My Muted Mate

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Chapter 11

The day went by slow. I avoided my siblings when I could and when I couldn’t, I ignored them. I was currently in my last class hour waiting for the bell to ring. My last hour is Art and I’m partners with Blake. Honestly, how could I pick him as a partner? He’s a jerk.

I looked at the clock for the hundredth time and we had 30 seconds. Once the bell rang I booked it out of there not wanting to talk to anyone. I got outside and saw Caleb with a girl, leaning on his car. I walked up to them and smiled. I looked at the girl beside Caleb and she was real pretty.

“Hey Bliss,” Caleb smiled. I did a small wave for my say in hello. “Um, Bliss this is my mate, Ayana. Ayana this is Bliss,” Caleb introduced us. I smiled at Ayana and shook her hand. She was beautiful. Ayana has brown hair and brown eyes. She was a little bit taller than me, I would say, 5′9.

“Nice to meet you,” She smiled. I smiled back and nodded. “Um, do you not talk?” She asked. I shook my head. It’s hard to communicate with people that are not my family or are humans. Actually, it’s not hard at all, ’because no one talks to me besides my family. Ayana frowned.

“Bliss is mute,” Caleb quickly said. “She is coming with us to the pack house. We will give her the same treatment as Julia,” He said. Julia? That must be his sister. She nodded than smiled at me. “Bliss, let me just remind you that it will hurt. You will wish you were dead but, it is so worth it. I could see it in Julia’s eyes how happy she was,” He said. He smiled at the memory and I also smile. I nodded. Ayana bit her lip than nodded.

“We’ll get right on it once we get home. I wish you good luck Bliss, and just to tell you, if you have family they will feel your pain. You need to block them out of your head or they will try to take your pain away or try to talk to you and that will only make it worse,” she said. Fear crossed over my face but I quickly pushed it aside.

I can’t seem weak. I am strong, I am not weak. I can do this. I have Alpha blood inside me. Alpha’s don’t give up, they don’t back down from a fight and this is a Fight I’m willing to win. I will return to my family, and I will help them, I will kill my dad and we will live a happy life and find our mates. I looked at them and nodded my head.

Caleb nodded and we got into the car. He started it up and started driving to their pack house. I’m scared to try this but I will stay strong, for my family.

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