My Muted Mate

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Chapter 18

It has been a week since I woke up from my coma. It has been 3 weeks since I killed my father.

We had a burial a few days ago, for my father. He was buried by my mom. I didn’t shed a tear. Not one. My siblings did. They cried for him. Even though he beat us, we still love him.

Xavier and I have been getting closer, mentally and physically. Xavier told the others that we were moving into the pack house. They are so excited to be in a pack again. It’s quite amusing actually.

Right now, we are packing our stuff for the move. I am in my room, packing the very little things of mine. I don’t have that much. When my mom died, I got all her personal stuff.

I got everything in my suitcase than put them by my door. I looked around at my room before grabbing my suitcase and my bag than walked out. I walked downstairs and saw everyone waiting for me.

“You guys ready?” I asked them. They grinned and nodded. Xavier walked up to me and grabbed my suitcase. I smiled at him and we walked out the door.

There was a car waiting for us outside. We put out bags in the trunk and got in. Xavier was driving and I was in the passenger seat. We started driving to the pack house and 5 minutes later, I fell asleep.

Forty minutes later, we are pulling up to the pack house. Xavier parked the car and we got out. We got our bags and looked at the house. Last time I was here, I didn’t really pay attention to the house but now that I’m looking at it, my gosh is it a nice house.

It’s been so long since we’ve been in a pack that we are all nervous of what people will think about us. I looked at my family and they all had the same emotion in their eyes; Nervousness.

“You guys okay?” I asked them. They looked at me and nodded. “Okay, let’s go,” I said. Blaire grabbed my hand and we walked with Xavier to the front door.

The door opened and a lady stood there. She had brown hair and hazel eyes. She looked exactly like Xavier but a female.

“Mom,” Xavier said and my eyes widened. ” This is my mate Bliss,” He said and grabbed my hand. Xavier mom smiled and came up to me.

“Hello there, Bliss. My name is Debby. As you heard, I am Xavier’s mother and Luna of this pack,” She said. I smiled and bowed my head in respect.

“It is an honor Luna,” I said. How am I going to be Luna one day? I’m a Rogue! I’m no high rank, I’m not even in a pack!

“Please, call me Debby,” she smiled. I smiled and nodded. There was a scream and Debby rolled her eyes. I looked up and there was a girl, that looked the same age as me, in the doorway.

“Xavier!” She yelled and ran up to him. She jumped and wrapped her legs around his waist. Jealousy came to me instantly once he wrapped his arms around her waist.

I cleared my throat. She looked at me and blushed. She hopped down and smiled.

“Hi! I’m Summer! I’m Xavier’s sister,” She said. I looked at her more closely and sure enough, she looked like Xavier. She had black hair and hazel eyes.

“Hi, I’m Bliss. Xavier’s mate,” I said. She squealed and hugged me. There was a growl and I looked to see Blake looking at Summer.

“Mine,” he growled and pulled her into him. I mentally ’awed. They looked so cute together! Summer blushed and looked down.

“Aww, you guys look so cute!” I yelled. Summer blushed a deeper red and I laughed. Xavier pulled me into his chest.

“You have an amazing laugh,” Xavier said into my hair. I blushed and looked down.

“Aww, you guys look so cute!” Summer copied my words. Xavier glared at her and inhaled my scent.

“Okay, well can we go inside now?” Blaire asked, impatiently. Debby smiled and nodded. I gave Blaire a stern look but she ignored it.

We grabbed the luggage and walked inside. Xavier and I walked up the stairs and to the end of the hall.

Xavier opened a door and we walked in. It was a nice room. With dark blue walls. A flat screen TV.

There was a king size bed in the middle of the room. A desk, with a laptop on it, by the bed. A bathroom and a walk-in-closet.

“I love it,” I said and Xavier smiled. I smiled back and jumped the bed. “This bed is so soft!” I yelled and yelled chuckled at me. He then jumped on the bed too, making me bounce up and down. I giggled and he chuckled.

“You hungry?” He asked. I smiled and nodded. He smiled and helped me off the bed. I thanked him and he interlaced out hands together. We walked out of the room and down the hallway. We walked down stairs and to the kitchen.

We walked into the kitchen and Xavier started making some food for me. Xavier came up to me and put a plate in front of me, when it was finished of course, and sat down beside me with a plate in front of him. I took a bite of my food and my taste buds exploded.

“This is so good,” I moaned. He chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. “I’m serious, Xavier!” I yelled and he chuckled.

“Sure it is,” He said and I went to argue but my phone cut me off. I groaned and pulled my phone out of my pocket. Without looking at the collar I.D. I answered my phone.


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