The Tower's Labyrinth

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Chapter 3

A beautiful girl named Delilah, covered in blood, awoke with her back against the wall. She dug her hands into the mossy ground and crawled forward bumping into a set of chained cadavers. She immediately screamed.

After it all happened, she didn’t cry much for the butchered nuns that took care of her, just a few tears, as she started down her path. There were torn up animal corpses overflowing on the side of the sallow walls lit by the torches, protruding from musty bricks, and two gilded pillars glowing in front of her with a spear and bow. She wrapped the bow and quiver around her torn silver overdress as a male’s voice boomed into her ears.

“You have picked up Legendary Sally’s Hood and selected the class of the Ancient Ranger. You are currently very weak and must take care to survive. Remember, if you die before it is time, the man shall also lose his spine. Do not take this lightly Delilah. We have high hopes for you.” The man’s voice echoed through the speakers.

She scoffed inwardly. I’ve been alone my entire life. Do you really think I’m scared of some damn maze? She walked slowly down the hallway as a strong feeling of disgust nearly made her vomit as she surveyed the floor. What is that repulsive thing?

A flaming corpse was lying on the ground. It was still fresh, and its blood was still flowing from its ashen wounds. It looked like a shrunken cow with long bull horns and with slenderer legs cauterized with a number on its calf. She walked in the direction opposite of its bloody foot prints.

“You’re such a dame Delilah.” A male voice entered. “If you don’t run, you will most certainly die.”

She ignored it.

It giggled.

“I’m afraid you’re going to end up killing Leonidas, Delilah. Your name fits you perfectly! I hope you don’t mind a stampede.” The voice trailed off.

She kept walking around the maze slowly out of spite. An opening appeared after the next set of dead bones. There was a river surrounded by trees with a boat and a woman waiting. The sounds of a stampede started in the background. A new verse was played.

“The girl who all adore, was left alone at fates door. She’s the one who thirst for none and sang all day as she slaved away. Shall she be his bride to be, or will she get maimed to a tree? The bulls will come, and chase for fun! Let’s give her a cheer, and hope for a son…”

The famous music played to a new beat like the clanking of shark’s teeth. A charge of bulls showed up through the narrow walls. She plucked her bow walking backwards slowly. Playing with her life on its string.

The winds blew against the grass as their furry bodies plopped down on top of it. She had to fill up her time with something and for years shot arrows to make ends-meat. The arrows landed in their eyes and blotted the path with blood as they got closer and closer to maiming her dress. Fearfully, she walked back and dove into the water by the river hoping they wouldn’t follow. The woman beside her smiled and greeted.

“My dear, would you like to get on the boat?”

She smiled and reached for her hand. Holding an arrow behind her back. As soon as the lady got close, she stabbed down, but her arm and elbow ricocheted.

“Ha, and here I thought I would tell you about your parents. I’ll save it for next time.”

“Wait.” Delilah cried out. “You can’t blame me lady. Tell me please!” She stretched her hand out again and was pulled onto the boat. The beasts were no longer in site.

“Eat your meal, I’m just a chef, and I don’t know about your parents. I’ll see you when it’s time for your next meal. Please enjoy the steak and beans.”

“I’m begging you please tell me. You’re lying, I just know it, and I want to hear the truth.” I can hear it in your voice.

“Ha, the truth, you were made from a machine, and from a bunch of shit from the last batch.” She laughed.

“Are you fucking kidding me? Is that the truth?”

“Your food is getting cold, and you only have eight minutes to eat.” The lady sighed. “Seriously eat pathetic child, if you don’t you will die.”

Delilah placed her bow down and picked up the plate. I’ll get you back sooner or later, bitch. She ate and obeyed her. The water started blowing as an unnatural wind rocked the boat back and forth against the fishless clear water. The lady walked over to her and sat behind her beginning to fix her hair.

“You’re going to make such a pretty bride.” She sighed tying a knot on a braid.

“Thank you.” She fawned. I’ll make you love me to death.

Delilah finished her meal right after the cook left before docking the boat on the other side of the small river. It didn’t take long for her to stop questioning how the lady disappeared. There was only grass, and endless pathways ahead with a familiar blood covered speaker buttressed off the brick.

“Welcome to the north, Delilah. Have you learned to run yet?” The man laughed.

She raised her head and gripped her bow.

“Ha, I was just going to ask if you enjoyed your meal. Did you taste the small dose of poison as it filled your veins?”

Fuck you, you just want me to play your little game. I’m not going to do it.

“Your just like the rest of your family, a little sweet and mostly sour, but that bitter taste wasn’t salt on a plate. Such a fool, Delilah. Eating food from a stranger on a boat.”

“You’re lying.” Delilah barked.

“I told you to run. Disobey me again, and you’ll never see the sun. Now, hurry up to the next base or you’ll die before the wedding. Don’t make Leonidas wait at the alter for you.” He cackled fading out.

Delilah felt her vision fading as she rejoined the labyrinth. It was joined by her muscles shrinking, and her joints tightening. She couldn’t run even if she wanted too. She trudged forward with her obstinate steps holding her bow and pointing towards the darkness.

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