My Muted Mate

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Chapter 14

It has been 7 days since Caleb put the liquid in me. These 7 days have been extremely painful. They weren’t kidding when they said it would hurt. I have been blocking out my family ’cause one day, I forgot and Blake got the pain. When I pushed him out, it was even more painful.

Caleb has been keeping me updated on school and my family. Caleb put guards outside my house so no one breaks in. Luckily, they don’t look inside to see what happens so they don’t see my Dad beating them.

Ayana has been here from the beginning. She even showed me her kids. They are so cute. When Caleb is at school, Ayana is here taking care of the kids also, cooking, and cleaning. She has to take care of the kids that the parents go to work and the kid’s parents that still have to go to school plus her own. Caleb and Ayana have a 2-year-old, a 1-year-old, and 3 month twins. The 2-year-old has grown on me also. Her name is Phoebe. Someday, I want to have some kids of my own.

Caleb’s POV

I shatter when I see Bliss in pain. I want to stop her pain but I can’t. I’m always with her when I can. Every day at school, her friends come to me and tell me to stop. I just look down and say it’s too late. When I said that, Blake punched me in the face and they had to hold him back to stop him from punching me again.

I didn’t punch him back, though. I just stood there and said: ‘I wish I could stop it, but I can’t. It pains me to see her in pain since she is my Luna but I want to help her.’ After I said that, I walked away. That day, they keep asking me if they can at least see her.

I, of course, said no. If they see her, then it will kill them.

After school, I got in my car and drove to the pack house.

I got to the pack house and turned off the car. I jumped out and shut my door. I walked up to the front door and walked in.

I walked to the kitchen and saw Xavier sitting at the table. He looked up at me when he heard me walk in.

“Hey,” he said. I smiled at him and grabbed an apple. “So, how is she?” He asked. I knew who he was talking about without him saying her name.

“Good,” I said and sat down. “Ayana is getting her unstrapped right now. I am so glad no more pain will go to her,” I said. He nodded and I took a bit of my apple.

After that, we talked some more and it was mostly about our mates. I’m so excited about Bliss being my Luna.

Bliss POV

After Ayana unstrapped me, I sat up and smiled. She smiled also and handed me a notebook and pen.

“Remember Bliss, you cannot talk today but tomorrow you can,” she said. I nodded and smiled.

‘Thank you,’ I wrote down. She read it and nodded. I got off the bed and we both walked upstairs.

We walked in the kitchen to see my mate and Caleb. I smiled at Caleb and he returned it. My mate looked up and saw me than smiled. I returned it.

‘Can I go home to check on my siblings?’ I wrote down and showed it to Ayana. She read it than nodded.

“Yeah, let me grab my coat and keys than we can go,” she said. They boys raised their eyebrows and we shrugged.

She put on her coat and grabbed her keys and we walked out the front door to her car.

We got in and she started the engine. She started driving to my house and I started getting nervous.

After 10 minutes, we finally got to my house. She parked the car and I jumped out. I ran to the front door and opened it but gasped.

The house was mess! I slowly walked in and walked in to see Blake on the floor bleeding.

I ran over to him and checked for a pulse. I let out a sigh of relief as I felt his heartbeat.

Ayana came in the living and gasped. She went to the other side of him and started to clean the blood off his head.

I heard yelling upstairs and I started walking upstairs. I got to my parent’s room and opened the door.

My dad had a gun pointing at my siblings and he cocked it. I panicked and found a shovel than hit him on the back of the head knocking him out cold.

I turned to my siblings and smiled. They returned it and ran to me. I hugged them we hurried downstairs. We walked in the living room and I looked at Ayana.

“How is he?” I asked her and sat on the ground by them. I brushed some hair out of his face.

“He has some cuts and bruises but nothing minor. He just got knocked out by something hitting the back of his head,” she said. I nodded and then heard a groan.

I looked down at Blake and saw him groaning in pain. He opened his eyes and saw me than looked at Ayana.

“Hey, how you feeling?” I asked. He looked back at me than blinked. He tried to sit up but then groaned in pain. I quickly pushed him down. “No, Blake. You need to stay laying down,” I said. He rolled his eyes but nodded.

“I mind-linked Xavier and Caleb to come here. Their on their way,” Confused, I looked up at her. “Your mate,” She added. Realization crossed over me than I nodded.

5 minutes later, Xavier and Caleb came running into the house to see us and they gasped when they saw Blake.

“What happened?” Caleb asked. I shrugged and looked back at Blake. He had bandages on his arms and head.

Caleb and Xavier kneeled down besides us and checked over him again. Caleb looked up at Xavier.

“Xavier?” Xavier looked up and looked at Caleb. “Can I talk to you?” He asked. Xavier nodded and both of them went to the kitchen.

Someone screamed and I quickly turned around to see my ‘father’ pointing a gun at my siblings.

I growled at him and pushed them behind me. He pointed the gun and me and smirked.

My blood boiled. He smirked again and dropped the gun. I was fixing to shift when he spoke.

“Don’t shift in my house,” he said. I growled at him. “Why don’t we take this outside, shall we?” He asked. I growled and was going to follow him but Blake grabbed my hand.

“Don’t do this, Bliss.” He pleaded. I shook my head and followed my ‘father’ outside and to the woods.

We walked for a few minutes than stopped at a clearing. He turned around and shifted. I growled and also shifted.

He growled at me and we circled each other. He stopped and lunged at me.

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