Magic in Manhattan

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Peter Samson, eighteen, from New York, is about to learn the secrets of magic, fight demons, and hopefully save the world. He is instructed by Veronica, the famous magician. He gets lucky.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1

Veronica is a powerful magician, she is envied by all. You don’t know about her yet, but you will. She has sent out cards for new recruits. Fliers land on New York streets.

On the train from Brooklyn, Peter Samson, eighteen, is watching the sunset on the bridge. Peter should be doing his homework for college, but he isn’t. He didn’t even bring his book bag for this month long trip. His girlfriend Sarah doesn’t know about what he’s doing, she never asked. He told his mom he was going to get some food from the city, he wasn’t. All he had with him was a wand, a broom, his toothbrush, pastes, a flier, and a toy.

His train stop was ahead, he exited. The dark sky picked on by skyscrapers left the gibbous moon cut on the concrete. He shut off his phone before tossing it away. No phones allowed he remembered. He met with his friend Stella on the corner. He tried to go out with her before, but it didn’t work out. She gave him a quick hug and a kiss. They fooled around in college, it was natural. The street lights turned on, they were in central park by a lake, holding hands and smacking lips. Bella was supposed to show up, then they were to head out.

Her nickname was Comely Bella, she was always single. No guy could handle her, she didn’t mind. She wore a white dress, pink boa feathers, pearls, and stilettos. She was a NYU hipster, she came up to Peter, kissed his cheek before passing the love to Stella.

“Time to go save the world.” She said. Her hair down to her curved butt led them out of the park.

Seven seven seven Madison Avenue

They held up their fliers, passed them to the guard, his eyes a mindless white. A goblin gesticulated like it was best to follow him, they did. It pointed and bounced off the walls, it was hard to forget. You wouldn’t forget. The time passed quick in the waiting room. The stucco house in the derelict seventh floor was eccentric. As the entire room was white, you could only stare at it and hope someone would exit.

Stella hopped on Peters lap before throwing off her cardigan. Bella didn’t mind she was used to them. Peter kissed every inch of her skin, passing the time as best as he could. His dark hair caressed, while his lips teased. Was he lucky? He was about to get lucky.

Veronica was looking out the window watching, she only got three today. The door opened, the kids looked over, and she glided over, it took a second.

“I see you three are acquaintances.” she said

“Only knew them for a few years” Peter said

“We are the best of friends.” Bella said

“I love them too much” Stella said

Veronica observed the three magic musketeers. She never got friends in a batch.

“Fliers, cellphones, and bags over there. Bring your toys and wands with you.”

Peter walked over and threw his stuff into the bottomless bins. A din sounded like it landed on the bottom floor. Bella, and Stella weren’t happy without their purses. Veronica brought them into the house, it was a lot bigger than it looked.

Chandeliers, drawings, gilded railings, and gargoyles decorated it. Models in maid outfits greeted them. Peter had seen a few on 34th street on the walls next to Victoria secret. Veronica walked them through it, giving them no tour. Finally they arrived in a small room, signs indicated where the toys went. Three pedestals for three toys, they dropped them down and waited for something to happen.

The lights were flickering in a crazy way. It was like the toys were turning into demons like a scene from the Exorcist except you hoped the possession would happen. It wasn’t long before a plastic gundam ran up to Peter. A barbie doll ran up to Sallie, and Bella got her witch.

“These are your guardians” Veronica said “Your spell books are on the way. Next, take out your wands.”

The wands were toys, something you could buy for 99 cents in China town. Peter had to go underground in Canal street to grab it. He got a big wand. Stella laughed.

“Are you trying to compensate?”

“You had enough trouble fitting it in Stella.”

“Your definitely teenagers” Veronica said. It was hard to deal with young kids. Luckily, she wouldn’t have to for long.

“Pass me those wands. Your books have arrived.” Veronica gesticulated to the Goblin in the corner.

The goblin ran over to the three, wrapped a belt around them, and dashed off like a fast mouse.

Peter looked at the belt, it had a floating cell phone tied to a string.

“You guys are lucky. With the AI you won’t have to worry about learning the spells. All that’s left is to check your powers. If your powerful. I’ll make sure you get what you want.”

On the fliers, you had to fill them out. Peter wrote down his wildest dreams like he imagined everyone else would. He wrote he wanted an island full of beautiful girls, an unlimited supply of money, and a thousand year long life. He was still a young hedonist, he figured he would grow out of it. Bella and Stella had written pragmatic things. Full paid college, happy marriage with amazing kids. Were their dreams about to come true? How could Peter’s dreams come true?

Veronica ended up walking them down into a dark room. Three pods for three people, he felt scared. Peter walked in and looked over at Stella and Bella.

“This is going to be awesome!” Bella said. She didn’t believe the words that came out of her mouth.

Veronica walked over to some advanced machine. It looked like a star trek’s command cabin with an update. A light flashed on the screen.

“Please don’t struggle it will be over soon.” She said and slammed a red giant button.

A few hours later.

Peter walked out glowing like he was nuclear, his face now handsome with a muscular physique. Bella and Stella to his right a few feet away were the first thing he saw. Bella was more beautiful, her body more curvy, and her butt still as perfect. Stella had similar, but more drastic results. They felt the veins of magic spreading through them. They were now magical and beautiful.

Veronica walked over and rubbed her hands against Peters face. His abrasive beard touched by her soft hand. He was now lucky. She ran her hand down his chest before gently placing it against his beating heart.

“I hope you don’t mind a little pain” She said.

Veronica decided to check out what kind of powers this boy had the old, long way. She ran her hand over every inch of his skin. Feeling for the veins of magic that had just emerged.

“I think your dreams are about to come true Peter. Your power is off the charts.”

“I’ll examine your two friends. You just go the room to the right and wait.” Veronica pointed down the hallway. He walked into the room before looking behind. Veronica was examining Bella and Stella. Something told him it was better he closed the door.

Peter walked in, it was a shooting range, and his galvanized wand was waiting for him. “Practice shooting while I finish with the girls.” Veronica’s voice echoed in his head.

Sarah popped up in his mind, out of all times it had to be now. Her last indignant comment pretty much sealed the deal for him. He might as well pretend that target is her and shoot it. He picked up his wand before his cell phone floated before him.

“Firing spells activated. Vector shot” A cute fairy popped up on the screen and demonstrated the proper wand technique. “You can do this!” Her cute fairy voice said. Peter diligently practiced for the next thirty minutes before a line of light blasted away the target. The imaginary Sarah in his head was zapped and done.

Stella and Bella were behind him clapping with Victoria. “Not bad for your first spell.” she said

“So all we got to do is save the world, and we get to keep all this?” Bella asked. She had to ask the question. Who wouldn’t ask that question?

“You guys read the flier. You know about the warlocks. You know about the beasts. You know about the goal. Go take care of them for us and we will let you get everything you ever wanted.” Veronica said

Peter had read the sign by his house. What a strange flier. It was raining fliers around five o’clock when he left school, no one noticed but him and Stella. Bella called later and they found out then. It explained the phantasmagorical world underneath this one. Deep down below, where wizards went to battle. You had one day down there to clear out the demons before you were kicked out. Peter was ready to kick some demon butt. Stella decided to go along because of the promise on the flier: All your dreams will come true. Bella was talked into it. She didn’t think it would be real.

The three huddled together, an orb of light surrounded them, and they were off to fight demons in the underworld. They were gobsmacked a few hours later, and covered in blood.

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