My Muted Mate

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Chapter 13

We arrived at the pack house 10 minutes later. We all got out and I looked at the house. I looked at it in awe at how big it was. It was a 5 story house. It was blue and white. There was a garden to the left and the woods all around the house.

“Come on Bliss,” Caleb chuckled. We walked inside the pack house. It was huge! To the left was the kitchen and to the right was the leaving room with an elevator. Straight was glass doors that lead to the backyard and hallways on both sides.

Ayana laughed at my expression and grabbed my arm. She leads me down a hallway by the glass doors to the left. We stopped in front of a metal door.

She opened it to some stairs and we walked down them to a basement with a table and chains. Confused, I turned to her for an explanation.

“We have to chain you down for safety of the pack,” She said. I nodded. “Come lay down. I have to strap you down,” She said. I walked over to the table and laid down.

She strapped me down just when Caleb walked in with a liquid that had some yellow stuff in it.

“Okay, let’s start.” He said and walked to me. He got out a needle and put the liquid in it. He walked over to me and set a hand on my shoulder. I looked at the needle and my eyes widen. Caleb gave my shoulder a squeeze.

I shut my eyes tight and felt pain in my neck. I opened my eyes, only for them to get heavy. I tired keeping them open but they keep dropping.

“Go to sleep, Bliss” Caleb said. My eyes closed and I let darkness take over me. This is going to be a crazy weak.

Blake’s POV (When Bliss stormed out of the cafeteria)

We watched as Bliss stormed out of the cafeteria. We all had our mouths open. Katalina was the first one to snap out of her trance and to break the silence.

“We can’t let her go with that kid,” She said. I nodded and we all got up. We walked out the door but Bliss was nowhere in sight. Where did she go?

“Okay, just go to class,” I ordered. They nodded and went their separate ways. I started walking to my class until I saw the new kid that Bliss was talking with. I walked up to him and he raised his eyebrows.

“Whatever you are planning to do with Bliss, don’t” I said. It’s bad enough she gets bullied every day,” I said.

“Look man, I’m not trying to do anything to her. All I’m doing id helping her. She told me her story. I can help her get to talk again, you just have to trust me, she sure does. And my Alpha trust me, I mean, he is her mate. I f she wants to do it, then let her,” He said. Bliss’s mate is an Alpha?! Why didn’t she tell me?!

Anger boiled inside of me. My wolf wanted to come out to protect Bliss but I pushed him back. Bliss is my sister so that means she’s his too. I mean, we are one. I started walking to class thinking of a way we are going to convince Bliss not to go.

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