My Muted Mate

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Chapter 17


That’s what I felt today. It feels like I have been in this coma for forever. Every day, I feel different things. Sometimes Blake is here, sometimes he’s not. My mate is always beside me. I feel like he won’t reject me. I really hope he doesn’t.

I keep trying to open my eyes but can’t. Xavier has been talking to me ever since Blake told him our past. He told me what happened after I killed my father. He also said ever since he saw me, he fell head over heels for me.

“Hey Bliss” Xavier said, breaking me out of my thoughts. “You need to wake up. We all miss you. Please, we need you,” he said sniffling. I felt something wet on my hand and realized he was crying.

I tried to open my eyes but couldn’t. More tears fell on my hand. My eyes fluttered open to see Xavier with his head in his hands. His hair was a mess.

I reached up and touched the side of his face. His head snapped up and once he saw me awake, the biggest smile spread across his face. He jumped up and crashed me in a hug. I yelped in surprise but hugged him back.

He pulled back and smashed his lips to mine. My eyes widened with shock but then closed and I kissed him back. My hands went up to his neck as his went around my waist.

I pulled back to get some air but his lips went to my neck. He started kissing down my neck. When he got to my soft spot, I moaned. I pushed him away and looked down.

“We need to stop,” I said but then my eyes widened. I talked. Oh my gosh I can’t believe I talked. His eyes widened.

“You talked,” he said. I smiled and nodded. He smiled back and kissed me. The kiss were loving and gentle and it was everything I dreamed about with my mate.

I pulled away to catch my breath. I smiled at him and he returned it.

“Get some rest,” he said. I nodded and scoot over. I pat the spot beside me and he climbed in bed with me. He pulled me into his chest and kissed my forehead.

“Good night,” I say while yawning. He chuckled and pulled me tighter into him.

“Good night, love” He said. Soon I let darkness take over me and I fell into a peaceful sleep.

I woke up to the sunlight coming in from the window. Yawning, I tried to get up. Keyword: TRIED.

I looked down to see an arm across my waist. I tensed but then relaxed as the memories of last night came to me. I turned around to see a sleeping Xavier.

I took that time to study his features. His brown hair was messy in a cute way. His mouth was slightly open and soft snores came out. I traced his lips, still studying him. He was too good to be true.

“Like what you see?” Xavier asked. I blushed a deep red and looked down. He chuckled and put a finger under my chin and lifted my head. “Don’t hide your blush from me. It’s cute,” he said. That just made me blush more.

Xavier chuckled some more and just stared at me. His forest green eyes held mine captive in a trance. He gave me a small smile which I just had to return.

“Gosh you’re so beautiful,” he said. I blushed and looked down, smiling.

“Thank you I said looking up. He smiled and leaned in. I leaned in also until our lips touched. The kiss was passionate yet gentle and sweet. We pulled back to breath and stared at each other. Then I remembered my family.

“Hey, can I go see my family?” I asked Xavier. He smiled and nodded. He helped me up.

“Yeah, doctor said you can leave once you wake up,” he said and handed me some clothes.

“Okay,” I said and he walked out of the room so I can change. I looked at the clothes and they were skinny jeans, a navy blue tank top, a black sweater and my favorite navy blue converses.

I smiled and stripped out of the uncomfortable hospital gown. I put on some underwear and then put on the clothes.

I found a brush and brushed out all the tangles out of my hair. Then I found some ankle socks and put them and the converses.

I walked out of the room and smiled at Xavier. He returned it and held out his hand. I looked at it for a minute than slipped my hand in his.

His smile grew bigger and he pulled me out of the hospital and we started walking to my house.

After about 20 minutes of walking, we made it to my house. We walked to the front door and I got the spare key we hid from under the flower pot than unlocked the door. I opened the door to hear yelling and I turned to Xavier.

“Caleb and Ayana stayed while you were.... asleep to keep an eye on everybody,” he said. I smiled at him and nodded.

Well let’s go see what those dorks I call siblings are doings that involves yelling,” I chuckled and grabbed his hand. When my dad was...... Alive, no made a sound. It was pretty scary if you ask me.

We walked into the living room to see Caleb and Blake watching football and yelling at the TV. Well that’s not a surprise. I cleared my throat and both their heads snapped up at the sound.

I smiled at them and next thing I know, I was tackled to the ground by Blake. Man, he is not light.

“Get...... Off,” I managed to get out while trying to push him off. Blake jumped off me and offered me a hand while smiling sheepishly at me. I glared at him but accepted the offer.

“Sorry lil’ sis. I was just-” He cut himself off as something clicked in his head. “Did you just talk?” He asked me with wide eyes. I smiled and nodded. Caleb came up beside Blake and smiled.

“I see it worked,” He said, smiling. I nodded and smiled at him.

“Yeah, Thank you. It would’ve worked sooner if I hadn’t fought my father to protect my family. I don’t regret anything though,” I said, smiling. Blake smiled and hugged me. I hugged him back until we heard a growl behind us.

We turned to see Xavier with black eyes. Whoops, I forgot that Alpha’s are so protective and possessive of their mates. I smiled at him and hugged him.

“No need to be all possessive over me Xavier,” I said as he hugged me back. I felt him relax and put his face in the crook of my neck than sniff to calm his wolf down. He chuckled before replying.

“Well can you blame me? I just got my mate to accept me so I need her to be by my side at all times,” he said, sending shivers down my spine.

“Wait, when did you wake up?” Blake asked. I smiled and pulled out of the hug with Xavier. He growled and pulled me back into him. I rolled my eyes and turned back to Blake.

“Um.... Yesterday?” I asked Xavier. He nodded. “Yesterday. I fell asleep again right after that. Then we walked over here which took like 30 minutes because I had to change,” I said.

“Hold on,” Blake said and walked over the stairs. “GUYS, COME DOWN STAIRS!” Blake yelled up the stairs and we heard footsteps.

The girls come to the top of the stairs, giggling. I raised my eyebrows and looked around. Where are Ash and Jonah? Blake had the same thought as he asked the same question.

“Where are Ash and Jonah?” He asked. They giggled some more and stepped aside. Ash and Jonah were behind them, in all pink with makeup and dresses on.

Blake started laughing and fell to the floor and Caleb did the same than Xavier. I sighed and rolled my eyes. Sometimes they can act like children.

“Looks like you guys had a little too much fun,” I said and walked to the edge of the stairs. Their eyes widened and grinned from ear to ear.

“BLISS!” They all yelled and ran down the stairs. They brought me in a group hug and I hugged them back. “We missed you so much Bliss,” Ash said and tears came to my eyes.

“I missed you guys too,” I said. We pulled back and smiled at each other. Suddenly, realization came to them.

“Did you just talk?” Blaire asked. I smiled and nodded. “I missed your voice,” she said and pulled all of us into a hug.

“Me too, me too,” I said and hugged them all tighter.

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