The Tower's Labyrinth

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Chapter 5

There was once a place down by the river where Delilah sang, and it led to a waterfall that dropped over the walls to the unreachable lands. There were purple flowers, birds chirping songs, complacent foxes, and silly raccoons. She hummed the song, the one she used to sing every day, as her blistered hands crashed against the sharp sticks supporting her.

“And here I thought you were going to die, Delilah.” The ranger kneeled and placed her head on his lap wiping away the tear drops of blood, and patches of shriveled skin. He smiled before stabbing an arrow down into her heart.

“Ah!” She burst awake.

“Relax, it has the antidote on the tip.” He giggled and snapped it out.

Delilah opened her eyes, coughed out blood and spit, before looking up at the silhouette. She scrambled back reaching for her bow and tugged.

“Ha, I just saved your life sunshine. Do you really want to shoot me with that thing?”

“No, but, will I get me a reward if I kill you?”

“Ha”, he smiled and picked up his bow. “You know we’re all not bad in here, baby, but if you can kill me you’ll probably get a free pass to the tree. I dare you to try.”

Delilah smirked before the arrow released, aiming for his head, and watching the forcefield activate. I knew your we full of shit.

He turned his back away from her and flicked a gemstone into a pile of bones. “I was going to let you choose a skill, bitch. Inlay the gem in your bow and get over yourself.” He flipped on to the walls before his shadow slowly disappeared over into the darkness.

She got the purple gemstone, and blew away the dust, after scattering away the bloody rats. The bow glowed, and the voice came back.

“You have now acquired a strength skill, Delilah.” The voice echoed. “He gave you the most useless stone.” It giggled.

She breathed in and held in her anger. I’ll let you taste poison soon enough. She smiled.

“So, what can I do for you?” Her voice cracked as she pulled the string back on her bow, noticing the lighter tension, and then grabbed an arrow testing it.

“I have a list for you, Delilah, it has your family members names. Do you want to hear about them?”

She ignored his antics and puffed out air. “Why did you save me?”

“You think I saved you? I was hoping for you to never see the light, or the day, I even had a black dress picked out for where they would throw you away! Jay decided to save you, the man you shot at like a stupid fool. Now get on the road, and run through the path of hell, perhaps a man will help break the spell.”

Her knees twitched as she ran forward after nearly dying from a tide of large rats. She made it through the hallway past the checkerboard tiles into the paths of white sand. The cold feelings of rocks replaced with the fumes of heat coming from the finely grated bones. The sounds of the little monsters faded away.

“Your so much better when you listen, Delilah. Now, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Hum the song, and pick number four. If you didn’t scare away Jay, he would have told you more. Have fun on moribund road, Delilah. Let me here you sing!” His voice vanished.

I’d rather die than sing that song, prick. She ignored him.

The dust beneath her feet led her down the dusty road to a set of bloody, but familiar clothes. Delilah picked it up and stroked the shirt feeling her hand against the embroidered rose on the nun’s garb. She cried out and screamed. The voice laughed.

“I’ll kill you!” She whined and dropped to her knees. Her eyes fluttered, her hands gripped her curly blond hair, as the flashback took over.

It was the nuns and their fearless smiles that appeared in front of her before the gleams shined off their swords and cut the mothers down as she begged from them to stop. Just kill me and get on with it. She had prayed. They tore up her sheets, revealing her blue dress, and dragged her onto the cart. A rusted chain was rung around her thighs, she was strangled, mocked, pilloried, and then she blacked out seeing her short life flash before her eyes. Now, she was here struggling to survive. I’m not just some stay at home bitch you fuckers! She hugged the set of clothes, and a new verse began to play.

“The girl admired at the ball was taken away and sold at a stall. Her daughter then was brought to life, and the mother cried as she was thrown away! Down to the seventh floor of the Ghost Abbey. Will her daughter survive the fierce attack, saving her mom from the beast’s barracks, or will she be given to the zombies as an afternoon snack?”

A sound like a bird’s call seemed to sing, unfortunately for her, from the loose tile underneath the nun’s robe. It happened right after the last verse, and she plummeted into a substance of blood. The area around her was flaming brightly, showing a reflection of a beautiful girl, as she looked up at the closing door with the number four. Thanks for the gift, bastard.

The water by her knees began to boil from the hot bones of the fiery tide of zombies that approached from the beach a few meters away. She aimed at the bullseye marks above the empty ocular gaps in their skulls painted with odd oblique targets. She fired until an arm reached her pulling her down. She struggled to escape its grip, as Jay watched from a nearby tree.

“You need to hum, Delilah.” Jay yelled. “You’ll be recycled if you die here, and you’ll never see your mom again. Come on, sunshine.” He sighed playing with the sand.

She was tossed like a ragdoll and plopped down into a set of arms like a woman thrown off a legends stage. She cried and let go finally beginning her humming in the warmth of bones and teeth tearing at her. They giggled and passed her over to the beach. She was bleeding with her bones showing. Jay sighed before tossing a stone into the river.

“I shouldn’t have helped you” He wiped off her blood watching her gentle eyes close. He looked up at his anger overseer, dropped his arms and put her down, before he was pulled away on chains.

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