The Tower's Labyrinth

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Chapter 7

Leonidas sparked a song as the sweat trickled off his head. He could have smiled, if it was still possible, as the gates closed behind him securing the alleys teeming with the waspish, flaming attacks of the blue fire sprites that looked like burning teddy bears. His lips then played that tune to the unfortunate rumbling of his tired tummy. He unsheathed Camelot sinking into the feeling of his sore bones.

“The demon’s abbey is no place for love, and cupid is not a welcomed guest. It has some rides, and ways to tide but only through blood can the place survive. So, come on down and take in the sites, the creatures shall sing to you with delight, and hope to provoke a feast, for their lovelorn wives! They cannot leave carnival alley until a heart has arrived, but oh dear, oh dear, we hope you survive…”

A maze inside a maze, ha. He picked up the sword and ran into the doorway boarded with wooden-teeth spikes. The mirrors surrounded the room, a devilish vibe matched by his shocked expression, and the lights above him flickered reminding him of the sun. Have they taken over the stars? The voice didn’t miss the chance to laugh.

“We can’t help that you were breed in the middle ages.” It mirthfully said. “We have some stuff that you don’t understand. Get used to it quick and enjoy Willowwacks Point Park, boy.”

Leonidas stared at five ‘suns’ shivering on his hands and knees. His mettle took over, he slashed the orb against his blade, and screamed like a primitive beast as the glass barbed into his face. He pulled out a piece, bit it, and then spit out some blood.

“I hate every one of you!” Leonidas slashed out at the other lights before a barrier plopped him onto the floor. The doorway lit up, painting the mirrors opaque white, as he – no longer lost - scrambled forward on dirty tiles towards a door of shadows. The park’s famous Ferris Wheel was there and stood out like a red rose in a violet’s garden. The rest of the park remained unlit, an unwelcoming site, excluding a familiar house on the distant hill with the red roof.

Leonidas stopped near the shaking compartments by the monstrous circular ride. The cabins on the Wheel of Wonder shook, the doors opened, and trumpets played tunes from inside its doors as confetti burst out stunning Leonidas. Instinctively, he slashed at the colored tape.

“He’s really quite pathetic to watch.” The cook sighed tossing up some stir fry with a side of Pork, his mom’s way. “Nothing better then some home cooked food!” She laughed talking into the camera. The red light turned on.

“Yes, just make sure the boy bursts with anger. We can’t have him not ready for the wedding!”

“I’m a connoisseur in all forms of the arts sans painting masseur.”

“Well, good. I hope he enjoys your food. You better cook some for me later.”

“It would do my heart good to cook for the elevated.” She sighed. “You don’t pay me enough to cook for these Muddles.”

“That’s my girl.” He was delighted. “I hope he’ll survive this one. Make them just like his momma used to make.”

The cook smirked before clicking off the little red button and sitting down at the table. She flipped on the television, a small old-fashioned box, and watched Stacey and Kieran back on live. The sound of the saw accelerating, mixed with their cheery anchor chatter, started as it got closer to the time of the toss. Kieran looked at the camera before another round of commercials started. He’s just another disgrace to the force. She stared out looking, turning her mind off Jay, at Leonidas as he charged towards the next exhibit.

The song she heard him hum sounded pretty coming from his dry lips. It sounded like a melodious remix, like breath talking underwater, as he kept playing it.

Leonidas seemed mostly fine, besides a few tears, as the bone devils slashed him with claws. He felt something in his stomach grow, and he felt more powerful. It delighted him beyond measure as his sword parried and diced. He became detested by the monsters as they screamed louder like little sheep against a wolf. They decomposed almost immediately as he walked away from the corpses. One even spit out a blue technique stone. He embedded it in Camelot, and made his way over the house’s door.

“Wait a minute! I’ll be right out the show is almost over for the night!”

Leonidas sighed and looked with his back against the door. A flock of thorny monsters laughed a few feet away from the doorstep spitting their teeth towards him.

“Don’t worry, you’ll eat soon, Leonidas.” She intently stared at the television.

The coin flipped up into the air. She hoped for heads. He wouldn’t live if it was heads! It spun like the phases of the moon, taking over the night, and bounced on the glass above Jay’s praying eyes sprinkled with hope like the salt on Leonidas’ pork loins. The judge picked up the coin and nodded to the executioner. The face of the emeritus king was facing Jay who was opposite the camera. Luckily, for him and not the cook, he still breathed. The lair awaited him on the next coming soon episode of S & K.

Angrily, the chef opened the door as Leonidas fell onto the floor pulling out the little thorns as he rose up away from the spitting pests. She reached out her hand, touching his skin, before smiling at him sweetly.

“It’s all your fault little shit!” She tossed him to his chair.

“Fuck you!” He attacked and bounced back. The television fell on him and cracked onto his skull. He looked like an alien with its old-fashioned antennas. He stumbled to his feet.

“You’re such an unlucky pile of mud, Leonidas. You even broke the television, you bloke!" She threw the remote away. "I hope you enjoy your food and stay strong for that special day. It’s your favorite again!”

Leonidas laughed, dislodged the television off his bleeding head, and looked over at her. “I’m going to pay you back someday, bitch. And I’m going to like it a lot more than your shitty cooking.” He smugly laughed. A fork hit him diving deep into the side of his cheek.

“Try not to touch anything in here that you shouldn’t, Leonidas.” She said tapping on the floor board directly underneath the camera. She giggled before rushing out the door.

Leonidas sat there, like a broken statue, with a fork in his cheek, staring at the food on the table. Is she trying to help me? He waited to eat the food before bending down, beneath the camera’s range, and stared at a crack in the floor.

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