. “You want me to somehow release you from a binding magical contract. And then, I am guessing here, but you probably also want me to get rid of this ghost as well. Do I have that correct?” I asked at the end. I had leaned forward while I said all this so that we were only about a foot apart. “Yes.” he squeaked out. ” Okay then.” I said clapping my hands together.

“First of all I will need to see and examine this contract. Second I will need to watch this ghost at least for a day so that I can try and figure him out a little bit. And third we are going to need the help of the strongest Wiccan that we can get.” “Why?” Cake asked me. ” Because while I can take care of your everyday normal ghosts, I will not be able to do this one alone.” “You won’t be alone.” she stated somewhat angrily. I smiled at her,” I know that Cake, but we will still need some major magical punch on our side if we are going to help Chris like he wants us to.” “I can’t just use a portal ball like I did with the ghost that possessed you.” I looked over at Chris, “Can you get us the contract?” I asked. “It never leaves the house.” he told us. “The ghost likes to keep an eye on it.” He sat up straighter and a gleam entered his eyes. “I can however get you into the house.” “The last month before the ghost chooses who shall be his new host, the prospects get to do whatever they want. One last hoorah before we have to hand over our life to him.” I turned to the wall and thought about it. If we could get into the house, that would put us close to both the contract and the ghost. But that meant the wiccan would have to go as well and with how Cake had reacted to the news I didn’t know how well this was going to turn out. I turned back around and faced them. “Okay then let us call our Wiccan and gather the tools we think that we might need.” I said.

I sent Cake to our little barn together up the supplies we might need, while I called my Wiccan friend. It didn’t take me very long to report the mission and get an agreement. So I gathered up Chris and took him out to help Cake and I. When we walked into the barn I saw his eyes grow huge and literally stare owl eyed at all our stuff. I chuckled a little and then led him to one wall and pointed to the things I wanted him to pull down and pack up. Then I walked over to Cake, “We going to be okay?” I asked. “I don’t know Wit. We have only worked on small cases since we took down your pops.” “I don’t want to screw up my first major case. And to be 100% truthful we have only worked with James since you took me on, I don’t know this Wiccan person.” Her cheeks flamed up and she looked down at the floor. I reached out and lifted her face up until I could look into her eyes. “Cake you have been training harder than anyone I have known. And I think you will like the comrade that will be joining us. Don’t short change yourself and give her a chance.” I could see instantly that I had something that she didn’t like. Her eyes flared at me and she turned away and joined Chris. I tried to think back on what I had said but couldn’t quite pinpoint what would have upset her. Shrugging my shoulders, I turned back to the wall. I would have figure it out later, we only had a short time to gather our things before we had to go.

After we got all the gear from the barn we went back in the house to gather up our clothes and other essentials. I took Chris to the kitchen so that he could grab a bite to eat while Cake and I got our stuff. I packed quickly and had just brought my bag to the living room when the perimeter security beeped for the second time that day. I went to my comp room and checked on my beauty to see who it would be this time. Pulling into the drive was a little yellow VW Bug. Our Wiccan back up had arrived. I powered down my computer and walked to the front porch for her to pull up. I walked down the steps as she parked her car. She shot out of the car and flew into my arms to give me a crushing hug. “Wit it has been forever since I have been able to work with you.” she squealed. I hugged her back for a moment and then set her back so that I could take a good look at her. Her head rested just below my chin, covered in riotous strawberry curls. When she smiled up at me I could see her startling emerald eyes and rosebud smile made more startling by her pale, smooth skin. “It’s good to see you to Sammy.” I said back to her. She stepped back fully and I saw her eyes shift to over my shoulder. Cake stood on the porch her posture rigid and a look on her face that I had never seen before. I cocked my head at her, she put a smile on her face and walked down to join us. “Cake this is Sammy our Wiccan.” “Sammy this is Cake my new partner.” I introduced. Sammy held out her hand and they shook for a moment. “Nice to meet you Cake.” Sammy said. “Surprised you haven’t strangled him yet.” “It is tempting sometimes.” Cake replied. She turned and walked back into the house.

I stared at her back a moment and wondered what was wrong. Then I turned and asked Sammy if she needed me to help with her things. She led me to her little bug and started to load me up with numerous bags. I followed behind her as we made our way back inside. I set her bags down next to mine. Chris was standing in the living room doorway with his mouth hanging open almost to his knees. I made introductions really quick and he rallied enough to close his mouth and shake hands with Sammy. I bit back a laugh because most guys reacted this way to her. She started to pummel him with questions, since I had heard the story I went in search of Cake. I found her back in her room, I knocked on the door and then walked in. She was sitting on her bed with her back to me, she didn’t look up at all so I sat down on her bed next to her. “What’s up Cake?” I asked her. “You didn’t mention that she would be so beautiful.” she whispered. “I didn’t really think about it.” I replied. She swung her face up and I could see tears sparkling in her eyes. I jumped a little. “Hey, what’s wrong?” “I don’t know... I can’t explain it. I saw her hugging you and it made me feel weird.” she said. I stared at her a moment and then started to laugh. She got a shocked look on her face and bopped me hard on the arm, so I swallowed the laugh and grabbed her hands. She tried to jerk them away but I held on until she stopped pulling at them. “Cake will you look at me, please?” I begged her. She looked up at me and I could see the hurt and anger. “Cake I am going to say this and I want you to believe me okay.” “Sammy is like a little sister to me.” I inched my face close to hers until she had nowhere to look but into my eyes. “I don’t want you to worry when it comes to her, it is not that way between us.” A tear fell and I reached up to wipe it away. “I don’t know exactly what it is between us Cake, but I want to find out okay?” I asked. “Okay.” she replied and gave me one of her brilliant smiles.

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